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Infiniti G35 Brakes and Rotors



  • drvic1drvic1 Posts: 2
    Has anyone owning a 2007 G5 experienced brake problems like in earlier years? I'm considering purchasing a 2007 and am concerned about all of these postings on brake problems.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Those brake issues were resolved in 06 and have been completely upgraded and redesigned for the 07 model.
    The brakes in my 07 seem completely solid and stop on a dime.
    I'm also seeing very little brake dust on my wheels.

    I had the same concerns when I started considering the G.

    After much research, I jumped on board and this has been the best car I have ever owned.

    A complete joy to drive! :blush:
  • yaeger1yaeger1 Posts: 10
    Just got mine 07 G35 Sport and glad to hear the brake issue is resolved. I do notice "grinding" like noises and was wondering if Infiniti's brakes are usually this loud? Tks.
  • aceisaceis Posts: 3
    I bought the G35 Sport 07 model in December 2006. I've been suffering pure hell since I made that decision. First the XM never worked. It took the dealer over a month to replace the unit after they tried to identify the issue 2 other times. The gear shift was replaced because of issues. Now the gear shift does not go fully into park. Ah, the brakes. They will continue to squeak. They have adjusted the rotors alongside everything else and they still squeak. They tell you this story about many manufactures having the same brake problem which they consider normal. Last but not least my car will not crank now. Just 3 days after getting it out the shop. Its completely DEAD. I know I got a lemon. I'm going to take
    my issues through my states Lemon Law procedures.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    No grinding in mine at all.
    The brakes are very quiet and super grabby.

    Wait until your brakes are broken in and seated and see if the noise goes away.
  • yaeger1yaeger1 Posts: 10
    Sorry to hear that. This is a great vehicle but I'm sure that's hard to accept when problems like these arise. Hope things work out for you.
  • sunbu95sunbu95 Posts: 17
    My wife's 2005 G35X always had grabby brakes, in my opinion. She came back last week from the 30K checkup with new front brakes, front rotors, and four new tires, and a $2300 credit card charge. I feel effed. We are easy on brakes.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    But the 05x has known brake issues.... you are aware of this, right?
  • eastwingeastwing Posts: 78
    I have a 05 G35X and it recently had many warning lights on - brake, slip, and VDC off. By reading posts on this forum, I think it is brake issue. Does anyone know if it is possible to have it covered under warranty? Thanks.
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    In my opinion 30K miles on a set of brakes for a performance sedan is not bad. But $2300 IS NUTS!! I realize some of this was for the 30K service but it seems too high. You could have done better after market and gotten much better feeing and possibly longer wearing brakes.
  • ocg35manocg35man Posts: 52
    I am assuming sevice and tires were performed at Infiniti dealer. If you replace with OEM tires, cost should be no more than $1000.00. So that leaves $1300 for new front brakes and 30K checkup.

    I own a 05 G35 sedan with about 36K miles on it. My brakes
    are still ok, but pretty soon I will need rear pads. If I am
    not mistaken, 05 G35X has different brakes than mine. It is
    possible, they wear faster than mine. If they are same as 04 G35 brakes, then you might have chance to recover some
    of your cost.

    Next time, do your research BEFORE signing OK to perform
    any service.

    good luck!
  • burkeyburkey Posts: 5
    I have a 06 300C with 22K miles. Went on first long trip and noticed "shimmy and shake" when applying brakes. Took to dealer all rotors have runout .013" front, .020 rear. Is this unusual after only 22K miles? Defect in rotors or just have them turned? :(
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Depends on the thickness of the rotors, and the kind of braking you have been doing over the course of 22,000 miles.
    Constant heating and cooling causes that runout.
    It happens to all brakes, but smaller brakes or excessive usage cause this to happen sooner.

    You may want to hop into the 300C forum and ask the other owners there.
  • gsportgsport Posts: 4
    i have 03 g35s 6mt 46k on it still on stck brakes those brembo are sweet making a litle bit of a noise when cold but other than that those things stop you preety good 117ft from 60miles and compare cars like nsx117, ferrari 360 117, or buggati veryon 115, so you figure
  • easman61easman61 Posts: 28
    I test drove a base G35 ('05) with 21k and loved it - until I stepped on the brake pedal. There was a definite rotor problem. Is this a warranty item or not? Confused from the forum here. The Nissan dealer has had the car for 75 days and they just marked it down from $26k to 21,997 which is supposedly $1800 below what they paid at auction. Seems like a lot of car for the money - but I don't want to be stuck with a big brake repair.
  • bobzeeagbbobzeeagb Posts: 1
    :lemon: I read a great number of postings, on other web sites, about G35 problem breaks. My dealer changed all four breaks at 20,000 km, and now wants to change two front ones after only 20,000 km. Believe me; I do know cars. Moreover, I know how to drive. My second car, Acura TL, has 65,000 km without any break problems/issues. The G35 breaks are stock breaks, however I read that some G35 owners had Brembo breaks installed without further maintenance problems. Aside from maintenance costs, my biggest worry is car safety … will it stop at 120 km/h?

    Has anyone changed G35 stock breaks with Brembo? Would dealer exchange breaks, or you had to go outside Infinity network? If not Infinity, who in Toronto (Ontario, Cnd.) can do this exchange? How much did you have to pay for this “pleasure”?
  • ticosticos Posts: 19
    Need your help. I have an 2003 G35 Coupe with 36,000 miles and the brembo brakes. The pads were changed on all four wheels just after 30,000 miles. I was told that the rotors were just slightly above the min. spec. tolerance so the next time the pads are changed the rotors will have to be replaced. Infiniti wants over $500 for each rotor and by the time all pads are changed as well I estimate the bill will come close to $3,000 with labor. I know Tire Rack sell rotors and pads for the G35 coupe but I need to know what is involved in replacing pads and rotors. Are there aftermarket components that are less expensive and of the same or better quality than the original brembo rotors and pads? I noticed that Tire Rack recommends local brake shops for the installation (any comments about this service?) Thanks for your assistance with the above.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    $3,000 for a brake job is complate insanity!

    Brake jobs are actually very easy on most cars, but only if you've seen them done before.
    As for parts, Brembo is a great name... but it's not necessary for the rotors.
    The Brembo name shines in their calipers (the part that squeezes the brake pads onto the rotor).
    You can get away with aftermarket pads and rotors, and keep the Brembo Calipers.

    I swear by Bendix brand, but that's just me.
    There's a lot of options for brake pads, including ceramic, which keeps the brake dust down.

    The job will include unbolting 2 or so bolts which hold the caliper on to the car.
    You then pop the old pads out and after removing the master cylinder cap (where the brake fluid goes), you use any c-clamp like tool to squeeze the caliper's piston back... so it's all the way into the caliper again.
    Don't squeeze too fast or fluid may squirt out of the fluid reservoir.
    Then you have the room to pop the new pads into the caliper, which are held in with springs...very easy.

    Before bolting on the caliper with the new pads, you pull off the old rotor and the new one goes right on, over the lug nut studs.
    If the rotor is stuck, tapping it with a hammer a few times usually loosens it right up.
    Rust builds up in between the rotor and studs and this sometimes causes a little work getting them off.

    Once the rotor is on, replace the caliper where it came from and tighten your bolts.
    Make sure your brake fluid level is topped off and replace the cap.
    Start the car and pump the pedal a few times so the caliper piston can seat the pads.

    Be easy on your new pads for 100 or miles, allowing them to seat correctly.

    Of, and when putting the tires back on, please use a torque wrench.
    Over torqued lug nuts are the #1 cause of warped rotors.


    Go to the shop and pay through the nose. :P
  • Ticos,

    I'm in a very similar situation. I've got an 03 6MT Coupe with Brembos and 29k miles. I took it into the dealership and they told me that I need new front and rear brakes (rotors and pads). They claimed the rotors cannot be machined b/c they are so thin to begin with. The want $2600 for the full job! I then went to a local shop and they want $2800 and told me that the reason the price is so high is b/c there are no aftermarket rotors. Well that's obviously some BS.

    So now I'm in the process of seeking out good aftermarket pads and rotors (is that all I need). I don't plan on doing the work myself b/c I'm not at all mechanically inclined.

    I'm looking for advice now on which aftermarket rotors and pads to purchase and where to buy. I'm mostly interested in durability and less brake dust. I don't push the car very much so performance is less of a consideration. Any suggestions based on your experience?

  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    Not sure if they sell replacements for Brembos but Burtman Industries sells rotors and pads that I bought for my 05 X. It has the "small" brakes of the 03/04. The rotors are slotted and drilled and the pads are ceramic. These are fantastic. Virtually no dust, very smooth braking and they really bite when I push them. If they have a replacement for the Brembos, give them some consideration.
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