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  • hrowehrowe Posts: 2
    Hi there,

    VSaks, looks like this message of yours was posted a while ago...but did you buy the
    02 X5 you were looking for?


  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    . . .was in the new Car and Driver magazine, page 91, as I recall. The new X5 looks EXACTLY like the X3 -- in fact the graphic showed the X5 with the current X3's 18" wheel design from the sport package option.

    The X5 depicted did have full body color bumpers, however, unlike the X3 without the optional body cladding.

    My dealer claims the X3 gets the 255HP engine. Also claims that the X3 will get the full body color bumpers too and an "upgrade" to the interior ("something like, making the premium/sport interior the 'standard' interior and having an upgrade also available" -- i.e., movin' on up.)

    I didn't ask about the X5's upcoming features and options, but the dealer said the new X5 will have the look of a 110+% [scale] X3 since the X3 represents the "newest" look of the SAV family. The dealer is on BMW's dealer council and is a frequent visitor to BMW in Munich.

    This may or may not make his statements have more credibility -- and I certainly don't think he would intentionally mislead.

    He did say that his personal vehicle was a maxed out, body cladded, X3, because it was "bigger" than the X5. He quickly added that the X5 got the tax break, and that the X5 3.0's were very popular for that reason. He did venture too that he thought the X5 with the 3.0 was under-engined.

    If I stepped back about 15 feet, squinted my eyes and put a finger in one ear, perhaps some of his statements would lead one to conclude that the X5 gets the 255HP 3.0 -- I sure hope so. The current 225HP 3.0 is "on the edge" even in the X3 -- unless you have the stick shift version.

    Take this with or without a grain of salt.

    Also take a look at the X5 in Car and Driver and tell me if you hadn't seen the caption you wouldn't swear it was an X3.

    Drive it like you live. :shades:
  • tcn2ktcn2k Posts: 277
    Well, dealer called and said they just put in my order for my new X5. Should be here sometime in August. I got black on black. I sure hope it looks ok. On top of this, i sure hope they pass the tax break for this year!
  • h2fanh2fan Posts: 27
    On BMW USA site, I don't see 2006 X5 in the list. Are they going to stop offering it as standard following footsteps of Mercedez?

    Anyone has any insight?
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    I might have misread something but check this link:
  • h2fanh2fan Posts: 27
    I was referring to the Full Maintenance that is standard offering. If you click on and then on BMW Full Maintenance link, they list all the vehicles that have Full Maintenance as a standard offering. I did not see 2006 X5 listed in there.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    Check this link. It says Full Maintenance standard on all new BMWs. I see what you are referring to, but I'm not sure why the X3/X5 weren't included.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    This article says BMW is retaining all full maintenance programs for '05 and '06:

    Detroit News

    Steve, Host
  • donald6donald6 Posts: 1
    I have read in Consumer Reports (April 2005) that 2001 BMW X5's have below normal reliability in general - but especially in the electrical and power equipment areas. I own a X5 2001 and am wondering whether or not to extend my warranty for another 4 years - or 75K miles - whichever comes first. Currently, I have 39K miles on this SUV. The cost of the extended warranty is approx. $2600.

    Can anyone tell me if they think it is a good idea to buy the extended warranty at this price? What is your experience with a 2001 X5? Any help from knowledgeable people would be greatly appreciated.

  • I'm shopping both of these SUVs and would like to know a little more about them than I can get from a couple of test drives. How's the X5 long-term (aside from gas mileage, which neither has as a strong point)? I'm coming out of a German sedan, so I'm leaning toward the X5, but I've also read that it can be choppy on the road. (My off-roading, like most of us, is limited; I need it for kids and occasional construction site visits.)

  • m4d_cowm4d_cow Posts: 1,491
    well since youre moving from a german sedan i can tell you the ride is just the typical bmw firmness...that is if you skip the sport package and 19" wheels, and i can also tell you that the fx isnt any softer, actually imo its even firmer than the bmw since it comes standard w/ sport suspension. if you want the fx you really need to skip the 20" wheels, the ride gets harsh as hell...

    hope it helps
  • kirbykirby Posts: 9
    Can anybody advise what colors BMW offers in the X5 headliner fabric for the non-sport package? Is it just the light gray and light beige? I have the truffle brown interior and the headliner is gray. Seems like it should be black, but a salesman said the only way you get black (anthracyte) is with the sport package.
    Any insights would be appreciated.
  • m4d_cowm4d_cow Posts: 1,491
    as far as i know in US only grey and beige headliner are available for non-sp x5s, unless you make a special order. whats odd is truffle brown interior is supposed to come standard with headliner in the same color, im planning to order pastel green interior and it comes w/ patel green headliner also. id suggest you to ask them again, if they insist on giving you grey ones you might wanna check another dealer.
  • I love my x5 (even though it is only 3.0 it is still a goer especially with the tip tronic gear shifter) but I have moved to boston where the roads are almost as old as the city and are very bumpy. The commute is getting to be a bit much as well as the fact that my x5 has virtually no lateral support so you have to work to stay in your seat around corners.

    I looked at all the other SUV's out there and none have the performance that I found in the X5 and was considering moving down to a sedan (7 series) but before I do was wondering if the newer x5's have a more comfortable feel to them than the 2003 an if the comfort seats are that much better than the standard leather?

    The luxury seats in the 7 series are just phenomenal, too bad they are not offered in the X5!
  • In the final throes of deciding between the RRS and X5 (and offroading is not high on the priority list). The way I see it is that the RRS, while offering a wide range of features at a price a bit below the X5, is a new model from a company that is known for its off-roading prowess. Whereas, the X5 is at the mature end of its life-cycle (and I'm assuming the forthcoming new model is not going to make me feel totally ridiculous for buying now) and 100% reliable.
    Any insights or views on either vehicle would be most helpful. :confuse:
  • tcn2ktcn2k Posts: 277
    I have the 2005 x5 and the seats are very comfortable. I have the premium and it feels much better then my 01 3 series seats. But if you want support, have you tried the sports seats?
  • tcn2ktcn2k Posts: 277
    x5 is unbelievable.
  • Hey All,

    I am hoping to get people's experiences with X5's(3.0) and Gas Mileage on Highways. It would ultimately be a commuter car for me and I am on a budget. I spend 95% of my time on the highway.

    Car anyone help me with real expectations for highways mileage.

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,595
    My Dad has an '04 X5 3.0iA with Sport Package. Since Feb '04 he has done about 35,000 miles. He does 90% highway driving. He gets a solid 20mpg on virtually every tank. osme takes are 19.5, and some are 21.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • I am on my third X5...needless to say I love them. My 2005 has the truffle brown interior. I just walked outside and checked the headliner, it is beige.
  • burrsrburrsr Posts: 255
    We just purchased a CPO 2003 X5 4.4i, 18,000 miles. Love the car, but noticed that after a car wash or driving in rain, the rear passenger-side carpet is soaked. There are no leaks around the door, so it seems to me that water is coming in from below. Any others experience this? Any solutions? I plan to call the local dealer tomorrow. Thanks.
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    If it's under warranty (since it's 2003 with 18k miles, it's probably still the original factory warranty), then just take it to your BMW Center and they'll take care of it....
  • hello

    so i have in the past owned 94 and also 97 740i. i have just ordered my frist x54.4i white/truffel sp,prem,cold pakg,and nav. belive it or not i didentt even test drive the truck.just figured it would be awsom just like my other bmw. can anybody tell what to expect out of this sav.

    thanks for your input
  • Has anyone gottern the iPod adapter installed? How does it work? Any advice to me as I research/schedule getting this for my X5?

    Thank you
  • I just purchased an 2006 X5 4.4i with the premium sound package and am incredibly underwhelmed with the quality of the sound the sound system produces. You have to set the bass, treble and equalizer settings to their max to get anything close to decent sound out of the system, which is still underwhelming. I traded up from a 2002 X5 3.0 with the premium sound package which clearly sounded better. I'm am getting nowhere working directly the dealer and BMW North America to get this problem addressed. Anyone have any suggestions or similar experience with their X5 ? All of the service techs agree the sound system sounds wimpy but no action yet after nearly a month of owning the vehicle. For nearly 60 grand - I expected a better product and service from the dealer and BMW.
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    Have you tried listening to another X5 with premium sound? Is it a "model issue" or specific to your car?
  • Thanks for the reply. Well that's what the BMW tech engineers (New Jersey and Germany) are apparently trying to figure out...the particular dealer had no other 06 X5s on the lot, but we did listen to other year models on the lot (4.4's with premium sound) and they all sounded a lot better. The open question is whether something got changed (downgraded) in the 06 model. And that, quite frankly, makes no sense. Why can't the company answer that question quickly. I certainly would have taken pause about buying the vehicle had I known. Nothing in the literature about car suggested that the sound system wouldn't be the same or better than in my 02 X5 3.0. Bad assumption I guess.
  • hello

    i have just picked up my new have posted befor i wanted to know what to expect from this sav.well let me just say that this sav is just out of this world. :) i mean it has just blow me me away .in every aspect of this sav is by far the most exciting bmw i have owned .and i have is the past owned a 94 and 97 740i.i sold the 97 befor taking ownership of the x5.there is nothing that is a disappointment and i mean nuthing .i am just in haven.the handaling ,breaking ,streeing,and relay fast. just beyond my widest .i am soooooooo happy with this x5 that i think i on a cloud 9 .thanks :)
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    It doesn't seem like you need an answer, because the X5 is everything YOU expected, and then some. If it weren't for the fact that a new X5 is due in a year's time, the 4.4 would also be the BMW I would lust after.
  • skim2skim2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 X5 4.4 Sport with 19 inch wheels.

    I want to install snow tires and was interested in getting 17 inch wheels. Does anyone know if the 4.4 Sport can take 17 inch wheels?

    I wasn't sure if the brake rotors/calipers, etc were different for the 4.4 Sport from the 3.0 - which comes with 17 inch wheels standard.

    Thanks -
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