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Nissan Pathfinder



  • Linley, a great site to order dash kits from is Autodash Emporium ( They have many kits for the Pathfinder. All kits are easy to install. If you really want a true "factory" look, look at the MOLDED dash kits vs the FLAT. They also have great customer service! I ordered my last kit from them for my 1999 Pathfinder and when I traded it in the dealer set is was one of the nicest wood kits they had ever seen.
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    Has anyone noticed the amazing feature the PF has when going through a large puddle? The water splashes up, forward (!!!) and up onto the windshield! Is this common to SUV's? When on country roads with frequent depressions I found I had to keep my hand on the wiper switch to get visibility back.

    I have to correct something I said a few weeks back re going up a snowy driveway...I THOUGHT I was in 4WD LO, but I was still in 4WD HI. Later, when checking the manual, I found that you had to stop and be in neutral before you could switch. Now I understand Drew's comments about LO and why you shouldn't use it in deep snow. It's way too low for that. Still learning how to use 4WD! Of course, now that winter's almost over, I probably won't use it again for a while (until I pull my boat up the ramp again!)

  • climber3climber3 Posts: 13
    Just took possession of my 2001 Pathfinder LE yesterday. I had asked Nissan of America about capacities of the automatic transmission (total and refill), differentials, and transfer case and I was referred to the owner's manual, which only gives the capacity for the engine oil. Can anyone with access to the service manual provide the capacities? Thanks.
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    Howie has summarized the capacities for us in the FAQ at

    You can also get there through the Edmunds Pathfinder Owner's Club by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

    I also think they should have put them in the owner's manual. Another reason why I bought the shop manual CD-ROM.

  • bgritzbgritz Posts: 139
    The ad I saw this morning was for Burt Nissan. I purchased our '01 SE last June at Empire Nissan in Lakewood. It's on Colefax just west of Kipling on the north side. My salesperson was Jason Speck. It went pretty smoothly. I paid $28,600 for the loaded SE 5-speed minus Leather & Tow. You should definatly be able to do better now w/incentives and such. They had only been on the lots for a few weeks when I bought last June.

    Good Luck.
    p.s. with the new engine I'm tempted to say
    "I-70 west...that's a flat road right?" Ha
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I ahve not purchased one but I was looking at Thule and Yakima Storage Boxes. I believe that some of them fit the PF quite nicely.
  • jci109jci109 Posts: 9
    Yes, we are thinking about the Yakima storage item. Any idea about the cost?

    Also, is anybody familiar with permaplate? I have not seen any discussion about that. I am interested in getting some feedback on your experience and how to clean. It is suggested that we use the permaplate cleaning product, but wanted to know if we could really use something else.

  • Saw your post about the price of your LE. I got a quote of $30427 on a 4x2, with leather, hitch, micro filter, floor mats, body side molding. Edmunds states invoice is $29,211. Should I expect the dealer to sell at invoice of $29,211?
    I am not aware of any special rebates or incentives in Texas.
  • phantom5phantom5 Posts: 25
    If you re considering a pathfinder LE you might also want to look at a QX4. With the money factor rates being very low this would be a great time to lease an infiniti. I just leased a 01 QX4 (2wd)
    with the premium package and sunroof for $460/month(plus tax), 36 months with 15K miles, money factor was .001833 (4.4%). I placed $1895 total down ( would of been $1500 but I had three lease payments of $395 left on a 98 4runner and had to add one payment to the $1500 in order for infiniti to buyout my lease). If you have the extra cash and want real luxury the QX4 is the way to go.
  • eagle30eagle30 Posts: 28
    (Jon) thanks for the info about the deals in Canada. I have your e-mail and will contact you before I purchases. (starchecker) the best offer I got was with the John Elway dealership. I have the Ford X Plan which will allow me to purchase a Ford and anything Ford is involve with 3% above cost. I went to Tynans in Aurora, ok but not the deal I wanted. I went to Empire and by the time I walk out, my vains where about to pop out of my head. They wanted me to write them a check before he would submit my offer to the sales manager. To make sure I am serious the saleperson tells me.After giving him a piece of my mind, and having info with me from Edmunds.Com the tune change. This is after they had offer to sell me a SE a few 100 off MSRP. If Empire Nissan call me today with a deal I would walk away. Ok back to the ? you ask. Since I have the Ford Plan, I was allowed to talk to the Fleet Manager. Here goes, for the LE with leather, sunroof and the bells we got to $31,154.00. SE with leather, sunroof and the bells $30,514.00. SE without the leather, but with the sunroof, $28,555.00. Now this was just straight talk, I just wanted them to crunch the numbers for me. I believe when I am ready there is a beter deal waiting for me. The Fleet Manager, left me with a feeling that when you are ready we are going to make this work for you on your terms. Plus there was the $500.00 rebate still to add in, and the 3.9%. Also they where going to pay the taxes, that was the only thing that left we feeling really insecure. Why would they pay the taxes? OK sorry for rambling.
  • Eagle 30 and bgritz thanks for the input. I went to Tynan's Nissan in Aurora, looks like I can get the PF LE with everything but the nav and entertain system for 31,300. This looks like 300 over invoice plus the 400 ad fee minus the $1000. They would go 4100 off one with those toys, which is close to the $5000 off in NH when you consider giving them the $300 profit and the ad fee which they dont have in NH. I got my Nissan Sentra SE 01 from him for 50 below Invoice plus part of the ad fee. The sales guy, Don Parker, is great so I don't mind giving him $300 over invoice this time when that's his upfront price. I know some zealots out there would go nuts about the ad fee, but I haven't found anyone that will take much of that off, and after awhile it just becomes a game. That's cool that you can get such a great deal out of Elway Nissan. To the general public they wont touch their no haggle price which is about $1300 over what Don gave me right off the bat. Anyway I feel pretty comfortable with that deal unless someone can convince me they can get no ad fee out of a dealer in Denver without resorting to name calling. It's kind of a lot more car than I was originally looking for but the deals now are great and the mountains are calling since my wife and I love camping and I just got a large telescope that needs an SUV to haul it to the jet black mountain skies to really perform so I don't know what to do. It sure has been reassuring seeing all the positive posts on this site. You guys are great!

    I will let you know if we get one.

    PS bgritz you are right the engine on this thing will flatten out I-70 west no problem, especially compared to the 4 cylinder altima it will replace!!
  • kevinmackevinmac Posts: 5
    I'm making my first new purchase in a while (I have 1991 Maxima) and believe the 2001 LE Pathfinder is my choice. Anyone know what changes there will be for the 2002 Models?
  • pat01pat01 Posts: 23
    I bought essentially the same vehicle, (2001 PF LE AWD) all features except nav and ent, for 31050 on February 26 in Wisconsin. After I signed, a competing dealer called me and said he would beat my offer (of course, too late). You can do better. There are several posts on the list at the end of February with others who have bargained a similar or even better price. Good luck!
  • path63path63 Posts: 8
    I just picked up my new pathfinder with a micro filter installed. Does anyone know where it is located and how it is changed? Also I was planning to have the grille/brush guard installed. The dealer informed me that it can be painted to match the color of the vehicle(sahara beige) or leave it (as black) it match the color of the trim. Does anyone have it on their vehicle and how does it look?
    Also I would like to purchase a bike carrier for the roof rack. Besides the 'Anklebiter' (price $134.00) sold by nissan, are there other vendors?
  • RE: Saw your post about the price of your LE. I got a quote of $30427 on a 4x2, with leather, hitch, micro filter, floor mats, body side molding. Edmunds states invoice is $29,211. Should I expect the dealer to sell at invoice of $29,211?
    I am not aware of any special rebates or incentives in Texas.

    Absolutely. Let the dealer know that you have options. Prices in Canada are much cheaper (not that we are considering this option), gas prices are still high, and the dealer across town or state is offering 28,500 on the same vehicle. These options can be played around with to get you a better deal. Check what other local dealers are offering. Let them know the same thing. I played around with these same ideas to cop my deal. Oh yeah, don't forget to mention that in Canada pathy's have power antennae and AWD for relatively the same price. They really want to make a sell so you are in good shape.

    Good luck,
    The beefchuck
  • dawatdawat Posts: 5
    We'll be picking up our new Bronzed Gray '01 PF LE w/ mats, deflector, microfilter on Monday. We got it for $100 over invoice and are very satisfied and excited. Now we just need to find the best wax, sun shade, cargo mats, fabric protectant, and cheapest premium fuel!! Just like bringing a new baby home... :)
  • I need to remove the radio in my 2001 Pathfinder LE (to get to the antenna wire to install a RF modulator) I know that there are 2 screws at the bottom of the dash to remove the front panel. Mine are covered by the wood dash from the factory. Is there another way? Also, I read that the 2001 Pathfinders are prewired for the entertainment system. Does this mean that the antenna wire has an input somewhere near the back? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    I have removed my radio and changer before in my 01 PF LE 4x4. It is really very easy. You need to remove the wood trim around the air vents at the top of the stack first. It is held in with clips. Be careful not to break the plastic or scratch it. Try a rubber coated flat head screw driver. Once you remove the top trim, it will expose two screws at the top of the bottom piece of wood grain trim. Remove these. As I recall I didn't have to remove any screws at the bottom. If I did, they were accesible directly. Try looking under the dash for any screws. Once the top screws are out, then the larger woodgrain panel is then held in by clips as well. Once you have the woodgrain covers off, the rest is a piece of cake. Be careful, proceed slowly, as it has been about 7 months since I did this. It is possible that I did forget a screw or two. Good luck.
  • jrp99jrp99 Posts: 1
    I am currently negotiating a price for a new Pathfinder SE 4x2 without leather and without a sunroof. The MSRP is 29,500+/-. I currently have the car under contract with a refundable deposit for a sales price of 26,600 +Tax Tag and Title. This will be a cash purchase with no loan or lease. Is this a respectable deal based upon what everyone else is seeing. One final note I am located in St. Pete Florida.

  • kbehnkekbehnke Posts: 60
    The lease on my '98 Pathfinder SE is up in June and I'm not sure what's next for me. I like the new PF, but the premium fuel requirement has me looking at other models. I was considering the Dodge Durango because it has the 3rd row and is a little bigger. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with both the PF and Durango and would like to share their thoughts. I know several people that have a Durango and they love it. I'm still a little worried about the reliabity of a Chrysler product though. Thanks.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    Both the Durango & Pathfinder are great vehicles. I am about to purchase a 2001 Pathfinder LE & the fire department I work for uses Durango's for command vehicles, so I have some experience with both. I think it's going to come down to what ever vehicle you like best, but I wouldn't worry about the fuel. Our Durango's average about 13mpg. So even though the PF takes premium fuel, their fuel cost are probably fairly similar.
  • rob0975rob0975 Posts: 17
    My 2001 SE is about 6 months old now and i was looking over the window sticker recently along with the PF brochure book..I was reading anout limm slip differential in the brochure but didnt see it on my window sticker..Is this standard with all PF's or is it an option that i dont have..If it is an option,is it something i should look into getting??I also noticed that my window sticker mentioned heated outside mirrors..However when we had freezing ice/snow here I recall them not melting/ridding of the ice unless i chipped at it with a scraper..Is there a way to turn them on??BTW I used the Oxiclean and it worked great on the seats!!!I noticed one option that i have is in cabin microfilter..What is this??
  • HI everyone!,
    I just signed a contract yesterday for a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4x4 in Sierra Silver.
    I got the floor mats
    in cabin microfilter
    body colored side moldings
    front grille guard
    taillight guards
    rear push bar
    upgraded car alarm
    plus destination and ad fees
    I paid $28,688.68 after the $500 rebate and I also got the 3.9% financing.
    Is this a good deal? I live in Brooklyn, NY
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    LSD is not standard on any PF, it's an option. I doubt you could add it, it's pretty integral to the transmission...but maybe someone else knows better about this.

    The heated mirrors are turned on by a button. The large button to the left of the radio with the heat symbol (next to the hazard light) will turn on the heated mirrors and the rear window heater. They will turn off automatically after X minutes (15? 20?...chk the owner's manual).

    The microfilter in a filter in the ventilation system that cleans the passenger compartment air as it circulates via fan use. It can be replaced when 'used up' (filled with....dust or whatever).

  • kbehnkekbehnke Posts: 60
    What exactly does the cabin microfilter do? Is it some type of allergen filter for air coming in from the outside? How often does it need to be changed and how much does it cost to replace?

  • akmehtaakmehta Posts: 1
    I just purchased 01 PF LE with the brushguard installed. The total cost was 48000 canadian ($30500 US). This was including all taxes. I am upgrading from 1992 Maxima Broughm. I was quite happy with Maxima and it was time to get an SUV. With the added HP's this year made my decision easy. I test drove Lexus, Mercedes, Toyota, Ford SUV's before deciding on this purchase.

    I used APA (automobile protection agency) in Toronto to give me dealer invoice price. and i paid $850 Canadian over invoice. No haggling the purchase took 2 minutes and i was out of the lot. They had my color LOL. I was charged $699 can. for the Brushguard which i wanted for sure. To give it more rugged and masculine look :-))
  • Arianna17: did you say you got it in Brooklyn, NY? What dealer? Did you get the LSD also? I've found most of those dealers crooked. Please tell of your experiences. Where in Bklyn do you live? I was born & bred there.....Howdy neighbor! Contact me at: WOW!
  • lcoronadlcoronad Posts: 2

    LSD does come standard with the 5-speed manual which is available on the SE only. IT is an option with the Automatic.

    Now for prices the wife and I are looking at getting a 2001 SE 4WD 5m. The best price that we have been able to get so far is $27,450 here in Northern California. I also checked up in Canada for a SE which has everything that we want standard and the price up there is $36,165 canadian dollars= $23,119.90 US. Might be going up there..
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    Right...forgot about you manual tranny guys...we don't hear much about them here. Rob0975, have to amend my answer if you have's an option on the SE w/auto tran but std on the manual.
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