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Ford Escort ZX2



  • edgar_navedgar_nav Posts: 8
    My black ZX2 2000 had four disc brakes and I took them to drill them like ventilated discs and grooved them to drain dust and water. The braking improve a lot, better control in wet surfaces while braking, and they don´t block as before the mod. I´ll try to test the braking distance in the future and post it.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Just got email from Struts on backorder form Ford Racing. They are goingto get an approximate ship date and get back to me. Ran into same problem when I ordered springs. I'll bet the Honda crowd doesn't have these problems.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    On the way in to work this morning while stuck in traffic I think I saw a real ZX2 S/R. It was yellow had rear disc brakes, I think different seats (I could only see the head rest), what looked like larger wheels, and a red "s/r" below the left rear tail light. Unfortunatly when I spotted it, traffic picked up and I had to take my exit. Could this have been one of the elusive real S/R ZX2s? I think so, but again I only saw it for a few seconds and even then it was in the extreme right lane versus yours truly who was in the extreme left lane of a 4 lane highway.

    ersatz is german for fake or artificial as in "ersatz coffee or chocolate".

    I guess seeing all those ZX2s in one place, on Tuesday was a rare event by the sounds of things. I am still intrigued by that blue one I test drove.

    Oh people seem concerned that the ZX2 may disappear next year. I think we should be concerned. I have been following the model history of the Mazda MX3 and in the last model year (1994) of that car, the top end version (the GSi) all but disappeared and the few that where released have become "hot properties". It sounds as if Ford is doing the same with the ZX2. And don't forget Ford owns Mazda as well.

    I have also made up my mind sometime next year I will definately be getting another car. Either an econo zip hatchback box such as the Geo Metro or perhaps if I can find a used Mazda MX3 GSi or similiar rocket sports coupe. My target price range will likely be approx. $7000. The six cars I have ruled out very strongly are the Geo Storm, Chevy Cavalier, Toyota Echo, any Saturn car, Escort sedan, and the Dodge Neon. The objective would be a smaller car than the ZX2 (yes thats possible) with a bare minimum of luxuries, a reasonable good "zip" acceleration in a manual trans., and very low maintence and insurance costs.
  • edgar_navedgar_nav Posts: 8
    I saw that some of you are looking for an s/r, I find in the net this article for the ZX2 2000, hope you find it useful.
    The Escort is available in two models -- sedan and coupe. The station wagon model was discontinued for 2000. The ZX2 was simplified to a single series line-up; combining significant carry-over features from the previous Cool and Hot series. For 2000, ZX2 adds the S/R performance package. The S/R package includes a performance clutch, exhaust, rear disc and suspension. In addition, an AM/FM stereo cassette, power mirrors and rear window defroster are now standard on the ZX2. Belt-Minder, a new safety feature being offered, reminds drivers to buckle up by activating a warning light and sounding an intermittent tone during operation. The ZX2 is now equipped with a glow-in-the-dark trunk release lever to prevent trunk entrapment.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    It kind of amazes me the cash people drop into these cars sometimes. Check this out
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Thank you NO!!! I wonder how much weight all that body molding has added to the carI can't believe it has anywhere near the handling that we have in our ZX2s (well at least the handling that you guys have right now). It maybe fast but that would be about it. ? Can you imagine hitting a deep pot hole at speed in that thing? One bump and you have wiped out the lower half of the car.

    One of the things I was going to try and do when I was on Vacation was to hire a pretty girl to pose topless with my car. Alas the accident changed everything and now I am going to have to wait until next year.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    Hire? Surely any nice looking topless girl would be honered to be photographed with your Z ;-)
  • ashsabreashsabre Posts: 3
    Just ordered a 2000 ZX2 with the S/R package. It should arrive in a few days. Everyone here seems very happy with their ZXs. Right now I'm in an 89' Mercury Tracer so anything is going to be a step up!
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    It is not hard to find a pretty girl to shoot, but to shoot topless and still be pretty cost money. I was actually hoping to find one of the legal teens to pose with the car. Perhaps one looking for an extra nights rent at the beach would have been perfect. I even had a couple candidates I thought might have been game. However posing topless beside my wrecked ZX2 was not quite what I had in mind. Somehow it doesn't convey the same emotion. To get a girl to pose free of charge you need to have something like a custom Trans Am, or better yet a Viper.

    I may have a bit goodnews here. The body shop has informed me that my ZX2 was being painted today and will be reassembled on Monday. With luck it maybe ready a little bit earlier than originaly forecast. I can only hope.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Im amazed. I'm working with two dealers, neither one of which can get Ford to accept an order for an SR. How long since you ordered it and where are you located?
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    relax2: I checked with four dealers within 25 or so miles of here (Ocala)and they ALL said "come on down" we'll order you a S/R, plus we have several in stock @invoice + the $1500 rebate. Your dealers must not know what they are doing OR they just want to sell you a ZX3.

  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    For the hell of it I paid a visit on the way home from work and test drove a Cavalier Z24. I must say it is markedly superior to the standard Cavalier I had driven before. Lot's of power and very comfortable leather seats. About the only the things I could fault it for was the cornering abilty and the style of the dash. Of course it was priced at $17,000 and is clearly another league of car to our veneralbe ZX2s. However if I was in the market for a new car, and wanted one fully loaded to the gills I would consider the Z24. Sad though when you realize that the entry level ZX2 priced at about $2000 less; can beat all but the top end Cavalier which is priced at $5000 dollars more. Doesn't say much for GM does it?

    However on my list of possible used Second Cars I have now added the Cavalier Z24. Of course finding one with sufficently low mileage that I can afford maybe quite another matter.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    The thing is, you get only very slightly better power with the Z24, worse handling, worse material quality, and you take a risk. A large percentage of Cavaliers seem to be lemons. I guess its just because I like a tossable car, which the Zx2 does well, but the Z24 to me seemed overweight.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    Has anyone heard of a kit you can buy to make the ZX2 pedals suitable to heel-toe braking? All I could find was replacement pedals that don't do anything about the height of the pedals.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Much as I enjoyed and liked that Cavalier Z24. There is little danger of me defecting to the Cavalier Camp. Despite the noticible improvements in power and comfort it still couldn't corner and the suspension felt a little too soft for even my tastes. The Cavalier Z24 was very nice, and if I could get one almost new when my wallet has recovered I would certainly think about it. However my heart now belongs to the Ford ZX2 a Z24 would be a toy car and not a primary. Raw Power, and comfort are only one part of the driving equation. The ZX2 may not have the power of the Z24 or the luxuries, however it does have general handling, steering, and of course looks.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    I got a letter from ford yesterday. The ZX2 will not be available in canada for the 2001 model year. I guess this means I sort of have a rare car ;-)
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    freddyk: I have a close family member that works for DELPHI. They supply a lot of stuff for Ford. he told me they have NO "long lead" orders for parts for the ZX2 or Escort sedan for that matter. Since most of the mfgs all use the "just in time" supply/inventory system this does not bode well for our beloved ZX's. Ford is mum (at the dealer level anyway) about 2001 availability. I think the plan is to sell off all exhisting inventory of the ZX's and sedan & then dump Escort. I think they need the additional production capability for the Focus anyway. I can't stand the ZX3 looks,tho it's probably just as good as the ZX2, so what else to do ? A Tiberon ? Could be. We'll see pretty soon what they plan to do as the 2001's will be a building about the middle of July. I sure hope the ZX2 is among them. Oh well, I guess I can always buy a useed 2000 ZX.

    Floridian, killjoy
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Strange question; Edgar mentioned modifying his ZX2 by removing the upper air resonator. I have heard his tale several times and though I am not favour of doing anything major to the car. Would this simple modification violate the warranty? It sounds pretty cheap and easy to do. I know it would improve the horsepower, but would the car become very noisy? Does it affect the Gas Mileage?A similiar question exists about the lower air resonator. I just can't believe there isn't some downside to these suposedly simple modifications. If there wasn't a downside everyone who owns a ZX2 would be doing them.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    It will likely void the warrenty on the air intake system, It is louder, but not significantly louder. The main reasons why not every one does these mods is 1) they couldn't be bothered cutting up their air intakes, and 2)the difference made by these changes are so ridiculously small that it is pointless unless you are doing all the other speed oriented mods as well.

    Personally, my $ is going into the handling of the car, I don't really care about the extra 1/2 sec 0-60 or extra couple mph top end that you get by replacing air intake, exhaust, computer etc. I have replaced the rims and rubber, and will probably do the shocks and struts next. Then the sway bars and bushings.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Thank you that is the most inteligent and I suspect accurate answer I have received to date. For an extra second or so of speed I am inclined to agree with you. As soon as my debits are a little clearer. My money starts being saved for that thinner sunroof I mentioned before.

    Then it's pack every spare penny I have into the bank for that second car I promised myself sometime next year. I am still mulling over the various different models. It is in fact proving to be a lot of fun, doing my research this way. No presure to buy anything soon, and the abilty to cross out dealers who annoy me or a model I just don't like.

    Point of interest the controls for that sunroof are in the doors beside the drivers side window power switches. I suppose this is all part of the depth reduction they talk about.

    Good news at 3:00pm on Wednesday I collect my newly repaired car from Beach Ford in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. I am like a kid again I am so excited.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Well, I finally got to see a couple of SRs. A Missouri dealer within an hour of me has 2 identical SRs on his lot. They are both black, 5 spd, power windows/locks, CD dhangers. They are stickered at 14,930. The wheels look more like something from Chrysler. I think the ZX3 wheels look much better but these are better than the "swirlies." Odd thing, these both have spoilers and I know the originals didn't. Seats are the same Korean Krap with S/R seat covers.

    They are supposed to be equipped with Eibach Pro Kit springs - same ones I have added. The first thing I noticed was mine was a little lower in front or a little higher in back. Could be the Eibachs sag a little after a year or so and my nose is dropping.

    The Black SR's looked great (clean) but those red stickers behind the front fender well have to go. Really bad. The "S/R" sticker might be ok, but the large "ZX2" sticker above it is terrible.

    Will I trade? Probably not. Depends on what they offer me for mine.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Don't mess with the resonators in the intake. It just doesn't accomplish anything. Engines aren't like they use to be. Your dealership definitely won't like the mods and will use them against you in any questionable warranty claim. If you want a little more power, put a new chip in. Then if you need to go to the dealeship, you can pull it and put the Ford chip back in. As for me, my play money is going into handling. Freddy, do you think the bushing kit makes a noticable difference?

    Struts appear to be hard to find. Mine are still on back order. I am a little concerned about future availability of S/R parts, since so few were made and Ford is struggling to keep up with need for Focus parts. I may be looking for a Tib or Cougar S.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    Bushings will make a difference only if you drive the car hard, otherwise you wouldn't even really notice. Stiffening up the rear swaybar and replacing the factory bushings should definitly help with any nose plow and understeer problems.

    After driving the ZX2 the tib will seem both lower , sportier and a better feel of the road, and also more sluggish, less responsive and cheaper quality. I think they are nice, but its missing much of what I look for in a car. The thing about the Z is that everything I thought was a shortcoming of the car is easily fixed by what I said above. It is more difficult and expensive to make a car lighter, more agile and faster, both of which the Tiburon needs a good dose of.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Good analysis on the Tib Freddy. I liked the sportier cockpit and the 4 wheel disks. The weight and sluggishness was always apparent though. No cheap remedies for that. I probably would be wise to just keep hanging goodies on my Z. I am expecting a call from a salesman today who has to SRs to unload, but I really can't justify the expense.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    What mods have you done already? Is it worth the extra money and hassle to get the S/R? If you've done the rubber and springs you are already half way there! And don't forget that rear brakes are the least used. If you look at braking results on the S/R and Tiburon, you will realize that in small front drive cars the rear disks do nothing but look better!
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    All I have done so far is wheels, shifter, and springs. Tires due in a month or two.

    Dealer just called. He couldn't locate a yellow S/R for me, but wants me to come drive his black one. As much as I hate black, I told him I would swing by Friday and take it for a quick run. He said he would really deal on the two he has on his lot. Of course they always say that.... If the car is for all intents and purposes out of production, he may be able to deal pretty good. Ford isn't going to advertise them - they just want to get them out of inventory fast. MIght be the time to buy.
  • edgar_navedgar_nav Posts: 8
    Removing the resonators doesn´t make the car noisy, just sounds a little different. I haven´t notice any variation in gas mileage, and if you need to use the warranty simply install the resonators again.
  • twig93twig93 Posts: 38
    Well, I am writing this as my last post to this topic. I am now the proud owner of a Jetta TDI. My ZX2 will be gone tomorrow. I have basically had it with Ford Customer Service and the dealers doing service in my area. My warranty will be up in 3,000 mi. and I drive 65 mi. a day to work. That scares me. I love my ZX2, but I know it will be worth nothing. By selling now, I am almost getting what I owe on it..I owe 8775 and they are giving me 8500. Believe me when I say, I had no idea I would have been doing this today. On the radio we heard an ad for GREAT warranties on Jettas...12 yr. corrosion, 10 yr. powertrain, 2 yr./24,000 mi. bumper to bumper AND FREE SERVICING FOR THE FIRST 2 YEARS...THEY WILL PAY FOR ALL OIL CHANGES AND ANY OTHER MAINTENANCE. They also come pick up my car for servicing, drop off a loaner and drop it off that evening when it is finished. All of this with loads of standard options. The only thing it didn't have I wanted was alloy wheels..but we ordered them and they will put them on. I also will get 50 miles to the gallon. I know I said how we should buy American, but I really feel this is a better deal(besides the ZX2 is made in Mexico anyway). I know that the Jetta is a different kind of car than the Z, but I really need something for my long trip to work. I will be saving a lot in gas. My payments are only 50$ more per month.

    I'm sad about my Z. I really do love the car. I wanted to thank all of you guys for answering my questions on here. I have learned a lot about cars. Females generally get laughed at by men when we ask questions or show interest in autos. Thanks for all your help and good luck in your quests for your add ons, S/R's etc. I may check back periodically to see what you have been doing (Photog...I am curious to see how you like your Z when you get it back).
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    I picked up my newly repaired ZX2 on Wednesday at 5:00pm. The workmanship has been extrodinary, realy first rate. There is ZERO indications that she had just had $5780 repair(the final number). My public thanks goes out the body shop team at Beach Ford Lincoln Mercury in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Given how bad the car looked about a month ago, it is quite startling to see.

    On Thursday she gets her legs stretched for the 500 mile drive back to Northern Virginia. I am also now back to that lovely, almost intoxicating New Car smell, and free of that horrible Escort Sedans mixture of Tobacco, Dog and Body Odor. IT realy was a disgusting smell when the car had been sitting in the hot Sun for a couple hours.

    I can also now zip around with confidence again, no more waiting what seemed like forever to accelerate. Now I am up to speed within seconds of giving her the gas. The suspension is also nothing short of fantastic when compared to the regular escort. Even those much maligned seats are worlds superior.

    Damn I am happy, all I need do now is win the Court case next week and I will be in heaven.

    There is also a good chance in the fall I maybe able to get a topless model to to pose with my car. A friend of mine down here, knows a pretty girl (a real looker by the sounds of things) who may be game for the shoot. She saw what I can with available light photography and she is apparently intrigued by my ideas for a car shoot with model. When I get more information about this photo op I will pass it on. Also if and when I do the shoot I will of course pass on the web address. I have a feeling it would become the most popular ZX2 sight real fast. Cross your fingers for me, this might just happen.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Congrats on the new Jetta. If you are driving 65 mi to work, you have made an excellent choice with the Jetta. It is a much better car than the Z for long commutes. If you don't get 50 mpg, you will get very close to it. A friend of mine bought a Beetle with the same engine in it and really loves it. Goes forever between fuel stops. I may be weird, but I really like the looks of the Jetta. It will also be quieter than your Z was, and that warranty is awesome. After owning 25 or more cars I can honesly say my two favorites were my first MG and an '83 VW GTI. Of course the VW was built in PA then, but I'm sure the Mexican Jetta is built just as well or better (probably better).
    Let us know how you get along with the Jetta. Did you get the manual or auto? The automatic will get slightly less mileage. What color? Good luck and don't hesitate to check in with us lowly Ford folk from time to time.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Photog, must feel good to be back in a drivers car. I'd bet it's been a long month for you.

    Hope the photo shoot goes well. Are you going to put up your own ZX2 site? Will you do it even if the model doesn't pan out? I will pose topless for you, but hey, I won't shave my chest!
  • twig93twig93 Posts: 38
    Ralex.. I got a stick. How could I not? The car is Canyon is actually similar to the Toreador Red of my first Z. The funny thing is after my first Z was hit twice, I swore it was because it was red and said I would NEVER buy a red car again!! I really wanted silver. However, they were hard to come by. We found one..completely was a GLS with the luxury package, monsoon sound system..everything...however it also had the luxury price...too high for me on a teacher's salary..I don't want to work to pay a car payment. The Atlantic Blue is SHARP (really dark metallic blue), but I figured it would be the same headache as the black. My husband really like the Canyon Red and the price was right (probably why he liked it so much). It has a black interior (we have 2 dark dogs so it will be great). We went to 3 VW dealers..the first offered 8500 for the Z..the 2nd 6420...the 3rd 7400. I was very insulted by the 2nd. He kept saying it is just an Escort and there is no market for them. The 2nd and 3rd dealers could not understand how the 1st guy offered 8500. Needless to say we took it. I pick it up tonight. I'm driving my husband nuts wondering if we did the right thing. There is nothing wrong with my Z. That's not to say there won't be in 3000 miles when my warranty is up. I had great luck with my 89 Escort..9 yrs. trouble free. You did ease my mind by telling me the Jetta is a better car for my commute. That's what I was hoping for. Now I just need to dodge all the feedback from family, mine and how extravagant it is to buy a new car when mine is not even 2 yrs. yet.......
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    ZX2 parts are going to be hard to get since the car is as much as "out of production." The mileage you drive is going to age the Z quickly and you will need parts. The diesel VW was designed for exactly what you be doing with it. The Jetta should provide many, many years of trouble free, economic service - very economic service. Fuel prices may be comming down now, but they are going to go back up in the not too distant future. You can now drive over 700 mi on a tank of fuel as opposed to 300. If you put a pencil to the cost per mile costs of both cars using two dollars as your avg fuel cost, the Jetta is going to pay for itself in a very short time. You made an EXCELLENT choice. Now if I could just find a car that handled lie the ZX2 and had the Jetta interior and didn't cost as much as a VW GTI...
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    photog0264: Good to hear you got your baby back! And that they did a good job on the repairs. And that you don't need to suffer that horrible Escort anymore!
    Am I being ignorant if I don't consider my car an Escort? It doesn't make a good car sound so good. I've taken any remnents of any 'Escort' type off the car, though its still on the ownership and insurance papers.
  • twig93twig93 Posts: 38
    Thanks for the pep talk. One of my biggest concerns is the fact that the Z is being discontinued and the mileage I put on. I have been reading about diesels all morning on another Edmund's topic and it goes along with everything you said. In fact, several Jetta TDI owners stated how happy they are with the car. Not one person said something negative about the Jetta TDI...they had plenty to say about other diesels though. I've checked my local stations for diesel prices and right now they are about 1.49-1.53...only pennies cheaper than gasoline...but I'm sure this will change...AND pennies cheaper but will last longer anyway.

    The car also got a 5 star safety rating. It has side and front airbags. I'm not sure about correct terminology on this, but the doors are hinged with iron rather than steel. The salesman said the doors will not come off....I made a joke about opening my door into traffic (I normally don't do this..although many women drivers do..Ha) he said the door would withstand it! I'm sure he was joking too, but it does seem like a solidly built car. I drove my dad's VW Scirroco when I grad. HS. I was hit by a pickup truck who ran a red light (No I don't have much luck when it comes to people hitting me) the car spun about 90 deg...but neither myself or my passenger had seatbelts on (dumb kids) and we were not hurt. 7000 in damages..broken rear axle, dented passenger door and busted rear window(should have been totaled), but I really had felt the car took a beating for me. I always felt safe in that little thing. Safety is an issue with me also...driving 65 miles a day on desolate, icy interstate.

    Typical to diesels as I'm reading, it is sluggish in low gears. I test drove it on a winding back country road and in 2nd gear around sharp turns it handled well, but I wanted it to just move...however, once the turbo kicks in it sails. My husband just said not to pull out into traffic thinking I'm in my Z. Actually it is not much different than my Z with the AIR this is probably my hugest complaint about my Z.

    Sorry for those of you thinking I should get off of here now...talking about a Jetta. Ralex just seems to know a little about everthing!
  • twig93twig93 Posts: 38 payments only went up $50 a month..put that with a fantastic warranty, better fuel econ., more options, and a great service is worth it...maybe you should go test drive one!
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I think you made a very good choice for yourself Twig, but I'm not a turbo fan. Even gas burners with a trurbo are sluggish till the turbine gets wound up. Had a Shelby turbo for awhile. Compression ratios are typically a little low to allow for the boost when the turbo kicks in, so at low RPM they are dogs. Your diesel on the other hand should make pretty good torque all the time. I'll just stick with the Z for awhile or an SR if the saleman ever calls me back. And you have to admit that diesel fuel smells real bad. Take care not to get any on you when you fuel.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Well now that the I have first 500 mile trip behind I get to look forward to another one Tuesday night and then another one back. Once this damned court case is behind me I can get serious about paying bills and then saving money again. Damn does it feel good to be driving my ZX2 again.

    Oh visual point if interest on the way up I95 I passed an auto transporter fully loaded with ZX2s. Three of which I could see where S/Rs (two Black and one yellow). So if anyone is wants one all you need do is check every dealer in the Richmond Virginia area. I am sure the driver of that truck was mystified as to why I kept orbiting around him like a humming bird. To be truthfull I was almost tempted to follow him into Richmond just to find out where he was delivering them to. Somehow I thought it might appear like I was some sort of nut case.

    I was talking with a Ford Salesman just before I left Myrtle Beach; and he seemed to think the ZX2 may become a collectors piece in several years. His logic was; there have been so few ZX2s made compared to the other models created by Ford, it could become valuable again after a sudden drop in value as the dicontinuation becomes official. To be honest I have been thinking about maybe getting a second ZX2 used for that second car idea I had been kicking around. I probably wouldn't as I would realy prefer a Hatchback as second car, however the idea is there. Who knows, in 15 or 20 years we could end up having our discussions moved to the Classic Cars groups.

    I really do like you, if ever your in Northern Virginia I would even love to take you out for a beer. However please don't take this the wrong way when I tell you this. Your not exactly what I had mind for a Topless model in my photo shoot. I sort of have my hopes upon a nicely proportioned female who's charms are not hidden by body fur. Perhaps the owner of that lovely hot pink Geo Prism who parks in my apartments parking lot might be interested. If you like I can give you his address. Sorry again, I hope you don't my rejection of your kind offer too badly.

    I hope to be adding before the accident, after the accident, and after the repair photos to my web sight pretty soon. My biggest problem is time. If I can pull this photo shoot off I will even add some shots of the model. At the moment I have several dozen photos that need to be added to my websight. Mostly of my car and of the Blue Angels. The one I am most eager to add is of a Blue solo going supersonic over the ocean (You should have seen peoples faces on the beach when that sonic boom hit them) during a practice.

    Words can't begin to describe how long this past month has been. About the only three things things I will give that Escort sedan Credit for are better gas mileage, better rear window visibilty and the anti lock brakes. One of my neighbors parks his Escort next to mine, and if you compare the two cars side by side you realize just how different the cars are. Phyisicaly they have the same interior control geography, the same control oval, but that and the name are about it. I agree with you it, the name Escort really does cheapen a markedly superior car. Up until the accident several people in fact asked me what type of car is it? and they would invariable roll their eyes in disbelief when I told them it was an Escort ZX2. To be honest I am sort of surprised that Ford kept the name Escort on the car. I sort of hoped they might hybrid it into its own unique model. Like the way Toyota did with the Celica Supra. There was a time when the Supra was just a souped up Celica. Yet now they are Two VERY DIFFERENT cars.

    You may be an "EX-ZX2er" however your motivations for a defection are fully justified. If I can bable on about photo shoots with topless girls and my ZX2 (and my apologies if you it bothers you). I think you are more than welcome to talk about your new Jetta. This is especialy true as you are comparing it to the ZX2 in the manner with which you are. Education is realy the first objective of these forums, or so I have been led to believe. So please continue with your comparisons.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    Nothing wrong with defection really, as long as you don't decect to any of the Z's inferior competitors (you know who you are) :-) I have no shame in admitting that I'm planning on trading my killer compact in for a Miata as soon as I can do it without losing money.

    S/R: I think its a shame that the yellow wasn't available in the normal lineup. I lthink any sporty car looks good in yellow.

    I got into a (friendly) argument last night with a guy who thinks his 97 V6 Stang is faster then my Z. I'm not into street racing at all, I think its dangerous, but I just might have to do it to shut him up by sticking his foot in his mouth! ;-)
  • twig93twig93 Posts: 38
    Well, my ZX2 is now owned by a VW dealer. I picked up my new Jetta last night. I cried through all the paperwork...I just loved that Z. The salesman said he had never had anyone cry while picking up a new car....remember guys I am female. I haven't even driven the car yet. My husband insisted he needed to test it Then my dad drove it. I really can't wait for my 5 spoke alloy wheels to come in. I hate those ugly hubcaps. My husband asked what they do with the old wheels...the salesman said put them on another car. My husband made a little fuss because he said technically those ugly wheels belong to us. Well, when we picked up the car they told us they would give us 20$ a now we are getting $80 knocked off the price of the alloy wheels. Good deal.

    My husband...a FORD MAN through and through...keeps saying over and over..."I can't believe there is a VW parked in front of the house!" I just keep saying.."I can't believe my Z is gone."

    I was reading about the slight sluggishness in the low gears. I found out that that is not the diesel, but rather the turbo. Turbos are sluggish until the turbo actually kicks in. Any thoughts?

    Sound system is fabulous....all I wanted was good sound and alloy wheels...there are tweeters on the doors, so everything sounds so crisp.

    Thanks for the invite to stay Photog. There isn't frequent action on the TDI page like there is on this one....Ralex is just so knowledgeable. About your topless girl...doesn't offend me at all...I think it is rather humorous...I am glad your Z is back in one piece. I know what it is like to be waiting on a wrecked Z and be driving its not so similar sister car...I had an Escort LX as a loaner for 2 weeks...very different car.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Twig When I was driving my turbo, I just tried to think ahead a little. If I suspected I might need a little power, I would downshift to get the rpm up which spun the turbo up which gave me the power. Don't carry it to extremes, but thinking a little further ahead is the key. After you get 5,000 miles or so on the VW, it will be stronger. Thats one tight little motor when its new and even though there isn't an Official Break-in, after a few months it will become more responsive. I have never heard a single complaint from people I know driving TDI.

    Photog I may take you up on the beer someday. I don't want to know anybody that drives a pink car! Not even a Mary Kay lady. Man I would love to find a yellow s/r. Don't see anyway though. Autobytel couldn't come up with one. In about an hour, I'm off to Joplin, MO to drive a black s/r. Hope I can find a decent road to wring it out on.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    Going back a ways, I know that everyone complains about the seats, and somebody actually did something about it and got the seats re-stuffed or something like that. If you are reading this, where did you go to get it done?
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    That was me. I took it to an automotive upholstery shop nearby. Turns out the guy had built seats from scratch for Sprint cars in Iowa and dragsters locally. He did a pretty good job and let me watch. A week or two later, I opened the seat up again and made a few more changes. Pretty decent now.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Well, I got to but 50 miles on an SR today. Have to tell you guys, the brakes are great, the clutch difference is obvious, and the suspension is awesome. Amsolutely awesome. The dealer had just unloaded his third one (Red), but it had the electric moon roof and I just didn't have enough head room. Oddly enough, shifter didn't work any better than mine, but it was easier to reach. I think either Ford or B&M is putting a little more bend in the lever.

    The Intake. It's not the Roush intake, but looks like a cheaper copy of the same pieces. Of course, no resonators. I assumed the aperture was 3 or 4 inches all the way as opposed to the 1 1/2 inch that exists in ZX2 intake. I didn't notice a power difference, but if it's there, it may not show up till the engine gets a few miles on it. Did I say the suspension was awesome. Had it been yellow, I would have made a deal today. Just didn't want a black one plus they knew the S/R is done. The 3 they have is all they will get and they are holding out for a good price on them. Story is, only 2000 were built. They tried to mark them up 1500 bucks as "limeted edition" cars. I told them I wasn't buyin that one, so they backed off. I still want one very badly, but the difference they are asking me makes it feasible for me to just upgrade mine.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    If I had the Money right now, I too would shoot for the S/R. With any luck I can finally put this accident behind me on Wednesday. After that I can start doing some serious saving and paying off bills. Then I can get serious about the second car idea.

    Just drive a regular escort sedan for a week, and your ZX2 will feel like a different car again. Trust me on this one, I did for almost a month. Everytime I get in it now I feel like kissing my steering wheel (I am very close with this car). Next time you come out this way send me a private E-mail and we will have a night out.

    Point of interest I found the first imperfection in the paint work on my newly restored car. Along the rear window panel there is the remains of a recessed paint buble. It's only about the size of a pin head, but it is there. I will pay the Beach Ford a visit on Wednesday and see if they can touch it out. I am such a perfectionistic twit following accidents it's almost laughable.

    I have a question who's car is it? When my Ex was getting her Mustang she kept insisting I drive it home, my response was hell no, it was her car. Granted as soon as it was home I was positvely going nuts trying to find reasons to drive it for the first week. However she quickly put me in my selfish place be reminding me I had THREE cars. Where as all she had was this realy cool ONE car. It sounds as though you have a winner of a car though. Personaly I have never driven a turbo diesel. Though by the discussions you and Ralex are having I am very tempted to take one for a test drive some day soon...

    Freddy say another ZX2 with the Escort logo peeled off it today. It looks as though we are not the only ones who prefer to distance ourselfs from the Escort name.
  • twig93twig93 Posts: 38
    Well...photog it is MY car..but you would never know it! It happened with both of my Z's too. He will insist on driving it until he gets used to it. It helps this time that his F250 is only a few months old. It must be a guy thing.

    I finally got to drive it yesterday (of course except for the test drive). It really does have amazing pep when the turbo kicks in. I got on the interstate and didn't realize I was doing over 80! It felt like I was crawling..I kept it at 80 for just a bit..had to test the waters.. but had to drop weekend and the cops are EVERYWHERE! Half way to school (yes teachers do work in the summer) I remembered I HAVE CRUISE CONTROL AGAIN! I had it in my 89 Escort, but in neither of my Z' husband installed an aftermarket cruise in my red Z, but I would not recommend felt like someone was on your gas pedal tapping it constantly...I never used neck got tired of being jolted. It was a *&%# to put in also..not much room under the hood. Anyway, the Jetta really is a solid car. I still can't get used to the 4 door..never owned one before..I guess now that I'm 30, I've graduated so to speak. The final road to school is a winding road down into a handled nicely.

    I was a little nervous on my first hill pulling out in first. It shifts so quietly into actually feel pushed into gear (my husband says this is the torque in the diesel engine) I almost stalled it. Good thing no one was behind looked as though I never drove stick before..lots of rollback.

    My only complaint..which is the drink holders. They are actually similar to the ones in the F250...they pop out from a hidden compartment. They are very sturdy, but placed only a little ways up from the gear shift. I must have downshifted my water bottle 5 times! The salesman said they moved the drink holders because they were really unusable before..they must have been in the same place as the Beetle. My dad just got a Beetle and they are behind the gear shift under the can fit a child sized drink in it!

    I like the space in the car too. The glove compartment actually fits the monstrous manual,map flashlight and papers. There are drink holders inside the glove compartment too! It even has a shelf above the main part for important papers. There are several change holders. All little compartments are rubberized so your stuff doesn't slide around. It has the largest trunk in its class. I swear 2-3 bodies could fit in there (not that I'm an axe murderer or anything). The CD changer is hidden away in the trunk. You don't even know its there. The seatbelts are adjustable too. They slide up or down then lock into place. Nice feature for you tall guys and little me's.

    The steering wheel is tilt and telescopic. Besides tilting it also pulls out towards you or pushes in towards the dash more. My only complaint here is the cruise is on a lever to your left. You can't see it..I suppose if I tilted the wheel more I could get it so I could, but then I probably couldn't drive. However, the buttons on the lever are molded to your finger so all I really need to do is get used to knowing where they are.

    My husband made an excuse to go out last night...the dash lights are really cool..they are red and blue. I know this is something silly, but even he is impressed.

    I still am sad over my Z. I guess because there was nothing wrong with it right now. When you drive long distances you tend to become very attached to your car. I can't not like the Jetta. I knew as soon as I drove it, it was a great car. So much better for me. That 50 mi. to the gallon is a definite plus. I did get great mileage in my black Z..about 35. The red one got terrible mileage...about 25 (yes highway). Funny how the same car could get such different numbers.

    I am happy..Photog..go drive one. Quick, fantastic ride, MANY standard options, great mileage. This diesel engine is like no other. It is not loud or stinky. My husband says from what he's read, it is one of the best engines made. This is why BIG FORD MAN even considered it.

    NOW, if only those alloy wheel would come in. Everytime I look at it I think gosh it is so pretty from the body up! Oh yeah...easy to find tires for this one..195/65.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Years from now Twig, you will be shopping for a new car and comparing them all to this Jetta. You may find one, even a Ford, that offers something you really need or want, but you will constantly be disappointed by its failure to measure up to the Jetta. Every time I climb into an new car, I compare the ergonomics to my '83 VW GTI and the new car always comes up short. The best seats I ever had were in that VW, and it had the best instrumentation. All guages were the same right down to oil temp and rally clock. You may be hooked on VW very soon.
  • twig93twig93 Posts: 38
    Thanks Ralex..I hope so...after this I don't want to look at new cars again. I'm going to drive this one until it falls apart (well, maybe)...if only I could get rid of this tree sap! We have horrifically rude neighbors who insist on parking far apart from each other...not far enough that another car could get in...their 3 cars take up the entire block (short block) except for the tree sap tree. I don't like to park on our side of the street because people fly around our corner... and the stupid birds poop all over everything (they love red). So last night we parked close to the tree sap tree..the trunk was under its there is drops of sap all over the trunk. HOW DO I GET RID OF IT? Do I just wax it out? (my husband is at work)
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Very tough problem.....proceed with great not try just anybodys homebrew notions about sap removal......Most effective ways of removing sap also remove paint or at least scar it. I'm reluctant to talk about tree sap, but get it off FAST. It will discolor your car
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Found 45 ZX2 S/R s this morning. Any color, any options.... I think right after the holiday I will slip into an new zinc yellow S/R. Fianlly saw one on the road yesterday. Not the shade of yellow I expected, but I still prefer it to red or black. My dealer is going to make a few calls Monday to get one shipped in and then we will talk numbers. Joplin Ford was really hanging me out to dry on their black ones....tried to mark them up $1500 because they were the only two left. Good to be back to a reliable dealer.....hope the money end works out ok. Oh those brakes...oh that god the suspension.....I can't stand it.....
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