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Volvo V70 Transmission Problems



  • vwilssonvwilsson Posts: 2
    I just heard that Palisades Volvo, in NY, is covering all transmission related issues for all models manufactured between 1999-2006. Volvo is using them as a central processing HUB to adjudicate all mechanical failures associated with the transmission. The number to call is:

    (845) 689-3300 or email anyone of the service staff listed on their site:
  • vwilssonvwilsson Posts: 2
    I just heard that Palisades Volvo, in NY, is covering all transmission related issues for all models manufactured between 1999-2006. Volvo is using them as a central processing HUB to adjudicate all mechanical failures associated with the transmission. The number to call is:

    (845) 689-3300 or email anyone of the service staff listed on their site:
  • This a well know problem. IPD sells a B4 servo upgrade for about $20 that fixes this. A descent mechanic can do it in 15 minutes. For some reason Volvo will not touch it, only replace the tranny.
  • dlvolvodlvolvo Posts: 1
    Hello, I have a 2003 V70 with about 120k miles on it that just started doing the exact same thing. I have a volvo mechanic who I trust and he can't figure out what it could be. Did you figure yours out? My husband is also suspecting software.
  • I am grateful for this info. I have been dealing with UNION PARK VOLVO, Wilmington, Delaware for months now. They just blew me off, saying that "some cars can never be fixed." And, "sometimes, we just cannot get figure out what is wrong." After just one visit, my local mechanic told me my transmission was shot -- not even 100k! He told me to get rid of it.

    Is Palisades covering ALL Volvos? Or, just those that they sold?

  • nmpacellanmpacella Posts: 2
    Our 2001 V70 T5 started with the same symptoms. We bought it about 2 years ago with 80k. Just in the past two months, after it hit 103K, we started having issues. It did a hard shift between 2nd and 3rd, usually when decelerating and then accelerating again. It seemed to get stuck in between, the tach would rev, and then would engage harshly after we started to apply gas. We had it checked out and our independent mechanic, whom we bought it from, could not replicate our experience at first. I went with him for a drive when it started getting worse and he said that we might need to start a fund to replace it. He said he had heard of problems with the XC but not the V series. From what I have read recently, we are not alone. Just today it completely lost traction and boy does it smell.
  • nmpacellanmpacella Posts: 2
    Someone with a beef with Palisades would be my guess.
  • Our Volvo's transmission totally died. This was NOT diagnosed by the Volvo dealer -- they "could not duplicate the problem." In fact, the owner of, Union Park Volvo in Wilmington DE, told me it was likely caused by the emissions. He actually blamed government standards being too strict on car emissions!! Nut job!

    My local mechanic, in about 5 minutes, diagnosed the problem as a faulty transmission. Within a day, the car just died. We called Volvo of America. They said they would look into it, but very likely not cover it as my car had nearly 100k miles on it, and because I was out of warranty. We simply traded it in, warts and all, for a used BMW 5 Series wagon. I'm told that BMW's actually last, and that BMW stands behind their cars. I'm soooooo done with Volvo. Good luck!
  • vengeanceisvengeanceis Posts: 9
    edited June 2010
    nmpacella, and everyone XC70/V70 2001 having 2-3rd gear flare, mark my words: "B4 servo cover"

    and of course beautiful man Howard

    check against your chassis number

    it was a $165 job at the dealer(!).. the part is actually $18 bucks, $130 was an hour of labour (there is a DIY too, if you wish)... and here you enjoy your car again.
  • My V70 with 123,000 miles now (about 50k of those are mine) sits at the dealer, awaiting a "new" transmission. It was there about a month ago and got the famous software update that potentially might have resolved the problem. (Which was mysterious downshifting at odd times, and more often, "clunking" into gear when shifting from reverse to drive, or when accelerating out of a turn.) From the description, the update was supposed to stop what had been Volvo's intended sequence of actually having the transmission go into neutral in those situations between de-acceleration and acceleration.
    It seemed to work for about a week, but now there it sits, on transplant row. No love from Volvo and I'm about to shell out $5000.
    My burning question is - if Volvo's software was designed to do what it was doing (that neutral thing), would that have actually been the cause of the damage that has now resulted in the failure of the transmission? The dealer is treating these things as two unrelated issues. It just seems driving the car for 123k miles with software that was telling the hardware to do something "unhealthy" the whole time had to have had some effect on the hardware. To me it's like a doctor telling a smoker of 50 years that his lung cancer still would have found him, regardless of whether he quit smoking 49 years ago or not because they don't have anything to do with each other. But...what do I know? Maybe my problem was not heeding the symptoms soon enough. Anyway, that's my experience. If anyone has specific insight into it or can benefit from it, there you go.
  • lulu4lulu4 Posts: 10
    I have the same problem Have you gotten any response?
  • p22luvrp22luvr Posts: 1
    I read on a previous post that Palisades Volvo in either NY or NJ is covering all transmission failures for Volvo NA. I heard that they are trying to keep it "hush hush", so you've got to push them hard on the issue.

    Good luck.
  • hatemycar2hatemycar2 Posts: 3
    edited August 2010
    I can't believe that Volvo isn't standing behind their obvious transmission problem in the 2001 XC70. Mine went out at around 35,000 miles (out of warranty due to time, this is our third vehicle so not driven a lot) and they wouldn't do anything about it. The local dealership felt bad (I met the owner) and paid me a token amount but I'm not satisfied. Yesterday I saw a friend who HAD the same car and she said her transmission died at less than 40K and she had the same issues. Coincidence? Really? Same town, same cars, approximately same mileage. I'm going to start asking every person I see with this car if they have had the same problems. It has been over two years, but I'm still feeling very cheated. I bought this car based on Volvo's reputation but I feel duped. Corporations that won't stand behind their poor manufacturing need to be boycotted. I have already lost them at least 2 sales by people asking me about my car and me telling them the truth about it. They were both considering buying one but I am very convincing and changed their minds. You are welcome Volvo!
  • Do not give up and don't take the "token" that the dealership gave you as final. This is seemingly a very common issue with Volvos for a period of about 4 years (from what I can tell). There hasn't been a federal recall because no one or not enough people have had a horrific death related to the issue which was publicized. Continue to hammer at the dealership, contact customer service at Volvo North America and get them involved (Bill Casey: If you have to drag the dealership through the internet mud by posting on every Volvo blog out there, do so, and let them see the posts and all the supportive replies. Be vigilant, consistent, and keep good notes on the issue, dates, everything. My '01 XC is on it's 3rd transmission and it first started at 73K and now the car has 85K miles on it. I originally wanted an Audi Allroad, but bought this car based upon a slightly lower price and "Volvo's reputation". I while I've had it, there's no way I was going to take these design/manufacturing flaws laying down. Again, keep at them and don't take "no" for an answer. Good luck.
  • lulu4lulu4 Posts: 10
    Have a 2005 v70 with the same problem. They changed my fluids, did the software update but I still have the clunking and I'm sure the transmission is about to go.
    Would never buy a Volvo again.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    When you sell your Volvo and shop for a new car, make sure you don't buy a Ford, Audi, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Volkswagon, Chevy, Nissan or Hyundai. They all use Aisin automatic transmissions too.

    And don't forget that Honda and BMW are known for automatic transmission problems too.

    Good thing Fiat is returning to the US! ;)
  • Thanks for your encouragement. I am going to contact Volvo again and I have to take my car in this week because once again the "service required" light has gone on. I'll speak to the dealership owner and try once again. I too purchased based on the quality and safety reputation. Being stranded with a 7 year old and a 14 year old labrador at the bottom of a steep, secluded canyon (with no cell coverage) wasn't what I call "safe". We walked, dragging the poor dog, up a steep two miles to the nearest house to call for a tow. I guess it could have been worse, but I'm still pretty bitter about the attitude Volvo took towards their obvious problem. Should have bought the Subaru Outback that I really loved instead of going with my husband's choice.
  • lulu4lulu4 Posts: 10
    Just called Vovo NA to complain that I need a new transmission in my V70 2005.
    My dealership went through all the things you read about software upgrade, fluid change etc, now want $5000 for new trans
    all along I kept telling them I thought it was the transmission but they kept saying no.
    Anyway Volvo NA said all I can do is complain to the National Highway Safety
    1-800-4249393. They are taking complaints and could possibly force a recall. The more calls the better.
  • tshep2tshep2 Posts: 1
    Thank you lulu 4. I called the National Highway Safety number you provided because I went through an going through the exact same thing you did. I had the upgrade the fluid "additive" etc.. and on yesterday, the dealership is tell me new transmission. I have V70 2006 that I mostly put highway miles on and did not expect to have to ever do anything this major to my Volvo because of the "Volvo for Life" safety and reliability reputation Volvo has sold for decades.

    I have been truly disappointed with this whole ordeal. So I have voiced my complaint not only to Volvo corporate, the local dealership and now the NHS. Thank you and I am encouraging all Volvo owners going through this issue to complain. The more complaints the better our case of forcing a recall.
  • At what point do people take ownership of their vehicles? You cant expect a car manufacturer to stand behind there product on a case by case basis. Sounds like more people need to drive cars under factory warranty if they do not want any "major" expenses to happen!
  • Boohoo, unfortunately my car isn't driven very often so the years in warranty passed quicker than the miles. I don't think it's unreasonable to complain about a transmission that failed at 35,000 miles, even if my car was all of 6 years old. BTW, my car now has 49,000 miles on it and the replaced transmission is starting to make the same noises as the other transmission did before it died. Anyone want to buy a Volvo? I'm going car shopping this weekend. I'd love to trade it in to Volvo and let it be their problem but there's no way in hell I want another one. I drove a '77 Camaro from '77 to '80 and a Ford Ranger pickup for 10 years after that and had nothing but the usual wear problems. I don't expect my vehicles to never have problems, but I think this one is the manufacturer's. I ask everyone I encounter driving a V70 XC (2000-2002) if they have had transmission problems and about 1/4 of them have. Manufacturer problem or whiners? You decide. I have lost Volvo at least 2 sales (one was on their way to buy a Volvo when they happened to ask me how I liked my car). I just state the facts. I recently saw them driving a BMW wagon. Volvo would have fared much better by taking care of this unhappy driver. Which dealership do you work for?
  • lulu4lulu4 Posts: 10
    I don't understand your thinking. At 80,000 miles, one should not need to replace a $5000 transmission on a Volvo.
  • Not all of us can afford to replace a car every 3 or 4 years. I tend to keep mine until they die of old age. My Volvo only has 58,000 miles and I'm having the same transmission problems reported here. And gas cap. That was already replaced once, and broke again. And then there was the problem with the locks. I still love my car. I just need it to work right.
  • I too drive vehicles for a long time, but I also would not think of asking a manufacturer to pay for an item when my vehicle is 8+ years old or has 80K + miles on it! I dont work for a dealer though, I work for an independent shop that primarily services volvos, toyotas, and hondas. These tranny issues are not just on Volvos, let me assure you. Ask someone that has a late 90's model acura TL!
  • I have a 2007 V70 and I thought I was crazy thinking that I was having a transmission issue and I only have 38,500 miles on the car and now after reading all these posts, I've realized that I'm not imagining things. Has anyone had any transmission issues w/their 2007 V70?
  • Have had lock and gas tank door not unlocking problems with my '01 V70 2.4T Wagon.The trans problems,however won't go away.Had work done in shop (with 2 year warranty). Tore trans apart.Sent solenoids out to be rebuilt.New fluid. Some problems were fixed(2-3 flair,ie, trans no longer does not catch right away,normal shifting). Still has "hard 2-3 downshift" (big clunk). Going back to shop. BTW the mechanic was very interested in my mentioning a possible faulty ABS module causing this problem(I learned from this site).Fortunately the car keeps running well, except for the occasional hard downshift.01 V70's need to be e\recalled.
  • lulu4lulu4 Posts: 10
    Yes, V70s need to be recalled. Call the National Highway Safety Commission. If they get sufficient complaints, there will be a recall.
  • My 2002 V70 wagon is presently in the shop for a transmission rebuild. It has 145K on it. Though I've had almost a dozen Volvos over the past four decades, this is the first transmission failure. Can't really complain though, as I've had them all go over 145K. Expensive repair, but pales in comparison to replacing the car (which has otherwise been quite reliable and with updated components....most recent being a new fuel pump, timing belt). As with all the other accounts, this started in a rather benign way...a bit of hesitation off the line (at lights). My wife was much better at finessing it than me...when it was towed in yesterday, the trans was essentially cooked.

    I haven't experienced catastrophic failures like losing a trans @ 40K....however I did experience an un-rebuildable '88 Saab 9000 trans that almost took me to the nut house.

    I'd rather not be on the hook for 3 grand to replace the transmission. On the other hand, considering the service I've gotten from this vehicle and given that I have no intention of selling it..let the Blue Book be damned...I'll drive till one of us drops.
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