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Suzuki Esteem Wagon



  • lotus25lotus25 Posts: 1
    I know that Wheel speed sensors cause abs problems. If you want to get rid of the noise replace them. The timing chain may need replace as well.
  • just wondering if any esteem owners have attempted to load a mattress and box spring on the roof racks, and drove for a long distance.
    do you think the little esteem can handle it?
  • I have a '99 Suzuki Esteem GLX Sedan with about 183,000 miles on it. It's a 1.6L engine, and hasn't had any huge problems in the 10 years my family has owned it other than having the alternator and axel replaced. Months ago it acted weird for the first time; I had been driving no faster than 40mph and the check engine light came on and started blinking, followed by the car shaking, slowing down even though I was trying to accelerate, and the RPM's were going up. I just pulled over and waited a while, then restarted it and didn't have the problem again until a few months later when it did the same thing going about 50mph. Again, nothing to that extent happened until a few weeks ago. It did the same exact thing, but got worse so I took it to an automotive repair shop to have it scoped, and they couldn't find anything wrong with it other than it having "random multiple misfire". Now my car is acting this way all the time, and I can barely get it over 25mph, it has been eating gas like crazy, and has been misfiring much more. The mechanics thought that it could be the ignition coils- so I had my boyfriend replace them along with the spark plugs, only to find that my car was still having the problem. I don't know what to do or what else it could be, and I can't find a store that sells the manual for this car. If anyone has had any similar problems to this, or has an idea as to what the problem could be, please get back to me!
  • I have an 02 esteem wagon and it is the mass air flow sensor located on the throttle body (back left). You can find "reconditioned" sensors from $200-over a thousand.

    This IS NOT the O2 (oxygen sensor)!

    I went to a "u pull it" junk yard and pulled one off a 1996 suzuki vitara for a dollar. Car works fine now but now I have catalytic converter problems to contend with!

    If you go through suzuki for a new sensor, you have to buy the whole throttle body with it. All together your lookin at about thirteen hundred for the part.

    Get ahold of a name brand part store and tell them what you need and they will let you know what all your options are. You can get one for cheap, you just have to wait a few days even a week or two to locate one for you.

    You can also send in your defective sensor and they will refab it for you for about 300 bucks. No warranty of any value and you cannot drive your car without that sensor (major component sensor).
  • runboostrunboost Posts: 1
    hello guys, i'm new to this esteem wagon.. anybody have this problem before? pls help. my full tank gas barely make it to 200kms. my mekanik says its the fuel return valve.
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