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Ford Escort ZX2



  • I never thought of it as an artistic expression. Which I suppose is what it is. In my case my mods where aimed more at the practical rather than the artistic. Even I will admit though they do add something to the cosmetics. Probably because of my up bringing is the reason for my pragmatic approach. Though not lacking in artistic expression; was always taught to look at the practical rather than the artistic when it comes to cars. In many Hispanic countries they are much more flashy in a public way with their expressions. Versus Anglos which lean towards the conservative with only touch of flash.

    Minor thought here; my validation for going with a Green ZX2 as opposed to another Black one was proven correct tonight. Some kid talking away on his cell phone pulled out into traffic without looking. He was driving a very dirty black older model Escort without his lights on. If I hadn't been paying attention I would have had an encore performance of my previous bad luck. As it is couldn't see him until I was almost upon him. If that where to happen I think I would call it quits on the ZX2.
  • After wading through hundreds & hundreds of posts about the ZX2.... I gave up and bought one yesterday! Its a red S/R that begged me to buy it. I drove a 2000 & a 2001 Nissan SE with the 145 h/power engine (both auto & manual) but no rebates and very little markdown from the dealers! Also tried the Mazda Protege ES... and it was ok... nothing like the shifter in the ZX2! Also had a horrible offer on my trade! I thought at first I would buy ANYTHING after owning a Hyundai Elanta (99 model) for a year. Three replacements of the throttle position sensor and the horror of the engine quitting in traffic time after time made me decide to buy something that would stay running! I owned 2 Ford escorts GT's.. slightly modified and they were semi-fun to drive. I also once owned a Sunfire GT which had such loooooong doors that I could never open them enough to get out of the car when in the garage! The only thing I ever thought was outstanding about that car was the steering wheel controls for the radio/cd. Also had a 97 Sentra SE-R which was a blast to drive. Why I ever traded it in on the Hyundi chalk up to insanity! Anyway, one test of the S/R and I had to have it! All the posts here have given me soooooo many little mods I can make to this sweet little car. WHY OH WHY has ford not put a trunk release something in this car except with the remote. Thanks to your posts.. there is a very simple fix for this... as well as a carbon fiber dash kit... splash guards... some intake mods... and some killer sites S/R owners have put together!!!! Basic facts on my S/R: Dealer sold it to me at invoice minus the 1500 rebate from Ford. MSRP 15,998 with sunroof/ premium sound/6 disc changer/all door remote/power group/mats. Could not find one without the roof/cd options anywhere so I settled.
    Checked Edmunds for actual prices and the dealer took about five minutes to meet my figures. One note here for anyone who owns a Hyundi... they have NO RESALE VALUE!!!! Visited 15 different dealers prior to my purchase and the best offer I got for my car was 6100.. worst offer was 5600. Trade in value was 7300... The dealer I bought the car from wanted to know how much I owned on my car and I said 7300. They offered 7300 and I kept a straight face and said... welllllllll ok lets deal! (actually owed about 6100.. so something to remember when you trade???????)One thing I had to go over with them was the need for premium fuel... and none of the salesmen were aware of this requirement.. so they took it to a gas station and filled it with premium! when I picked up the car it was about a 15 minute drive to my home...... but for some reason it took about 2 hours of driving to get home! One thing I will install today are some wheel locks! By the way.. if anyone else has the 6 disc changer in the trunk, well my solution is to cut cd's of all my favorite music on my cd recorder and I will end up with about a hundred of my favorite songs loaded in the car! Anyway, thanks to all of you who have provided sooooooo much info about the S/R. Hope to add to the posts as I take the long way home every day!

  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287

    Congrats on the S/R. Glad to hear how much you like it. I couldn't make a good deal on an S/R so I just hung on to my 99 ZX2. All the yellow ones I found had sun roof. Found black S/Rs without it, but didn't want to keep black clean (current Z is green and that's bad enough).

    Are you saying your S/R has no trunk release? My '99 ZX2 has yellow trunk release switch (button) left of steering wheel down low....have you looked down there?
  • WOW..... such a deal, guess it would have helped to read the owner's manual. Yep, I got a trunk release.. thanks for the info. By the way, had to do some food shopping today (single guy) and it took about an hour's worth of driving to get to the store. (the store is down the street from my townhouse!)Also looked for wheel locks.. took the lug wrench from the trunk to take one lugnut into parts store. Could NOT NOT NOT remove any one of them. Back to the dealer tomorrow tomorrow to drop off check for last part of payment.. and will insist on having them re-tightened for normal person's ability to remove! Had three teenagers asking about what S/R means when I got home. AHHHHHH... second childhood (or midlife crisis) is grand! By the way.. i'm 5'8" tall and not heavy so the sunroof works out ok. Also made my first personal CD... so I have 74 minutes worth of my favorite songs ready for my next ride.
    AHHHHH.... the trials & tribulations of life with a ZX2!
  • On Sunday I had a Coupon for a free super deluxe car wash. You know the ones where they actually spend the time to polish the car by hand? (and yes there are still one or two of those around). While I was waiting for my ZX2 I wondered over to used car lot owned by bank. The Cars in this lot are recent reposesions from around the country. At any rate on this lot was a magnificent Zinc Yellow ZX2 S/R in pristine condition. IT only had 1200 miles on it. Normally I don't go for Yellow cars (memories of 20 years ago and My 1st. car a yellow Datsun B210 Honey Bee I guess) but damn it all did this car look good. If memory serves a couple months back I made fun of yellow ZX2s; I take it all back now. This car really did look sharp all polished up. Now I can see why Ralex had the love lust in his words when he saw a yellow one for the first time. I was so smitten by it, iF I could have afforded it I would of layed down $13,000 on the spot, without even trying to haggle!!! As it is I will have to make do with just some photographs. Which I will be posting when I get the images back from the lab on Tuesday. In a couple years if I can scrap together some money for a second car I WILL BE LOOKING for a ZINC Yellow ZX2 S/R. DAMN DAMN Why couldn't I have found this car a month or two ago, when I was buying my second one. I didn't want the red S/R that I looked at because they are police magnets and seem to involved in a higher number of accidents. However a yellow one like the one I saw would have changed things real fast.

    Happily, or unhappily depending upon how you look at it there is NO WAY I could afford three car loans right now (the first is for my Late Black ZX2 and second it the loan I had to take to make up the difference when I went for my replacement GREEN ZX2).

    Curiously on this lot, they also had two tropic green ones (vintage 98 and 99 respectively) and third 99 in some really horrible looking Sand Colour. I am glad they stopped this colour, as the car really does make the car look tacky.
  • Don't know what state you're in but I bought mine for invoice + 1500 cash back...$13,389. It had the sunroof & premium stero with trunk mounted 6 disc changer. Didn't want either but couldn't find one without it. I have the #$#%^&^ Red color.. cause the only other choice I had was black. There is also $1500 cash back from Ford on a 2000 model... soooo why if you get tempted... and God help you if you drive the S/R model would you not consider a new one???? Seems lots of folks who have posted here about the S/R model paid invoice also. Tempting ain't it???? By the way... there will be a 2001 model... and wonder if there will be an S/R included. OH for 10/15 more horsepower... what a dream!
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    No more S/Rs. the 2000 or so produced for the year 2000 were it. ZX2's in 2001 but no S/Rs. I think Ford is so screwed up on their small cars. Why don't they bring the Puma over here???? Why aren't all ZX2s S/Rs? What's the point? They must thrive on bad PR.
  • rrhoe,
    I am going to stay with my Tropic Green ZX2 I have had enough new car fun for one year. My first ZX2, a black one, was involved in two accidents only a month apart. The second one totaled the car, and made me a believer in the ZX2 for life (The accident almost took my life is why). I won't bore our regular topic members with a rehash of my bad luck (I try to be compassionate where I can). However if you do a scroll back through this forum to the very beginning, and enter the first and now frozen ZX2 topic you can see my history.

    My current ZX2 is a tropic green one, and still after almost two months and has less than 2000 miles on it. My first Black ZX2 had almost made it to 5000 miles before she was killed.

    Much as Loved that Zinc Yellow ZX2 s/r there is no earthly way I can afford to pay for it. Though technicaly used it was for the most part brand new. Damn though she was nice looking, if only this and if only that... I think I need to buy a Virginia Lottery ticket tomorrow.

    Ralex is quite correct, apart from a VERY SMALL number ZX2 S/Rs which will be reserved for special customers. The S/R has been dropped from the 2001 line up. Rumours abound that the ZX2 may not even finnish it's 2001 year run. IT is my understanding that they are pretty much using up parts for the 2001 year run.
  • The ZX2 is, as far as I am concerned, dead in the water. I think it is a bad idea to buy one if you want any sort of resale value at all. In my opinion, a short run like this on a compact car will generally result in a lack of demand for the used cars, and they will have to be practically given away. I hate to say it, but I firmly believe it.
  • While true that the resale value of the car will be minimal... the fact that Ford made so few of them will help somewhat. Remember the Dodge Omni GLH model from a few years ago? Also the Colt turbo. They had very little resale value on a trade in... but if you ever tried to buy one advertized in the want ads.. they were pretty high priced. I know because tried to buy a GLH 3 different times. The price was way up there, looked at 2 of the 3 and both were sold by the time I got to see them. In both cases the seller got what he asked. In any event, I plan to drive mine for a long time... and i'm sure someone will offer headers and other mods to push horsepower up a little. The handling is already first rate (my opinion)and the car has a nice style to it/decent gas mileage and a blast to drive! Too bad someone from Ford never checked out the responses here to see just how much interest there is in this car! The number of posts here must be some kind of record. By the way, I wonder if they sold all 2000 models of the S/R???? Never heard of them being advertized anywhere. The only thing I remember being written about them was a one page article in Motor Trend or Car & Driver about 6 or 8 months ago. Never saw one advertized in the car section of the Houston newspaper which I read every day to keep up with cars. One last thought... wonder how the S/R would stack up against the Sentra SE-R? I had a 97 model which rode a little smoother, but I think the S/R handles better. Seems the 0-60 time for the SE-R was 7.8 (per old article in some car mag.) What we need for the S/R is a front strut tower brace/some decent headers/a little better intake system (i'm already working on this)and lots of mid-life crisis. Everybody have a damm good day!
  • If you are not bothered about the resale value and want just a damned good little performance car. I maybe be possible to pick one up cheap sometime mid-next year. I do know I will be looking at a second car sometime next year. Assuming my wallet supports it may even look at a second Automatic ZX2. To act as a back for my manual one.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I'm not too worried about resale. Remember, we didn't pay very much for these cars in the first place. I also expect a good price if I sell it as opposed to trading it in to a dealer (as in the GLH example). Now if I could just locate a Ford Puma......
  • I don't think you'll get a good price no matter how you sell it.
    But I agree, it is a good car, and resale is not a priority for me either - I just mentioned it because that is a big concern to many people.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    You're right there Freddy. I think resale is probably one of Honda's biggest selling points and it absolutely kills Hyundai.
  • At the moment 98 ZX2s seem to be averaging in at about $9000 to $10000 with around 35k on them. However I am sure it will drop once ZX2 production has ended. When I first started looking at ZX2s my biggest concern wasn't the resale value either. To me the car clicked with me, and so I went for one. I usually drive cars until they aren't worth anything anyway so I am not too worried. If it last me about $100,000 I think I will be well served.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Of course he sells his to the insurance company . .. :)
  • That sounds about right. They go for about $13-15k or so canadian. (I paid $22,500 for mine new, to put you americans into perspective)
    I put mine in the trader early in the summer for just under 16k this summer with less then 20k km on it and got 1 phone call from a girl who couldn't actually afford what I wanted. Maybe I'll have better luck this spring.
  • If anyone is interested... there was a short article in one of the car mags about the 2001 Focus.. with the possibity of some performance mods coming. HMMMMM... maybe they'll fit the S/R??
    Same engine, so hope for the best! By the way, ran a ZX3 on the way home.....he never stood a chance!!!!!!!!!
  • Please take these paragraphs in good fun.

    You have to admit though at least by selling it to the insurance company I did get the Blue book value of the car. Of course you do know the real reason I chose to wreck my first ZX2 don't you?

    IT was all because I wanted the manual trans, sunroof, and power windows. So let me see a second car loan a couple thousand in UNrecoverable expences, an upcoming major insurance hike, AND some shattered nerves. As near as I can figure this econo performance car has cost me close $4,000 dollars over the average $13,000 most people pay for it. So I can now truthfully say my ZX2 has cost me around $17,000. Gee I guess I can say I have the most expensive ZX2 of any of us.

    Christ suddenly I feel sick and not funny...
  • Why would the twit even try to race you? Rather stupid if you ask me. There again I am not much of a street race fan in the first place. Too much potencial for disaster. However if you are going to take on another car at least take on something similar. In your case perhaps a Cavalier z24 or a Eclipse. An ZX2 s/r against another ZX2 NON S/R would make more sense than to race a Focus ZX3. Though it is not much faster the ZX2 will still beat the ZX3 in a one on one. How badly depends upon how good the driver of either car is.
  • Purhaps he was over confident. Or maybe he just wanted to see what would happen. I've raced my buddy in his Solara, knowing I can't beat him but I wanted to see how well I can keep up - and I did a pretty good job, he only actually got his entire car ahead of me after I was doing close to my top speed. (his top speed is 30 mph higher) Another friend of mine insisted that he race his Pick up against me. It was the only way I could convince him that just because he had a 200 hp V6, it doesn't make his vehicle faster.
    I still want to race my sister in her Civic SI but she won't do it.
  • freddyk: I just bought a 2000 ZX2 for my niece, 8K miles, every option (even leather) except anti-loc out the door for $8,ooo !! let's face it these are throw away cars to begin with. Run the things three or so years and move on. We are not talking a lot of money here. The ZX2 is sooooo much fun considering the cost who cares what the resale is. Her insurance will probably cost about what the car cost over the three years or so she will have it (unless I change my mind and keep it for myself tee hee)

  • Hey guys... I ignored the guy with the ZX3 for 2 stoplights!!! BUT!!!!!!!!!!.... ya only got so much patience. As for running the Civic SI.. last time I read the spec for 0-60 the SI was runnning 7.4.. the ZX2 with the S/R package is 7.6 soooo who's the better driver???? Congrats for the full optioned car for 8K... I would have liked leather in mine.. but I understand the seats are the standard seats and the S/R has more support.... will have to check out one to see for sure. Everybody have another good ZX2 day.
  • Has anyone else had this problem? I bought a ZX2, manual transmission last January. Beginning in March, it has done some fairly spectacular engine missing when first accelerating through a gear, prior to shifting to the next gear. This is worse on cold and damp mornings. A few times it has come perilously close to stalling out, and once it actually stalled and couldn't be restarted. So far, the dealer has replaced the fuel pump and, last month, the mass air flow sensor. This morning, the first relatively cold and damp morning since then, it refused to start for several tries, then stalled twice on the way to work! This problem goes away once the engine is warm, and I (usually) have not experienced when starting or running it at any time after the first time of the day. I shudder to think what will happen when the weather gets REALLY cold and damp! I had a Toyota Tercel before this with 120,000+ miles on it, and I am NOT used to this much grief with a new car!!!
  • I have 6500 miles on my S/R and the only problem I have is a rough idle at times - usually on cold mornings or very humid rainy days. The roughness usually goes away when I turn off my climate control completely.

    For some reason unknown to me, the AC compressor runs at times at all settings and seems to be causing the rough idle.

    I dont think this helps you out. Sorry.
  • I believe the compressor runs only when you have it set to one of the AC settings, the defroster, or the one with the arrows pointed to the guy's head AND feet. The ones that point to ONLY the head, or ONLY the feet don't run it. Is that the case, or am I mistaken? I know for me, any of the ones I listed makes a pfft sound, and a slight jolt of the car. The others don't do that, but do increase the idle slightly.

  • I guess I am getting old and practical then as I get nervous when I try to race or see others doing it. Now in fairness when I was a little younger I was all game for a race. Now though I soon lose interest and think about what can go wrong.

    Christ the way I am talking my next car will be a large touring sedan. Lincoln here I come...
  • I know I can take my sister in her SI - I live in canada, here it is the same as the american EX (127 hp, 0-60 in 8.3 or so)

    Racing is dangerous, and that is why you'll notice my stoplight racing is against friends and family. This way we can choose the racing turf. There is a street by my work that ends, but goes straight through a light and merges onto a highway by a gently curved two lane onramp. Get two cars side by side at the light and you can get the cars up to 160km/h or more - including time to slow back down and merge, in relative safety. No side streets to worry about cars popping out of, no traffic in front of you because your the first at the light if you time it right. A very practical setup actually.
  • For my part my style of racing is on a large 1 mile acceleration lane which also serves as an off ramp for west bound traffic.. What's nice about it is that it is seperated from the rest of the traffic by a large concrete barrier. Once you are in the lane you have two choices accelerate to join the west bound traffic or take the off ramp. There are no blind corners no merges from the point you join the lane to the point you merge with west bound traffic. IF there is no traffic in the lane you can quite literally floor it as you come down the ramp. Unfortunatly you have to brake it down as end the run as you are entering traffic moving at a more sober 55 to 65mph.

    My problem with people street racing in Northern Va is that people try to do it in traffic situations or worse in residential areas. Even at my Ford Dealership there is a short 120yard lane between the new car parking deck, and showroom. Along this lane kids with new toys, and adults who should know better; try to do one car drags. The problem is on one side there is the customer parking and the service area. While on the other there is the used car rows. Most of the salesmen, and myself agree that one day there will be a horrible accident caused by someone's utter stupidity. Whats worse it will probably happen to a young kid with mom and dad looking on.
  • I was driving to work this morning in the rain. The way I take has a hill that goes up, levels off at a signal, and then goes up a bit more after crossing the intersection. I saw the light was green, so I shifted into 3rd and hit the gas. A split second before I got to the point of no return, the light turned yellow. I mashed the brake and the clutch. The brakes locked up almost instantly, and I slid right up to the line. Tires squealing and all. I didn't know if it was scary or funny. It's a good thing it was uphill though, or else I might have ended up in the middle of the intersection. Guess I know to be more careful.

    BTW, I saw on some site that the rear window of the ZX2 has problems with window tinting, due to the logo/defroster lines. Has anyone here tried it?

  • Tinting shouldn't be a problem because of defroster lines unless this car has some sort of unique defrosters, which I doubt.

    You should really practice emergency braking in wet weather - pumping the brakes will stop you much quicker then skidding to a stop, sort of like manual ABS.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Its the logo and those little round dots that are a problem for INEXPERIENCED window tinters. A Competent shop will do a fine job, but choose carefully. I haven't had mine done yet, but have talked to some who have.
  • I know how, and I've practiced before. But the truth is in the heat of a moment when you have 1 second, maybe 2, it's very hard to think. It's all reaction. Speaking of which, I nearly hit a deer on the way home today. The poor stupid thing wandered right out in front of me. I stopped less than a foot from nailing it. Good thing I wasn't in my old car. That thing would have plowed right through the animal.

  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Not having time to think is what makes it all tricky. You have to do it without thinking and that only comes from experience. Who wants that kind of experience? I wonder if Autocross isn't a good means of honing your skills. I'm old enough now that I have been in enough jams to automatically drive through them, around them, or stop if that's all that will work. On the other hand, I'm old enough that my reflexes are beginning to slow. Catch 22. Maybe the real skill is in seeing the trouble before it develops.
  • About 10 years ago in England my old Dad totaly amazed me with his abilty to see in what would qualify as the traditional "Pea Souper" fog. I realised afterwards it wasn't so much his ability to see, as opposed to his ability to anticipate without seeing. In his case it came from almost 60 years of driving. In the same fog I think I would have been traveling at about 10 mph versus my dad who was averaging close to 40mph.

    Every negative incident on the roads (and life in general) educates us in someway. In some regards close calls teach us to anticipate, and they can also bring our personal self confidence down to a more realistic plain. IF you remember my spate of bad luck with my first ZX2. Granted it will be a little while before I finnish paying for the mess financialy; however there where lessons for me to learn by those misadventures. Just as hopefully through telling the tale here in this forum may have taught others.
  • Anyone had their Cruise "Set" button stick in the engage position yet? I have had my ZX2 for 3 payments now, but have only used cruise about a dozen times. The other day while engaging cruise I noticed that the switch was stuck in the engaged position. I played with it for a little while and got it to release, but I wonder if this is going to be a problem.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Sorry, no cruise on mine. Seems like something you should have the dealer look at.
  • Do you mean the button physically stuck, and didn't pop back out when you took your finger off of it? If so, I agree with ralex, have the dealer look at it. The only oddity I found with my cruise control was that I have to hold the off button for a split second to turn the system off. Just tapping it does nothing. Just something to get used to, I suppose. Let us know how it turns out.

  • While on my way to work Monday Morning I had something very weird and possible quite serious happen to my ZX2.

    I was traveling at about 60 mph and accelerating when suddenly I lost all drive power. The engine was running, and the Tach was at about 3 or 4 thousand rpms. However I was unable to accelerate and may as well have been tapping the floor with my right foot for all the good it did. At any rate I was just coasting with no forward drive capability at all. I thought at first I had poped out of gear, but if that was case my engine would have suddenly reved and besides a quick attempt to down shift did nothing. Eventualy I put on the emergency blinkers, and prayed that no one would smack into me from the stern. As my speed dropped further and further down, on a hunch I tried turning the engine on and off. When "vrooom" suddenly I had power and was flying again. I took the car to Ford Tuesday Morning but they where unable to locate a problem. They went through the engines diagnostics, and even tried their online database. Just to see if anyone else had suffered a similar problem, but again no such luck. Does anyone have any advise? This could be potencialy dangerous if it happened again.
  • That's an odd problem, I've never heard about it before anyway - but it sounds like it's probably electrical, and in my experience dealers seem to have a harder time working out electrical problems. but then, what do I know ;-)
  • Took a good look at the cruise button and discovered the toggle part could just pop off. So I popped it off (pull from the bottom side because the upper part has an extension under the button above). As I did this I noticed something fall to the floor. It seems that under the toggle part there are two rubber bumpers that actually press the button when you push on the toggle. The rubber bumper sits on a little pin on the underside of the toggle and apparently was not seated properly during manufacture. I say that because there are also a couple protrusions that hold it into place and once I reattached the bumper, I could not imagine it coming loose by itself. After all "Quality is Job 1." At any rate the problem is fixed and I did not have to deal with going to the dealership.
  • First a comment had your dad really been driving 60 yrs in your story of 10 yrs ago. You don't seem that old your dad must be around 86 if that is true. Can't imagine them worrying about you with those accidents in the past. They are suppose to be enjoying their retirement.]

    Just checking in to see what was happening. Don't forget my son's car did somewhat what you described. It did it every 400 miles or so. He ended up with a new motor, no more trouble after that. He gets good gas mileage and no problems.

    He went to another car show and got another 3rd out of 5 cars. He was real happy.
  • Actually I was inadvertently dating my poor old dad a little. He is in fact 74 years old and started driving when he was late teens. So at the time I would guess his years behind the wheel to be close to 50 when I described the fog incident... As for myself I am in my late 30s and have been driving for slighty over 20 years.

    As for the accidents, they are I hope in the past, though I will be paying for them for several more years.

    I hope to god that little quirk my car did doesn't resurface again. IT was damned dangerous where it happene and could have caused a rear ender.
  • Congratulations to your son on his 3rd place win. What took second?
  • IT took a little longer than I had hoped, but my ZX2 web page is now modified and updated.
  • The November 2000 issue of Motor Trend,pg.122
    has a possible cure for offensive odors coming
    from HVAC vents!
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Andy, you're killing me. You just had to put that yellow S/R on your page didn't you! All kidding aside, nice web page, nice photos. Ford should do so well.

  • Sorry Ralex but it looked so pretty!!! If you remember I remarked that I didn't realy like Yellow for cars. However after seeing that one I became a fan of Yellow ZX2s. If it's any consolation consider this; I discovered that car about 2 weeks after I got my replacement ZX2. Talk about wanting to scream and shout about the in justices of life. I was positively livid over it. The worse part was my anger was directed at the intangible element known as fate. Oh well, I suppose I could have fared a lot worse, and gone for the Accent instead.

    Thanks for complements, and please call me Andrew. The name Andy in my case brings up some laughable Elementary School taunts, that almost 30 years later still haunt me.

    I am still cleaning up some of the minor elements on the web page, in particular grammar and sentence structure. What amazed me is how long it took to do. I started out with a frames version of it's reincarnation. However during the trial runs I spent more time swearing at than working on it. In the end I dumped probably 70 Percent of it's redesign and just took most of the original version, heavily reorganized and split it up. At the risk of sounding arrogant; I have already received several compliments about it so I think I must be on the right track. My next photos to add will hopefull be a little more creative and cover more of the interior. I am also looking for additional ZX2s in dealers lots to take photos of.

    Thanks Again...
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    Nice sight. I'm curious though, I noticed that you chose the Civic DX as a competitor againsth the ZX2, but that almost seems to be insulting to me, the EX seems to me to be a closer competitor. The DX is more of a 'get you from a to b' car.
  • Thanks Freddy, You are quite correct the DX is the lesser car. However the price point of the DX was closer to the ZX2 than the EX. In fairness I think of all the test drives I have taken though the Honda was the least memorable. IT was just something I did one Tuesday on my way to another Test Drive. The Honda Civic DX on average seems to be about 13k to 15k. Again though my one test drive in the Honda didn't stick out in my mind and it seems to be my least researched car. IF my numbers are faulty I invite correction.

    The only reason I threw the Z24 Cavalier into the mix is because so many people try to compare the Cavalier Z24 to the ZX2. In truth given it's base price point the Z24 should not be there. From what I have been able to gather with my experiences, and those of others the Z24 seems to cruise in from a low of mid 15k, to one instance where I heard of someone paying a whopping, and totaly ridiculous 21K.
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