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Ford Windstar Problems



  • My '96 power window used to stop working from time to time. Then it would start working again. Then stop again. I solved the problem by getting rid of the car.

    :lemon: ;)
  • as a former ford technician it has been my experience that the symptoms you describe sound like a leaking intake manifold. with out knowing the specific code found and the repair history it is tough to be sure. i do not know the code number but i can tell you that it is what they call a lean code meaning the engine is getting more air than fuel hence the leaking manifold. please don't do any repairs with out the proper diagnosis but this may give you a new place to have your mechanic check out. HOPE THIS HELPS!!
  • I have 98 with 3.8 engine. I have a coolant leak from the front cover. Is that mean the water pump leaking or the front cover leaking. But the front cover should be leaking oil only not coolant. Is that right. Thanks
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Front cover can leak coolant as well as oil.
  • Thnx for the info.I had the power steering pump,serpentine belt,and idler pulley/tensioner replaced.The noise returned;now the fluid is backing up through the top of reservoir,even with the new cap in place,as if pressure is causing this.also-bought a Haynes manual,can't seem to find a solution to this type of leakage.
  • reisatreisat Posts: 2
    Hi, does anyone sell a new or used Windstar boot cover / cargo shade? Or do you happen to know where to purchase a cargo shade rsp. a boot cover for a Windstar 1998?
    I would be glad about an appropriate hint.
    Thanks from Germany
  • I have a 1998 Windstar, the check engine light comes on but can be reset by disconnecting the battery. I've taken it to Auto Zone, I can't remember the exact code/wording, but its something about fuel over-flow valve/sensor. When the idiot light comes on my gas milage goes from 24mpg to 13mpg. The guys at Auto Zone have know clue. The van has had a tune up(plug, wires, filters, etc.) Does anyone have an idea?
  • My problem is that my the washer fluid isn't working. I replaced it with a new pump but it still doesn't work. however, my back windshield fluid is working fine. Does anyone have any solutions to this problem.
    Thanks :D image
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Need to know the specific code # to help.
  • I also have a 95 windstar and I think my tranny just went out today. I had the same shifting issues and the issues with the shifter having to be wiggled or moved to the proper gear that I thought I was already in. Today, I parked facing another vehicle, put my van in park and turned it off. When I took my foot off the brake it rolled forward into the other vehicle and would not start. I thought it was just not in gear, but after the other vehicle moved, I could not get the van in gear at all and it just rolls forward since I was on a slight hill. Right now the van is sitting dead in my daughters school parking lot. I have had the van since brand new and have had alot of small problems plus of course the recall stuff. I finally learned to ignore the door ajar light and also took the lamps out of the interior to FIX that problem. I have 118000 miles and was hoping to just drive it a couple more months until I could trade it in but it looks like I waited too long. I'm sure the cost to fix this is way more than the van is worth.
  • Try replacing the IAC valve (idle air intake). My car was in the shop 3 times and the mechanics could not figure out the problem. If you can fix it yourself, it's less than $100.
  • I had the exact same issue with my van (2001). The nasty thing is, this is a known issue and my mechanic said it's a given that around 70,000 miles, Windstars prior to 2002 need the transmission replaced. Good luck getting any resolution from Ford - especially if you do not get it fixed at a Ford dealership. Scripted response is "we are not aware of any issue and there is no recall for this issue". (But oddly enough, they managed to fix the transmission for the 2002 vans, which is what I had to pay $2600 to put in my van). It was the same response we received when we had to replace the engine in our F150 due to a known Ford issue. Gee, wonder why they are cutting jobs and losing millions on the trucks and SUVs.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    it's a given that around 70,000 miles, Windstars prior to 2002 need the transmission replaced

    I think that is a bit of an exaggeration by your mechanic. I know I have 95,000 on my 1997's transmission and transmission is fine...various engine gaskets are another matter.
  • doinwidoinwi Posts: 6
    I've seen some posts related to rough starts but I'm not sure they apply to me. I have a 98 GL that normally runs really well. We noticed on a long trip last year that when the car was warm and we stopped at a rest station that it would start/idle rough when we got going again. Of course I'm concerned about being far from home and having a mechanical breakdown. Around town we don't normally jump right back in it and start it when it is warm so we don't notice it as much. Has anyone had similar experience with a Windstar starting rough when it's warm? My mechanic doesn't have any suggestions. :confuse:
  • mclynemclyne Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Windstar SE with exactly this problem - steering noise when turning left. Wondering what you or others have found to be the problem and perhaps the solution?
  • I began with a leaky timing cover gasket and a no power problem. I assumed there must be a problem with the plugs or wires so I changed all gaskets, wires and plugs. Suprisingly there is still a power problem. I took the exhaust pipe off before the converter because I assumed it may be plugged. It still had no power and I know it is timed perfectly. (can only get 80 kilometers an hour) I had it to a shop and they had no answers but could tell me the front cylinders were running lean and the back cylinders were running rich. I have been working on this for a month now and would love some peace of mind. Please someone give me a suggestion.
  • flj168flj168 Posts: 12
    For those of you that have '95 Windstars with windshield wiper/washer and power window problems, here's the possible solution. I had to replace the electrical control module $235.00 plus another $150 labor to check and replace the unit. This part had to be special order from the factory since this is not a off the shelf dealer part. :cry:
  • bruno5bruno5 Posts: 5
    same problem here with stuck control on def. any solutions yet??? have no idea where to look for vac. hoses. does the a/c run with control stuck on def./floor setting?
    any help whatsoever appreciated. will send cash for fix. :confuse: :confuse:

    ps. is there a way to directly e-mail other members regarding same problems??

    thank you all
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    I had 95 WS which needed a new tranny at 50K. But Ford got better, my 00 needed one at 38K!! Better still, the dealer said the first new tranny they tried to put in "didn't fit" and they had to get another shipped to them!!! I was smart (or dumb) enough to buy an ext warranty with the 00!
  • A year ago my windstar was running rough with check engine light on. It read number 6 cyl. was misfiring. Turned out it was number 4 spark plug wire bad. After they tore apart the fuel injection system. And that wire ended up costing me around $400. Now the engine is missing again and jumps. The check engine light is on but no code comes up. Any suggestions? I don't want another high bill for a minor repair.
  • I had the same problem several years ago with my 98'. The system is not getting adequate vaccum. In my case the vacuum hose had cracked at a fitting. This particular fitting (colored red) was located up high in the engine compartment just under the cowling at the front of the engine (the end with the serpentine belt). It was an easy fix once the crack was found. I just removed the cracked part of the hose from the fitting. Then put some silicone caulk around the hose end and stuck the hose back in the fitting.
  • thank u to kgregg1, will check out this weekend. i do believe thats the problem, and fix. started to get a little air thru other vents , like it wasnt enuf suck to change it from one mode to the other. thanks again, bob. and thanks for making the effort to answer. :)
  • hey guys, if i spray starter fluid on each end of red hose to determine which side is leaking, good idea, or stuff go boom and flames all over???????? :confuse: :confuse:
  • I own a 96 windstar that does the same thing...however it will do it around town after it has been running for a while and is warmed up. You let it sit for 20-30 mn before restarting and it will start/idle rough like it is missing but will clear out when revved. Anyone out there with some ideas for us? I sit a sensor? help!
  • I have a 96 WS which I already replaced the transmission & Now I need an engine my question is can any other year windstar engine replace it with out alot of changes or even another eninge something else compatable for this year? :mad: also on the brakes I replaced the rotators,pads,drums,calipers and the brakes still grind and the petal pumps back when you push on them any answers Id be happy to here. :confuse:
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    For the engine, check here. It'll give you an idea of the year range and price spread:

    Re the brakes, does it pulse at every brake apply or only at lower speeds, around 5 mph?
  • The replacement vs worth depends on how much you like the van and how long you want to keep it. Our tranny was replaced at around 120,000 miles. The 1995 Windstar currently has 310,000 miles on it. My logic at the time was that a new transmission was less exensive than payments on a new car. If the same decision was before me, I'd do it again - but only because we really love the Windstar.
  • I just had this happen with my 05 Ford Focus.

    It was a front end collision with the impact occuring between center and the passenger headlight. We expect the car to be a total loss. There's just really nothing left of the front end to put back together. Neither front airbag deployed. My family and I are very bruised up but (in my opinion) very lucky to be alive. Still, the airbag issue bothers me.

    Thankfully, we still have our Windstar that we can use for transportation. We've been pretty fortunate with that vehicle.
  • budrobudro Posts: 1
    I just bought a Ford windstar 1995 with 124,000 miles. It was bought before I found this Information Center... anyway Mine makes a whirrrring sound all the time and increases with engine speed.. ANY SUGGESTIONS?? at least if there are real problems I am only out 2100.00 so, I a could cut expense and take the LOSS now.
    Budro :confuse: image
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