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Nissan Pathfinder



  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    I have an '01 PF and a similar size boat. Assuming you have an automatic trans, you definitely have ample power. But you also mentioned a concern about traction. That will depend on how slippery and steep the ramp is. If you have 4WD, you can likely handle just about any conditions. If your truck is only 2WD, it will depend on how slippery and steep the ramp is, as well as the condition and tread pattern of your rear tires. You might have a problem if the ramp is extremely slippery. I have 4WD and typical all season tires, and I've never had to use 4WD when retreiving my boat at all. What sort of shape is your ramp in?
  • the ramps were I live in are usually slippery since I have to get the SUV's tires to touch water in order to get the boat, some of them are steep but it should be normal. I guess that if yours could without 4wd, mine should be able to handle it. thanks for the help.
  • hi, i just bought a '97 nissan pathfinder. i love it, the only problem is the swing arm with the spare tire will not unlatch. the guy i bought it from said it would cost $200 at dealership to fix, but he had forgotten exactly what they had said was wrong with it. anybody here have any ideas? has anyone dealt with this before and fixed it themselves?
  • The owners manual for my 1999 Pathfinder SE specifies that I must use high test gasoline (at least 91 octane). Therefore, I have two questions.

    1. Is there a way to retune the engine so that I can use regular gasoline? (Or does someone make a computer replacement that does this?)

    2. Does anyone have information about replacing my gasoline engine with a diesel? (Or is this too difficult/expensive?)

  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Your engine can safely operate on regular grade fuel without hurting it because your engine knock sensor will cause your engine computer to retard the engine timing. However, your fuel usage per mile will increase, and it pretty much offsets the savings in the fuel price per gallon, besides not allowing the engine to develop its full power potential. Several of us active on this thread tried it years ago and each saw similar results. The cost of replacing your engine with a diesel would be far more than you would ever save on the cost of fuel.
  • stmssstmss Posts: 206
    I am looking at an new 08 Pathfinder (V8). Two things concern me.

    The first is that I have seen some reviews that there is transmission problems at 40 mph or so. Most refer to the the V6. Does anyone know if this problem is resolved or limited to V6 model? I did not notice it on my test drive.

    Second item is handling over potholes. I noticed in the test drive the truck gets out of sorts when the front wheel hits pothole or any other bump in the road. Shakes quite a bit. Is this normal for this model?

    Thanks for your help.
  • I notice that my dash clock is always 2 minutes ahead, no matter how many times I adjust the clock. It's an 03 PF, any one else happen to notice their clocks ? No big deal least I won't be late !!!

    In Quebec, snow tires are now mandatory. Just wondering about the PFs in Quebec 1) Have you used snow tires before the new law and 2) If you bought snow tires for the first time because of the new law, what did you purchase ? I'm wondering just in case Ontario starts getting the same idea !

  • Anyone have any information on where I can find lift kits or 2 inch coil springs for my 2000 nissan pathfinder....? HARD TO FIND!
  • I drive a 98 SE with 265,000 miles. Just trying to keep the thing going till I get back to work. I hit a bad pothole the other day and the ABS light came on. I took it to my local shop, but the mechanic says I have to take it to Nissan- he can't fix it.

    He says I will still have braking, just not ABS braking. Assuming I won't be driving on ice and snow, can I get by without ABS, or will my 'normal' braking be affected? I don't want to drive unsafe, but I don't want to drop $900 now if I can get by.

  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Depending on exactly what the problem is, your mechanic may be correct, but how is that you are assuming the repair will cost $900? Even if it does cost $900, is it worth the risk of an accident and possible injury? Also think of the risk of being sued for negligience if you hurt someone and they find out your ABS system was not working and you ignored it? There's a lot more than $900 at risk.
  • Can you really sue someone because they didn't get their ABS system fixed ? Is ABS required by law ? What if the owner can't afford to repair the problem ? There are many cars out there without ABS, should they be sued ? There are new cars that have ABS as an option, if a new car buyer chooses not to have the ABS, should they be sued for not selecting that option ? ABS does not prevent car accidents. People that have 100 % perfectly working ABS still get into car accidents. Most accidents are caused by driver inattention/distraction, failing to adjust to poor weather, not maintaining proper following distance etc....
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    You can sue someone for just about anything...the issue is what are your chances of prevailing in your law suit. Let's say you skid into someone, they get hurt very badly, the police investigating the accident note that your ABS is not working and note it on the accident report, and the attorney for the person you hit notices it and is able to convice a jury that if you had repaired your ABS for a few hundred dollars your truck would have not skidded as bad and there would have been no acccident that caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and permanently ruined someone's life. With those or similar facts a good attorney could certainly gain the sympathy of a jury. Ask any attorney to explain the risk to you. ABS can and does prevent accidents every day. Do you think you would be held any less responsible if you tried to argue that you could not afford the repair?
  • fxttonyfxttony Posts: 1
    hi, my friend has a problem, a check engine light came on, the shop diagnosed the rubber part in the thermostat deformed and it stuck open.
    since the rad cap seal was deformed also (from trans fluid leaking into the coolant)
    i was curious how many other parts are affected by the fluid?
    (i told her to replace the radiator, cap, water pump and heater hoses too).
    she will have to go back to the dealer for a trans flush, pepboys doesn't do a sealed tranny.
  • my 2005 nissan pathfinders low tire light will come on only when it is driven in the rain any suggestions?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Revisions for 2010 include:

    Moonroof standard on Pathfinder LE V6

    Navigation system standard on Pathfinder LE V8

    New LE V8 Value Package added, featuring DVD player, 7-inch color monitor for rear passengers and moonroof

    New SE Premium Journey Package, featuring 17-inch machined aluminum-alloy wheels, RearView Monitor, roof rack crossbars, 10-speaker Bose® audio system, XM® Satellite Radio (XM® subscription required, sold separately), Bluetooth® and Intelligent Key

    One new exterior color – Dark Slate

    Simplified exterior and interior color combinations
  • My 1994 pathfinder started backfiring the other day. It only happens when letting off the gas and letting the car coast. I have done a search on the entire pathfinder forum for "backfiring" and it only brings up one post!! Is this such an unusual thing for a pathfinder to do? Or is the answer so obvious that I'm the only one that had to ask? :cry: What would be my starting point for searching for the problem?
  • how many miles are too high in a used Pathfinder and what problems to expect? What if the car doesn't have complete service records? How much can I negoiate the price down based on that?
  • My pathfinder has 93k miles is 2wd,automatic,v6. Lately I've noticed a squeak at very slow speeds such as when pulling into my garage or backing out.Put jack stands under the rear and turned the wheels to see if it was brake related , its not . The squeak is only there when the drive shaft turns. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a tsb on this problem? any info greatly appreciated.
  • Daytime running lights not working, high beam only on one side, low beams are fine.

    I have the same problem for a 2002 Nissan Pathfinder. If you figured out the problem then can you please share how this was fixed.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    A 2010 Armada SE or a 2010 Pathfinder LE w/ Nav. They are similar in price. I am not towing anything but just want a truck to replace my Altima. I had a Sequoia prior to the Altima and want to get a SUV now. Any thoughts??
  • Mounted on the inner fender behind the battery of my 2001 Pathfinder is the daytime running light module.

    I just fiddled with the connector, and presto the headlights worked. The connection failed six more times, but with a bit of fiddling, the headlights have worked for the past three months without failure.

    The module is very expensive, but the connection pins do not seem reliable and so far, I have not been able to activate my clock light. I don't know if this is a related problem.
  • My 2001 failed it's auto inspection. Was told that an emissions fail code was given by the computer.

    Brought it to the dealership to discover that it's the check engine light bulb that's bad.

    The friggin bulb is $37 but it's another $200 in labor(1.5 hrs) to remove the dashboard/instrument cluster to get to the bulb.

    I know I'm getting ripped off but I'm thinking trying to reassemble everything isn't going to be an easy project. Am I wrong?
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    1.5 hours does not seem unreasonable. If you get a factory service manual for the truck, it includes detailed instructions on dashboard removal. I would not attempt it without those instructions.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    let me ask you something because I have the same problem shifting from park out to drive,I can here the click of the lock release when I step on the brake so I know it s working, what do you think of squirting some WD 40 down in the shift lock release and along the shaft of the shifter to lubricate it a bit.?
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    let me ask you something because I have a problem shifting from park out to drive,I can here the click of the lock release when I step on the brake so I know it s working, what do you think of squirting some WD 40 down in the shift lock release and along the shaft of the shifter to lubricate it a bit.?
  • john660john660 Posts: 2
    Hi, I've been Toyota/Honda all my life and have had 6 vehicles in a row that have gone over 300k kms (185k miles). I'm now considering a used 2008-10 PF and am wanting to know what longevity and reliability are like for PFs in general, please. Are there many of you that have driven them up over 300k kms without much hassle or do they start to break down at some point?

    Thank you.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Not many '08+ with that kind of miles....I've seen some problems with the '05-'07 but some of that was supposed to be updated for '08 model. Have you owned a late model Honda for 185k miles? Honda has dipped IMHO and our '05 Odyssey had it's fair share of issues in 100k miles...and many of those problems continued right through the newer models. They're still decent vehicles...but not like the old ones where they didn't have much to break...and didn't.

    I'm very pleased with my '08 Pathfinder over 50k miles. Has a few weird things it does...but nothing really to care much about. Goes hard, tows good, decent mpg, nice features. If Honda made something decent in this class I'd give it a look...but 4Runner was only other option for me and the PF won. I might keep it to 185k...who knows. If I like something I won't mind putting money into it either. So buy what you like...and hope for the best!
  • john660john660 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the feedback...I didn't think anyone would already have that kind of mileage on an 08-10 PF, but wondered about older ones, are PFs usually pretty good for lots of kms/miles up in the several hundred thousand range, or do they start to fall apart eventually? My last two were Toyotas and both went up over 400k kms before I sold them (I put on about 60k kms/40k miles a year).
  • My 98 PF passed 300K miles the other day, on the same engine. Will probably replace it at some point with a 2004.
  • lpeters11lpeters11 Posts: 1
    I know you posted that message about the pet barriers, but I had a question about it. I bought one of the tension barriers and my dog got spooked one time and broke it. I am looking for something a lot more sturdy. It sounds like the one you are desribing is pretty nice, where did you buy it from?

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