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Ford Focus Transmission Problems



  • maniac4maniac4 Posts: 41
    Im a little confused . Isnt it three year 36k mile bumper to bumber and 5 years 60k drivetrain warranty?

    That entire transmission should be a warranty item. Including the clutches. But I cant get a specific answer. The driver has no input as to what the clutch does, As contrary to a stardard shift. On a standard I can see where a new driver can burn out a clutch.But I cant see a new driver burning out these. no input.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    You are wise to doubt. The frequency may be lower, but there are still MY '13 owners reporting transmission "quirks".
  • I drive in the S mode quite a lot.....I find that it does less of the "shuddering" so to say but it still does. I let it shift automatically instead of using button shifter. Hasn't solved it, but I still want to get it in anyway....I switch back and forth from Drive and S....makes a difference to me...It's still aggravating though! :confuse: ">
  • dd123dd123 Posts: 53
    Thinking about buying a ford focus 2013 automatic
    Looking at the transmission problems here, I am reconsidering my decision and thinking about going for civic 2013.
  • puffinalongpuffinalong Posts: 32
    edited March 2013
    dd, go to Kelly Blue Book focus s consumer reviews. I just bought a Focus Ti $25,000 and I'm afraid to drive it.
    I've been locked out twice the Sd card failed and so did the bluetooth, as the screen frooze I 'd stay away from a focus.Toooo many problems with the transmision and MFT.
  • mifocusmifocus Posts: 1
    2013 models also affected. Bought new '13 Focus SE which had oil leak from rear main seal leaking onto cluthes. Defective from the factory. At 7000 miles finally took it in and got the bad news. Took Ford 2 weeks to get parts, only showed up after calling Ford's customer service.

    After repair, transmission does shift more firmly - but you have to wonder how long. Car sat for a couple of days, when it was started and put into drive it made a loud noise as the clutches appear to be sticking. Back to the dealer.

    Automatic/Manual transmissions seem to be a disaster. Wished I had read other comments earlier.
  • toolate1toolate1 Posts: 2
    how did you know you had a problem?
    Surprising no class action law suit yet or recall
  • There is a class action suit google it or read KBB complaints on the Focus trannies. I think the title is Focus S tranny probs. :sick:
  • maniac4maniac4 Posts: 41
    Just curios would a select shift from a escape swap out to a focus?. the 2.5 liter block looks the same.I think it might work. the bolt pattern appears the same. but I didnt measure. Wouldnt it be better if this swap could be done at the dealer and end these complaints? If its not working out change it. I either love mine or hate mine its that type of tranny.
  • maniac4maniac4 Posts: 41
    There is none that im aware of google lied!
  • I haven't seen this problem listed. My 2013 while driving and NOT stepping on the break, will disengage it will last for about 10 seconds. Ford has replaced a transmission censor and a clutch motor, now it's back at ford. doing the same thing, it's worse as each time it changed gear it made a clunk. I had it towed back to ford, it has been in the shop 15 days in March. I would like to use the lemon law. . and get my money back. . is anyone this problem?
    ANOTHER PROBLEM: while driving, all of a sudden the car dings, and tells me that the key is not in the car. . it will let me keep driving. . but it's unsetteling. . .
  • It's to late for me. . don't do it. . their customer service is bad. . I am not sure any of the others are better. . but I do know about ford. . I speck from experience. . I am going to try to use the lemon law to get my money back from ford, and I will buy a Honda. . I have a 1997 honda passport, with over 200,000 miles. . good luck
  • You can load up a Focus to around 30K and have alot of features like park assist,MFT,Nav and rearview canera so on. It's like a mini Lexus IS
    Regard less,of any problems some people have they still buy another one because the car handles like
    a sports car and alot like the electric steering and the S mode tranny.I like the gas millage and it's a fun ride and the sync cost alot less than Onstar. :shades:
  • bobanandabobananda Posts: 5
    edited April 2013
    I have a 2012 Focus sedan with dual clutch transmission. I'm wondering just how prevalent these problems are. I have had mine for 16 months and have 20,000 miles on it. I haven't yet had a single problem. The shudder thing went on for about 3000 miles and then stopped and has never come back---not even once. It shifts beautifully and is real fun to drive.
    Are we only hearing from people with problems? Are there people out there with many more miles and doing just fine?
    Also, i don't drive it extra hard nor do i baby it. Gas mileage is never under 40 mpg and up as high as 43mpg at times. Averaging between 41 and 42.
  • tomkc53tomkc53 Posts: 12
    Just had my 2012 Focus SEL sedan in for the 2nd time for shuddering and a grinding noise between 1st and 2nd gears. Was told again this is perfectly "normal" and it is operating as it should be. I currently have 12,000 miles on the car. Love everything else about it but I'm thinking of trading it in although I know I'll be losing money.
  • dd123dd123 Posts: 53

    I decided to keep my old car Mazda Protege5 which is still in top notch condition
    I'd look into Maxda3 in couple of years as they are refreshing it soon.
  • What would you buy and what features would you get?
    My Ti (2013) is loaded with things I'll never use. (park assist) and 300 dollar for Sirius radio no way.I like the rear view camera, lumbar,the drive too close sensor monitors and I tried Mada and although it's a bullet proof car.The fun to drive factor wasn't there for me.
  • I just purchased a 2013 SE Sedan. After 200 miles, thats right, 200 miles I started hearing noises from the transmission. First it was a "clicking" type noise when you first start to move, and then a "grinding" type noise. It is not continuous but it is there. The transmission shifts smoothly from gear to gear, but it seems to be most noticeable when starting out up hill. It also feels that it is slipping a bit. Had it right back to the dealer and had a tech test drive. He called it a "transmission rattle" and I left the car. About an hour later the service rep called me to come and get the car as in his words, "Ford is aware of the problem but have not developed a fix. It is ok to drive, no problem and it will be fixed as soon as the Ford engineers develop a procedure" I spoke with my sales person and of course this was all new to him - Ha! I am not sure how to proceed, but I am going to contact our state Attorney General, Ford, and the dealership, and if necessary, will park my car in front of the dealership with a big "lemon sign". I really like the car, but feel like one of Bernie Madoff's clients. Shame on me for not doing better research before buying the car. I got a great deal, now I realize why. Long story, but if you haven't bought yet, don't.
  • maniac4maniac4 Posts: 41
    Ive had mine for over 14 months. yes it makes noise. But think about it its not a automatic. Its not as bad as most people exagerate it. You have a warranty. so why even worry .If it fails ford will fix it. But im not counting this gearbox out yet. the future is now!. The dart and veloster make the ford sound very quite. Ford was the first production dct in north america besides the VW. I doubt the conventional auto will be around too much longer. There are times I think somethings not right but there are times I dig it.
    The main question is do you understand how it works? And did you test drive it? Its different but after 14 months im satisfied.
    If it is not detracting from the value of the car the lemon law is yoosless!
    Chevy still with the low hp and conventional tranny.......Ford got smart. And this little ford out performs most other car in its class. Ofcourse I contradict myself and have for 14 months but realistically .Its not all bad now is it? really?
    I would have to say no!
  • dd123dd123 Posts: 53
    Thanks All,

    I decided to put off my new car purchase for sometime.
    I decided to use my bicycle more and my old car less.

    New car has to wait for a good reason..
  • puffinalongpuffinalong Posts: 32
    edited April 2013
    Funny,my VW is a DSG that's why the milage is lower,but the reliability is better than a DCT. :shades: and what's the # 1 HB compact car @NY auto show?
    Like I said, I have a loaded Focus Ti and I've had it four months and I have 1001 miles on it Ford will get it together soon maybe. I can't worry over things I can't control.
    Ya'll ought to have Ford on your computer and check your car for updates and and check your maintenance records.
    Some mention that the DCT learns your driving habits and then adapts and inprovises.I don't think so. You have a warranty for 3 to 6 yrs. use it.In the mean time turn the radio up and go cruisin'.I'm off this subject I didn't do my homework so it's my fault not Fords. :)
  • I can only say thay my 2012 with DCT has 21000 miles and has been flawless in every way after giving up the shudder at 3000 miles.

    Its paint is the red candy metallic and it looks great. I found out the hard way that it really is a custom paint and does not lend itself well to fixing a small area and could easily mean painting a much larger area like a whole panel. This can get expensive. I wish Ford had told me that. For that reason i would not purchase this or any other color that was this difficult to fix.
  • fedup33fedup33 Posts: 1
    I just can not under stand why my ford dealer will not admit that my 2012 Focus can not be fixed The transmission after 6 tries and 14,000 miles still shakes, jumps and shutters after I leave the dealer. I told the dealer I've owned Fords my whole life, can't he just admit the car can not be fixed. Lemon Law takes a long time resolving this. It all started after 5,000 oil change, they said it had a recall on the transmission I said O K mistake number two, mistake number one was buying a FORD, they lost a good customer at age of 70, good bye Ford. And the crazy part FORD doesn't care.
  • maniac4maniac4 Posts: 41
    Thats the proof I was looking for. With regards to the dct . I really think its a exaggeration. 14 months here. I dont hardly pay attention to it.{unless I come read some things on the web and get worried for nothing}. I just drive it.
    If and when it brakes Ford will fix it.. You can not make a dual clutch feel like a conventional auto. And why would you? I like the feel. I drove my second car with a gm traditional and there is a big difference.I prefer the dual clutch myself.

    Paint hee hee try sonic blue SN. how to touch that up????? :confuse:
  • maniac4maniac4 Posts: 41
    edited April 2013
    Fed up, Whats going on. do you know that you have to use the accelerator differently with a dual clutch. Think back to when you drove a stick. If used correctly with the right throttle opening that dont happen. Not being disrespectfull sir.
    But I had to figure it out too. I played heck for a while but its second nature now. And if I mess around with the go pedal I can confuse it.But I dont do that. You got to feel that clutch.! Not sure if its anything other than the style of engagment. {clutches}.
  • maniac4maniac4 Posts: 41
    It hasnt been out long enough to judge reliability..........Time will tell though.
  • I am the unfortunate owner of a 2012 Ford Focus SE, with the misbegotten 6-speed "automated manual" transmission. I've had the car about 1.5 years, and have amassed just over 18,000 miles on this vehicle. The transmission started lurching and jerking on acceleration from stops, a few days after I took delivery. I returned to the dealership, to be told that there was a software upgrade for my car. While the technician was performing the upgrade, they informed me that the transmission will "feel" strange since it is, in effect, a manual transmission being shifted by the computer. Pardon me, but I KNOW how a manual transmission feels & shifts. Manual transmissions are not supposed to feel like it's full of gravel and has a slipping clutch. I got my Focus back & after a day or two, the symptoms returned. I called the dealership & was told that Ford says the operation is "normal." Normal for a mis-engineered POS, maybe. On 4/14, as I was driving home, the transmission started jerking & grinding like it was tearing itself apart. It would shift into neutral & the engine would rev to about 4500 rpm, at which time the transmission would bang loudly & re-engage the gears. I was concerned that the car would not make it back home (about 4 miles). On 4/15, the car and I were back at the dealership, where I was informed that the clutches had failed, along with the shift forks, solenoids, etc. and etc. Yesterday, eight days after I left my car at the dealership, they informed me that the clutch parts were on back-order from Ford and would not arrive until 5/7. Almost a month to get my car fixed. Totally unacceptable. Even after this repair, I'm afraid that I will NOT trust this vehicle to go on any type of extended trip, less the transmission repeat this scenario.

    If you are reading this & considering the purchase of a Focus, do NOT get the "automated manual" -- it is a complete and utter disaster!!

    I am hoping that Ford is slapped with a class-action lawsuit, forcing them to buy back ALL of these miserable excuses for vehicles. At the very least, they should be forced to install conventional automatic transmissions into these cars.

    I would have thought Ford had learned its' lesson, after the debacle with the 6.0L diesel engine. Apparently, they have not!!
  • NO!!! At least, don't get the "automated manual." I am the unfortunate owner of a 2012 Focus SE with that transmission. It is a TOTAL disaster!!!
  • I have exaclty the same problem, and I try to change it for a Ford Fusion trough my dealer, do you think it's a good idea?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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