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Suzuki XL-7



  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    I thought maybe they deleted this discussion, couldn't find it at all last week, I guess it's back. I don't care for this new format either, too much preselected categories to have to look through.

    10,000 miles and still not a single problem, we love our XL-7!
  • xl7xl7 Posts: 20
    27000 + miles 2001 XL-7 Touring Model.

    Experienced a failure with the remote that locks and unlocks the doors. Replacing the battery (3V) did not cure the problem. However, the 2nd remote worked fine. Two were issued when the vehicle was purchased.

    The dealer advised that the entire remote unit must be replaced in order for two keyless remotes to work. It requires 1 to 2 hrs to replace.

    Not bad......27+ miles and the first minor problem.

    It was explained, for security reasons remotes must be programed to matching units only by authorized suzuki service centers.
  • venanzikvenanzik Posts: 72
    i have a few questions on the xl7. Can the xl7 be driven in 4wd on alternating road surfaces such as snow to dry roads? I ask because most of the time the main roads are plowed but the back roads remain covered in snow and switching in and out of 4wd for a few streets seems like a hassle (my current jeep grand cherokee can stay in 4wd all the time if needed, there is full time and part time choices) also, what vehicles did the owners of new xl7's come from? I am thinking of selling my 97 JGCherokee for an xl7 but feel i may be taking a step back in features and size. The jeep is definitly wider. Has width been a concern with anyone? or has everyone stepped "up" to this vehicle from a smaller vehicle? well enough rambling thanks for your help and thoughts.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    It is only a part-time system.

    You might want to look at the 2002 Trooper. It has a system that can be engaged full-time and is selling for around $26K loaded right now.

  • frankno1frankno1 Posts: 68
    I own a Vitara 4dr and and XL7 both 2002 and noticed riding on the drivers seat of XL7 seat it appeared to be narrower than the drivers seat in the Vitara. I couldn't believe this so I had to measure both drivers seats. Guess what the bottom of the seat where your derriere sits on the Vitara is an 1 1/2" wider than the XL7. The XL7 is an automatic and the Vitara is a 5 speed manual, maybe thats the differenc.
  • dadat39dadat39 Posts: 1
    Greetings XL-7 fans. Drove by our local Suzuki dealer and checked them out. Sunday, smallish town, so no salesmen to worry over. Currently we have an 89 Grand Caravan and a 92 Subaru Loyal. With 4 kids between 12 and 2 1/2, we need a van or wagon that will seat 6 comfortably, and be able to take the occasional camping trip for a weekend and the even less infrequent trip to northern Wisconsin which is about 14 hours if you drive through.
    I like the under bench storage feature and the rack seems to be able to handle gear, but 1) is the maintenance as easy as 5greyhounds wants us to believe, 2)would the 4wd be worth my while in the touring, 3)can I expect my dealer to be willing to deal at end of model year now without any trade-in from me, or is the XL-7 "in a class alone" and the price is the price. I know edmunds says 22,400 +/- in my area but...
    Thanks in advance. Hope to test one this week, without the kids and will keep you posted.
    PS; I almost forgot, my wife saw on tv or read on the net something about the XL-7 having a "bigtime" rollover problem. Any word on this?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The NSTHA rollover rating for the '01 Grand Vitara (4x2) is three stars - few SUVs get any better than that.

    Here's a link



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  • parideparide Posts: 52
    I purchased my XL-7 in March ('02 Touring 4WD) and now have approximately 8K miles on the odometer. The purchase price without a trade-in and with absolutely no haggling with the dealership was $22,399. The only maintenance I've performed is oil changes (the oil filter is in a real bad location) and tire rotation. The truck has had no problems to date.

    For long trips, I feel that six passengers would be the limit in the XL-7. Assuming that you're using a car seat for your 2.5 year old, there would not be much interior space left for luggage. I have not used the roof rails to date so I can't advise you on that.

    Last week (Thursday - Saturday), we took a trip to Hershey, PA, stopping at my in-laws on the way home. Round trip mileage was 522 miles. The truck was extremely comfortable and we had no complaints from my three children who are 16, 13, and 11. The split rear seat was real handy for luggage (my son sat next to the suitcases). At the 455 mile point, I checked the gas mileage - 20.3 mpg with the front AC on 100% of the time, the rear AC blower on 75% of the time, and a 70MPH speed about 75% - 80% of the trip.

    Good luck with whatever vehicle you purchase.
  • I purchased my XL-7 Limited in July of 01. It waa right at 22.4k. It just turned over 12K and no trouble--period. However, whoever designed the placement of the oil filter should be sentenced to change one every day for the rest of his or her life. I found that by putting the left wheel on a jack stand where it hangs down it is not so hard to get to but it is a real pain. That is why I use Mobil 1. I guess my longest trip was to Dewey Beach in Delaware ( about 4 hours and 170 miles) and it was a nice ride. The leather is holding up nicely and love the sunroof. I get about 22 MPG, no matter how I drive.
  • parideparide Posts: 52
    5greyhounds - Just a thought - I don't recall how much clearance is on the passenger side of the engine compartment, but in Japan and other countries where the driver side is the right hand side of the truck, the XL-7 oil filter is probably much more accessible from the top. You wouldn't have the steering linkage blocking the filter removal as we now have. However, even with the steering linkage out of the way, I feel the filter is poorly located. I don't like the fact that you can't see the filter mounting surface, but there's not much we can do about it except live with it.
  • You are so right. I tried the top and it just does not do it. I talked with my dealer and when it goes in for my 15k service he will use my oil for the oil change. That will help a little. Mine is just for fun. I purchased it with 5k on it so I have only put 7k on it in a year. The math says a little under 600 a month. But that is why I bought it: room for two of my greyhounds, the wife and some bags on the roof. On a nice cool day it goes to work. Open the roof, put a few windows down and you can not beat it. BTW: is there a way to post pictures with these messages? I would post a few of my new basket roof rack if there was.
  • parideparide Posts: 52
    It seems the more we drive our XL-7, the more impressed we are. My wife puts most of the miles on the truck shuttling our kids around the neighborhood, and I have never seen her so happy with a new vehicle as she's been with the Suzuki. And I agree with you that the sunroof is a great feature, but I'm also very impressed with the rear ac. On our trip to Hershey, Pa. last week, my kids actually turned the rear ac off several times because they were cold (it was in the mid 90's every day of our trip!). On hot days with my old Mazda MPV, the ac struggled to get the front of the van somewhat comfortable while the back always remained warm to hot.

    I don't know if you can post pictures with these messages, but I would like to see the basket roof rack you added.

  • Send me a note at: and I will mail you back a few pics of it.
  • danixdanix Posts: 19 is pretty accurate on pricing - big rebates right now on this model. My sister in law got her Touring 4wd 5sp 2 months ago for $20,600. I can now get the same vehicle for the same price, but with a 7/100 warranty and 0% for 5 years, so we are actually considering it.

    My only criticism of the truck as a parent is that with 2 car seats in the middle row, access to the rear row is impossible. I know i can put one kid in the back, one in the middle for long trips, but for general use I'd rather have the kids in the middle of the vehicle, it's just safer.
    The only saving grace is that if I purchase a Latch system carseat, I assume it would be easy to snap out so someone could get in the back. It's either that or entering via the tailgate!
  • Carsdirect is a great site to get the best price. They are taking a lot of business away from dealerships, mainly because of their upfront pricing which is considered a "fair profit margin". Most dealers will tell you that online pricing is out dated, but it's not. I'm selling my XL-7, which is actually still new for $900.00 below My advice to anyone is to always use carsdirect pricing if your thinking of going to a dealership.
  • jman950jman950 Posts: 3
    Does anyone know what changes there are to the 2003 XL-7? I am thinking of buying one and would like disc brakes on the rear too. Has anyone had trouble with the rear drums? My 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee has never had good brakes - the rear drums lock after driving in wet and require frequent adjustment.


  • danixdanix Posts: 19
    I haven't seen or heard anything. It would be unusual for them to switch to rear discs - this would increase their costs and require a change in production line. Not impossible, just unlikely. Drum brakes are tried and true. I hate em too, but I wouldn't pass on a car because of this.
  • I agree with Danix, discs would be nice but I have not noticed any problem in stopping my XL-7 without them.
  • jman950jman950 Posts: 3
    Thanks Danix and 5greyhounds. I really liked the XL-7 I test drove. I am just wondering if I should wait for the 2003 model? Since you both currently own one can you give me some strengths and weaknesses that you have found.
  • I am considering an XL-7. I currently have a 96 Eagle Vision and love the 'get up and go' that it has. The XL-7 feels underpowered. Has anyone tried to increase the torque and/or horsepower? Please let me know.

    Also, how do they measure the leg room?
  • danixdanix Posts: 19
    I don't own one, but recommended it to my sister in law and she bought one. She has the 5sp Touring, so it's got decent power. I suspect the automatic is more hampered.
    My list is pretty short.
    - 3 rows
    - inexpensive (compare to Pilot at over $10k more)
    - 4x4
    - should be reliable
    - well equipped for the money
    - good crash test ratings

    - AWD is only part time (though this improves mpg)
    - can't access 3rd row if you have 2 car seats in the middle row
    - build quality is not up to Audi/VW/Volvo (compare size of door hinges)
    - brand image/lack of reputation
  • let me think about it and post later.
  • I read in The Car Connection where the production line where theXL-7 is produced is going to be changed to another kind of truck (crossover). I have also heard with the increased interest in crossover type vehicles the XL-7 will also go the way of the real SUV and become like the Escape and others. Anyone heard anything?
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    but the Vitara/tracker twins are due to be replaced by the Equinox, a Saturn platform unibody based SUV.

    My hope is that Zuki will continue to import vitara from japan, frame and all!

    Again, no word on the XL 7.
  • Shows you what I know, or do not know. I knew about the change in production but I thought the XL-7 was produced on the same line as the GV. Since it is made in Japan it may not change but I still have heard rumors about a change.
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    TO clarify
    Cami is a 50-50 joint venture 'tween Gm and Suzuki
    Who does what I am not too sure. I would guess that GM provides the $$$ and Zuki provides the technical know-how on building the vehicles. Plus the parts are mostly imported from Japan, including the entire drive train. Minor trim and bits and pieces come from canadian suppliers
    Current production from CAMI includes the Vitara 2 and 4 door and the Tracker 2 and 4 door.

    The Grand Vitara comes to us courtesy the Iwata assembly plant (not far from Hammamatsu, Zuki WHQ)
    as does the XL7.
    I have not been able to discover what if any plans exist for those two vehicles since they are sourced from Japan proper and not part of any joint venture. I am keenly interested in this since I purchased my Vitara due to body-on-frame construction. Matter of fact, I wrote to American Suzuki on this issue, asking them to continue to provide us with a frame based SUV as well as manual shift 4WD (NOT an electronic doo dad like most other trucks and suvs)
    Your XL7 is in essence, my Vitara with a longer frame, lots more room, bigger second doors, and a nice running v-6 engine. I could have pulled in an XL7 but was not able to find one with a five speed. All they had were autos on the lot on the XL7.
    Given that, I would be very interested in trading the Vitara for an XL7 in a couple of years of course assuming body-on-frame, real 4WD, and sturdy construction are still hallmarks of this SUV.
  • flyingnflyingn Posts: 213
    We have a 2002 XL7 Limited and heres my opinion so far..
    *not too big to maneouver
    *not too small to carry people/stuff
    *sweet 2.7 4 cam engine with timing chain NOT belt.
    * engine is DEAD quiet.
    * trans's shifts are almost inperceivable
    * built quality is up to normal Japanese standards (high)
    * 3rd seat
    * looks beautiful
    * great standard warranty
    * GREAT value for the $$

    * the truck is too narrow. Could be a little wider
    * gas mileage is only okay. (what do I expect from a 4000 lb 4 wd vehicle?)
    drivers seat needs 8 way power option
    * seats need to fold flatter
    * seats need an easier way to fold flat

  • danixdanix Posts: 19
    I spent Saturday driving my sister in law's 2002 XL-7 Touring 5 speed. Some further comments:
    - ride is way too cushy/bouncy for my taste. A set of Bilsteins might help.
    - lack of steering feel. Better tires might help?
    - Drivers seat is extremely narrow. This is not a vehicle for large people. Overall vehicle width is also narrow.
    - You cannot access the rear row with 2 child seats in the middle row. This is a drawback shared by the Pilot which costs 10k more however.
    - Engine seems to lack low end power. It has only 7000 miles so perhaps it's breaking in, but a supercharger would be a nice add on.

    Bottom line - if you want a 3 row SUV for around 20k, there is no better choice. As a driving enthusiast, I would need to make a lot of changes to enjoy driving this as much as my 12 year old Audi.
  • At what tire pressure is your sister-in-law operating her XL-7? Suzuki recommends 26psi in the front tires, but if you look back a ways on this board, many posters have written that 26psi results in a lack of "steering feel" and a soft ride. Many XL-7 owners I've talked to ignore Suzuki's recommendation and operate their vehicles with the front tire pressure increased, usually between 32psi and 36 psi. Interestingly, my XL-7 was dealer prepped with all four tires set to 36psi. I've kept this setting through 9500 miles and have no complaints about the steering or ride. Also, I have not seen any unusual tire wear (Note that I rotated the tires at 7000 miles).
  • flyingnflyingn Posts: 213
    My XL7 was prepped with 43 lbs of air in all 4. I like a hard ride so thats where its staying. Steering feel is VERY good at these pressures too

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