Want to purchase a newer vehicle. Looking for some advice on reliable cars I should be looking at.

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I currently own a Ford Focus '03, but am looking to purchase a newer vehicle as I am no longer able to drive it safely. There is a ton of problems that have come up the last time I got it inspected and it doesn't drive well. I can't bring myself to put more money into the car to fix it, as the amount of money it will cost to repair everything costs more than I spent to buy it. I was looking at newer Ford Focus' but I heard that they suck in terms of reliability, so I'm on the fence.

Now, this is where I'm hoping people can offer some advice. I'm looking to purchase a reliable car that will last me a while (6+ years) and won't cost too much in terms of maintenance. I live in Alberta, Canada, which means it needs to be good for winter (AWD or FWD). I don't know how to drive a manual, so automatic transmission is preferred.

I am a student, so most of my driving is to and from school/work. I need something affordable. I am likely going to have to take out a loan or finance, so I'm willing to spend no more than $15,000 (less the better). Looking for a few features that are in newer vehicles (e.g., bluetooth, remote start, back up camera), though back up camera isn't a huge priority.

If anyone can offer up some advice on what I should look at I would really appreciate it. Reliability, safety, and low maintenance costs are priorities.


  • KasandraKasandra AlbertaMember Posts: 2
    I would also like to ask the question, is it better to buy used or a brand new vehicle? I get that it's a loaded question, but I'm curious what everyone's opinions on this topic is.
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    best bet would be any Toyota! hope this helps
  • tbirdmarcotbirdmarco new yorkMember Posts: 3,838
    used is the best bet or leese!
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    You might look at Subaru, but not too old or too many miles. People seem to love 'em.

    As for new vs. used, I think the best of both worlds would be a used car that still has factory warranty. That way you don't take the depreciation hit of a new car but you still have some protection from mechanical failures.
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    I would look for a Honda CRV or a Toyota Rav-4. Subarus are good too but you can buy a bad one if not careful.
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    Unfortunately, good Japanese brands like the above often aren't all that much cheaper than just buying a new one, unless it is old or miled up.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350
    That's true. Maybe a Hyundai? Unless things have changed these have poor resale values compared to Toyota or Honda and are pretty good cars now!
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    With a $15,000 budget, you are likely limited to used vehicles.

    As noted, Japanese brands will likely give you the best reliability, but to get a good one at that price may be difficult.

    A brand you may not have thought of is Mitsubishi, if these are available in Canada. Not a lot of frills, but pretty reliable and available with AWD.

    You may also consider something like the Chevrolet Trax - they have only been out a couple of years, but they may have depreciated to your budget level.

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    The only trouble with Mitsubishi is a VERY poor dealer network. Not bad cars but they are barely alive in the U.S.
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