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Mazda Tribute



  • joedriver:
    We bought a Trib today using the S-Plan from
    my workplace. When push came to shove, we couldn't really get excited about any other similar type mini-SUV (CRV, RAV4, Forester, VUE). It might be a gamble and I guess we are both a bit uneasy, but when you drive it - its hard to resist. I test drove the one we picked today and didn't notice any excessive noise. We DID get the extended warranty, however, as a safeguard against that Ford drivetrain! We can understand your reluctance. Without the stalling issue, we would have had one in our driveway before the new year! Best wishes on your quest for the perfect mini-SUV.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    congratulations on the new Tribute....Which model and options did you get?
  • Whoops... hit "Enter" accidently on that first empty post! I got an LX with an
    ABS and side airbags. Also a power seat and a towing package which we didn'r really need but it was FINALLY the color we wanted (Desert or Silver) and we got the S-Plan deal, so we took it. We are apprehensive, but like I said, none of the other mini-SUVs hit our SOUL like the Trib.
  • I was just on the "problems" board and sheesh, but they are starting to make me wonder! Anyway, I wonder if some of the issues with the Trib are for those assembled in North America. I heard that a VIN starting with a "1" was manufactured in the US, a "2" leading digit means Canada (hence, my Chevy, which was built in Ontario, starts with a "2"). The Trib we are to pick up tomorrow, has a VIN that starts with a "4"... is that Japan? or Britain? (ugh!)... I guess I should check the sticker!
  • Never mind about the VIN from my prior post, I found out from CarFax. It was manufactured in the US. Hmmmm!
  • I have had the rusting problem with my muffler, and thats not the worst of it. My car rattles and keeps on rattling, even though i've taken it back four times before. Im not exxagerating I have the paperwork to back it up. After the rattles are fixxed, its good for like 3 days and then a new rattle starts, and then the old one keeps on coming back. This car is a piece of sh&T, it was not assembled tight. My family and i have bought at least 10-15 cars in the last 15 yrs and this has been our worst choice ever. I am a very big car enthusiast and I also give advice to people looking or cars to buy ,I have about 20 clients, mostly freinds or family, and I have taken the tribute off my recomended list. IT seems to me that the american car (mazda is japanese yet the car is manufactured in USA, and i believe mazda is 33% owned by ford, or something) is still retrogressing. Not only is the american shoddy quality of labor falling into american cars but also into foreign cars manufactured in america.( I am a patriot, but dont mistake that for that fact that i love japanese and german cars better due to the fact that they are superior). I cant believe how long i tried to live with all the problems with this jeep, but ive had it up to my neck in ignoring this. If anyone from mazda is listening I hope u remember my words b/c this is a big hit believe me when i tell you this, b/c i control my family's and their friends car buyying decisions. Also the dealer where i bought this car at was not to freindly - Faulkner Mazda, every time i ask them about why is this car doing this, they keep on coming up with excuses of how every car does this, and other bs to cover their tails, well if every car does how come the last 14 cars i've owned hasnt, including a 1990 chevy van, or a 1991 infiniti q 45, which has gone through alot more wear and tear but has not come loose like the tribute. Mazda is a disgrace to the japanese nameplate, look at toyota, nissan, and honda, they understadn what a car should be. I am gonna try to sell this jeep and either but a pathfinder or highlander. PLEASE RESPOND TO ABOVE POST I WANT TO SEE IF ANYONE ELSE IS HAVING ANY SIMILAR PROBLEMS.
  • It's the way the cars are engineered. Blame the accountants and the engineers.

    If it is engineered correctly the workers could not mess up the building of the car.

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    So my house, if drawn correctly, will never suffer from poor labor?

    I hope you never have anything to do with a product that I use.
  • WHAT A TIMELY POST. We have a DEPOSIT on a Tribute at Faulkner Mazda (on Roosevelt Blvd - unless there is another one somewhere!!). We were wondering what to do. We were going to pick it up TODAY, but all the banks were closed so I couldn't get the check for the down payment, so we cancelled delivery until tomorrow!! NOW I WILL CANCEL the order. After doing more research, more stalling cases appear and if you read the Yahoo message boards on the Trib, there's more bad news! In addition, you mentioned Faulkner directly as NOT giving you the service you deserve and I'M NOT PUTTING MYSELF UNDER THAT RISK. The car seems risky enough without bad service to back it up. And I agree, many of the foreign cars' reliability has deteriorated a bit when constructed under American labor. I hate to say it after 9/11, but the facts are hard to deny. I hope it gets better and people care more about the quality of their work in this nation. I love the Tribute as a performance vehicle, but if its not reliable and the dealers are not backing it up, then its time for the Subaru. Not as capable as the Trib, but "capability" does you no good when your dead or stalled on the road!
    Thank you and thank God for that post!!! YOUDDA MAN!!!
  • We have had our Tribute for 2months, no problems so far. My wife loves the vehicle. I wouldn't let a few opinions scare you!
  • I guess I can say that I still prefer the Tribute but I do NOT want a Lemon and a DEALER who will not support their product. Therefore, I will have to look elsewhere. I still have a few hours to change my mind.... I guess, but the fact that the dealer isn't helping anilpunjabi is really making this the deciding factor. If he said "Faulkner Mazda was very helpful in all this", then I'd be moving forward.
  • I think you need to remember there are always two sides to every story. Although we have heard one side, we haven't heard the other, not to say the one side isn't true.

    Anyway...I guess what I'm getting at is, don't let one opinion sway you.

    I have a 2001 Tribute with almost 16,000 miles on it. I love it. I took it yesterday for some warranty work, some of the "normal" issues mentioned here already and I guess only time will tell. I do not regret for one minute my decision to buy my Tribute and I absolutely LOVE it.
  • Well, I did back out of my Trib purchase today. After I notified Faulkner they were very professional and kind about the entire thing. The manager first gave me a review of their service policies and their customer service record. Then he asked me what my concerns were about the Trib. We talked about 2 major issues: 1) the stalling problem, 2) the build quality (noises, etc). We also discussed Mazda's relationship with Ford. After about 10 minutes he said that if I was still not comfortable with the car that I could just back out and get my deposit back which I did. Since I used a credit card for the deposit, I had to return and sign the credit slip. The salesman was also very professional and understanding of my concerns and didn't rule out future interactions. I said "sure but I want to see how the stalling fix works (see next post) and see how build quality improves before inspecting the Trib again". Faulkner made what could have been a difficult experience and easy and informative one. So I am sorry for any inappropriate charges I brought on them. And so, I can comfortably say that if you are still interested in a Trib, and live in the Philly area, stop by Faulkner and look for Oscar and he'll match you up with one.
  • I will also post this on the "problems" board where it has already been discussed. But after my discussion with the Faulkner Mazda manager, he mentioned that the fix for the stalling was a complete reprogram of the PCM. This is now in the Mazda factory sites, so new Mazda's coming off the line will have the new program. I have no idea how this affects Mazda's sitting on the lot near your house, but you may want to inquire of your dealer about this.... let's see how it goes from here...
  • What drama we see here. Should we call it,
    "Days of our Tribute's" or "The Bold and Stupid"??
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    More Trolls Than Owners.
  • Sales at faulkner was ok, but serivce is starting to peeve me, my dad has been peeved since the beggining but since i was the one to choose the trib as thE next car to buy, i tried hiding tHings SO i wouldnt get that nagging of i told you so, buT after a while, rattle after rattle, just keeps on builiding up. Also had a question, i called up mazda dealership and asked about how mazda vin's their cars, and they stated that this is by engine, is that ture, b/c when i went to carfax and put in my vin, it pulled up an lx, not an es. Yes there are always two sides, but why would i lie about this, i have no beef with faulkner, except for the problems appearing and them not being able to fix them. I feel as though i got the lemon off the lot, but from the look of the forum, many people got the lemons. The other problem i had/ have with the tribute is the rubber, even after problems with firestone, inorder to save money mazda planted cheap rubber, and all the firestone problems were seen before the release of the tribute. I skid so bad on the snow, and the worst part is its a four wheel/all wheel drive jeep. So whats the point of the transfering of power if the tires cant even handle it. AND GUESS what, a new rattle reappeared, i have two already coming from the rightside doors, actually both of them, and now the trunk rattle is back, woohoo, even without a stereo, which appearntly did not want to work with me for a few days i get great music - wind noise, engine noise, and dont forget the drums = rattles. Man i wish my rents will let me sell this car and buy something more tightly manufactured like a nissan or toyota. ALso what dissatisifes me is in the offset crash test, the roof rail buckled in, what kind of structure is that, is that just cost cutting or stupid engineering. Neway thanks for your time
  • anilpunjabi - thanks for your post. I can only say that Faulkner treated me very professionally and I was impressed with their knowledge, especially when discussing the stalling issue. I did back out of my purchase, and after talking with the manager, the FINAL factor was the build quality. He satisfied me about the stalling, but I noticed several posts that occurred AFTER I put down the deposit - all (including yours) had trouble with build quality. Unfortunately, an age-old Ford story. Then when your post mentioned Faulkner by name, I REALLY freaked out - unjustafiably, as it turned out. In summary, I have gotten over my 4-month love affair with the Trib and I am looking more closely at the Subaru Outback, Saturn VUE, Toyota Highlander and Chevy TrailBlazer (leaning toward the VUE now..... its a compromise between the Blazer - too big, but nice - and the Subaru (small, but handles wonderfully). The Trib is a wonderfully conceived and designed car and handles like a dream considering its high profile. If only Mazda could have survived the Japanese economic downfall and not gotten in bed with Ford! All the other Mazda's (built in Mazda factories) are fine vehicles. NOTE TO MAZDA.... WHY DON'T YOU GUYS DO US A FAVOR AND BUY OUT FORD??!!! PLEEEZE!!
  • At the list of cars ur lookign at, go for the highlander, it has very high marks for everything, including build quality, b/c thats a toyota's landmark, also try lookng at the pathfinder, it is on a truck frame but its one of the best handlers lookign at reviews. Sautrn will not have as good build as the others. Some people are satisfied with their tribs, but i have not been, due to the noises. Faulkner sales team isnt bad its thier service that pisses me off, maybe b/c ive seen them more in one year than my renst have seen thier lexus service dpet for the lif eof theor vehicles - my dad has a 1997 lex bought in 96, so that tells you something. I guess ill be able to enjoy silence after i go to the dealership once again to fix the problems, but i dont know if u noticed carseeker 4, but the entore interior of the trib was plastic - hard plastic. NOt to many cas have that. If u liek the handling of the trib look at a pathfinder ro highlander, i dont know what ur price range is but i hope ur happy wiht ur next car purchase
  • tccmn1tccmn1 Posts: 278
    Is the new '02 MPV V6 200HP engine the same FORD engine that's taking a beating in the Tributes?
    This stalling thing is getting my concern. Is this an engine thing that could carry over to the MPV's? I love the looks and features of that little minivan! It's got the power now too, but I need to hear from the Strib folks on that engine. No one on the MPV board seems to know.
  • anilpunjabi... thanks for the good wishes... and the same to you in your search....I wish it could have turned out better... I really like the spite of the plastic... (which I don't mind too much.... I'm not looking for a Lexus here!).
    tccmn1 - I have heard of the new Engine going into the MPV. Right now, the MPV is in the "recommended" list on Consumer Reports. It will be curious to see what happens when they put the Ford 200HP in there! I am confident that the reprogram will fix the stalling problem, but NOT 100% confident.... I wish I knew what to tell you....
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    but you can be sure that engine management is not the same. Being that the MPV runs different components and a totally different trans, the PCM logic will be worlds apart.

    The 2000/2001 MPV uses a 2.5L Ford motor and has been on the trouble free side of things.
  • I was looking at a 2002 Tribute last night and it didn't have the 2 cross rails on the roof rack. I pointed it out to the salesman and he told me they were an extra option. I don't remember ever reading anything about them being optional and they're also not listed with the dealer installed options. I thought the roof rack cross rails were included on all trim levels and only the bike rack & carrier were extra. I can't find that specific info on the Mazda or Edmunds site so I thought I would ask some people who bought them and would know. Is it supposed to come with the cross rails? Thanks.
  • it may depend on the model. I was looking at an LX and they are STANDARD, but were not on when I test drove it! They were locked in the back in a box. The car was fresh off the truck and had not really been "prepped" for the lot. Don't forget to check on the retractable cargo cover too!
  • I recently purchased a 2002 LX and it came with the cross rails and retractable cargo cover. Also make sure you get the tow cap. I had to request mine as it wasn't on the vehicle when I purchased it. I don't think they put the tow caps on them when they have them out on the lot but it seems that they may be forgetting to put them on when they are sold.
  • schnoz2schnoz2 Posts: 1
    I'm new to the Town Hall forum. The wind noise is driving me crazy on both driver and passenger doors. I believe the problem is coming from the gap between the front door and the main frame. There is a seal that contains a valley for rain to exit. I believe this seal is creating a low pressure area and the wind is running through this gap and creating the wind noise. Obvoiusly more apparent the faster you go. Any suggestions? This is my only real complaint outside of the poor gas mileage. The A/C is really the culprit here in FL. without the A/C I am getting an acceptable 20-22 mpg. With it 18 - 20 at best.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Welcome to the Town Hall! I am aure the knowledgeable Trib owners will be more than happy to help you out.

  • dadx4dadx4 Posts: 11
    We purchased a 2002 LX 4X4 with the tow package, ABS and upgraded stereo system. Handles very well and no problems yet. Wife drives it and she loves it so far. Likes it's size as it is easy to park and has plenty of cargo space for the stuff she hauls around. It handles like a sedan as it should and handles the road very well. The three boys have more elbow room in it than in our 01 Camry, so that helps on family outings.

    Comments: There is some wind noise while at highway speeds, but nothing overly loud and not any worst than the 97 F150 I used to have. Gas mileage is around 20 to 21 mpg overall. You do hear the exhaust system when accelerating, but once at cruising speeds it is fairly quiet. The wife likes to hear that but a little more sound insulation would suit me more. The power is very impressive when you need it. Cabin noise is not anything near a level that would make it difficult to talk normally. Steering is very impressive, tight, responsive and it handles road bumps very well as I do not find myself having to correct it after normal shocks.

    Tow cap was in place, the cross rails on the cargo rack were also in place and it has the retractable cargo cover. Just had the dealer add on rear mud flaps.

    I do hope Mazda changes the gear shift style as it does block access to the one knob on the radio. Bothers me but the wife doesn't mind. Lighted ignition at night would be nice. Fit and finish is good but could be improved some. Noticed a pinch mark on the one side of the cargo rack and the plastic side moldings could be fitted just a little better to the body. Plastic covers placed over the screw assembly spots could fit better. But this is a Mazda and not a Lexus so such things are to be expected. A little upgrade in the switches and knobs could benefit the overall impression.

    Very happy so far and no service trips yet.
  • Have u guys seen or heard about the new honda pilot, I own a tribute, and expect to trade it in for a pilot, b/c the pilot is built by honda a reputable company, also the the pilot's brother the mdx has had nothing but raves, i have heard that the pilot lx - 26 k, pilot exl - 28k, and the tibute ex fully loaded is 26k, so if the pricing holds true the pilot wil be a huge success, i know its like comparing apples and oranges, but look at the price its liek comparing similars just off by a little, yet u get a 240 hp engine, nicer interior, less wind noise, a safer car, better 4x4 system, a third row seat, and one tight jeep, happy trails all, ill be waiting for a pilot, and cant wait to get thsi trib off my hands
  • After hearing the stalling problem and some minor annoyances.....should I buy the tribute or something else in the same price range????
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