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Audi TT Instrument Cluster



  • ttdanttdan Posts: 1
    I have 2002 TT coupe (hatchback) with 104,000 miles on it. I had no problems with the car until last year when the instrument cluster began to act up. The first indication something was wrong was the Temperature gauge suddenly started reading into the above normal range by one tick. Then it got worse and moved all the way to the far right (overheated) indication. I took the car in for service and was told that there was no indication of an engine oil leak, no water pump, radiator or coolant problem including water pump problem. I was told that instrument cluster failure was common in these cars and that it need to be replaced at the tune of $1040.00 + tax since the whole cluster had to be removed, the new cluster had to have the current mileage burned into the odometer and installed into the dash panel. I didn't do it due to cost. Finally, the whole cluster has failed. The instruments gauges are not accurate and the whole center information cluster which provides service warnings is no longer operable. Changing the cluster through an authorized Audi dealer is the only solution since the Audi has the codes and the ability to burn the mileage from your old instrument cluster into the new cluster without affecting car resale value. (It is illegal and a crime to tamper with vehicle odometers and tampering will effect resale value of the vehicle.) The instrument cluster needs to be replaced before total failure. You should also be aware that Audi settled a class action law suit without admitting wrong doing on replacement of TT instrument clusters in the late 1990's for certain TT owners. The suit has been settled. Anyone with a TT and a failed instrument cluster not part of the class action settlement is on their own.
  • My 2002 TT had the same problem just after going out of warranty. Audi made good on the repair even though at the time it wasn't considered a defect in the US. At that time, in the UK, it was determined to be a defect and they replaced any defective units even those no longer under warranty. In less than a year after mine was fixed, Audi USA finally considered it a defect and fixed any that were defective. I would write the head of Audi USA if the dealer won't work with you on this. That's exactly what I did in my case and it worked.
  • flip08flip08 Posts: 8
    I have revisited Audi USA and referenced this site and others who are still talking about the ill will Audi USA has created from the faulty instrument clusters and their supposed settlement. Perhaps if everyone effected shouts at the same time - they may wake up and clean up the cluster mess once and for all.

    To Email Audi of America go to:

    Audi of America Mailing Address

    Audi of America, Inc.
    Customer Relations
    3800 W Hamlin Road
    Auburn Hills, MI 48326

    If you currently own an Audi and have questions or concerns about your ownership experience, and would like to speak with a Customer Relations Advocate call 1-800-822-2834 (AUDI), Monday through Friday, 8 am to 9 pm, Eastern Time.
  • I have run out of gas several times due to this...haha...
    The temp also reads super cold at all times, the screen is not even readable anymore....Looking for a resolution! someone help please!
    I emailed Audi but I'm not sure that will help...
    Any further suggestions?
    I purchased this used private party...can I still get this done?
  • Well my dreams of owning a TT Roadster are over. I woke up two weeks ago and decided to buy one for a toy. I started my research here and on other forums and it just doesn't seem like a bright idea. I have looked at several around the Houston area and came close to closing the deal on a black one but I just don't want to deal with the headaches that all of you have dealt with. And the instrument clusters were messed up on all of the models I looked at.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences here and saving me the headache. The problem now is that I want a fun roadster but I feel like nothing really compares to the TT. I sorta looked at the Z4 but I'm not a fan. I'm at a lost.
  • I just found out that my instrument cluster needs replacement. I have a 2001 TT Roadster conv purchased new when they first came out baseball leather and the show care color of that year. Garaged kept never driben in winter only highway driving. Just turned 40,000 miles as of 9/30/11. 4 years ago glove box lock $900.00 + 2years ago sensor $1200.00 2 years ago computer $2000.00. Now instrument cluster $$$$$$$ ???? I can just imagine. I am at my wits end.
  • I have same year, leather etc...but have not had any trouble (with half of your miles) except the cluster _ _ _ _! However you are out of time for the class action... which should miff you even more since Audi obviously has a faulty part - and you shouldn't have to have pay when your cluster dies outside of their time frame. Especially at 40k miles.

    I suggest you read post #40 and follow its advice....(mine starts at #58)

    If anyone has a suggestion for a group communication to Audi - I'm all ears...
    Also has anyone found an extended warranty program that is satisfactory?

    I still can't believe I qualified for the cluster rebate (but was sent a voucher for repair)
    I reminded them I sent in the repair bill with the class action lawsuit and they never sent the reimbursement. How lame is that for what was a 3 Audi family? ---
  • I called Audi USA the day I posted this and they said Sorry No Joy!!

    I called again last week and they got back to me yesterday. I am to take my TT to the dealer Pay $125.00 to have it checked out. If it is the Instrument Cluster they agreed to pay $1300.00 If it's anything else it's on me. I think that is the proper thing to do even though the car is over eleven years old.
    Let's wait and see but my opinion of Audi USA is about to change. Thanks for all the input.
  • flip08flip08 Posts: 8
    I absolutely agree that its the right thing for them to do. In fact I'm wondering why I couldn't get the same consideration when I called them directly as well - a couple of years ago.

    In fact you have inspired me. I'll wait to hear how it turns out for you before I call again.
  • Looking into buying a 2001 TT that had its instrument cluster replaced about 1.5 yrs ago. Any idea if the instrument cluster will go bad again, because it is just a faulty product, or should I be ok, or 50/50 shot? Thanks for the help.
  • I wish I could help you but I have no idea if Audi updated the instrument cluster, if not I would think that eventually you will have a problem. Sorry I couldn't help
  • No problem. I appreciate the response. I spoke an audi tech, and he informed me that there is an updated instrument cluster, and based on the part #, he could tell. Therefore, I am waiting back to here if the replaced instrument cluster was the updated one.
  • I talked with my boss, our display for Audi TT instument dashboard should be obsolete , this displays are sold everywhere,the price market is disrupted ,She said, this car's Instument problem willn't be solved in a short time.
  • S-11
    Any updates on follow-through by Audi?
  • Audi America came thru. I have a replacement instrument cluster and new battery compliments of Audi. Remember I purchased this new in 2000 for big $
    and only have 40,000 miles. Good Luck I can give you 1 piece of advice. I had to call several times and talked to several reps before I found a good conclusion. Good Luck
  • Good Luck!!!! I have a 2003 audi tt with insterment cluster failer, Just called aUDI USA. Did not get anywhere. To late for exteded warrenty. Let me know if any other way or help. Thank You
  • All I can tell you is that I purchased my 2001 TT Roadster when they were first announced Feb - Apr 2000. Original owner my Cluster went October 2011 with 39000 miles. I had previously replaced the computer about $2000. Sensor $1200 and glove box $900. Audi America paid for my Instrument cluster and the battery which was shorted by the cluster. Audi UK replaced all bad clusters at no charge. and not just extend the warranty for 2 years as audi USA did. Good Luck!
  • flip08flip08 Posts: 8
    edited December 2011
    Would you be kind enough to share some details of where and who you called?
  • I called Audi America described my problem and spoke to a rep. That's all I can really say you can Google the phone number. Good luck!
  • I just had mine replaced by Audi. My initial contact was with AUDI USA 1-800-822-2834 and I ended up taking my car into the dealer to have it officially diagnosed (has to be diagnosed by and Audi dealer). It's a bit of a gamble but the only way you can get Audi USA to play.

    It turns out (in my case anyway) that the dealers have significant input into Audi's decisions. As was explained to me (by my dealer) you have the best chance of getting Audi to pay 100% for the cluster itself if you are an original owner AND have a history with the dealer. If neither is the case it's a bit of a harder road and you will probably find Audi will eventually offer between 10-50% off maybe [your results may vary].

    The dealer controls the installation cost so count on paying about 1 1/2 hours. In some cases they credit the diagnostic charge (~ $125) against that amount but in most they do not.

    If you are not the original owner you are probably going to be better off financially by working with someone like ModuleMaster to rebuild your cluster for between $160-350 depending on whether without the LED or with the LED rebuilt.

    All of the above is based on my experience, research, discussions and opinions only -- I have no clue if they are the best or if they are even similar to anyone else's. I did get mine replaced by Audi and paid only the 1 1/2 hr for the install. I was QUITE happy with the result given the time since the settlement and the fact that Audi is NOT required to do anything at all at this point in time.
  • I love my 2001 TT (orig. owner) but hate the service issues I have had especially the problems with the instrument cluster having to be replaced. I currently need to have the instrument cluster replaced AGAIN for the THIRD time! First time it was under warranty, second just out of warranty so dealership/Audi USA paid 50% and I paid 50%. Then the class action suit happened and I was reimbursed the 50% I paid. Now, I have been told by dealership that the instrument cluster needs to be replaced again. Audi USA and my dealership agree that an Audi should not need FOUR instrument clusters over the lifetime of the vehicle. They say one replacement is unusual, however, they wont pay for the repairs. Audi obviously does not stand behind their product when it has an obvious design flaw. My wife wanted us to buy an A4 or an A6 and we decided against it for fear of the same problems. To fix or not to fix...that is the question.
  • How many miles is on your TT and is it a Roadster or coupe?
  • I just purchased a 2001 Audi TT roadster from the original owner. The instrument cluster is not working properly. Is there any way to get Audi to help with the replacement cost of the cluster? If so, what is the best way? I am new to the Audi world.
  • Hi. I have an audi TT which i purchased in December 2008. It is a 2000 audi tt 225. In my booklet it says that my TT was bought in August 2000 with the first owners details. When I put in a new battery last year, the cluster reset to August 2001. Does this mean my cluster was also replaced in 2001?
  • dr1234dr1234 Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    Hi! I have a 2003 TT with fuel gauge failure. The fuel indicator showes half tank more than it actually is. trip calculator is showing the right value.

    I tried vag com adaptation but not able to change the fuel indicator's possition although I changed the values in the software (from 128 to 120).
    I tried to retrieve the SKC with the vag tacho but i had no luck as the pin code that the programme gave me was wrong.
    Last thing was to remove the whole dash board and remove the fuel needle myself. I run output tests with vag com and I reposition the needle in the middle. It worked properly until the next day that I refilled...When I refilled the fuel cluster showed again half tunk more than it was..???

    Any ideas why that happened and how I could fix the problem would be appreciated.
    Thanx in advance
  • sweet41ksweet41k Posts: 1
    I just purchased this car. Everything works perfect Except, right in the center of the instrument cluster ther is a 00:00 that is continuously blinking off and on. What are these numbers for and how do I reset them or turn them off? The only non OEM part on the car is the stereo system. Is it related to this?
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    One of the other members mentioned an "hours driven" counter - could that be it?

    As for what the problem's related to, most of the folks participating in this thread have had various problems with the instrument cluster, and some were able to resolve them.

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  • I'm going to give these guys a shot.

    The TT cluster is $350 to rebuild it and there's a 5 year warranty (voided if/when you sell the car). According to the diagram on their site, removing the cluster isn't too difficult. You can overnight it to them, there's a 2-day turn-time and it's sent back to you.

    They fix the defective parts of the module and replace (and upgrade) the LCD panel. There's supposedly no immobilizer issues as long as you keep your battery disconnected until you re-install the unit.

    If I have issues, I'll repost. Otherwise, wish me luck!
  • I am the original owner on a 2001 TT Quattro coupe with 11,100 miles on it (don't ask!). On several occasions over the when I've replaced the battery or the battery had completely discharged for lack of use, the instrument cluster went completely dark with no gauges, tach, speedo registering or.miles, etc. displayed Warning, headlight and emergency brake indicators do work. The first two times the dealer said the instrument cluster required replacement, but with in a few days the cluster "miraculously" came to life. I recently had to replace the battery for the third time after the battery tender was inadvertently disconnected for a few weeks. After replacing the battery the cluster wouldn't light up and the gauges didn't register again. Due to an impending vehicle inspection I don't have time to wait for another "miracle". Has any body had a similar experience and learned how to wake up the cluster?
  • did you ever use the company for your instrument cluster?
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