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Mazda Tribute



  • My ES Problem - When in traffic and coasting (No Gas Applied)at low speed, 4 to 10 MPH, when I apply the gas to speed up there is a very noticable clunk in the transmission. Its seems to me that when coasting at a low speed the engines drive shaft completely disingages and the clunk sensation is created when the gas is applied and the transmission reingages.

    Is anyone else experiencing this condition
  • curreycurrey Posts: 144
    IT'S HERE, IT'S FINALLY HERE! I got the call this morning that they were unloading my Desert Metallic ES with the luxury package. However, when I got to the dealer I realized this was not the Tribute I put my money down on, it was a Desert Metallic ES with the luxury package, and the towing package, and, are you ready for this, the ABS SIDE IMPACT AIR BAGS package. I guess Mazda finally got its hands on some ABS units. Needless to say I didn't mind paying the extra for the towing package (which I don't need or foresee needing) to get the ABS/side air bags. This is such a beautiful vehicle. It drives soooooo nice. Yes I was a little sick to my stomach and had a slight dry mouth when I gave the dealership all that money - the monthly payments are no fun - but, half way home with the moon roof open and the CD player blaring, I was literally laughing with enjoyment. God blessed me by providing the opportunity to drive such a wonderful vehicle. I wonder when the next time will be that I get behind the wheel of my 92 Saturn SL sans air conditioning? Oh well enough writing, I think I am going to go smell that new car smell again.

    Via con Dios,
  • sfdesignsfdesign Posts: 2
    I've been driving for 20 years now and have NEVER bought a new car. I always dreaded dealing with a car salesman. Now I'm planning to buy a Tribute FWD V6. Can anyone give me an idea of how much it costs (out the door) for the specific model you bought. I want to go into the dealership with SOME clue. Thanks
  • juanejuane Posts: 11
    Anyone have any thoughts on what a reasonable price to pay for the Dx - V6 model? I dont mean what the dealer is asking for though. How do I get them to knock down the price? Ive never bought a new car and have no clue how to go about it. Should I go get a loan first and then go to the dealer knowing what I can spend or should I pick the car out first and then apply for the loan?
  • funokafunoka Posts: 13
    We bought our ES Tribute in February (after a five month wait) and paid a few hundred bucks below sticker. Some people are posting better deals than we got, but we were happy with the price and service we get from our dealer (Browns Mazda in Fairfax, VA).

    Right now, Tribs are going at MSRP or above arounnd our town (Washington DC). The dealers don't have to "deal" on them because they are so popular. If you can use a credit union buying service, that is a good way to go . . .no haggling. If you can wait, and price is a big issue, you may want delay your purchase unti there are more Tribs in the pipeline.
  • stecamstecam Posts: 15
    I bought my Trib ES late last fall and paid sticker, but the dealer threw in about $2k of extras at about half price (perimeter alarm, mud flaps, bug deflector, rear step guard, side bars, and some others). The dealer had the stuff already installed, and I said I would take the Trib right then and there, but he had to take off the extras (actually I wanted most of them, but hoped he would deal). They didn't want to take the time to do that, so we worked out a deal and split the difference. Not sure if you can do that now with the supply situation, but maybe its worth a try.
  • curreycurrey Posts: 144
    Hello out there in edmunds land, I was wondering if anyone out there is using 0w-30 synthetic oil in their Tribute? I know the recommended oil is 5w-20, however, there is no synthetic 5w-20 (ok there is one but it is soooo over priced) available. A tech guy at Amsoil told me 0w-30 would work just as well, anyone agree? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  • eagle30eagle30 Posts: 28
    When I found this board back a few months ago, there was alot of energy surrounding the Tribute. Where has the energy gone? Are there any good or bad stories any more? Yes, I am considering a different SUV now, but I really did like the Zoom! Zoom! mania. I guess no news is good news. OK I will talk to Mazda. The Tribute has great potential, just build quality and the customers will follow.
  • e2ee2e Posts: 54
    The energy is still there -- it's simply moved. A great many people have turned into happy owners, and most of the activity these days seems to be in the Yahoo! Tribute Owners Club.
  • bocaredbocared Posts: 3
    I bought a 2001 Mazda Tribute LX today (with only floor mats and wheel locks as added options.) The MSRP was $21,435. My offers got as high as $20,850, but they wouldn't go that low. Eventually they reluctantly settled on $21,100. It was more than I wanted to spend, but they also gave me a loan better than my bank would give me, so I saved a few hundred more over the life of the loan.
    Most LX's on the lot were a newer shipment, and had MSRP of $21,635. The dealer expects the price will continue to rise. The dealer also said that the 2002 models will have a higher price, plus a rebate, ending up with a total cost about $1,000 higher than it is now.
  • omnibudomnibud Posts: 24
    the es 4X4 has ~ 5000 miles on it now and there are no problems to report. handles great, mileage is 18 - 24 mpg and has not improved measureably since new. the best part about this car is that my wife likes to drive it soooo much, she no longer wants to take my truck. first oil change done @ 4000 miles 1 5w30.
    like i said, we have had none of the recalls affect us, even with a build date of 10/00. oh well, still happy after all these beers!
  • drhb2drhb2 Posts: 3
    VERY impressed with the quality of the Tribute. Gas mileage does indeed seem to be horrible at this 2400 mile mark - I fill the tank back up at the 1/4 needle mark; do others fill it at the empty mark due to there supposedly being more gas than is read by the gauge? Does one IGNORE the reading on the gas gauge??

    Note the Crash results on the NHTSA site just came out, and the Tribscape received 5 stars for the driver and 4 for the passenger, with 5 stars on the side impact. VERY good results indeed!
  • That is true about the crash results, i am very happy, know i know i am protected. But talking about the gas, the gauge only reads 13.4 gallons, and whne the sign comes on there are three gallons left. MIleage isnt that bad if u do hiway. I took the tribute on the hiway, to nyc, out of 11.5-12 gallons i got about 240 miles, that is abooit 20-22 mpg on hiway city gives me a little more than 16, but i wish the inside was a little nicer with higher quality materials, well i am signing off
  • jmlagascajmlagasca Posts: 37
    Hi all,

    I'm back again with this crazy survey... For those of you who haven't taken the survey yet please send the answers to this question to I'll try to get the results on the net after this weekend.




    A) Vehicle Info:

    1) Trim (LX/ES/DX-V6):
    2) 4x4/2x4:
    3) Build Date:
    4) Odometer at fix:

    B) Fix information:

    1) Date of fix:
    2) Dealer where fixed (Name, City, State):
    3) Time it took to fix (hrs.):
    4) Fix Worked? (yes/no):
    5) If no to 4, Date of re-occurrence of smell:
    6) If no to 4, mileage after fix, smell re-occurred:

    C) Pre/Post Fix performance:

    1) Ave. Fuel mileage (pre/post):
    2) Overall impression of performance pre/post fix:
  • dan1952dan1952 Posts: 3
    Finally got one.
    I picked up my Tribute ES on Sat. 4-14-01.
    It had just about every option on it except
    cargo net and cargo tray.
    Bad points. The shift level sits in
    front of the radio volume. No lumbar adjustment.
    The rear seats are a 3 step process to put down.

    Good points. seats feel a little hard but the
    longer I sit in them, the more comfortable they
    feel. The truck handles great! The ride is firm
    and stable. Good acceleration, at 65mph
    plenty of pedal and pickup left. A lot of head
    room! even with the power seat up. Stereo
    sounds great. Looks outside and in are impressive.
    Several people have already told me they like
    it as well or even better than the Lexus and
    I sold my 1997 Jimmy SLT to get the Mazda. My
    comparisons are basically against the Jimmy,
    which was a good truck. I had 65,000 on my
    Jimmy and it was time for me to get another
    truck. I general do not keep a vehicle for
    more than 70,000 miles. I have been doing this
    for over 20 years.
    I considered many SUVs. Pathfinder, SR5,
    Mitsubishi,Lexus, GMC Envoy, and others. All
    were loaded with almost all the options.
    All were $35,000 or more sticker. The Mazda
    was $26,000, which is what I had to pay.
    The Mazda is overall smaller than some of the
    trucks I looked at, but as far as the front seats,
    it is as roomy as almost all of them.
    Time and mileage will tell if I made the right
    choice. My hunch right now is I did. I hope
    I'm right.
  • curreycurrey Posts: 144
    Anyone using synthetic oil in their Tribute? If so what weight? I want to go synthetic, however, the only mfg. that says they are coming out with one is Amsoil, and that is in July. I was thinking of going with Mobil 1 but can't decide between 5w-30 or 0w-30. Any suggestions?
  • edster1edster1 Posts: 12
    First off, I must say I really love most aspects of this SUV. However, If i'd have known that I would be getting 12 mpg in the city and 17 on the highway, I WOULD NOT have bought the car. Mazda is lying to all of us. I have 3,600 miles on the car and mileage has barely improved from the first day I got it. A Jeep with a V-8 does better than this. I see a class-action law-suit in the making here!

    I took the car to my dealer...they stuck a computer on the engine and said I was getting an average of 22 mpg by their readings. After picking myself up off the ground from 30 seconds of side-splitting laughter, I told them they are welcome to test-drive it themselves. Of course, they declined. They further admitted they know the comouter test is not, .BEWARE
  • rockwalkrockwalk Posts: 5
    Stop flooring the damm car and driving like an idiot. That should improve the mileage.
  • rockwalkrockwalk Posts: 5
    The "clunk" in the tranny is normal. It is the clutch packs engaging. The clunk means the packs are not slipping on each other and wearing out quickly.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, rockwalk?

    edster1, many people find that their mileage keeps improving until 10 or even 20 thousands miles.

    Anyone else not getting the mpg they expected?

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  • curreycurrey Posts: 144
    I have got, let's see here, the Tribute is two and a half weeks old . . . somewhere around 2300 miles on her. That is 12 tanks of gas averaging 22 mpg hwy and 18 city. Yeah, the highway miles are not that great, but, don't tell the FHP this, I was going an average speed of 80-84 mph. As for the city driving, it is at least 30 minutes twice day in bumper to bumper traffic on I-95 (with frequent stops). However, even with this comute, every day around 2pm I start itching to jump in the Tribute and drive in that bumper to bumper traffic. What can I say, I LOVE to drive this SUV.

    via con Dios,
  • edster1edster1 Posts: 12
    F.Y.I, my highway gas mileage is based on two recent trips of 250 miles each. Both times, I used cruise control. I live in central Ohio....the roads are flat, so don't blame it on the cruise control.

    In the city, I drove with the figurative "egg under the accelerator pedal" way, no how it's me! It's the car...period. I just hope the mileage get's better...Now don't you feel like an idiot!
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Do you know what kind of "computer" they were able to put on your car and tell you your mileage? Also, was that something they did with or without a test drive? There must be something wrong with your Trib, I don't know anyone with mileage that poor.

  • edster1edster1 Posts: 12
    It was not a computer in the sense of a "laptop". It was a box about the size of a laptop that connected to a port on the driver's side toward the floor board. The technician and I took a test drive, and we watched the readout on the computer. The computer had two showd an average and one showed a fluctuating figure, depending on whether we were coasting or accelerating. The whole time, the technician was telling me about how many of these demonstrations he's had to give, and that the figures provided by the computer were not really reflective of actual driving results. I asked, "then why do this"? He had no real answer. The bottom line is, they know there is a problem. Mine may be worse than normal, but on average, the mileage touted is not close to what is advertised. My only complaint is that they continue to advertise the Tribute as a fuel-efficient SUV when, on average, it is not.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Do you always buy your gas from the same company? Try a different brand or grade of gas. Like I said, I know a few other folks with Tribs and they have not had the same problem.

  • dude17dude17 Posts: 8
    I bought my LX V6 2WD in October. I have been recording the MPG from the first fillup. My driving is half City and half Hwy. Hwy driving is 65-70MPH . Average of all fill ups is 21.4MPG at 7,992 miles, lowest 19.3MPG highest 27.5MPG (last fill up). A combination of Oxygenated fuel and the winter in NJ causing quite a few traffic jams, lower the mileage results. I expect milage to improve as we go into spring.
    It is obvious not all Tributes are having a milage problems and the best way to dismiss a warranty fix is to suggest the customer has a heavy foot.
    Is you tribute always in overdrive (no light on)?
    If you are in O/D and cruising at 66 MPH your Tach should read 2K RPM. If your RPM's are higher you may not be in O/D.
    If you use Cruise control on a flat Hwy the RPM's should stay constant.
    Notice if the Tach is steady or if the indicator jumps up in RPM's.
    If RPM's spike upward whenever a bump is hit check the brake pedal switch adjustment.
    If the RPM's spike upward it indicates the transmission is downshifting.
    I hope these suggestions might help you solve your problem.
  • omnibudomnibud Posts: 24
    yeilded over 20 mpg, we picked up the trib from a dealer ~60 miles away, so that was a lot of hwy driving. like i posted earlier, our mileag(es 4X4) is almost right on the epa posted figures. just checked the last tank of all cty driving and it came in at 17.9 mpg...the only time i got poorer mileag was when i was blasting all over the place ~15.5 mpg, shortly after break-in. this is not to say all tribs get the posted mileage, many have reported much poorer than posted figures and in the defense of the edster, it can't be attributed to driving style. my question is, where is the fuel going?
    in response to currey, i'm using mobile 1 5w30 because that seems to be what i've been using for so long on everyting, and the 5w20 is a pain to find.
  • stecamstecam Posts: 15
    Not sure if this applies to you, but I've noticed on my Trib that once I pass a certain MPH, mileage drops like a rock. It seems to be in the 75-80 mph range. If I go below this, mileage is great, but above, it sucks. Cruise control does not make much of a difference. I know mileage decreases as speed increases, but I don't know why there seems to be this sudden difference within this small range. Any thoughts?
  • bj02176bj02176 Posts: 115
    The gas mileage on the Tribute 6 cyl dx is horrendous. As is the fuel smell, wind noise, rust under the dash and with the tail pipe. odd noises from the rear end. Odd little interior designs, shift blocks the defroster, it does not shut off, it's always on. 4wd control can be mistakenly left on if you don't see the light. Window sill padding is sparse. At 6000 miles the mileage did not improve. I was always looking under the hood to see if I smelled fuel. Brought it in 4 times for that fix, it seemed to be on it's way back. Also driveablity was not that good, to much hesitation, that is if you jammed down on the accelerator.

    However, much to my surprise there was a fix, drove the sucker to the Mazda dealer and drove home in a 2001 626 lx v6. I don't look under the hood any more as I don't smell gas, all those other problems have vanished. I just get in and drive, don't really think about anything any more, what a relief, to finally be free of the service department.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    for the Tribute/Escape are out. They will also be covered on tonight's Dateline NBC.

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