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Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission Problems



  • Thank you for getting into contact with me on this. I looked up your VIN in our system and am seeing that there are no open recalls on your GXP at this time.

    Is this something you were planning on looking into further at this time?

    GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2003 grand prix limited edition, I"m having the same problems, Have you found out whats wrong. Please let me know thanks
  • i have a 03 grand prix, and is running fine, but when you stop at a stop sign and or light and go to take off, sometimes it shifts hard, like it kicks in to gear.. ? had a computer hooked up at autozone and no codes show.. have changed fluid and filter, then changed fluid again after about 200 + miles. Please help!
  • It's amazing that any owner of a 305 hp GXP to think Generous Motors would develop a new Tranny to handle the power when they probably used the trans from the S/C V-6 and threw a little "holy water" on it..Now the owners with the long term warranty have a great case..

    I've got the 06 GT w/260 S/C which I picked up on a whim due to 1/2 price w/4300 miles and it is close to 65k now..Avoid jack-rabbit starts and one should should get at least 120k before trouble starts..Steering shafts, engine mounts, and batteries are nemesis on mine..Extended high cruising in Florida will kill the tranny for heat is the damaging factor..235 degrees is about all I want to see on the tranny temp..10 to 15 over speed limit with outside air temp low 90s, oil cooler would be the way to go if one wants higher steady cruise speed..

    My ride is okay, not great, but for the price with all goodies, it's a keeper..Royal Purple oil in crankcase, Got rid of the H-rated tires at 40k miles and put on Michelin Harmony rubber, T-rated, 35# cold, rotated every 6k and rebalanced if needed..Went through 2 sets of tires prior, original Michelins went 30k and Hancook were trashed in 10k miles, dealer didn't correct a rear alignment problem..

    Since 40k miles all work is preformed by a small shop also a Tire Rack installer, 2 ex-GM Pontiac, Buick, and Caddy mechanics..High priced, but great..The car runs at any speed without a vibration to the max limiter..
  • etnbaddogetnbaddog Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    I am in agreement that the GXP's transmission has a design flaw. I had to replace my transmission (about $3K) 1,000 miles away from home in July of 2010. Although it had about 118,000 miles on on the odometer, I bought the car off the showroom floor, followed the service schedule, and used authorized GM service centers exclusively. I replaced it with a Jasper transmision and now at 143,000 miles, 20 months later, this transmission again has failed. The syptoms were exactly the same each time. Fortunately, the transmission is under warranty with Jasper and they are replacing it but they are not replacing the fluid cooler that was severely damaged when the tranny came apart. I will go with an external cooler to keep the temp down ($200).

    I would like to know if anyone knows the issue. The initial codes from the shop indicate excessive overheating of the transmission and Jasper will advise their findings once they recieve this tranny back at their facility.

    I love my car but I cannot keep replacing transmissions and I feel GM should make it right since they were aware of the problem early on. There are several service bulletins, addressing the issue. Someone please help!

    NHTSA Complaint Line
    (800) 424-9153; Open 8AM - 8PM (EST)

    (This is only one of the service bulletins.)
    Make / Models: Model/Build Years:
    CHEVROLET / IMPALA 2006-2007
    PONTIAC / GRAND PRIX 2005-2007
    Service Bulletin Number: 070730012
    NHTSA Item Number: 10021844
  • Did you find out the problem on your car? I have a 97 that's doing the same thing and can't afford a new tranny I'm hoping it's a simple problem please help me if you can
  • I have a 97 Pontiac grand prix gt with the 3800 moor. When I drive the car it'll drive just fine for a short distance then it's like it goes into neutral. When it does this I can turn off the car and restart it and it'll engage however shortly after the tranny will kick out of gear again. It doesn't slip when engaged and it still has power it's just like it slips until neutral hil cruising st highway speeds. Please help me I can't afford to by a tranny.. I hope it's a simple electronic fix. I've already changed the filter and fluid and it stopped acting up for a day or so them started again someone please help
  • I am very sorry to report that my wife's 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP is at the doctors office. They are doing a transmission replacement. Yep it only took about 1 week after symptoms started showing up before it went completely out. I am also sorry to report that in our area it is going to cost about $3000.00 to fix. We checked wit two mechanics and a dealer. All said the same price. Sorry it isn't good news.
  • :sick:
    I hope that the transmission replacement goes well and look forward to hearing an update!
    GM Customer Service
  • jjdx23jjdx23 Posts: 2
    I have a 84 Grand Prix with a 3 Speed Automatic Transmission... I need a list of transmissions that would work with the 305 V8 (perfer slap stick)
  • jjdx23jjdx23 Posts: 2
  • Add me to the list. 96,000 miles (6 months past warranty) transmission totally failed at a traffic light! Had to leave the car 5 hours away to have the $3300 transmission rebuild done. So I have that to pay, plus rental car, lost work and a hotel stay.
  • steve4979steve4979 Posts: 6
    edited April 2012
    And I should add that this is the second GM transmission that has failed for me in the past two years. We have an 05 Chevy Trailblazer whose transmission had to be entirely replaced at only 65,000 miles, again stranding us in another state.

    Over 40 years of owning cars and I've never had these issues with automatic transmissions until we started buying GM products.
  • The District Specialist called me today and they offered to reimburse me for half the cost of the transmission repair. I consider that to be fair and appreciate General Motors standing behind their vehicles, even when the warranty has recently expired.
  • So how did you start this process and what do I need to do????? We have just replaced the transmission in my wife's 2006 Grand Prix GXP at around 70,000 miles. That's $3,700 worth of crap. Had to replace the radiator too because is was so plugged with aluminum from the original tranny crapping out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • I started by e-mailing [email protected]
  • Thanks for the advice. I went to the Pontiac website and sent them a message. They replied I sent them the information they asked for. I actually had a real person to call me and talk to me about oug car & the problems we had.


    Our car quit in my hometown that has no GM dealer. My wife had it towed to a trusted mechanic there. They did the repairs needed to the car & did an amazing job with it, It runs like a new car now. But Pontiac told me they would do nothing due to the fact that a GM dealer didn't do the work. I got a quote from a GM service center & the price was almost exactly what our hometown mechanic charged. Around $3,100.00 It would be worth that for Pontiac to " HELP " with anything.
  • motorcity6motorcity6 Posts: 427
    I know the 2006 GPGT w/supercharged V-6 has a temp readout on Tranny oil and I try to keep it under 235 degrees on the freeway runs..At 90+ outside temp cruising at 80+ the tranny gets a little warm..Try installing a oil cooler and have fun..

    Approaching 70k and tranny works fine. It will go to a new owner if it misses a shift..Pronto!!!
  • I have a 2004 grand prix GT2 and when I am driving in heavy traffic for a undetermined amount of time I notice a delay in shifting from 1-2 and then 2-3. Although it does not do this constantly only after being driven in stop and go traffic or an hour plus trip. Could this be a shift solenoid issue or transmission itself? Any insight would be appreciated.
  • karonnakaronna Posts: 1
    I just had the same problems with my 2002 GT. The problems started last week and quickly got worse. At the fourth place I tried, he diagnosed it within 10 minutes and had it fixed in 2 hours. My catalytic converter was plugged full. He rodded it out and now it runs better than ever. Tons more power, smooth shifting. Might be something to look into.
  • jennyrb17jennyrb17 Posts: 1
    My gp has 121,000 miles on it now. Everything has ran great than all of a sudden it seemed like there was a delay in shifting. I drove it about 10 minutes home and it started shifting really hard. Like slamming into gear. Any ideas?
  • rsarkarsarka Posts: 1
    Just bought one from the a Chevrolet dealer. Love the car! has 66,000 miles on it, runs pretty good, cant get over how nice the car drives, have always been a Pontiac/GM fan. I have a stock 79 T/A That I have owned for 20+ years. Just today in my GP I noticed the trans temp at 215 degrees driving home, heard the tranny fluid cavitating as I exited the freeway making turn. I didnt think much of it but it has shifted hard in normal city traffic a couple of times and this and other threads are starting to worry me. Is there a fix for this? I have done some research and discovered what appears to be flaws in the way it was manufactured based on what others have said. Please Reply!! This is my daily driver!
  • markg16markg16 Posts: 14
    Looks like I'm joining the parade of 2006 GXP owners with transmission problems.

    Mine has a whopping 47,000 miles on it and today I noticed slipping in the transmission. It's been garage kept, all required services done at earlier than requested intervals including a change of transmission fluid jut 2000 miles ago......

    I guess it's off to the local GM dealer for a "screwin."
  • bbaisdenbbaisden Posts: 14
    My best advice is get a after market trans cooler on it ASAP. There is no fix for this design failure, drive it until the trans die's and pay out your butt to get it fixed. That is GM's stance on the issue, needless to say GM has lost a loyal 20+ year customer because of the poor quality of this vehicle & lack of support for this issue. Get the trans cooler & dump the car, it's not worth how much you will have to pay to keep it running. :lemon: :lemon:
  • markg16markg16 Posts: 14
    Correction to my first post....My GXP is a 2007.....and conveniently for GM the warranty ran out in March...15 weeks ago.

    I bought it new and only have 47,000 miles on it....and NEVER used the paddles...not they can't blame it on that.

    I just dropped it off to my GM dealer and I'm awaiting their verdict.

    This GXP is my 17th Pontiac...all new....and like "bbaisden" says above, I'm hoping GM realizes this and does something to correct this OBVIOUS design flaw in their vehicle.
  • bbaisdenbbaisden Posts: 14
    I also bought mine new in June of 2005 & have never had a problem like this with any other vehicle I have owned. I am on my second transmission which the dealer rebuilt but still have a severe heat issue. I'm thinking 260 degrees is more than a little too warm considering the tranny slip's so bad I'm not sure it is going to shift! When you add the transmission issue & GM's service tech's telling me burning a quart of oil every 1000 miles is "normal", good bye GM!

    Good luck with your verdict, please keep us posted.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    We look forward to hearing how everything is progressing at your dealership, and if we can look into anything further please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected] (include further details like your name, the last 8 of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your dealership).

    GM Customer Service
  • markg16markg16 Posts: 14

    I just received a call from NORTH COUNTY BUICK-CADILLAC-GMC. The service writer said they found "debris" in the transmission pan. He needed approval from me for a $500 authorization to go further into the transmission. He then stated that he will "attempt to contact GM, but if GM determines it to be "abuse"...then they won't help?

    Abuse? I just had the damn car there in January where THEY serviced the transmission including flushing....and saw no problems....then suddenly I became an "abuser" of my car? The car, like the 17 other Pontiacs before it, that gets all of the required maintenance performed EARLIER than requested by GM and ONLY at GM certified dealers? The same car that could be brought back to the showroom and displayed as new? Abuser?

    It's easy to see where this is going......but if you think I'm the kind of guy that's going to roll have another thing coming.
  • markg16markg16 Posts: 14
    edited July 2012
    I've already "got in touch" with you by submitting all my information complete with dates of maintenance to that e mail address.....but received absolutely no response.

    GM customer service huh?
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    My apologies that you have not heard a response yet! When was your email sent and was it to [email protected] ?

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • markg16markg16 Posts: 14
    edited July 2012
    It was sent yesterday morning as soon as I heard from the dealer...and it was sent to: [email protected]
  • markg16markg16 Posts: 14
    Received an e mail from socialmedia with contact due on Tuesday.
  • motorcity6motorcity6 Posts: 427
    My 2006 GT just turned 70k, and all systems are working great, original brakes show no signs of rotor warping, however being a SW Fla car it is hot most of the time and tranny temps do get a wee bit warm..

    This car was a bargain buy 61 months ago and for the current driving I do it is a good performer..The S/C engine handles the a/c well and lots of driving is done with sunroof open and a/c running..Overall gas mileage is around 20mpg, interstate rolling it gets real around 24 mpg at elevated speeds..

    Will dump it around 90k miles to avoid the expense of a tranny which is probably an expense of 1/2 the car's value..

    Good Luck on with your GT..
  • bbaisdenbbaisden Posts: 14
    I'm sure this is going to come as a huge shock to you and everyone else on here, but my transmission just blew AGAIN! Stranded me in a drive thru, I had to get out and ask the people behind me to push me out of the line!!!!
    The rebuild didn't even last 20,000 miles! markg16, I believe you mentioned something about your brother in a previous post. I would really like to get in touch with both of you.
  • montana_catmontana_cat Posts: 26
    edited July 2012
    After spening $1,000 in 2003 on my transmission and $1,000 in 2006, I thought the problem had been fixed for good in my 1999 Grand Prix. Now it is lurching up hills and getting progressively worse.

    It acts like it wants to shift down to a lower gear to climb the hill, but it cannot do it. I love my car so much. It is so comfortable and fits me perfectly. Everything else has been great? But why are these transmissions so bad??? :cry:

    I am now at 114,000 miles and wanted to make it to 200,000. The previous problems occurred at 30,000 and 60,000.

    Has anyone has this problem and know of a fix? Or is it, "Take it to the dealership and let them try to figure it out while costing me $$$"?
  • markg16markg16 Posts: 14
    edited July 2012

    Received a call from the "GM Customer Service" rep. He said he'd look into it.

    In the meantime I received a call from the dealership who said that the "Torque Converter exploded and left shrapnel throughout the transmission." They told me that their service manager talked to the GM district boss and that if I paid $1000....GM would take care of the rest of the cost of a replacement transmission.

    Although I feel that a transmission should not explode on a car with only 47,000 original miles.....3 months after the 5 year warranty expired and 5 months after the transmission was serviced, drained, flushed, and refilled.....I agreed to the plan.

    Last night I picked up the car and was pleasantly surprised to see that I owed nothing...the receipt said $0 due.

    I figured that GM finally saw the light and realized it was wrong to charge ANYTHING for what is an obvious GM design flaw (I found another site that shows 322 owners of 2005-2007 GXP's...all with the same problem).

    Well...I was wrong.

    I got a call today from the dealer....They "forgot" to charge me the $1000 and I had to go back and pay them.

    Bottom line?

    The local GM customer service rep "Oscar" who called me at least 4 times...was TOTALLY USELESS......had no idea what he was doing....and was completely out of the loop.

    Great customer service huh?

    He wasn't even aware of the "deal" between the dealer & GM district supervisor.

    GM screwed me for $1000 bucks on a problem that never should have happened to begin with.....and the rep had the guts to tell me on the phone that "he hoped I'd continue to be a GM car buyer."

    Yeah right....Treat a 17 vehicle GM buyer this way?

    I'd walk before I'd buy another GM product.

    Why is GM not recalling these cars NOW to replace these defective Torque Converters BEFORE they explode and ruin the entire transmission? How stupid can a car manufacturer be? to join the hundreds of other GXP owners to file a complaint with NHTSA.
  • With all the Grand Prix owners sharing stories of defective transmissions and other recurring issues, I would think GM would be especially receptive to those taking the time to write or call in. I got the run around the first time the transmission in my 2001 Grand Prix failed and now the car sits in front of my house needing yet another tranny rebuild/replacement. With a college freshman in August and another that's a high school senior, there is no way I an afford to throw $$$ away again. Honestly, I have lost so much faith in GM products.
  • markg16markg16 Posts: 14
    edited July 2012
    GM has ZERO concern for their customers.....thats been proven by their failure to address what is obviously a serious defect in these transmissions. I guess it should be expected when you place a V-6 transmission into a powerful V-8 automobile.

    When my transmission suddenly started going out, I had just left my garage, drove down my driveway and stopped at the stop sign at the intersection of our private road to the major 50 mph County highway.

    When I stepped on the gas to pull out....the car traveled 3 feet and just stopped in the middle of the roadway...and my transmission just kept slipping.

    Just when I thought that impact was imminent by one of those 50 mph cross traffic vehicles....the transmission slammed into gear and I was able to avoid a crash which probably would have killed me and my passenger.

    I guess GM is one of those companies that waits until somebody is dead before acting responsibly.

    Now GM might think that exploding Torque Converters aren't a safety violation....but I'm quite sure that NHTSA will well as a jury.

    Notice how there's not a peep from our resident GM Customer Service Reps?

    Maybe GM should take the salaries they pay to these reps who do nothing and help no-one....and give it back to the customers who bought this trash they call a Grand Prix GXP.
  • bbaisdenbbaisden Posts: 14

    Just wanted to let everyone know the status of my GXP. First let me explain that my transmission originally started giving me problems at about 45,000 miles. I purchased a extended warranty from GM because the car had already been back to the dealer 3 times since I purchased it in June of 2005, not for transmission issues.

    At about 45,000 miles I took the car in to the dealer for the transmission acting funny & the engine burning oil, the dealer told me they couldn't find anything wrong with the trans (all they did was check the fluid) & told me burning a quart of oil every 1000 miles was normal (which I called BS on).

    At about 70,000 miles the transmission completely failed, my warranty had expired a week before the failure. Of course I took the normal route to complain about this, called customer service which got me absolutely NO WHERE! So, being the person I am & working as a quality professional in the automotive industry for 20+ years I called GM corporate downtown Detroit. I will not go into to detail about my conversations with them but needless to say because I had taken my car in way before my warranty expired and the tranny failed, GM completely covered a rebulid.

    After a few months the transmission started acting up again, running extremely hot, slipping, etc. I took it back to the dealer that rebuilt it and once again I was told they couldn't find anything wrong. 3 months later It stranded me in a drive thru & had to ask the people in line behind me to help push it out of line!

    Needless to say it went back to the dealer where it sits today. I got the call yesterday telling me that the converter had blown up, the transmission completely destroyed, the shaft, fluid pump, EVERYTHING! They are finally doing a replacement & submitted to GM for payment, which I was told shouldn't be a issue. Waiting for them to call with it finished, so we will see. I will keep everyone updated of the status.
  • Hey justin i just bought a 97 grand prix GTP and have been have a little problem with the tranny i only had it a week and didnt even put 250 miles on it and it started acting weird in the mornings it wont go until the rpms are at almost 5grand and then it doesnt go very fast at all but during the day it runs just fine but kinda shifts hard so i put a new filter in it and some lucas transmissin treatment in it and still runs the same. It has 181k miles on it. do you have anyclue what i can do?????
  • I definitely feel your pain my friend and I definitely agree that GM should stand by their product. I am afraid that we are STUCK with it. My wife's 2006 Grand Prix GXP had to have the transmission replaced at around 80,000 some odd miles. We went the Jasper route also. I saw on another forum that someone had the same problem and GM reimbursed them about 1/2 the cost. I followed the steps that he mentioned to me and was told by Pontiac customer care that if we had used a certified GM service center we MIGHT have gotten something from GM but since we used a local shop & Jasper tranny we were just out of luck.

    My wife loves her car and I am like you I don't want to keep sinking money into an endless pit. Please keep me informed if you find out ANYTHING helpful.
  • Acura is suppose to be a luxury car . It makes no sense that they are making cars with terrible transmission problems. Most of these problems may be because the tranny filters are not servicable as they are built tight into the transmission.

    We may need to take up this matter to President Obama and deal the situation just like what Obama did it with Toyota's unintented acceleration. This was going on since 1999 and they keep dumping cars with trasmission issues.
  • When on the interstate,with speed of 70 mph or over,the car starts kicking in and out of over drive sporadically causing the tack to jump between 1 and 3. Please if anybody knows what is wrong please help.
  • I had a similar experience on my GXP and GM changed the transmission. Mine started off like that and progressed to all speeds, I'm not convinced its not a computer problem and the slipping in and out of overdrive is not a symptom of the bad cptr that progresses to kill the transmission. My new trans is a little over a yr old and it's starting it again. If u have a ck eng light look for code po328. Good luck the trans cost me over $3300!
  • It has not done it in any other speeds, just when i am traveling on the highway and at speeds 70 mph or more, also have noticed that it sometimes does it when i am traveling up hill on the highway. The tac meter jumps up and down. I don't have a check engine light,never had one on or come on since it started doing this..... Just wanting to know if anybody knows what is wrong with it and if anybody knows how to fix it?????
  • markg16markg16 Posts: 14
    edited January 2013
    That's exactly the way mine started too. Subtle at first...then worse at slower and slower speeds. Eventually your Torque Converter will explode internally....destroying your entire transmission.

    You are #334 that I know of so far.....and GM will screw you.
  • We have a 2006 Grand Prix GXP. Tranny went out. My best advice to you is have a GM service shop do the work. Contact Pontiac customer service and see if they can reimburse you for some of the repair costs. My wife had a local service shop do the work. We contacted Pontiac customer service because another person on this website said they got half their cost back. We were left with the whole thing just because GM didn't do the repair. GM DOES NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS! The transmissions have been a big problem on several of GM's products but they will not do a damn thing about it. I work for Toyota and they aren't without their problems. Everyone knows about their recalls but they will take responsibility and stand behind their product. GM should have shut down and not gotten help from the bailout. I have driven and owned GM products since I was old enough to drive. That's all my parents owned also. But I don't believe I will own another one after all of the grief I have experienced and by the messages I continue to get from people suffering the same trouble we did.

    Good luck to you and I hope they will help you with your problem.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Sorry to hear about the troubles you're having with your Grand Prix, robrulz! Have you made any progress on this since your last post?
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • ann75ann75 Posts: 4
    i have a 2006 gxp that had same problem last year at 75000 miles. Car was never driven hard. I contacted GM and I had to take it to a GM dealership for inspection but they did replace the tranny with a $1000 deductable. My problem started on the highway first then on hills and was starting to do it in lower speeds when i got it fixed. It has been a year and I plan to trade the car soon before I have any further problems
  • No.... I haven't made any progress on what the problem is or how to fix it. I have had people tell me that it is the transmission and it will get progressively worse over time and i should take it to a GM Service Center. I took it in when it first started doing this and they told me that it was the throttle body... I had them put a new one in and it didn't fix the problem, i am still having the same problem and it is getting worse and to make the problem worse my warranty has ran out now and if it is the transmission i can't afford to fixed it now. I wish they would of fixed it properly the first time so i wouldn't be still dealing with this issue now. All i want is to know what exactly is wrong with it and how to fix it.
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