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2007 Toyota Camry Transmission Questions



  • canccanc Posts: 715
    I had a Prius before my Camry, and I never had any hesitations like this.
  • I went in for service on my land cruiser today 60k 4 wheel brakes 4 tires normal stuff and was waiting. I got a phone call and had to go right home to meet my contractor. The service manager let me take his new 2008 4cyl camry demo. It shifts very smooth to me it only has 75 miles on it. I drove it for about 2 hours total. Mabey thay fixed the shift problems you guys are haveing.
  • Ok here is the latest update on my battle with Toyota. Still no resolution on the car and all its problems but I do have an update on one of the things I'm doing about it. After speaking with a couple of TV stations and programs a couple are interested in airing a report on the 07 Camry. Toyotas stance when informed of all the problems with the car stated in here was, "Its hearsay" "It cant be verified." You cant produce proof that others are having these problems." Well after speaking with a few television reps, they suggested I get copies of the service reciepts from others in here with the same problems getting the same run around. How about it people..anyone interested in taking this further and letting Toyota and the public know that we do actually talk amongst ourselves? If anyone is interested I'll give them my address and they can send me copies of their service reports and Toyotas stand on the problems. (With personal info such as address and phone blacked out of course). I'm going ahead with this no matter what but copies of other peoples service reports pretty much eliminates the hearsay defense. I'll be more than happy to supply copies of my reports to anyone who wished them as well.
  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 259
    Great Idea! count me in. Give me a couple of days to get copies for you. Talk to you soon, chuck
  • Does anyone help me in using the auto shift effectly and correctly?

    Do I necessary stop the car, while driving at D position shift, before change the gear to lower as 3 or 2 or L ?

    In my country so crowded with many kinds of transportation and jams happen all time . I often change shift to lower gear like that and so is it harmful to an auto CVT system on my 2.4 camry LE ?

    Thanks in advance!
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    almost in all situations, leaving the vehicle in "D" should work for you. If you step on the gas hard, most ATs will shift to a lower gear to provide more power.

    However, shifting the AT manually to "3" when you need power should achieve the same result.

    Your owner's manual (which you should read cover to cover) will explain the use / benefits of manually shifting the vehicle's transmission.

    For example, if you are "stuck" in mud, or in ice, you might try starting out in "2".

    Other than that, if you are manually shifting your AT alot, it's sign you should have purchased a MT. :blush:
  • Count me in. Where do I send service reports? I own 07 Camry LE 4cyl/5spd automatic, and have an arbitration hearing date on 9/13, but get this: It is being held at the local Toyota dealer's location. How unbiased do you think the outcome might be? As you will see re service reports, Toyota dealer says nothing wrong, so hearing will be my word against his. Fat chance of favorable rulling I am thinking.
  • There are even more problems with the 07 Camry transmission posted under "Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs" this website.
  • Yup, thats where they hold their arbitration meetings..wherever you bought the car. I will say however that the arbitrator does not work for Toyota and is an independent party. If your meeting goes like mine there will be a lot of people at the meeting. You, the head of the dealers service dept. a head mechanic, and a representative from Toyota. At my meeting the rep from Toyota didnt have much to say..just observed, however she was the one who told me that any and all letters of complaint posted in hear were just hearsay and were not valid. The head of my dealers service dept tried to offer me a deal to stop arbitration..Toyotas deal?? To pay for my extended warranty - $1,200.00 - and to try and fix the tranny probs..with no guaranteee that what they try would fix the problem...they also ignored all of the other problems I'm having with the car and said it was operating normally. I brought video evidence of the problems to the meeting but they were not interested in viewing the evidence...I mentioned the video to them at least 3 times and no interest. I also brough a tape recorder to record the meeting and wasnt allowed to do so. If you try to tape it you have to get permission from them before the meeting begins....try to get them to allow you to tape it and see what happens. If you would like to send me copies of your service reports you can contact me at [email protected] and I'll give you an address to send them to. If we all come together sooner or later Toyota will HAVE to address these problems.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If you really do want to gather a substantial level of evidence of this type then you might want to post your request on the Avalon, ES300, Sienna, Highlander, RX300, etc, threads as at one time or another I have seen this type of complaint, 1-2 second engine/transaxle downshift delay/hesitation, on all of those too.

    While you're at it you might as well solicit service records of this same type from VW, Ford, Honda, etc, or even all marques that have FWD vehicles with automatic transaxles in their fleet.

    That way your arbitration meeting can adjourn, will be adjourned, almost before it starts since you will have proven that your car is NOT "unique" in "this" sense and therefore NOT a lemon! Your car cannot be proven to be uniquely a lemon if the problem you are experiencing is fleetwide, or in this case industry wide.
  • Will contact you at: [email protected]
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    wwest is right when he suggests you visit the other forums. other toyota models with DBW have had people complaining about them.

    for a clearer picture, visit the NHTSA website. I don't think you'll find the complaint level consistent across makes. people owning toyota / lexus branded vehicles have been dealing with issues like this for some time.

    arbitration... i think the arbiters are paid by toyota. i think you signed certain privs away when you bought the vehicle.

    good luck.
  • Time will tell wwest. I dont know about you but I've never seen this many complaints about an issue with any of the other cars you mentioned. Sure each and every manufacturer has some bugs in their cars..but nowhere near as many as this car. And straight from Toyotas mouth "This transmission is so new and so unique, there is no other like it." "The flare is a characteristic of this transmission" If it IS a characteristic of the transmission..why then doesnt it do it on ALL 07 Camrys? Why doesnt it do it ALL of the time? Sounds like smoke is getting blown up somewhere. I am willing to take my chances with the NJ lemon law, news investigations and the publishing of these problems with the Camry. And from the responses I've gotten it appears that many more are as well. Time will tell wwest, time will tell. We've got nothing to lose except poorly running cars...Toyota on the other hand....
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I think I have proposed this before....

    I think I have noted that the "flare" happens mostly after a "cold" start and basically doesn't repeat once the vehicle driveline, ATF, has warmed to operating level. And remember that when the ATF is cold it has less volume.

    ATF has WEIGHT and cost, $$$, the less you put into the transaxle at the factory you are better off from an engineering standpoint, FE, and from the beancounters standpoint.

    My suggestion would be that if you are experiencing the flare as above then while the engine/transaxle is cold, top off the ATF, only to the dipstick's cold measuring level, being careful NOT to overfill (at least not by very much).

    I think I have also read that before you start out COLD if you idle the car for 5-10 minutes the flare doesn't occur. Not suggesting anyone do this as anything other than a test.

    I think if I owned one of these and grew intolerant of the flare I would remove the transaxle sump and find a way to increase its volume just ever so slightly.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    " I've never seem this many complaints about an issue with any of the other cars you mentioned.."

    If you restrict the issue to "flare" then I would agree. I was addressing the issue from the context of the 1-2 second downshift delay created by DBW to prevent premature failure of the transaxle.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    in some sense, by virtue of the very fact toyota is releasing TSBs is admission there are issues. some owners are getting new transmissions, some new solenoid assemblies, some new firmware or both hardware and software.

    there's shift flares, excessive shifting, vague shifting, hesitation, uncontrolled acceleration. have i forgotten some behaviors here?

    some have a greatly improved vehicle when the TSBs are applied, and some say the problems return later.

    so, there are probably a few factors at root cause here and not everyone is experiencing the exact same issue or issues. in my mind, because of the computer integration between engine and transmission control, we are left to speculate as to what is truly the cause.

    in the bigger picture, this speaks volumes to what is likely to happen as our vehicles (the make is irrelevant) become more and more complex, computerized, and sub-systems integrated in the name of fuel economy, safety, and parts longevity (now that's a good one).

    expect technicians and vehicle owners to be stupified by bizzare behaviors, and explainations provided by the manufacturer or dealers or technicians to be pithy, non-reassuring, inaccurate, or just plain wrong.

    expect customer-centric dealerships and their employees to be placed in awkward positions of having to state "cannot duplicate" or "operating as designed" or "they all do that" thus adhering to the party line as they await a highly scripted "fix" which can only come from the manufacturer.

    expect the fixes to involve complete sub-system change outs as traditional maintenance techniques will no longer apply; black box modules or sub-assemblies too technically rich for the dealerships to service themselves will have to be swapped out until the real problem is identified.

    expect long waits as part commonality among models result in shortages.

    anticipate that the criticality of software function requires a good deal of quality review and testing to assure no negative fuel economy, safety, parts longevity, or user expectation impact as new firmware is readied for deployment to the engine control and transmission control computers in our vehicles.

    expect we'll be forced more and more to be driven by our vehicles, rather than the other way around - being forced to adapt and change our driving style to match these "smart" "adaptive" technologies.

    expect our learned behaviors, some deeply adopted by our brains over the course of decades (of living and experience in other domains, or in the driving domain itself) to collide with these new behaviors.

    some of these behaviors will be artifacts of the systems being designed and tested by engineers without adherence and sensitivity to fundamental human factors / usability principles.

    we need an independant organization like the NHTSA agressively investigating claims when a trend surfaces. and we probably need more transparency on the part of manufacturers when the situation is calling for TSBs and "secret service campaigns" vs. recalls.

    we also need to know if and when an organization like the NHTSA is actively investigating complaints on a make and model.

    it's admittedly unfair that toyota seems to be under a microscope on the issue. they design and build products consumers what and find valuable; they are the ones with the expectation of quality; they have been proactive adopting these new technologies and bringing it to their product lines at price points we expect and accept; they are the segment leader in many respects.

    so their responsibility and ownership on issues like this must be elevated. they must be an exemplar. that's moving forward.
  • Ahh if only that were the extent of the problem. But the flare in my tansmission occurs not only when cold but minutes and even hours after starting the vehicle. I can be driving it for 2 hours straight and it will still do it. Hot or cold the problem exists. I can warm my vehicle for 20, 30, even 60 minutes and the flare is still there. Even more infuriating is the fact that besides the flare, the problems of the malfunctioning heated seats, the console lights going on and off, getting brighter and dimmer, the ASL on the radio just plain NOT working, the bluetooth connection that works when it feels like it and the Drivers info center that is so very inaccurate (From a dead stop to 70 miles an 70 miles an hour for 30 miles and info center says my avg speed is 38...there is something wrong) If its 92 degrees out my info center temp will say its 105 degrees. Granted some of these problems are minor and just inconveniences but put all together they pretty much equal one turd of a car. I dont know about anyone else but I dont intend to spend that kind of money for a brand new car and have to deal with these kinds of problems. I've bought used cars that have performed better.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi Bohica223:
    I understand how you feel about your vehicle, and you have the "right" to feel that way about a poorly designed vehicle. But here is the important questions in relation to this entire issue; ------ DOES ANYONE ON THIS SITE THINK THAT "TOYOTA" REALLY CARES ABOUT WHAT WE THINK ABOUT THEIR PRODUCTS? If "Toyota" does care, what have they done, to correct the problems with their vehicles. Why does the company continue to deny that there is a problme with a number of their vehicles?
    There is a "bottom line to every situation," and there is a "bottom line to this situation."! ---- We, as consumers, need to voice our opinion with our "purchasing power". Our dollars will speak much louder than any arbitration hearing. The "action" is simple! DO NOT PURCHASE ANY TOYOTA VEHICLES in the future. If the company is not going to be responsive to our needs as consumers, then we should take our business to another vendor! This is my first Toyota product. I DO NOT have any problmes,(at this point in time), with my V6 Camry XLE, but how would I be treated if my vehicle suddenly develops a problem?
    At the present time, my vehicle is coming up to its 15,000 mile service. So far, it has been trouble free. In January, this vehicle will be one year old, and I will have somewhere between 22,000 and 25,000 miles on the clock. I am considering getting out from under this potential "time bomb" at that point in time, and moving into an American brand. If the Honda Accord for 2008 has comfortable seats, I might go back to a Honda. No more Toyota products for me, and I have a "so called good one"! They have sold me their last vehicle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Best regards to all! ----- Dwayne. ----- :( :sick: ;):)
  • How right you are Dwayne. It is quite obvious that they dont care. And rest assured this will be my first and LAST Toyota. But if getting the word out in any way I can about the problems with my experience with Toyota helps not only me but anyone else considering purchasing a Toyota then its well worth it. Perhaps all of us in here getting together and not being just one little customer..make our voice heard..if not by uncaring Toyota, then by other consumers..maybe enough of the word will get out and lets see who is number one in auto sales next year..who gets automobile of the year next year. Even if my efforts and anyone else who cares to join me prove fruitless at least we did SOMETHING. 10 people can complain about the only takes one to open an umbrella
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Why don't you check out the Are Toyota's recent quality problems just a glitch? discussion over in Auto News? Let's let this discussion focus on its topic, 07 Camry Transmission Questions. Thanks.
  • I have been following the comments on the hesitation problem. When we took our 2007 camry in and complained about the hesitation they said that it was normal and there was nothing we could do but get used to it. I started researching and found this site. Called Toyota headquarters the had the rep from the dealer call me back. The rep told me she was not a tech and could not answer my question. Not sure why she is the rep is she can not answer questions Finally got to the service manager and they are doing TSB EG036-7 right now. Had another problem with the dealer and would like to know some of your opinions. When checking our bill we saw that they used 5W30 oil in both of our oil changes we had done. The manual says to ONLY use 0w20 or 5W20 in the 4 cylinder cars. The service manager said that is only a suggestion and you don't need that oil only in the winter. Does any one know if the 5W30 oil will hurt the engine some time down the road? The manual says you should use 5W30 oil in 6 cylinder cars. My husband thinks that the dealership buy oil in bulk and wants to use this oil and not have to deal with different weight oils.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,696
    Terrible dealer. If the manual says use 0W20 or 5W20, then anything else is wrong (for the I4 engine). In fact, this wouldn't be surprised if Toyota denied your warranty if something should happen. Of course, then you would have to fight the dealer.
  • I read somewhere on the internet that 0W20 and 5W20 are recommended by manufacturer for better fuel efficiency especially to back up manufacture's EPA claim as well as overall brand CAFE requirement, but in terms of engine protection, 5W30 is actually better. I actually specify 5W30 for my oil change in my I-4 LE at the dealer and don't really see worse fuel efficiency.

    I'm also one of the owners who experience throttle lags after making a right turn and it scares me everyday especially during cold morning start. Already schedule with the dealer this weekend for TSB fix and hopefully see some improvement. Did the previous TSB (056-07) and only saw improvement within the first month of TSB applied..:mad:
  • bmarkbmark Posts: 52
    I am sorry to hear about all of the problems you all are having with your cars. And I mean that. But all you people that bash American cars, I have had 2 cars one a Pontiac and One A GMC that I have driven over 100,000 miles and never once have I had problems with the transmission. On the GMC I actually put it in reverse while in Drive going 3 mile an hour. SUV still drives great. and transmission runs great.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    There is, can be, no doubt that american manufacturers can design and build PERFECT passenger cars...! Pretty sure I owned a few of those myself.

    But somewhere in about the mid-eighties we lost the technological lead, at least insofar as building quality levels with high technological content.

    Anyone notice that Chrysler was the first, by several years, to introduce solid state ignition?

    Chrysler? "On the bottom of the heap"..Chrysler...?

    Ford got the first US patent for improving the safety factor of FWD and F/AWD in wintertime adverse roadbed conditions.....

    But Toyota is seemingly the one taking advantage of the Ford patent aspects.......FIRST....!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let's keep this discussion focused on 07 Camry transmission questions...
  • sunilvsunilv Posts: 26
    New TSB replaces the old EG-056-06 which is now obsolete.
    for all 2007 camrys (2AZ-FE) manual and automatic transmissions.

    Download the new TSB EG036-07 in PDF
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Thank you soooo much for posting
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 225
    Thank you for posting this!
  • Thanks for making new TSB available for download. After installation on my 07 LE 4cyl/5spd automatic, hesitation was helped, but still have flare-up and downshifting problems on any incline to maintain set speed on cruise control.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Again, this discussion is specifically for 07 Camry transmission questions. There are many other discussions here in the Camry group for other thoughts and issues. Have a look - I'm sure you'll find something where your comments will fit.
  • Is that TSR for just the 6 cylinder engines or just the 4 cylinder engines as well? Or do you know?
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    this suggests the 2AZ-FE engine (the engine referenced in the TSB) is the inline 4-cylinder:

    the V6 probably has a 4GR in it.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Correct, that TSB is only for the I4 (4 cylinder engine), 5 speed transmission (both auto and stick).
  • Thanks for the clarification. Our Camry has a slight 2-4 second hesitation when trying to merge into traffic. I think I will get to the dealer and ask about this TSB.
  • When you experience your hesitation, is it a result of braking hard and then trying to accelerate quickly? Also, have you owned any other Toyota Camrys prior to this one?
  • I have a 4cyl 2007 Camry XLE, and had the TSB installed a month ago. For the most part, the TSB fixed hesitation in normal driving. There is a huge difference in behavior before and after the TSB. However, as others have noted in this forum, I still get the bloom in acceleration when using cruise control on up-hill drives. My most recent trip was from Charlotte to Raleigh NC, much of it uphill along route 85. I set the cruise at 70, and noticed that the engine/transmission would hold at high revs for 3-5 seconds after a downshift to increase acceleration (the bloom); and, immediately after downshift, the car would accelerate like a bat out of hell. After 3-5, revs would drop down where they should be. This is completely new to me (I have never driven a car before that behaved this way.) I will ask the dealer when I go back in for an oil change in the next two weeks.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Just guesswork, "educated"(??), but I may know why you are seeing those symptoms.

    These days the OD lockup clutch is being used, engaged, in gear ratios other than actual OD.

    Keep in mind that in cruise control the engine/transaxle ECU/control system has more "look forward" capability then were you "foot" driving.

    So, 70MPH as you approached an uphill hwy section and once you reached the uphill section the speed began to decline and the ECU quickly determined that the 70MPH speed could not be sustained in the current gear.

    So it commanded a downshift along with a disengagement of the lockup clutch. You're now downshifted into ~4rd and the cruise control makes use (for your 3-5 seconds) of the torque converter's "edge" to regain the lost speed. Now, once the set speed is regained there is no longer a need for the torque advantage of the converter so the lockup clutch is re-engaged. Yes even in 4rd gear, or maybe even in 4th, 5th and OD for a 6 speed automatic transaxle.

    Keep in mind that these days the engine/transaxle ECU firmware is more than ever designed to conserve fuel. What it "wants" to do is operate the engine at the lowest possible RPM that just barely produces enough engine output to handle the current load. But operating the engine right on the "CUSP" like this, just above lugging will mean requiring a quick downshift for even the slightest increase in engine output torque. Or conversely, an upshift if the load lightens.

    So, as you started the climb up that hill the ECU "learned" that top gear (lockup/OD) could not be used to sustain your desired, "set" roadspeed. And in the process of that "learning" the roadspeed had dropped by ~2-3MPH.

    Maybe it was actually the knock sensor signal (long before it became audible to your ears) resulting from the engine "descending" into lugging that "triggered" the downshift decision.

    So, the ECU commands a downshift, first, to regain the lost speed using the torque gain of the converter, and then, knowing the desired speed cannot be sustained in the previous higher gear ration, simply engages the lockup clutch to sustain the current level of engine output.

    I think what may have happened recently is that with the advent of so many CVT's in use the engineers have come to realize how consistently using the correct, MOST correct, gear ratio for the moment is so important for the aspect of improving FE.

    So now we have 6 speed, 5 plus OD, automatic transmissions that quite regularly use the lockup clutch to provide up to 9 levels of reduction gearing plus OD.

    A whole lot of shiftin' going on.

    Having recently driven two '07 models, rentals, I would say somewhat uncomfortably so....
  • Hi, All that you say re: 5spd automatic transmission downshifting to try gain better gas mileage may be true, but I get better gas mileage in my 2003 Camry with 4spd auto., than in my 2007 Camry with 5spd automatic. Also, the 2003 Camry holds set cruise control speed on incline without downshifting at all.
  • wwest, thanks for the explanation. I understand most of what you're saying, and your explanation seems to fit the circumstances. Two things (1) it is very alarming when the car decides to downshift, takes off like a rocket (although on the 4-banger I think more bark than bite), then holds high revs for 3-5 seconds and (2) I am wondering if this behavior will cause any damage to engine or transmission either near or long term (would be fitting if just outside of warranty). Also, just got the October Motor Trend. They do a comparison of the new Accord to the Camry SE V6. When evaluating the Camry, there is no mention of hesitation or transmission bloom, etc. I had a quick conversation with one of their reps; he said they would look into these problems. I guess not. Makes me wonder if you can put any stock in MT's judgement that the new Accord is the standard in this class, and sligthtly outperforms the Camry. I am hoping these hesitation/shift problems are highlighted in Consumer Reports Yearly Auto Issue. I sent an e-mail to CR, and feedback was they would look also. Interesting that the new Accord has two 4 cylinder options; MT says 180 and 200, although these numbers were recently adjusted DOWN; more like 178 and 190.
  • Makes me wonder if you can put any stock in MT's judgement

    Don't forget that the auto mags get samples hand picked by the manufacturers to test. They don't get some random car off the line.
  • My wife drives the car everyday, I only drive it on weekends (I have a company vehicle). But she says it only really happens when she is trying to get on the interstate or change lanes and needs to speed up a little. So from the way she talks about it I would have to say there would be no hard braking involved.

    This the first Toyota we have ever owned. We bought it looking for a good MPG car from a reliable maker and we are starting to wonder about the reliability of the car. We have had it in 3 times to fix the dash. The trim piece around the clock (by the windshield) has popped up 3 times.
  • I am experiencing exactly the same performance from my 07 Camry LE 4cy automatic. I also had the new TSB installed on Aug 17. Helped with hesitation but not with flare-up (2700rpm up to 4000rpm) with corresponding downshift while cruise control set and on inclined road, however slight the incline. Was your Camry assembled in USA or Japan?
  • Ok, stupid question do I tell whether made in USA or Japan?
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    Not a stupid question. You tell by the VIN #. If made in Japan, I believe it will start with a J, 4T otherwise. Your manual will tell you the various places your VIN will be visible.
  • Ok, thanks....Vin begins with 4T, so not Japan. I do want to say that overall, I am happy with this car. I thought it would be a step down from the 2001 Avalon I traded, which was a good, reliable (though itself imperfect) car, but the XLE 4cylinder is good for the price. The level of equipment, both safety and other, is very good; could be better, but then starts to overlap with Lexus. However, this transmission problem is unfortunate, and casts a shadow over this otherwise good car. Depending on what I find when I rent other brands, or stop by, say, the local Honda dealer and take a test drive in a new Accord, I may not keep this Camry for long.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    here you go.

    for a long time, people had been dismissing the transmission issues new owners were experiencing and reporting. interesting how there have been TSBs issued to address problems that weren't "real". so progress is being made.

    i suspect (but admittedly do not know) that while the TSBs that call for a reflash to the ECU (Engine Control Unit), PCM (Powertrain Control Module), or TCM (Transmission Control Module) or what have you, you're probably not going to get around shift flare without some hardware change to the transmission, shift solenoids or torque convertor hardware...

    Perhaps you can mitigate greatly hesitation and flare with reprogramming, but eventually, I tend to agree with poster wwest, you come up against some other physics issues related to flow rates, volumes, capacities, surface areas, etc.

    And I would tend to believe it would be more expensive for a manufacturer for large N complaints to service / swap hardware, than develop and issue a reprogramming.

    Good luck.
  • Wish Toyota would recall those 07 Camrys with the flare-up/downshifting problems or fix these troublesome transmissions. I really like the car, otherwise, but am really disappointed in the car, but more disappointed in Toyota trying to cover-up the problem. If they continue to stonewall by pretending that the car is "working as designed", the Camry will soon NOT BE #1 SELLING CAR IN USA. Toyota built their reputation on providing a reliable car and immediately correcting any problems for owners. Too bad they have drastically changed this policy!!!! I wonder if they think that we owners won't spread the word just as fast as we can to let the whole world know.
  • I also wish my Camry would be recalled because of the transmission problem. I had the EG7031 performed and the hesitation problem improved, but the revving and slipping between gears is worse than ever. Today I couldn't get the transmission to shift into 5th (I have an automatic) while I was going 60mph. Stepping on the accelerator only wrapped it up more and I couldn't get it to shift until I braked and tried again. The RPMs were really up there!

    Is there any other TSB besides the 7031? My dealer says that's the only one.

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    If your tranny doesn't shift into 5th and then to converter lockup, take it back to the dealer. Obviously not working correctly.
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