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Buick park Avenue Problems



  • 52275227 Posts: 1
    I have a 1993 PA and when parked, the trunk will open and / or the radio will come on and play. The dealership doesn't seem to know the problem. I wonder if there are others with this problem. I was told the cure was to buy a ford product!!
  • sgrizzardsgrizzard Posts: 2
    1994 Buick PA. Warm restarts - intermittent failure. Dealership replaced ECU to no avail
    other than a light wallet. Suspect crank sensor.
    How do you get the vibration dampener (balancer)
    off? Ice cream melting in the trunk at the grocery store.... it will get you there but you can't leave. Help.
  • rotaranrotaran Posts: 10
    The Battery of my '92 PA wearing down two times. Since i turn off the "Twilight Sentinel" i have no more problems.
  • mentnechmentnech Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 Park Ave. It has an annoying roaring noise coming from the engine compartment. It seems I only hear the noise when it is raining or after it has rained. The noise disappears when I accelerate. My dealer tells me this noise is from air passing through an intake valve and that this is normal. I can't believe this is normal. My previous car was a 97 Park Ave. with the same engine and that did not have the roaring noise. Has anyone experienced this problem and what can be done to eliminate it? Sure would appreciate help. This roaring noise is driving me bats. Thanks
  • djakedjake Posts: 1
    is there a place i can find a wiring diagram for my 1991 buick park ave ????
  • mentnechmentnech Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 Park Ave. and I have the same problem as you had with the ABS engaging and Trac Off and ABS lights came on. On the screen it says "Service Stability System". I had this problem about a month ago and after 2 trips back to the dealer I thought the problem was corrected. They told me then that it was caused by a frayed wire shorting out. Today it happened again. When I accelerated, after waiting for a traffic light, the car shuttered and it flashed on the screen "Traction Control System Active". That was on the screen for only a few seconds, the bells sounded and then the screen read "Service Stability System" and the ABS and Trac Off lights came on. So, next week I will take the car to my dealer again. Hopefully they will fix it right this time. I hope you got your problem resolved.
  • mentnechmentnech Posts: 4
    Just had my 2000 Park Ave. checked out as to why ABS engaged and Trac Off Light and ABS Light came on as well as "Service Stability System". The Dealer Tech found it was a short in a ground wire. Hopefully it won't happen to me again.
  • I have a 99 Buick PA with 18k miles and I've had it in for service four times. The first time was because it was leaking transmission fluid. This was because of a pinched seal when the trans was put on in the factory.

    The 2nd & 3rd time was because the driver's side rear door would not open. They've replaced most of the guts of the door. The last visit was about two weeks ago and the door won't open again. I'm about to schedule the third visit for the same problem. Can you say Florida Lemon Law?

    I also have various and sundry rattles inside, mainly the sunroof. Nobody seems to be able to identify or fix them though. The sticker on this car was $36,000. I thought I was buying a quality car but I'm beginning to wonder.
  • I owned a Park Avenue in the past and it was not a good experience. Constant trouble, brake problems, and more problems to boot. Bland styling. I will never buy another buick it is the WORST CAR ON THE ROAD!!!!
  • bob31bob31 Posts: 9
    I am sorry you have had bad experiences. I am an owner of my 6th park ave ultra since 92. I have had very few problems. I currently own a 2000 ultra and like it the best of all of them. I had a problem with front rotors on my 98 and the dealer replaced them with 18000 miles on the car with no hagling. My 94 had an alternator problem which the dealer replaced while I waited. I have had other minor problems which didnt amount to much. You didn't say what year your car was. In todays Chicago papers you can get $3000 rebate plus another 500 if you are a member of AARP.Not a bad deal if you lease or keep it for a long time.
  • lschaidelschaide Posts: 1
    The Service Engine Light on my '97 PA has come on six times in two months. Dealer "fixes" it but has not solved the problem. Two weeks ago my battery died and had to get towed in (54000 miles). Same thing happened at 24000 miles. An this week, my "Volt Red light" came on; only getting 11.1 volts and had to replace the alternator. Has anyone else had these kinds of problems??
  • ldelkaldelka Posts: 2
    experiencing problems with my 1991 PA Ultra. When its working
    it delivers cold air, but most of the time if I select AUTO and 60 degrees it just blows
    ambient air. This intermittent problem is frustrating me . I went to the library copied some
    troubleshooting proceedures, but unable to locate problem. I've been through the self
    diagnostics several times but no fault codes show up then the a/c will start working for
    awhile then stops working. The control panel display buttons seem to function as
    advertised. Any Buick A/C wizards out there?
  • clamachclamach Posts: 10
    My wife's 95 Park Avenue (58K mi.) recently noted
    a "fan-like" whirring sound every time it's
    started. The noise continues for about 5 min. &
    then shuts off. Had the oil changed this morning
    and discovered the noise is coming from what looks
    like a small compressor directly behind the
    driver's side headlights. Every start, it comes on
    and runs fo 5 min. or so. The grease-monkeys at the
    oil change place said they thought it was the pump
    for the suspension but that it shouldn't run that
    long...Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • I had a 97 PA and the "Service Engine Light" came on a number of times, but only if I was on a trip and had driven the car for about 3 hours. It never happened just driving around town. Finally I found a dealer who told me what the problem was. He told me to be sure and turn the gas cap till it clicked at least 4 times after filling the gas tank. After following his advice the "Service Engine Light" never came on again, except when I first start the engine. I hope this will work for you.
  • I have a set of full service manuals that cost me $100.00. Best money I ever invested as it they paid for themselves 10 times at least!!
    Will sell for $50.00. My '91 was totalled August 4th and I doubt I'll ever find a car that good again.
  • Unplug low pressure switch from accumulator. Short out. Add Freon.
  • When a lady totalled my '91 Park on August 4th, I thought I'd never find another car to replace it. The most tragic part was that it had all of the body work done 11 days prior and the engine still had a 20,000 mile warranty. We couldn't of course, and as she was uninsured, we pretty much had to SETTLE as the rental fee was getting too large. We bought it in 97 and it had 124,000 miles on it for $6,500. Looking back, it was probably a foolish thing to do but that was my car!! I HAD to have it. We did need a new engine 2 years ago but it's our fault as we were coming home from a trip and HAD to get home. I've read somewhere on this site that the anti lock brakes and the air bag not deploying were major complaints. I never had a problem with the brakes except for the brake light that would not shut off. I always wondered about the air bag. Which I unfortunatly had to find out the hard way that yes, it works!!!! I have offered before to sell the wiring books that we bought for $100.00 for $50.00 and any one even half way mechanically inclined will definitly benefit from these. I am from WI. If anyone would be interested, my e-mail is It saved us so much money. These are very large and informative books. We ordered them from Helm. As for getting another Park, I took a '95 in to have a guy inspect it for me who was so informative, I couldn't thank him enough. (I guess some money would have worked:) He told me that all you have to do it tap something and that could cause the airbags to deploy. Not only do they deploy, they bring the dash and windshield out with them as they are quite powerful. We SETTLED on a Crown Victoria, 1997 with 53,000. I haven't really checked into the good or bads on the vehicle as of yet. It really is a beautiful car although my color is my Park color. Champagne and this one is Black. But the money we bought this for, we could easily wait a year and see how good it is and have it painted. REMEMBER, just e-mail me and I'll get right back to you about those books!!!
  • My 98 Park Ave. Ultra stalls and lunges intermittently about 2500 RPM. Occasionally when you press on the gas at highway speeds it feels like it's going to stall. After the car cools down and is restarted it seems fine. I've had the car to the dealer and they can't duplicate. Has anyone else had this problem?.
  • I own a 1995 Buick Park Avenue which I purchased used in 1998. The SECURITY INDICATOR LIGHT over the dashboard under the front window comes on and sometimes STAYS ON for the duration of the trip, whether short or long. This light is connected to the Factory Installed Security System. I have checked the owner manual and find no information as to why the light would sometimes stay on. Other times it comes on (with the rest of the indicator lights) when the car is started, but then shuts off like the rest of the lights do in a certain sequence. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THIS IS INDICATING AND WHY IT IS NOT OFF OR ON ALL THE TIME AFTER STARTING THE ENGINE????
  • I have a 92 PA Ultra that did the same thing, on the way home from a long trip to Florida - after some tense highway miles - the service center tech said the electronic crank sensor had gone bad and was not sending the signal correctly - drove home the from Georgia to Ohio with no trouble. Now have 222K on this workhorse of a car. Hope this helps.
  • Just had some service done to my PA and the Temp indicator light blinks for approx 1 min after start up - there is a way to reset this but I forget does anyone know how????
  • mcrrtmcrrt Posts: 93
    If memory serves, your Buick is protected with a factory anti-theft system call Pass-Key. There's a resistor pellet in your key that the ignition system "reads"-if the pellet doesn't have the right value, the car won't start. Your security light is indicating a malfunction of the Pass-Key system-you can still start your car, but it isn't protected by the anti-theft feature. Look in the index of your owner's manual under "Pass-Key", and you should find more info. Probably you will need to take the car to a dealer for evaluation. Hope this helps!

  • HELP!!
    I have a 93 Park Ave. Ultra with 85K miles that seems to have a mind of it's own. While I'm at work, the trunk will open by itself, the radio will turn on, and sometimes it will unlock itself. I have had this problem in the past 3 months and it seems to be getting worst. Anybody have any suggestions???
  • My gut instinct says put a camcorder somewhere to tape the car and see if someone of is pulling a prank.
  • My 92 Park Ave. had the same problem. After about 6 months of wondering about it with no apparent side effects, I had to have a brake job and was told I needed new shocks as well and that the noise I'd been hearing (sounded like a small motor running...about 5 min. after turning off the engine)was a motor or pump that was connected to the hydraulics in my shocks/struts (?). Was told that by not replacing it, my battery would one day be drained because at some point it wouldn't turn off after five minutes. They replaced brakes, shocks, pump...expensive all together...but that was the problem. "Pump" was in front of headlights somewhere. This happened to my car with about 180,000 miles. It now has 192,000 miles. I think the Park Ave. is a great car...every car will have some problem at some time, but I took good care of mine and other than a fuel pump at 57.000 miles and another fuel pump and alternator at 90,000 miles, I had no problems until hitting about 120,000 miles (starter) and nothing else until 175,000...Over the last year I have replaced alternator, starter (again), transmission seal (but every trans. check indicates that my 190,000 mi. transmission is in fine shavings or signs of wear!),water pump, and an $800. a/c compressor repair...which was probably fairly cheap (Firestone did the work)and...of course...the aforementioned pump for the hydraulics (I think that was what it was...can't remember exactly.)
    That is ALL over a span of 8 years and nearly 200,000 miles! Pretty amazing in my opinion. (My maintenance on my car was not nearly as often as recomended..and it still held up.)
  • walt66walt66 Posts: 9
    I posted a transmission problem with my 97 Buick PA that developed, or was aggravated by, a water pump replacement (I think). It was placed in Topic 15, Transmission Traumas, if anyone has any comment. For those not familiar with the relationship, I think it is necessary to remove the motor mounts on the pump side of the 3.8 ltr 6cyl engine and raise or lower the engine to gain access to the pump.
  • I bought a new 1999 park avenue in oct. of 1998, I Have had ENGINE AND CUSTOMER RELATIONS PROBLEMS:
    -At a low speed the engine has a whine.
    -I have taken the car to the dealership, where it was purchased, 11 times for repair.
    On 10 out of the 11 Times there was, according to them, something wrong.
    -On the last time (before I was going to arbitrate through the Better Business Bureau)after 3 minutes they found that nothing was wrong with the car, but General Motors had already sent parts to stop the whine. Nothing Worked.

    When the car had 8000 miles on it I asked what the trade in value would be for another park avenue. They told me only 15,000 less than half of what I payed for it. I told them no and to get the whine out. (there is not only a whine but the lights dim way down also). After two new alternators, a change of the battery and parts sent from GM the dealership said it was in GM's hands and thaey can't fix it. I had no choice but to arbitrate under the lemmon law. I just used the wrong way to arbitrate. The BBB has good intentions, but they need a better system for selecting thier arbitraters. In october 2000 I called and told GM that I was going to trade cars and I asked them if they would give a break in price on a 2001 for the trouble I had with my 1999 Park Avenue. The answer was no, and I told them I was driving my last GM car after 50 years of owning nothing but GM cars. THIS DESIGN PROBLEM SHOULD BE FIXED OR THE CAR REPLACED!!!
  • I gathered info from other used car review posts and found many people in need of a new alternator every year or two. I might switch out a Bonneville alternator next time and see if it holds up any better. It worked well for many years. If it gets used up in a year I will be certain the power drain of the Park Ave. is unique.
    Thanks for the advice concerning air conditioning and other helpful hints . Keep them coming.
  • Scanning thru 65 entries I noticed two references to brake problems. Mine was life threatening. Coming down Loveland Pass on I-70 in Colorado in July, 2000, I tapped the brakes going 70-75 to keep under control. I got a feel almost like metal on metal. For safety I steered to inside lane and continued tapping the brakes and was able to slow down to 50-55. If I had to stop suddenly in an emergency, I don't know whether the brakes would have held. After reaching our destination Buick Customer Service (after 4 frustrating calls)steered me to the nearest GM service, an hour away. After a road test the dealer advised the brakes must have heated up under heavy use but seemed o.k. now, including the pads and linings. That made sense because, although I am never hard on brakes, the driving had been stop and go on the July 4th weekend on I-70 for 2 hours, and the day after the experience, the brakes did seem o.k. However, the dealer charged me $26. The brake problem was bad enough but I strongly resented being charged in a life threatening situation when the problem could have been rotors, or calipers, or whatever, which are covered under warranty, rather than brake pads or linings, which are not covered. How would I, or anyone, know what the problem is without looking? I thought it was an unfair charge. My other complaint, and the most enduring one, is that General Motors, after calls to Customer Service and three letters, including two to the GM CEO, refuses to make good on the $26. My own Buick dealer, from whom we have bought 5 Buicks and who is excellent, said he would not have charged for the road test in the first place. I wonder how common brake problems are with PA's and if anyone else has experienced this strange attitude by corporate GM.
  • i own a 1992 park avenue and i want to change the oil by myself. How can i reset the "change oil soon" light after this?
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