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Toyota Avalon Tires and Wheels



  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Our extended family has driven Michelin's best tire for about 500k miles on six different cars since 1995. Yes, there are tires that give better traction under certain conditions (Toyo, for example). But as with most things, there is a trade off for mileage, comfort, etc. No tire is perfect. The Energy will do fine in snow for a general purpose tire.

    The post above indicates you need to watch the throttle at startup. Definitely. If turning from a start, be even more careful. The wheels will spin, yes. But so do most other FWD cars if you give too much power. Like yours, my '07 Limited will spin the tires in light rain with too much power applied. Adjust to the car.

    Note: My "snow" driving is only in light snow in TN and GA mountains. Someone from the more snowy states may post a different experience. And if it really gets deep perhaps a set of winter snow tires might be a good idea. Enjoy your Avalon... :)
  • Thanks for the replies. Yes, some of the spinning incidents occurred when turning into traffic and my foot got a little heavy and, now that you mention it, I think my previous car had Toyos.

    The Avalon really does require a "feather" touch which can be hard to do when wearing winter shoes. I wish the accelerator were not so sensitive. I guess I yearn for the days of mechanical linkage and strong return springs.
  • Hi,

    My 2000 AVY XLS (83K miles now) is due for Tire change. The car was running on 205 60 R16 Michelin Energy till now and I found them to be pretty decent.

    Has any one upgraded to 215 60 R16 for the Avalon ? How has your experience been ?

    Also any recommendations on tire choices alongwith indicative prices and retailers would be welcome.

  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    "Has any one upgraded to 215 60 R16 for the Avalon ?"

    If you go to a 215, you would need to go to a 50 or 55 to keep things like the speedometer correct. See if you can cross the numbers at Tire Rack, Discount Tire etc. We have used Goodyear Allegra sold at Sams with excellet results on Camry and Avalon. They are reasonably priced and an upgrade from OEM Goodyears. I believe this is aimilar to the Regatta II at other stores. Seems like they had a 75,000 rating too. Lots of siping so good in winter.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Going to a 55 series tire will cause the speedo to read 1 mph above actual vehicle speed. A 50 series will make it further off by another 2+ mph. In addition, the 50 series will lower the car by over half an inch.

    The 55 series appears to be a better choice as to size. Things to consider.... :)
  • yankeryanker Posts: 156
    we have a 2000 Avalon and found Michelin to be unsatsifactory from a wear standpoint.. After two sets them we switched to Yokohama. This is the second winter and we have 108000 0j the car. Will advise later on how they are in snow. The darn Michelins got less than 40000 on a set . not very good
  • yankeryanker Posts: 156
    we have a 2000 Avalon and found Michelin to be unsatsifactory from a wear standpoint.. After two setso them we switched to Yokohama. This is the second winter and we have 108000 0j the car. Willadvise later on how they are in snow. The darn Michelins got less than 40000 on a set . not very good
  • I bought a Toyota 2003 Avalon sedan from Toyota West in Columbus, Ohio. I have had the car in the service for over eleven times telling them of front end vibration and movement to the left of the vehicle. Also, there has been since 8,000 miles vibration and pulsating on applying brakes at highway speeds. The last time the rotors were turned and new tires placed on the vehicle, total cost over $700. The repairs never last for more thant three to six weeks with serious vibration continuing. There is definitely a design flaw in the braking system and maintenance specs from manufacturer. Have you found any answers to these since your posting?
  • I also am experiencing similar issues with my 2000 Avalon XLS...though there are no severe vibrations or pulsating brake motion but despite of getting the wheel alignment done twice, the car moves towards the left ..This issue is more prevalent on the freeways and the expressways rather than city inner roads leading me to believe that this could be due to teh banking of the roads itself and no issues with the car as such.

    have anyone of you experienced similar issues with your avalons ?

  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    "have anyone of you experienced similar issues with your avalons ?"

    Yes, our 2003 pulls to the left. I had an alignment done, and they couldn't get it in spec, so we installed a kit to allow further adjudtment. Still pulls to the left, but it may be wind, road crown, etc. Sometimes it's fine. Maybe wind or crown neutralizes it in that case, but who knows. This one could have been damaged before we got it. I do have a rear wheel bearing going @ less than 60k. At least I think it's the rear. Not too loud yet. We will be leaving for an 1800 mile trip and will be fully loaded. That should be interesting. Hope it hangs in there.
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    I had to chain up my '08 Avalon in order to traverse Snoqualmie Pass this week. The chains left red paint on my wheels and I used paint thinner and a scouring pad (BAD!) to get the red paint off. Now the wheels are dull and discolored in those areas. How can I restore or refinish these fine wheels?
  • I had a 1992 Camry that was the best car I ever drove. I have a 2000 XLS with 77,000 miles and it needs new tires. I replaced the original Michelin 205/60R16s at 36,000 miles with the same tire. I also have had significant rust problems with both front and rear brakes. Dealer said you cannot let the car sit for more than a few days but could not show me anything in book saying to do this. The calipers or rotors have repaired or replaced 5 times with a complete new brake job at 41,000 miles (paid for by Toyota after letter to Corp. HQ.) I just returned from repair shop due to rear right caliper being rusted. A friend with an identical car has had similar problems. I agree that there is a manufacture/design defect. Outside of the brakes and tires the car has been wondeful but I am thinking of a new car and it will most likely not be a Toyota.
  • Help! I am ready for my 3rd set of tires for my 05 avalon touring. Started out with the stock Michelins replaced at 44k but really should have replaced at 34k. Went with Yokahamas after much research. These were even worse. Replacing these at 36k but was told at the previous 6k rotation that they already needed replacing at 30k. at nearly $1000 a set, I would like to get an honest 40k out of my next tires. I've been told by my tire dealer that the touring model eats tires. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have a good tire recommendation? I am not a particularly aggressive driver, but I do put a lot of miles on in a year.
  • For most of my adult life I have found that I got the best ride and wear from one of two brands, either Michelins or Firestone ( hate goodyear tires ). However about 5 years ago, a neighbor of mine who runs several tire centers here in my neck of the woods recommended that I try Toyo Tires. I did and will continue to buy Toyo as I need replacement tires. Great treadwear, and nice ride... Of course with any tire, it is essential to keep air pressure up to specs and of course rotating your tires every 6K is important. Just my 2 cents worth. Hope this helps.

  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,712
    I can tell you that I never had a set of Michelins that didn't get nearly 50K. I can also tell you NOT to put Bridgestone Turanza EL400s. My '06 XLS has about 27K and they are almost down to the wear bars. Rotated every 5000 miles and kept at 35 PSI all the time. Crap tire that was never that quiet new and even worse now. Friend has a 4cyl Camry with same tire and is experiencing the same thing.

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  • yup, that had been my experience as well. I was quite surprised to find out that my stock michelins were worn out at 34k. When I did my research though, I found that I was not alone. This is certainly not the only big car with sport suspension, I would think whatever they use on a 5 series BMW would work here. Was hoping someone had found a magic combination for this particular model. Thanks
  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    "( hate goodyear tires )."

    There was a time that I didn't have much time for Goodyear either. But things change as time marches on, so I always look again when ready to upgrade anything. When we needed tires for my daughters Camry, I found Goodyear Allegro's at exclusively SAMS at a very good price and was very impressed. (A similar tire is sold under another another name elsewhere) Good on snow. Long treadwear rating, Lots of siping. Quiet and confortable ride, and handle well. We put Goodyear Assurance ComforTred on our 03 Avalon when my wife bought custom wheels and have been very satisfied with them. And, I'm buying from an American company, which I do when I can - assuming they give reason to.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,712
    I would think whatever they use on a 5 series BMW would work here

    I would think many of the OE tires on BMWs are "sport" rated tires with softer compounds that would easily wear out in 30K. I would go to tire rack and specifically look for tires with high mileage ratings. You will give up some quietness and wet traction, but may end up with a tire that can go 50K.

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  • Hi Guys..
    I was wondering if any of you out there could tell me what the expected battery life of a stock battery in the Avalon is? I bought my 07 XLS new is Sept of 2006 and so far the battery's fine. However never having owned a Toyota until this car, I'm not sure what to expect. The reason I ask is that in every new GM car I've ever owned, and I'm including Cadillac in this group, I have never had an AC Delco battery last more than 2 to 2 1/2 years.. and they give you no warning. You just go out to your car at midnight in the parking lot at work, and NOTHING. So hopefully trying to avoid that with my Yota. Until now I've always replaced stock batterys with Sears Diehard. Would you stay with the Toyota battery or go with another brand? I appreciate your help. Thanks

  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,712

    Not sure how much help I can be here but....Toyota's batteries I believe are pretty good. My 00 Solara and 03 Avalon were fine after 3 years and my Stepfather's 03 Camry is still on the original battery.

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