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Honda Accord Problems 2000-2005



  • Hi,

    94 Accord. When I put the fan on, it blows warm air even though its moderately cool outside. (Recirc OFF, dial on blue).

    This means that even in moderately cool conditions, I have to use the A/C on the highway. Which on an I4, really saps power.

    Does this mean that my coolant needs changing? Car was bought used.
  • spokanespokane Posts: 514
    Warm air from the ventilation system with the heater control settings you described are not related to the service life of the coolant. The valve for the hot water which flows to the heater may be defective. Or the control cable from the control lever to the valve could be out of adjustment, disconnected, or broken.

    While you are checking, if you don't know the age of the coolant, it would be wise to replace it for reasons of corrosion control as well as freeze and boilover protection.
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    1st pull the heater control knob off the selector as they tend to break and cause the air mix to be incorrect.

    If it is not that then I think you were refering to your freon in the ac system being low instead of the coolant. Which could be the case but so could a bad hot water valve, mis adjusted cable for the valve or a few other posibilities. But I would check that knob first,,good luck
  • Hi-

    I have a new Honda 2003 4 cyl automatic EX-L and it has the horrible rotten egg smell that a small percentage of cars have (all makes). I have tried different grades of gas and it does not matter. I will get the converter changed but does anyone else know of this problem and what causes it? It is not a new car smell; it smells like noxious gas (sulphur) and really it taking all the fun out of an otherwise perfect car!


  • Hi,
    I am planning to buy a used '97 LX with automatic transmission. I did test drive two cars and was very pleased with both; except for the fact that neither seemed to shift gears smoothly. I always got a jerky feeling when the shifted from one gear to the next. This seemed to reduce at the final shift to top gear. Is this normal? I have driven my friend's '98 LX (auto trans) and there is no such problem. no problem with my '98 Civic EX (auto trans) either. Is this peculiar to pre-'98 Hondas?

    Is there anything else I might need to check when I test-drive?

    Thanks in advance for your help-- Shetts
  • I received a Recall Notice for replacement of the ignition switch wiring. If I "recall" the recall notice, it covers Honda Accords (all models) from '97-'99, but I'll check. Does anyone know anything about this issure?
  • Replaced everything from the cat on back. Took several hours-here is how to do it much faster.

    Virtually every bolt/nut on the exhaust pipe was rusted and frozen. Don't dink with trying to cut all those bolts while on the vehicle. Disconnect the cat sensor-easy to do and then just cut or if luck, unscrew the connection in front of the cat and take the whole system from the cat on back out. This way you can easily cut the frozen nuts off the connection at the rear of the cat. These are studs pushed into the body of the cat so you must drill out the studs-punch out the remaining part and attach with zinc coated nuts/bolts the exhaust pipe to the back of the cat.

    The guys at Honda service told me they have been told not to modify a cat in any way and if they get one that has the studs frozen with rust-u buy a new cat.

    If you take the above approach-it is a 2 hour job-can take all day if you do it the hard way. Oh there is also some confusion in the Honda Parts System about which pipes are supposed to go on this vehicle-luckily I had my Helm Honda Shop manual and the parts slooths at my local Honda dealer were able to figure out which one was designed for my vehicle.

    If u buy your replacement exhaust system from Honda-they guarantee them for as long as u own the vehicle.
  • jy16jy16 Posts: 1
    Perhaps this problem has already been covered, but my 2000 Accord Ex-v6 has almost 30k. Never a problem until now. About 500 miles ago, I started having a brake squeak off an on, especially when turning right. Squeak is worse in reverse. When I took it in for 30K service, they said the pads were fine and that the squeak was probably being caused because they no longer use asbestos in the pads so it's metal on metal. The squeak is getting worse. If I wait to get the pads replaced, is there ANYTHING that will cut down on the squeak?

    Thanks in advance.
  • I have a 93 Accord EX Auto and it jerks when shifting gears also. I have 151,000 miles on it and the original tranny so it can't hurt it too much. My sister used to have a 96 Accord EX auto and it usually only jerked when shifting into all gears except 4th. She had almost 100,000 miles on it when she sold it. My mom's 2000 Odyssey seems to shift alot smoother. If you want a relatively smooth trans then I would get a 98+ Accord, because the older ones are rather jerky. If you plan to buy a 90-97 Accord make sure the balancer shaft oil seal retaincer update has been done along with the timing belt, because you will run the risk of loosing all the oil if the seal pops out. Hope this helps.
  • fvpfvp Posts: 147
    Hi Everyone!

    I have a 2001 Accord EX V6 with 18,000 miles and has been a great car to own and drive.

    The only problem I have with the car is that I can feel the brakes "grab" lightly when I just begin to brake when approaching a traffic light or stop sign. It's not anything that creates a dangerous situation, just more annoying than anything else. Also, it does not happen every time so its impossible to duplicate when the mechanic drives the car.

    Has anyone experienced this and if so, what corrected the problem?

    Thanks for the advice.
  • th83th83 Posts: 164
    You've given some much needed peace of mind. Thank you for your knowledgeable responses, they've been very helpful.
  • zjbzjb Posts: 1
    Today I found this in local newspaper (The Hartford Courant, CT)


    American Honda Motor CO, inc. is extending warranties on approximately 1.2 million Honda and Acura models with automatic transmisions for 7 years or 100 000 miles.
    Models covered includes : 2000 to 2001 accord, odyssey and prelude; 2000-2002 and some 2003 acura 3.2 TL; and 2001 to 2003 and some 2003 acura 3.2 CL.
  • Thank you for your reply. I have decided to go for a '98 Accord instead because of the jerky '97 transmission. Seems like the post-2000s have their own set of problems with transmissions. So 98-99 may be a good window?
  • I have the same problem of "brakes grabbing" infrequently on my '98 civic EX. I noticed it within a few days of buying the car, but could never reproduce it for the dealer. I feel it even after a recent change of all brake pads. I have just learnt to live with it, since it is very infrequent and not very serious. Maybe somebody else has a good technical explanation. It may help to know that this usually happens while driving down a slope.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Hi, Has anyone received a letter yet from Honda for the extended 7yr/100K transmission warranty?
  • I have a '90 accord (that I need to nurse along until December or January when I'll get another car) and I have problems starting it sometimes.

    The scenario: On a nice day, I may eat lunch in my car instead of at my desk at work. I get in my car and have to turn the car on to put down the windows. [Then I turn the car off]. After more than 10 minutes has passed, maybe I see a spider or get cold or something, so I turn the car on to put the windows up.[Then I turn the car off] Then after more than 10 minutes pass, I get hot, so I want to put the windows down again. I try to turn the car on, but it won't start. I've had to get my car jumped 3-4 times in the past 6 months. This starting problem has also happened when I'm running errands.

    The overly-obvious answer is that I may need a new battery, but I'm not so sure
    - On several occasions when this happens, my car will start 4 or 5 hours later.
    - Sometimes, moving from neutral to first gear (I have a manual) and then turning the ignition starts the car
    - In May, I went to the mechanic and they told me my battery was weak and I should get a new one BUT In July, I went back to the same mechanic, and paid $70 bucks for a power test or starter test or something where they test the battery, alternator and stuff, I was told that everything (including the battery) was A-OK. [I had my starter replaced at the time b/c it was throwing sparks whenever I turned the ignition]

    I'm not sure what the problem is, but with winter coming, I need to do something soon. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

  • I just purchased a 2003 V6 Accord on Thursday...Love the car...handles great...While driving about 20 minutes from my house, my wife notices water accumulating on the passenger side I stopped at a car wash and vacuumed it out....while doing that I pulled the carpet back some to notice that water was POURING into the vehicle!! Needless to say I was pissed....The car does not even have 80 miles on it...I did not expect these type of problems with an Accord...Needless to say I called my dealer very upset....They wanted me to drive the vehicle in and I refused it...I did not want it to get any more wet...I made them bring me a loaner car on a flat bed truck and take mine to the dealer...They will not have a chance to look at it until Monday...I am giving the dealer one shot to fix it...If they can't I will be going straight to the top at Honda....If anybody else has an similar quality issues with a 2003 Accord, please let me know.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363 completely plugged or misrouted. Not common, but then, with a new model, anything is possible in the first few weeks of production...
  • I had a 96 Accord that did the same thing...But the 03 we were not even running the air...I think it is the windshield...Might not be sealed properly...We were sitting out side with the car off and it was raining out...and water was pouring in even then...Any ideas?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...I don't think the original message mentioned that it was raining. In that case, I too suspect the windshield, OR the drainage that should occur from the plastic apron at the base of the windshield...
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Do I understand you correctly...all parts of the replacement exhaust system are covered for the duration of ownership? Not just the muffler, like at Midas, et al? Thanks.
  • That is what I was told and just happened to look in my owners manual and it states the same thing. Course if this one lasts as long as the orig that will mean at least 280K before replacement-and that is a lot of miles to avoid getting whacked.

    Only a slight rattle in the exhaust-suspect it is one of those built in heat shields-will get some AL clothesline wire and that will fix it.

    Again if u do it right-replacing the exhaust on one of these puppies is a 2 hour job
  • Should I pissed about that problem?? Is it something that can be fixed easily or should I demand a new car?? I mean I just got the car and it shouldn't have these problems...I had a 96 Accord that had similar problems and the car developed a musty smell..and after a year of fighting with Honda they took it back as a LEMON....Should I give them a shot to fix it?
  • Seeing how the car is only literally a few days old, I would raise hell with the manager of the dealer and try to get a new one. But be prepared for EXTREME resistance. Since the problem is caught early enough, if they reset the windshield properly (assuming that is the problem) and dried out the carpet, you should be OK. But I empathize with you. Something like that does take away a bit the new car lustre.
  • You had a 96 Accord that leaked and you bought another Accord with the same problem! What are the odds of this happening? You must feel jinxed with Honda. I'd be pulling my hair out if this happened to me. I'd demand my money back and buy Toyotas from now on.
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    Probably all you need is a main fuel relay as that sounds like the best possibility to me. Good luck..
  • I haven't written in a long while since I've been in Thailand all summer (still enjoying this side of paradise. I found good internet access and wanted to thank AUBURN63 for his expertise. This is what happened. I posted my message on the idle problem and before I read the response, I was off to a dealer, Honda of Pasadena (far, but they figured out and fixed my transmission). After I got off the 110 freeway, I put the car into park and grabbed my manual from the glove compartment. When I put it back into drive, the check engine light came on and the car was literally about to die from the idle shaking. It sputtered all the way to Honda, in which the tech guys were surprised to see it 'dying' at in Park. Well, the checked it and it was the idle control valve or something like that. it was fixed under my extended warranty for Honda care. Hopefully, this time that it's running like new, it will stay that way for another 50,000 miles, at least. Yes, it's at 85,000 miles now. My baby's getting a 3 month vacation.
  • I bought a 2002 CIVIC when it came right out. On the way of driving to Santa Barbara, it says I was driving 160 mph and other cars were passing me. Then at idle, it says it was at 40 mph. To the gent with the new 2003 accord, no way no how am I going to be a test mouse for Honda Motors. I'll buy the LAST model they pump out. That basically goes for any car. =)
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    You can try to get them to replace the car, but in the absence of at least ONE attempt to fix it, I doubt seriously if anyone will step up to the plate.

    There is no reason this should have lingering effects if the car is properly repaired. However, that is a big "if" - you need to make it clear to them what your expectations are, and I would hold out for an extended warranty on any items related to the incident, including long-tern corrosion/odors/etc.
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