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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • Maybe this is a clue: No I do not have the auto climate control, I've got the sunroof instead* otherwise the vehicle is a 1500 LT w/1SC. So maybe the auto ac is the culprit. How 'bout it coldfooters? Anybody out there with cold feet and the manual Climate Control?
  • Our Denali XL has no problem with the "Cold Feet" syndrome. My wife is, as many are, very cold-natured & is often a passenger with no problems. Our Denali has the Auto-Climate package in front & the Manual (Sunroof equipped) package for the rear.
  • I just traded a 2000 Suburban 1500 LT 4x4 w/ 5.3L and 4.10 gears on a 2001 Suburban 2500 LT 4x4 w/ 8.1L and 4.10 gears. We loved the 2000 so much that we ordered the same vehicle (options and colors) in the 3/4 ton. We tow a 6630 lb (dry wt) travel trailer for about 15-20% of our 10,000 annual miles. The rest of the time, the Sub is my wife's car for daily use. The 5.3L fell short in power while towing and that's why we traded. Here are the pluses and minuses for the 2001 3/4 ton w/ 8.1 L:

    Lots of Torque - Even though I haven't done so yet, I am sure that I will be able to tow in 4th gear with the 2001. I could not tow in 4th with the 2000. It would constantly downshift, even in tow haul mode on level terrain. With the 2000 in 3rd gear, I was turning 3000+ rpm at 65 mph. This was a bit high and got tiresome on long trips.

    Great Acceleration - The 2000 would bog down in 4th gear on a grade, even without anything in tow. This meant frequent downshifts while driving in hilly country. The 2001 accelerates nicely in 4th gear with no need to downshift.

    Stiffer Steering - The 2000 had variable speed power assist steering which meant my wife could turn the wheel with one finger, even at stopped conditions. The 2001 has power assist, but not variable speed. This means considerably more effort to turn the wheel at stopped conditions (i.e. parking). I like the stiffer feel once you are moving, but my wife does not like the extra effort at low speed.

    Slightly Stiffer Ride/Handling - Surprisingly, the 2001 rides almost as comfortably as the 2000. The most noticeable difference occurs when you go over a deep depression or bump (like a speed strip) at slow speed. You get a pretty good side to side jossling with the 2001. At normal travel speeds on good road, there is essentially no difference in ride or handling.

    Noisy Engine - The 8.1L engine lets you know it is under the hood, while the 5.3L was quiet. The 2001 is definitely more noisey.

    It's a Compromise - There is no doubt that the 2000 provided a more comfortable ride than the 2001. We really had to struggle with the idea of trading, and if it were up to my wife, we would probably still have the 2000. I based the decision to trade on what I saw as the long term effects of towing with the 2000. At a price of nearly $40K, I plan on keeping this Suburban for the same 12 years I kept my 1988. The drive train on the 2000 clearly fell short while towing, even though that represents only 15-20% of our miles. I feel that I would have eventually run into problems as a result of the towing wear. I am a lot more confident with the heavier vehicle and drive train and am looking forward to towing this camping season. I think we did the right thing in buying the 2001, but there are definitely compromises. Hope this helps.
  • After reading the complaints about cold feet, and not paying much attention since we live in sunny San Diego, my wife and I set out in our 2001 Yukon XL on a Montana/Wyoming ski trip. Well, sure 'nuff, my wife's feet were cold. The cold feet on the passenger side was noticeable in the "extreme" cold, under 40 degrees. Wish GM would come up with a real answer.
  • According to the brouchures, the 6.0 Sub has 320 HI, the 6.0 GMC XL has 300. Went and picked up a different set of brouchures, (like pulling teeth at 3 GMC dealers) and these say Sub 320 HP @ 4400 RPM, GMC XL 315 HP@ 5000. Does anyone know why the difference? Is it a different cam?

    Also, if I am not mistaken, all of the post I see about the cold air problems are on Yukon, I don't remember seeing one about SUBS.

    One last thing. Is the low financing % a reginional thing. I am treated like an idiot when I ask my local dealers about it?
  • I recently purchased a 2001 YXL and am looking for a bug/chip deflector for the hood. I remember it discussed several posts ago but couldn't locate it. Anyone have a style and/or source that they recommend. Thanks in advance.

    BTW - Love the ride so far - only 1K miles -and no problem with cold feet. I have the SLT, Autoclimate Control with Autoride and the 1sd package.
  • jtbuffjtbuff Posts: 25
    Got cold feet weather it's in auto or manual.
  • I had the GMC factory flares on my '97 GMC Burb which I traded in on my new '01 YXL. The YXL wheel openings looking unfinished with the exposed screw holes in the finished/colored part of the wheel well.
    Does anyone know if I can order either painted or unpainted flares for my truck? and, if so, from where?
    Also if flares aren't avaiable are there any chrome trim kits to attach to inside of wheel wells?
    Thanks for any help.
  • jtbuffjtbuff Posts: 25
    I recently had a chrome kit put on my XL 2001. Looks really nice. Had it done locally by a place called first class auto center.The price was 125 dollars.I live in Ohio.I can give you their phone and fax. Maybe they can tell you where to get them.
    Phone 740-264-5504
    Fax 740-264-9937
  • This is my first post on this board, but I've been reading for weeks (probably read all 600+ before the day is over). Thanks to all for their input!

    I'm looking at a used 1/2 ton 2000 Sub LT w/ 10k miles but no Autoride. I test drove it at a dealer last night and then drove a twin vehicle with Autoride (different color, more miles, more money... go figure). Could NOT tell the difference in the ride on these brief test drives. I'll be pulling a 5000 lb. boat during summer months, but probably not any long distances. Based on previous posts, I'd really like to have the Autoride, but is it truly critical on a 1/2 ton with occasional towing? Does the Premium Suspension that comes on the LT do any actual load-leveling?

    Also, my VERY brief experience with these 2 trucks didn't produce any cold feet. It was snowing, blowing and below 20 degrees. Not a reflective sampling, but thought I'd add the $.02 worth to the great mystery.

    All advice welcome. Thanks!
  • Try performance products. The fender flares are $287 in dark grey and can be painted to match the body color. Hood/bug gaurds run between $40 and $80 depening on the style. The web site is If you don't see it in the online catalog you will have to sign up with them to look into the full line catalog. The phone # is 1-800-7472. Have you tried your dealer for the fender flares? They can get them, and paint them to match. Not sure about the price at the dealer, probably high.
  • Greg,

        I purchased and installed a Bugflector II on my 2001 Suburban. You can get one in almost any color to match the color of your vehicle. It installs very easily using existing holes in the hood. I purchased mine locally but you can get this product from several sources including J. C. Whitney. See also Cliff Martins webssite for aftermarket accessories.


  • cat1iacat1ia Posts: 16
    Does anyone have info. one the new Z71 Suburban? Does it come with the LT or LS trim? Any info would help. Also I live in Columbus, Ohio and the low APR listed for Ohio is regional by counties. The north part of the state but not central. Oh well......
  • I need some input on how to price my Yukon XL, it has all options, 4K miles, white w/pewter interior and is brand new in every way! Need to cash out for unexpected real estate transaction.Thank you in advance for your advice. Chicago/O'Hare area. List price was 44,500.
  • Anyone know the difference between the 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton from years 97-99 besides engine? Are the axles, transmission, springs different? Is the frame heavier? Any imput or advice where to find this info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Troy
  • I have never thought of new car buying as a pleasant experience, but CARBARGAINS.ORG is the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to buying a new car. The best price I had gotten on a Yukon AL was 1000 over invoice. In steps CARBARGAINS.ORG. I pay them $165.00. They "shop" 5 nearby MC dealerships for me and get their best price. The thing they have going for them is that they can tell the dealer that they clearly have a "real buyer" since I've put up $165.00. They came back with two dealers who would sell to me for $200 over invoice. Plus these dealers were near my home. The dealer who said he would do 1000 over invoice was 80 miles away.
    When I called the dealer and told him I was buying through the Car bargains program, he was most cordial (this was a dealer who had told me they were not discounting Yukon XLs at all). They treated me like I paid full price. This is a great program. I heard about it on the Today show in December, 2000. They said that the average saving people realize when they use Car bargains is $931.00 (net savings, ie, including the 165 you have to pay for the service). Better than the savings is the fact that all the stress and hassle of having to "wear down" that invisible manager in the back room is gone. I love it.
    And oh, by the way, I absolutely love my Yukon XL. It is a beautiful vehicle. I'm 48 and this is the first time I've been able to order and get exactly the vehicle I wanted. It took only 5 weeks for it to arrive, five weeks, that is, after the date I ordered it.
    My main reason for writing this is to tell about this It's a non-profit wing of the Federal government's consumer protection division.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "It's a non-profit wing of the Federal government's consumer protection division"

    Not hardly. They say they are "supported entirely by subscription payments and donations from individual consumers who subscribe to our magazines, and by fees for our information services and books".

    Nothing personal duanekelderman, but I'm always a bit suspicious when anyone mentions a site or dealer more than once in their message:-).

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  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    3/4 ton is a heavier frame, along with tons of other suspension parts. Main features of exteroir/interior are the same. Ride is stiffer and sits up higher that a 1/2 ton.
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    Just wondering about the carbargains thing. If it is truely a federaly run thing shouldn't it have a .gov at the end?
  • rauch56rauch56 Posts: 4
    I saw the post about wet windows days after a rain or carwash. I too have this problem. Anybody else?
  • rauch56rauch56 Posts: 4
    The other day after expressway driveing in a heavy rain I noticed that the carpeting on the driver side from the
    back seat all the way to the front toe kick area was totally soaked. I have had my 2000 Yukon for almost a year
    now and have never noticed this before. Anybody else have problems? I have an appointment tomorrow at the
    dealer to inspect. Also, the vehicle was taken in several months ago for the body seal recall.
  • Looking to buy new YXL for wife but she does not like any of the GM colors for Yukon or Suburban. She likes the spruce green color of the Ford Ex's but I want GMC product. Currently have a 1994 Suburban with 178,000 miles so we tend to live with them for a while. Does anyone know when the 2002 (or information about it) will be out? Are there any meaningful improvements over the 2001 and what will the color options be? Thanks.
  • jamesk4jamesk4 Posts: 55
    Has anyone heard of any??? rebates for Suburbans and or Yukon XLs that might be coming out. I have an XL on order that should come in two weeks from now. I would hate to pick it up and have a rebate come out a week later.
  • check edmunds regional incentives.i heard that yukon xl will be discontinued .i hope we can get parts 20 years from now.any thoughts?
  • buster27buster27 Posts: 28
    I have heard that GM is going to offer $1000 on a new Suburban to current owners of GM SUV's. It is supposed to come in the mail in the form of a coupon. If you are going to get one, it is supposed to be in the next week to ten days.
  • buster27buster27 Posts: 28
    Where did you hear that the Yukon XL was to be discontinued? Can't believe they would do that.
  • larrys7larrys7 Posts: 35
    Highly recommend the following:

    LUND Interceptor - Paint to match..
    Clear & paint the back side - Lifetime Warranty
    No way to rub the paint & easy to wipe behind!!

    STULL Polished grille inserts

    CATCH-ALL/NIFTY - Floor Mats & Cargo trays

    BUSHWACKER OE style Fender Flares

    Ventvisors/Stepshields/Stainless Fender Trim & Rocker Panel Trim/Taillight Covers/K&N Air Cleaners/BORLA MUFFLERS

    Larry's Detail Service, Marshall, MO

    FOR SALE - 97 SLE Suburban 4WD - LOADED w/lots of extras!! 48k Red/Grey Leather can email pics SHARP! One of kind!
  • kingwkingw Posts: 6
    We have the wet window problem on our 2001 Suburban, usually for a day or two after a rain or the car wash. They come up streaked after they have been rolled down. Our other cars have done this, but whatever makes them wet has always dried out more quickly. Streaking only happened for the first couple of hours or so.

    While we are covering details like this, my windshield wipers are noisy. It's not the wiper blades, but the motor itself. Whine, whine whine. I get enough of that from my kids! Do I need to take it in to the service department?

  • snug38snug38 Posts: 6
    How can I find out about the $1000 coupon GM may be offering to current owners of GM SUV's. I own a '93 suburban and ordered a new one six months ago. It came in today and I pick it up in MS Saturday. I would hate to lose out on $1000 coupon.
  • buster27buster27 Posts: 28
    My dealer said that current owners would get the
    $1000 coupon and that I should get it within the next week to 10 days. Don't know what database GM would use to send them out. Ask your dealer about it.
    I wouldn't sign the papers until you hear about the $1000.
    My new Suburban is supposed to be here next week. Shipped on 20 Feb. Hope my coupon is here by then.
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