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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • bobcatbobbobcatbob Posts: 187
    Yes, indeed you have to wait 10 weeks for your car...AFter you get your car plan on having it about two weeks before all the problems start... So, best guess is that you'll have a fully functioning, all-the-bugs-worked-out vehicle around Memorial Day. But hey, at least you'll get to drive the best selling Ford Focus as a loner.

    And, if that makes you sad enough, then just take a moment to imagine the wondrous smell of fuel that'll fill your cabin and burn your olfactory glands so badly, you don't realize your being poisoned.

    I think the lemmings comment posted earlier this week is so accurate and so appropriate when it comes to the Excuse/Tribute.

    If you were to buy a house and upon inspection, you were told that three were 5 majors things wrong with that house and 4 other things that weren't so good... Would you still buy the house?

    As Ford said at the LA Auto Show "Clearly quality has been an issue with our new vehicles of late. We are trying to get that cleared up."
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    educated than they have ever been. As far as comparing best selling to quality, I agree this doesn't mean its the best quality vehicle. However all these thousands upon thousand of people who buy Ford products either have had good luck with past Ford vehicles, or know someone who has, or just plain like the vehicle over its competitor as far as price/value. To say everyone buys a Ford because of financing or incentives is a joke. Toyota/Honda/Nissan offer incentives/financing much the same as Ford/GM/Dodge.
    In the paper today a large Ford dealer is advertising XLS 4WD V6 Escapes for 18,999! I knew the prices would fall it was only a matter of time. Competition is going to get even hotter and I feel prices will fall even more on the Escape/Tribute. The new Jeep Liberty, New Saturn SUv, New Suzuki Z-7 will be on the market very soon.
  • So when Yasmine Bleeth gives me that come-hither look, I'll just sneer, "No way. I hear your sister has the flu."
  • Found out there is a recall on the O rings in the fuel line connecting to the fuel filter. Apperatnly this can cause a fuel smell or leak. Could this be the reason for the much talked about fuel smell many Escpae owner are having including mine , instead of the manifold gasket? Any info let us all know.
  • bobcatbobbobcatbob Posts: 187
    Comparing this is ludicrious...The Tribute and Escape are built side-by-side on the same line by the same workers.

    Obviously someone is screwing up someplace.
  • Absolutely, the Escape is a piece of garbage. Whatever you do AVOID them. Don't visit the Yahoo Escape Club, with nearly 1300 members. You will read posts by many lemmings who foolishly are pleased with thei purchase and love the Escape. As RSharp put it a few weeks back, anyone who buys an Escape is out of their minds!!

    The fewer people who buy an Escape the better -- that way I'll get mine sooner.
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    ...and build a shrine to it in the garage and worship it.

    It's a freakin' car. A $24K car at that. Get a life.
  • Obviously someone is screwing up someplace - either Ford's Kansas City plant or suppliers to same - but this is a fact of decidedly limited relevance. If the sole criterion for vehicle selection were avoidance of service shops, then Toyota would be selling fifteen million Corollas a year and everybody else would be reduced to hawking baseball caps and spoilers.

    The fact is, a happy Tribscape owner and an unhappy Tribscape owner count exactly the same - one piece of anecdotal evidence. Period. The only difference is that the unhappy ones are more likely to make their voices heard. Most people who do auto research on the Internet learn this very quickly. The rest, I suppose, are out looking for Corollas.

    As for Yasmine, bless her, I never said which badge she wore.
  • Has anyone noticed that when you start your escape it sound and feels like it excessively reved or excelerated up for a few seconds?
  • I will throw down a challeng mccain!
    I pick up my new Hyundai Sante Fe tomorrow. I found the one I wanted and guess what, I didn't have to wait 10 weeks. So here is the challenge mccain, I will promise to post any and all problems I have with my new auto. IF you will do the same whenever you get your Escape (next Summer sometime maybe).

    Maybe we will both be blessed and neither of us will have problems.
  • I live in Idaho my Mazda dealers are in spokane wash. I have been trying to buy one since I first heard of the tribute one dealer was a jurk the rest act like they are doing you a favor if they call .i am thinking about a different brand
  • There is Post Falls Mazda, have you tried them?
  • How about you just be extremely happy with your Santa Fe and stop insulting Escape owners and posting misleading and misinformed things about the Escape?

    Or, how about you formally apologize here for your post in which you stated that anyone who buys an Escape is "out of their mind"?

    Then I would take your "challenge" seriously.
  • for my wife. I will be sure to post information on our ownership experience in the future. So far, no complaints - but we only have 700 miles on it. No fuel smells, mileage OK for break-in period (17-18 MPG avg), and this one's build date is past the five recalls. I will do my best to be objective. Insult me for buying if you wish, but IMO it was a good value and rode and drove the best of the smaller SUVs we tested. Stay tuned...
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    Ford top management has strongly redirected manufacturing emphasis from quantity to quality. Hasty production and delivery to the dealers had generated too many embarrassing recalls, too much expensive rework at dealers, and too much inconvenience to buyers with their cars in the shop waiting for parts. The solution decided for all of this is to only ship highest quality "perfect" vehicles from the plant. Another top priority is to fix and ship all the September and October orders that had been unfairly left behind in the rush. The wait for delivery should not get longer, because the recent economic downturn is expected to reduce demand by about 20%.
  • The dealership in Pensacola, FL was so rude, so we went to Ft. Walton. They were great before we bought the car. We bought it and nothing! Still waiting for it, freaking about everyone's comments. Whatever happened to customer service?
  • I just took possession of my escape Saturday night So far I love it!! I hope that no problems turn up. It is a V6, 4x4, xlt, white, moonroof, side step bar. It really feels nice!
  • I have a 2001 Tribute ES-V6. My only major complaint is getting about 19.4 mpg doing mostly highway driving. This is based on over 2,000 miles of driving (miles 2100-4200 on car) and fillups. It is winter in Md and we have oxygenated gas; however my 1992 Ranger 4.0 V-6 is bigger, heavier, and gets 19 mpg still after 9 years!

    Anyone get any real info on why this isn't close to the 18-24 advertised? Dealer said "everything checked out (codes)." Anyone know details on the O-ring problem with the injectors /fuel lines?
  • I can tell you this factually regarding the Tribute and Santa Fe.....first this vehicle has its typical volume of recalls for a first year vehicle. Santa Fe's number of units sold in the U.S. equal a grand total of the Escape/Tribute sales between April and June ORDERS before it was out. Meaning more ordered them before it was out than your HYUNDAI product currently has on the road...Secondly, the Santa Fe is using a platform from a vehicle that not only performs poorly in the crash test it got a big black X for occupant death rates. Thank you very much I'll take a Ford/Mazda anytime!! Third, we took our Tribute 2wd from Fla. to NE Pa. snow county and encountered the Noreaster almost 2 weeks ago and we had 3 massive suitcases, ski gear bags, 3 adults, a huge cooler, 4 bushels of oranges for friends and still chugged up mountains in snow past semi's cars etc. Now for the kicker...I had a Santa Fe running with me on the way was a pretty one in Gold but anyway...loaded as I was, he was also....the tail end of his camber of the rear suspension bowed outward and ours didn't...why...a sophisticated multilink rear end on the Tribute. Now up mountains he kept up until mid way when it lost its momentum from the previous hill. I slowed down laughingly allowed him to catch up and pulled away UP HILL at a good clip. So my summation is simply the Santa Fe is very new, fewer sales so fewer gripes, underpowered, not as safe, and cannot take any great loads. By the way..."class leading warranty" in Hyundai means EVERY SINGLE SERVICE literally must be met to enable your "powertrain" warranty" to be good. Mazda does not do that....they bumper to bumper including a free rental car with a warranty repair for 3/50K and you can go 6/100K for 1.5% of the vehicle MSRP. BUMPER TO BUMPER...Zero deductable.

    There...counter that one!!! Zooming past ya!!

  • jrfishjrfish Posts: 10
    Has anyone had a problem with a burning transmission fluid smell when using the 4WD?

    Have had my truck for 3 months, over 5000 miles, and only this past weekend really needed the 4WD-- snow and ice roads, unplowed, unsalted and unhanded, with steep hills (other people were sliding around a lot). However, after only about 15 minutes of slow driving in these conditions with the 4wd locked, I really noticed a burning smell, which is sweet like burning transmission fluid. While in 2WD, this smell is not apparent. The truck is at the dealer now as they inspect it.

    I love the Tribute, and have not found anything else I would have bought instead, but is this another recall or design problem? Has anyone else had such a problem?
  • hunt29hunt29 Posts: 3
    What can I expect to pay for an automatic Escape or Tribute? No 4WD or V6. What about the Sante Fe? About the same??
  • nwwoodsnwwoods Posts: 21
    There have been numerous statements made as to numbers of recalls, number of vehicles affected, and so on. The NHTSA Safety Recall database has the actuals.

    There have been five Safety Recalls on the 2001 Tribute/Escape models, affecting from 1,800 (first recall - throttle cable) to over 58,000 vehicles (most recent recall - windshield wipers.)

    Is five Safety Recalls within the first six months of full production typical? Examination of the NHTSA database shows there are 11 instances of 5 or more recalls within a six month period on a given model year over the last 5 years of manufacture. The affected vehicles are:

    1995: Chevy Caprice, Chevy/GMC pickups, Dodge/Plymouth Neon, Ford Explorer, F700; 1996: Ford Explorer, Windstar, Chevy/GMC pickups, Dodge/Plymouth (Grand) Caravan/Voyager; 1998: Ford Windstar; 2000: Ford Focus; 2001: Ford/Mazda Escape/Tribute (with Dodge Stratus coming on strong.)

    In contrast, Toyota 4Runner and RAV4 have had 2 recalls each in their entire history. Nissan Pathfinder has had 2 since its last redesign in 1996 (12 in its entire 15 yr history.) Nissan XTerra has 1 recall. Honda CRV has zero recalls. Subaru Forester has zero recalls.

    Of course, Safety Recall data is only one factor contributing to overall quality, and should be weighed accordingly.
  • Unfortunately you cannot get a Tribute/Escape without getting the V6. I suppose Ford/Mazda decided to keep powertrain options simpler to help keep the production cost lower... I don't know about elsewhere, but due to the immense popularity of these vehicles you can do no better than MSRP in the area I live. At least they aren't jacking up the price like the VW dealers were when the new Beetles came out and like the local Dodge dealers are with the PT Cruisers. There are several web sites to check the prices including where you can use the "build your own" feature and see how much MSRP is on the one you'd like.

    Hope this helps.
  • dniehusdniehus Posts: 83
    Re post #415: Sorry, but your information is simply incorrect. Both the Escape and Tribute may be had for either a 4 cylinder (127 hp) or 6 cylinder (200 hp). In addition, you can buy either in front wheel drive or all wheel drive. Obviously the price varies significantly depending upon the combinations. The Escape comes in two models: the basic XLS and the more "loaded" XLT. The Tribute is available in three trim lines: DX, LX and ES. In all cases, additional options are available. MSRP varies from around $17,000 for the most basic model (4 cylinder, front wheel drive, no options) to about $25,000 fully loaded. Excellent pricing information (both invoice and MSRP) is available on Edmunds,, and several other places.
  • I hate to be the one to break this news to you Bob, It's a TRUCK. I know I know, the cute commercial about being raised by sports cars and all that but, in the end, it is still a TRUCK. Does it have a peppy engine, yes. The Sante Fe in a perfect world might have a little more zip. But again if you want a sports car get one. I traded in a BMW for my Sante Fe. BMW is a sports car and it would zoom your [non-permissible content removed] off any day. But ya know what, after the Bimmer and a 4 wheel steering Honda Prelude I was ready to not have a sports car. And a truck pretending to be a sports car does not impress me much because it still drives like a truck in many ways. If you want a SUV that is a sports car go pluck down 50 grand and get a BMW X5. Other than that there isin't one.

    The Sante Fe ride is more car like. That is what I wanted. The crash test data for both autos is not out. The Sante Fe rides much higher and is heavier than a Sonata. Ford's rollover record released today is not impressive either. Who knows how the Escape Tribute will fare.

    But let me clear up a couple of things that seem to have gotten lost in all the mccain smack. My original comment was "are you out of your mind" but it delt with the fact that AT PRESENT the quality issues would overshadow the good points on the Escape. This discussion is filled with very serious concerns about things that are not minor first year build problems. They are problems that clearly indicate a lack of quality control likely resulting from a rush to market of this auto. Clearly, quality was not job one. BUT, I do think that EVENTUALLY (future tense) the Escape/Tribute will be a pretty good auto, say in 9 months to a year. With all the quality control issues so far one should wonder what else may be lurking. I think that the early track record would make people very leary. When I find posts that obviously are ignoring concerns I don't understand it. When I saw a post chastising owners of the Escape for posting their complaints and doing so very vocally, in essence saying tone down your complaining because I love the Escape, I don't understand it.

    Fule smells, lemon law returns, bursting fuel lines...these are NOT minor problems and they still are not getting solved according to posters on this discusion.

    The Sante Fe may not be perfect and I am under no delusions thinking that it is. But there have been no significant issues with it. As for the coverage, 10 years is 10 years and where else are you going to get your service if not from the dealer. (plus 5 yrs roadside and 5 yrs bumper 2 bumper)By the way BMW and Mercedes do the same kind of thing with their service. You have to have the records certified by BMW. If you want to take a new car to a corner mechanic go ahead.

    If Ford has halted the rush and is actually addressing the quality then buying one makes more sense. But if those issues have not been take a pretty big risk.

    Zoom on....
  • drhb1drhb1 Posts: 14
    I took delivery of my ES with Sunroof and ABS on December 15th, and I couldn't be more pleased. No problems with gas fumes, wipers, or ANYTHING!!!
    The ES handles like a dream, and goes on snow and ice as if it were magnetized :-)

    The quality of my green ES is quite good for the price, and I love the openness the sunroof provides. I have read the previous posts for many months, and I really think that the pleased owners as I am, have not been posting. I have yet to find any problems with my ES, other than the mileage being lower than expected (arount 18-20MPG). I would recommend this to anyone in the market. The only complaint is one which is inherent to all suv's, that the bumpers are not impact absorbing bumpers as on cars and on the Subaru. I think all of the problems with the Tribute have indeed been corrected...hopefully. Anyway, I for one am pleased as can be. It is more than I anticipated it would be!
  • I was one of those people in other Escape forums that asked owners to stop whining and complaining about their Escapes. No one likes to hear people complain all day long. In fact, I specifically asked if anyone likes their Escape because all I heard was moaning and groaning.
    You don't make sense - tone down your complaining because I love my Escape? What kind of a comment is that?
    I bought my Escape because I like the looks, performance and value. No it isn't a BMW X5 and I agree with you I'm not putting 70K down on one. To me it is a poor man's Lexus RX300. The dimensions are all very close, but the Escape is 10K less. I tried the Hyundai and at 6'8" I just didn't fit. Even the saleslady at the autoshow said it wasn't big enough. It was clearly designed by Koreans for Koreans meaning by short people for short people. Besides, even if I did fit do you really think I was going to buy an SUV from a company that has never built an SUV before and has an even worse reputation for quality than Ford? Are there any long term Hyundai owners out there that have good things to say about their Hyundai's?
  • varmitvarmit Posts: 1,125
    Nwwoods - Minor correction: Both the CR-V and The Forester have been recalled. The Forester for brakes and the CR-V for a wire harness.

    Recalls happen. The important thing is that the manufacturer recognizes the problem (instead of hiding it in an employee locker) and then does something about it. Ford/Mazda have done a very good job of owning up to their mistakes.

    With that said, I agree that we have to wonder when they are going to stop finding them. The shear number of problems (even those that are not published recalls) is absurd. Completely absurd! The design of the vehicle seems to be pretty solid, but with this many quality issues brought to light in such a short time, you cannot ignore them.
  • i bought my tribute LX-V6 4x4 in october. at first there was no fuel smell in the car. after a few thousand miles, i started getting the fumes after i would restart the car after sitting for a few minutes. today i went to the dealer for the windshield motor recall, and had them check the fuel smell problem. at first the mechanic said that he couldn't duplicate the problem, and they gave me my tribute back. i drove around for a few minutes, went back, and had the service advisor sit in the car and start it. he admitted smelling the fumes, but they don't admit hearing of this problem, and want me to bring it back on thurs. they checked all the recall campaigns. any suggestions?
  • rsharp is right to point out that the crash test result for both truck is not available yet. So assuming that the Triscape is better and the Santa Fe would bring a high death percentage to those who drive it just because it's a Hyundai is not 'factual' comments at all.
    For the sake of everyone who owns either vehicle, lets just hope both of them get a good rating, and for owners to conitnue driving safely.
    Of course Ford/Mazda will have a bigger sales volume than Hyundai, but consider the RATIO of units produced and defective units sold, SF would have significantly lower ratios (BTW that is not factual). Also having a higher volume of order doesn't excuse them from rushing production and sacrificing the quality of the vehicle. Consumers who have done their research, knows that Escape has 20+ HP more than SF so it is no surprise that you would do better on that uphill race yours.
    And for people who chastise others to post messages about the problems that they have with their Tribute/Escape, if you haven't noticed yet... the title of this forum is 'Mazda Tribute/ Ford Escape problems'
    so if you're tired of reading about them, do ur self a favor and skip this forum. Or better still, balance it out by posting how happy you are with your truck. But I think people are already doing that.
    When I was doing my research (Sep - Dec 00), I tried very hard to look for forums where I could find satisfied buyers so I could get an assurance that those problems were isolated and 'typical' first year model problems, I found one in yahoo, but to my disappointment, the bad outnumbered the good.

    That being said, maybe we should start a new room for this topic.
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