How expensive are Volvos to maintain?

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So I live in Michigan and everyone is supposed to buy Michigan auto maker cars... I would, except I want a wagon and I found this nice looking 2004 Volvo XC70. My question is this, how expensive is it to maintain a Volvo? Are parts and labor much more costly than say owning a Ford? Will an '04 Volvo at 129,000 miles be reliable?


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    Volvos have a strong tendency to be both troublesome and expensive to fix.

    Anyone buying ANY eleven year old European car with 129,000 miles is taking a HUGE risk.

    At the very least, if you really are determined to buy this car, find a TRUSTED shop that specializes in European cars give it a thorough inspection!
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    They are fairly expensive, like a BMW, so on a higher mileage car like this, you should figure about $125/$150 a month for basic repairs and maintenance.
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    Thank you. I probably will pass this up since I am worried about getting into something expensive in the long run.
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    How have you been? Nice to see you back in the forums!

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    Hi, yes, it's been a while! No particular reason I haven't been around, just busy with "life happens" stuff. I still have my Nissan 350Z that is now 10 years old in car years, 9 years old to me (2005 model, bought new in April 2006), and the 2010 Volvo V70 that we and our dogs love. I haven't been car-shopping for several years now.
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