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GMC Envoy Rear Window Explodes



  • asaqibasaqib Posts: 1
    Few days ago I seated my employees in my 2003 gmc envoy Xl to go to Los Angeles and then a boom happened I looked back and my rear window shattered and employees in the rear seat were holding their heads and one had blood dripping on his shirt. I had to cancel the trip and quickly arranged first aid. After that I called gMC costumer service but did not get any response whatsoever. Be careful rear window is really dangerous. I will post a video of the GMC and the incident on YouTube so people get aware of this serious problem of GMC envoy's rear windows sudden shattering.
  • My rear hatch window exploded today and its by the Grace of God that my son was not seriously injured! He was right behind the vehicle and slowly lowering the hatch when it was not even halfway down it exploded sending glass into the car and out into the parking lot over 10 feet away.

    To make matters worse I am handicapped and could do nothing to help with the situation. Store employees came rushing out with to help with brooms, trash bags and duct tape to tape up a tarp we had to ensure that we had a safe journey home.

    This really needs to be recalled as this is the SECOND time it has happened with my vehicle. The day I was supposed to pic my Envoy up at the dealership they said I had to wait because the window exploded. They thought at the time it might be the pistons and they replaced those and the windows. I am thinking its NOT the pistons!! This is NOT a fluke and it is very important that the company wakes up before someone gets seriously hurt. My Envoy sustained some minor damage with all the glass...chipped paint mostly but that is fixable. My son isn't. As is he had three of the fingers on one hand all bloodied with the glass everywhere. To top it all off the hatch no longer closes and had to be bungied closed. Thankfully I had these items living in the country, and having to strap my wheelchair in daily. What happens to someone that has no one to help, and no tarp or bungee straps?

    Shame on a billion or trillion dollar company that cant ensure its customers safety! I paid a lot of money to have a reliable vehicle. As a handicapped person my vehicle is my legs and if it breaks down I am stranded, I cant get up and walk away from it. The condition my car was left in was certainly not something I can use. Thankfully with the employees help I made it home where it will stay until the dealership figures out where to go from here. UNHAPPY to say the least. :cry:
  • I was driving the other day when i heard an almighty bang. It sounded real bad so I pulled over adn found that my hatch was open. Went to close it and then realized the hatch strut had come off while I was driving, if it had hit the window it may have broken it. As it is, the strut is busted and I will have to get another one. Not to mention that since then, in a period of 1 week, my brake light went out, my headlights no longer work and the vehicle is leaning to one side, presumably because the stabilitrak is not working correctly. Only had the car 6 weeks and if its going to be like this, I am selling it and getting a Ford.
  • wohlgywohlgy Posts: 1
    edited May 2013
    After loading my daughters wheelchair into the back of our 2006 Envoy XL, I started to close the tailgate (moved it maybe 2") and BANG! The window exploded throwing glass fragments up to 12' from the vehicle. Luckily I didn't get any in my face given I was facing the tailgate with my hand on it. So after first starting to read this forum topic, I called GM Canada to start the file.

    When I arrived home from the initial trip to the dealer for their look at it, I was looking at the door as for some reason ever since the window exploded the door does not close as smooth. I looked closely at the hinges for the tailgate and they have also failed. So not only is the window mounting faulty, so are the hinges. My door seal in the top now has a 1/4" gap between the seal and the door! :mad:
  • Driving a buddy home last night and rear hatch glass shattered. Is GMC just ignoring this issue still? I plan on calling them tomorrow since today is Jan.1, but just curious if GMC will pony up the bucks to fix this. A thousand dollars to fix this issue is insane. Hey GMC, don't turn all envoy drivers into Ford drivers over this. Fix your mistakes. Reach into those deep pockets and fix this. Please have some sympathy.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    Will insurance cover it?

  • Honestly, I feel insurance should not have to pay for this. This is clearly something GM needs to address. A person should never have to pay to fix a window that simply just shatters due to poor or sloppy engineering. It would be a different story if the window was damaged by debris or what not, and a different story if so many people were not having same issue. I have found posts from as far back as 2004 with people experiencing the same issue. Should people have to plunk down $500+ at any given time for simply deciding to buy an American made vehicle? I decided to leave the VWs that I have depended, with no disappointments, for an American truck. Boy has that cost me plenty already. If GMC gives me the run around on fixing this(which they will!), then I'll fix the window and sell their inferior product. Just a shame. There once was a time when "Made in America" meant quality, guess I such have stuck with the Mexican made German cars.

  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345

    @Stever@Edmunds said:
    Will insurance cover it?

    Many owners let comprehensive + coverage go once a vehicle is a few years old. I don't think liability covers things like this. GM should STEP UP. Is it any wonder there are SO MANY cautious shoppers with huge reservations at the prospects of considering ANY new GM (or Ford for that matter) again..regardless of any new models reviews?? Every time I see 'Sarah' the GM Customer (Lip)Service post, (or any of the others that fill the same position, since the GM CLS turn-over rate is also prevalent) it raises a vein in my forehead.

    I try to recall the many many issues just like this whenever I get weak and consider a GM purchase. I wonder if anyone reports such negativity to the new CEO who claims "no more crappy cars"? Sounds good but what about, first, properly handling all the past victims who still have valid claims/issues? Let's take care of them FIRST shall we Ms. Barra?

  • This is how we celebrated our New Year's Eve - cleaning and vacuuming after our rear window shattered. Very similar to everybody else's story; we had come out of the grocery store, put our groceries in the back, didn't shut our hatch any harder than normal. We stood behind the Envoy talking for about 15-20 seconds, and then the window exploded. Glass on the inside and outside. Even another store patron was stunned as he was walking by when it happened. Again, we were lucky we didn't have our little girls with us; they typically sit in the 3rd row. I'm very thankful for the glass buyback on our insurance policy, so we should only have to pay around $100 for the repairs. Our high yesterday was 3 degrees, with a few colder days in front of us; can't imagine having to roll around w/o a window in that for long term. Thanks Farmers for the glass option on our policy!

  • Hi,

    Last week this exact thing happened to me. I went out to my car and the whole back window was shattered. Orginially my first thought is someone broke it. But a woman came outside to tell me she saw the whole thing. She was walking into her house and heard a BIG bang like a gunshot. And my whole rear window was shattered. I found this forum and got the number for GM and called them....i had already called my insuarance to fix it, because i mean thats what insurance is for. I have a 200.00 DED, but im mad because i shouldnt even have to pay for that. GM said i could have went to my dealer and they would help me. OK fine. but i couldnt wait, i reacted the fasted way to get it done. And that was to go thru the insurance company to get it fixed sooner than later. I am very upset there isnt a recall on this after seeing all these other people dealing with this problem. And it isnt sitting w me right that they are saying it HAPPENED MORE THAN ONCE! I am a nervous wreck about it happening again. I have two children and if this happens with them in the car and someone gets hurt i will be livid. If there is anything that i could do, please let me know. Im so concerned about this.

    Thank You,
    Melissa 1.

  • HOW HORRIFYING! The rear window in my 2002 Envoy exploded for no reason. I even called the police to verify it wasn't caused by a gunshot. And it wasn't. The officer said he has never seen glass explode like that. The scary part is my daughter was sitting outside of the passenger front door, washing the car. She was petrified!!!! Cried for a good 20 minutes. It has not been a hot day. The high was 80 and the humidity was low. When the glass exploded, it was about 73 so no huge temperature changes. I have every intention of contacting GM first thing in the morning. The glass was in perfect condition-no cracks or chips. It hasn't been driven in several months except down the driveway to make sure it was out of the way of the mower. I religiously move my cars so I don't have broken windows. Had my daughter been a foot closer she would have been hit. The glass exploded throughout the rear cargo area and out of the car a good 4 feet! God forbid if she or I had been washing the rear of the car!

  • jgbp4jgbp4 Posts: 1
    wow Sorry to here about the rear window exploding. I wish i would have read this forum before i purchased my used 2006 envoy denali . Now im scared for myself and my family. Maybe someone needs to file a class action law suit against gmc for not takeing this matter seriously they obviously know about this and giving everyone the run around. Heaven forbid anyone gets hurt.From the sound of it it has happened more than once for sum of you.Now im second guessing my purchase.I thought i was buying a good american made car. I wonder what u drive sraha from gmc customer service. If this would happen to you i think you would feel diffrent.
  • We live in British Columbia Canada and yesterday when we were loading the groceries into our 2009 Envoy the rear window exploded. The hatch was open the weather we not cold and there was nothing that caused this explosion to happen. As many of you have noted the sound is terrifying, we thought someone had shot a gun off in the parking lot and we were both so grateful to not have been hurt. In reading the comments it looks GMC has a problem here. I am definitely afraid of this happening again. Has anyone had any success in getting an answer as to why this is occurring?
  • So glad this forum is here. I am in Cleveland like several of the earlier posts. Looked out my window at my 2005 Envoy this morning and the rear glass had exploded. The car has not been driven in a week and the rear gate had not been used recently. I can't wrap my head around the fact GM isn't taking care of this issue. I'm thankful I don't have little kids like so many of you.
  • cardsmancardsman Posts: 1
    I have a 2014 Yukon XL. While I like the Yukon tremendously, yesterday I got in the vehicle and smelled a strong odor of something burning. While I was unable to locate the smell, I aired out the vehicle and drove it for a while. I no longer smelled the odor and later returned home. I and my children got out of the car and went into our home. No more than 4 minutes later, there was a loud explosion and we went outside to find the rear window shattered across the driveway. Due to the lack of a weapon and the preponderance of glass outside of the vehicle and the (relatively) minimal amount inside the vehicle I surmised that it was a spontaneous explosion that shattered my window. There was no extreme shifting of temperatures, this was like the rest of the post on this forum, completely spontaneous and unprovoked. I have had the dealer re-attach the cords for defroster on the rear window a couple of times.

    Thank you - a little lighter in the wallet
  • Same thing just happened to my wife a couple of hours ago. The rear door was open and as soon as she closed it, she said it sounded like a gun shot and glass flew everywhere. Chunks fell down and cut her, even. Why isn't GM doing anything about this? This is obviously a severe safety issue that not only happens once to customers, but multiple times!

    2004 GMC Envoy SLT Shattered Back Window
  • The rear window in my 2008 GMC Yukon spontaneously exploded this morning as I sat in the driver's seat in my driveway waiting for the windows to defrost so I could leave to get my hair done. The front windshield defroster was on, but the back window defroster was not on. The exhaust fumes from the tailpipe were drifting upward and melting the frost on the back window already. About three to four minutes after I had been sitting there, I heard a deafening boom and shattering glass. It sounded like a gunshot. I turned around to look and saw the ENTIRE BACK WINDOW had completely shattered and was all over the back interior as well as the driveway. There were glass shards as far out as 7-8 feet from the truck. I called GMC customer service line and absolutely nothing came of that other than the rep implying it was my fault somehow. She created an account where I can basically just call back and gripe, but nothing will get done. This is an OBVIOUS MANUFACTURING DEFECT that GMC clearly refuses to acknowledge. Wonder what it will take for a multi-billion dollar company to pony up and make things right with the customer. I will not be purchasing a GMC again unless they do.
  • greg201greg201 Posts: 1
    edited December 2015
    Might as well keep this thread going. 2002 Envoy rear window exploded siting in the driveway. Filed with NHTSB at only took about 10 minutes.
  • dawnie23dawnie23 Posts: 1
    March 1, 2016 sitting in a parking lot waiting for my husband when the rear window in my 2007 Yukon XL exploded. Thankfully I had just drop off 5 children at the bus stop. I keep thinking about the what if's because the glass flew everywhere, inside & out. An eyewitness said it was so loud he thought to cars had collided. I also contacted GMC and was told they have never heard of this happening. There was nothing they could do about it. They also commented on the age of my Yukon but it has very low mileage. Something needs to be done. This is a huge safety issue!
  • Hi! So like most of you 2005 Envoy rear glass shattered today. I was absolutely sure that someone did it intentionally and filed a police report. After reading all of this my mind is changed. Has anyone had any luck with GM responding or heard anything about a recall?
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