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Toyota Camry Rattles



  • madgoomadgoo Posts: 1
    My 2003 XLE had a frequent radio dash rattle that would stop only when you pressed against the radio, but the rattle would reoccur when you let go...I brought the vehicle into the dealer and they repaired it for no charge under warranty by placing insulating material under dash in area surrounding radio head and a/c vents. Dropped in off in the morning and picked it up that afternoon.... no additional rattle problems in the radio head since (work done over a month ago)
  • Can you be more specific...I want my dealer to whatever yours did...anything specific written on your order...did they just pop the dash portion around the radio...did they just insulate above the radio...ie that little shelf that leads to the clock and temp gauage...what kind of insulation was used....ANYTHING would be helpfull

    ....sincerely, Desperate Danny!
  • Good news, bad news. Most rattle sufferers likley already know about the 2002/03 cowl issue. Well it seams there is now a replacement cowl part. My dealer just ordered me the part. The bad news is that the tech told me they had good luck just adding some tape under the original 02 cowl. It lasted me 6 months before the rattels, pops and vibrations returned. I was optomistic a major Camry nuisance would be remedied by this new part, the tech did not seem that enthusiaatic.

    As far as the buzz/vibration that creeps up more than not in the radio area (the one quieted by pushing down on the little shelf above the radio), I asked that they insulate around the radio. They called me back and said they were ordering me a radio 'bezel' to replace an existing plastic one that tends to warp in Camry's. When I get the actual part numbers I will post them. Again, trying to be optimistic, if these 2 parts end these two rattles I will feel as if I am in a new car all over again. I'll keep the rattles forum posted. If you suffer these affilctions keep an eye out over the next few weeks.

    Finally, I must say we are getting our share of snow, ice, slush, sleet and rain the past few months here in PA. My new Goodrich Traction TAs have made a hell of a difference in the performance of the Camry in these conditions.
  • Love my new 04'Camry LE. Have noticed minor popping sounds now and then where winshield meets dashboard. I don't find it troubling at this point. The thing is, the rest of the car is so completely quiet something was bound to make a sound eventually!
  • rev4rev4 Posts: 38
    Just had a replacement for the cowl where the windshield wipers are placed. This is TSB # 05. Replaced the whole part. Warranty. On the drive home went over bad roads where the "rattle" would show up............and it was quiet. So that's encouraging. Well see if they stay away!
  • wainwain Posts: 479
    are these rattles cold related, as in lots of plastic squeaking on below 30 days?
  • I've had my SE for a few months. I can't think of one thing I like about it. My wife just bought a 2004 Hyundai Santa FE. I didn't know what to expect. After 2,400 miles not one rattle or squeak. Next time I'm letting my wife pick out my car.
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    When the temperature was below -10degC (-30C in Canada last month), a lot of unknown rattles showed up. I am thinking if next time I buy new car, do test drive at -30degC. Any problems should show up at that weather!
  • When the temp is 20 degrees or less I ignore any rattles as I assume they are temp related. All rattles I mention in my posts are there year round. I really hope cowl replacement quiets those rattles....long term...not just for a few months. They install mine this Friday. I will let you all know if it immediately quiets the rattles...will also let you all know if they return...as was the case when they removed the original cowl and put some sort of tape under it...lasted a few months before the rattles returned.

    Sad to hear about the 04s still having rattle issues though...
  • My car was in for the cowl rattles and radio area dash rattle/vibrations. It is too soon to say whether the fix is effective but here is what they did / wrote up on my 2002 Camry LE.

    1) Customers states rattling noise from center dash. Please install SOP radio bezel. No insulation around mounts and found radio bezel distorted. Removed radio bezel, insulated all around new radio bezel and installed new radio bezel.

    2) Installed updated wiper cowl per TSB.

    **there also appears to be a known issue around a squealing steering wheel when extremely cold outside. I mentioned it and the knew exactly what was wrong: Lack of lubricant on steering shaft. Tech Lubed Steering shaft per TSB.

    With a little luck these noises will be quieted.
  • Have the car back 2 days...see above post....and....no change in the cowl area...the Camry still vibrates up a storm. I guess that new 2004 cowl part was a dud. That also explains why we are starting to see 2004 owners complaining I guess. You'd think after 2 years Toyota could figure this one out. I guess these vibrations are an unwanted standard feature. To soon to tell yet on the radio area issue. I am depressed.

  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    If you want to get it right, you have to do by yourself!
    I fixed the cowl rattles, it has been 1500 mils and it is quiet.
  • Something in the rear of the car...sounds like maybe where the rear deck speaker area meets the rear window....whenever I hit a bump it crakles...any ideas? It is in the car from what I can tell...
  • Was your solution to wedge something between the windhsield and cowl....I think you described what you did before...I made the mistake of thinking a reputable car maker would provide a new part, install it that would solve the problem...WRONG!

    I guess I must now tend to it myslef...what did you do?

    (of course may be it is not the cowl and the entire length of the dash is vibrating near the windshield)
  • In my experience The New Camry is an excellent vehicle with the exception of these rattle issues. With the interior of this car being insulated from the outside so much better than its competitors, any small rattle that is transmitted to the interior space becomes a major disturbance.

    In my Camry I discovered 2 rattles. One coming from the front windshield area whenever the car went over bumps, and the second at rear of the vehicle also during slightly bumpy surfaces (though not as frequent).

    I got access to all of the Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) online and decided to try to do these myself since all of the noise fixes applicable to my car seemed easy enough to do.

    TSB NV002-03 : Following the instructions, I removed the locator pins for the rear and front windshield and opened gaps where instructed. This completly fixed the tapping/tick at the rear of the vehicle. I was happy.

    TSB NV005-03 : This is the louver, sub-assemly, cowl top ventilator bulletin. I was skeptical that the rattle I heard whenever I went over rough roads was due to this part since it seemed the noise was closer to somewhere inside the dash. However, I decided to take the entire assembly out (wiper arms, ventilator cow,...) and take it for a drive on a street where the rattle never failed. This time, it was gone. I called up a local Toyota dealer and found that a replacement for the whole cowl assembly (Part:55708-06030) would cost $182.

    I just did this today (02-17-04) and have read andrelaplume's comment about the new part not fixing his problem and that discouraged me from bringing it in for service. But I do know now for sure that the noise in the front/windshield area whenever bumps were encountered is definitely from the cowl. It would be even better though, to figure out where exactly the noise is coming from so I could insulate it myself. My guess is either at the pins which meet the metal body of the car, or the pins on the underside which wedge the windshield between it and the rubber seal.

    Either way, I'm optimistic I'll get this taken care of. It's just a shame that such small, minor elements which aren't expensive at all to address, were not.

    I'd like to know what canoe2 did to fix his cowl rattles...
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    I took out the cowl, inserted high density foam along bottom of windshield (between the gap of glass and car body). I left few air gaps for water drainage.
    I took a close look the cowl and pay attention where glass and plastic contacts. Again I used thin open shell foam to insulate any possible contacts.
    Hope this helps
  • The first TSB mention was for the rear of the car? Can you elaborate wear? I am tempted to have the Toyota service rep get involved in the cowl issue. Sadly this would be yet another step down the path of typical doemstic car problems...soemthng I paid extra to avoid by buying foreign.
  • The TSB to remove the assembly pins are for BOTH front and rear windshields. They are located at the top of the glass, about 20-25cm from both left and right sides. You should be able to see them by looking under the headliner or feeling them with your fingers. If you want the actual TSBs I could e-mail them to you.
  • rev4rev4 Posts: 38
    Well, it's been a week and still no rattle after replacing the "cowl" at the base of the windshield per TSB 05. Work was done under warranty. So far so good!
  • wainwain Posts: 479
    a windshield glass place ought to know how to silence a w/s pretty quick. they might charge but then it might be fixed too
  • I would love to read them...how do I get you my email address? If I put it here I think Edmunds will delete the post...?
  • canoe2: Hi, could you tell me what kind of foam you used for the plastic contacts and where you got it? Are you talking about just plain old peanut shell foam?

    andrelaplume: you can download http://www.tt-cc.com/ratko/TSB.zip open it up and the noise issues all start with the letters "nv"
  • thanks!
  • wainwain Posts: 479
    is there an index to those tsbs?
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    amphipri0n, I got the foam at Home Depot. I will post exactly the label.
  • cam2003cam2003 Posts: 131
    amphipri0n, I got the foam at Home Depot. I will post exactly the label

    Foam Seal Tape / self-adhesive
    3/8"W, 3/8" thick, 9' Long

    Open cell foam tape/ self-adhesive
    1/4" thick, 1/2" W, 37' long
  • how the heck did you squeeze that foam in there...I assume this is that black/grey door/window insulation.....did you use a putty knife or did you take the cowl off......I should bring some of the foam to my dealer and tell them to do it.

    Also, is it cold where you are, it seems worse in the cold....in other word has your foam solution been put to the test in the cold. THANKS!
  • cam2003cam2003 Posts: 131
    Yes, those foams are for window insulation...
    The first foam is for under windshield glass to body insulation (that why 3/8" thick).
    The second foam is for cowl insulation. You have to remove the cowl body for implementing the fix. It was not hard to remove the cowl body except removing wipers (make sure they are put back the same place).
    It has been proved out to work at -30degC here!
  • If you're looking for an adhesive foam tape that is thinner than the weather stripping tape from a hardware store, consider Microfoam from 3M. It's a surgical tape we use in the operating room. More expensive than weather stripping, but thinner and more flexible and sticks very well (at least to skin).

    You may be able to find it at a drugstore. Check www.mooremedical.com to order online.
  • My 2003 Camry has been rattling/squeaking a lot in the door pillar beside my head, especially when cold outside. After taking apart all the pillar trim, I realized the rattle was NOT in the pillar but was coming from the window/door. The weatherstripping Toyota uses squeaks as it rubs on the metal/glass when it's cold.

    Solution was simple. Buy 100% silicone lubricant spray (I used Dupont brand from Lowes, $5). I coated all the door and window weatherstripping and the rattles are GONE! I tried some along the base of the windshield and it seems to help a little there too. Silicone is clear/non-staining and can be used to lubricate door hinges and protect interior as well. Hope this helps someone.
  • Yes the dealer was initially doing this to my car at each oil change. It did help though there are a few rattles in the seat belt mechanism. Beware though. The last time I had it done the tech said he was no longer using a silicone spray but rather Toyota was reccomending some other sort of spray. It seemed the silicon was creating a build up over time and actually would make matters worse. WHo knows, maybe he was just B/s me but the guy has been very patient and nice in the past. Call your dealer and see if they know anything about it. I was just at my dealer today for rattles. If I had read this I would have asked for you.

    I was in for the cowl rattle again. Of course it warmed up now and was not doing it so they said there was nothing they could do. The real solution is going to be for me to do it myslef. I finally got the old 'Well cold plastic is going to rattle' speeach today. Of course no other car I ever had suffered this affliction. Since my 02 has the supposed redesigned 04 cowl (which I noticed does have some foam on it) I can only assume that either the noise/vibration is not from the cowl, or the redesign just isn't getting the job done. Hopefully there will be another TSB and another fix down the road....I told the dealer to keep me in mind should they hear something. They also adjusted some plastic brackets that were hitting metal up in the roof liner by my rear window. Hopefully that quiets that set of rattles.
  • clockerclocker Posts: 8
    I also had the tick or creak sound coming from where the dash meets the windshield directly in front of the driver in my 2003 Camry LE. Although it seemed to be worse in colder weather, I heard it in warmer weather too. I had the cowl louver replaced yesterday as per the TSB, and I haven't heard the tick since. The fix appears to have worked in my case. (I also had the rubber washer in the steering column greased since the steering column was squeeling in extremely cold weather.)
  • have you experienced really cold weather since your cowl was relaced?
  • clockerclocker Posts: 8
    No, it hasn't been really cold yet. The reason I'm optimistic is because I had the tick even at the temps we're currently having (central IL) and it ticked even at the warmer temps. I agree I can't be absolutely certain until the weather turns cold, but I'm feeling pretty good about it.
  • rev4rev4 Posts: 38
    It has been 3 weeks since replacing the cowl under the windshield and still rattle free. TSB #5 seems to work.........so far! If you have not had it done yet...I would suggest it as there is no charge...........
  • I appreciate the dealer trying to rid my car of rattles but they can not keep up with new ones. Now the front passenger door rattles at times. Push and pull on it and hear it squeak. Rest your arm on the upper portion of the door while driving and hear it crackle. Listen to the seat belt mechanisms vibrating, the dash rattling here or there at will, the door seals drying out and sticking, the radio area vibrating, the rear windshield clips clicking against the headliner, the cowl...it never ends. I guess Toyota is putting their money into the Prius because the build on this one is crap.
  • rev4rev4 Posts: 38
    Under warranty I had the windshield wiper "cowl" replaced about 4-6 weeks ago.........the rattle is still gone. So far, so good.
  • Glad to hear it, do you suffer all the other rattles metioned above? What year is your Camry?
  • rev4rev4 Posts: 38
    I have no other rattles. I have a 2002 xle 4cy built in Japan. Sometimes I get minor "buzzing" noises in the seat belt mechanism on the door pillars...but not often and not for long. That's about it. So, I don't know if it's because it was built in Japan or what. But the "cowl" issue was the main thing and it seems to be fixed.
  • ellecinellecin Posts: 2
    I also have a 2002 Camry XLE built in Japan. I am also having rattling/popping from my passenger side by the radio speaker. I took it to the dealership here in Hawaii and was told that TSB #5 does not apply to my car since it was made in July of 2002 and by that time the new part was used. When was your Camry built? I just found it strange that the dealership would refuse to replace the cowl since I specifically went in with TSB in hand to make it easier for them.
  • I was just cruising through this board, not even expecting to find anything, and WOW!

    Well folks, my 2004 Camry SE also has a rattle of some sort. I couldn't figure out where, but was sure that it was coming from the front somewhere near the window. I was very surprised with only 2700 miles, I would even have a rattle from Toyota. Oh well! Suppose that I will have to go to the dealer.

    Any one know if there is a service bulletin on this issue on the '04?
  • cam2003cam2003 Posts: 131

    Welcome to rattle club!
  • Pathetic!
  • genegogenego Posts: 1
    Just 300 miles on the 04 XLE and I started hearing a rattle when you go over a certain type of road irregularity/bumps. Seems to be coming from the base of the windshield but I need to better investigate.
    I wonder if I can just temporarily slip some sort of thin foam piece under a few selected places of the cowl without removing the cowl to see if it helps.

    Anyone's thoughts?
  • meng_kemeng_ke Posts: 2
    Strugled with buying Accord versus Camry for two months and finnally selected '04 Camry LE V6, but here comes....

    1, for less than a week with 500 miles has similar problem of rattle noise described by Genego.
    2, Transmission not shift smoothly when starts from the stop.
    3, between 70-80 mph, I begin to hear a very low hmmm noise from the rear. The level gets higher at the higher mph. Not sure a wheel alighment problem or not.

  • lilgreg56lilgreg56 Posts: 12
  • icedog97icedog97 Posts: 141
    First, I'd like to say that I love my 1998 LE. It drives great and has a lot of pick-up for a 4 cylinder...plus I got it used for 7.5K in 2002...they sell for that much or more now!

    I have searched the boards and found numerous posts about rattles...mine has the "often posted" front suspension rattles. It's more noticeable on the passenger side than the driver side.

    Anyway, it is puzzling to me, as it is to many of you, whey they can't get these things figured out. If my 98 rattles and the 2004's do to (for different reasons maybe) why can't Toyota fix these problems on the assembly line or in design time?

    It's a shame, because they ride nicely and last forever...just wish when I went over some rough roads it didn't sound like I was shaking as plastic milk carton full of rocks around...(I used this reference because I remember the sound from when we were training our dog and we used this approach for certain obedience exercises).
  • They can not be fix because Toyota is using junkier plastics and fasteners to keep costs down....unfortuanately their image will be tarnished over time. Notice that the Camry has a rebate...don't see one on the Accord.
  • buzzhdbuzzhd Posts: 39
    One Word,Camry sucks!
    Dealer refuses to fix the rattles and claims the noise is ok when car goes over the bumpy road...
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,706
    I've noticed that the Accord board also has numerous rattle complaints.
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