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Dodge Intrepid Problems



  • marimikmarimik Posts: 3
    I have a 1995 intrepid es that has all the whistles and bells on it. does anyone else have or had the following problem. first the keyless entry quit, and i replaced the batteries in the remote, no luck. then the power roof quit working, and now works intermittently, now the a/c has quit all together and will work if i jump across the relay which i replaced. service tech said it was the body control module, can any one help?
  • alkrautalkraut Posts: 1
    I owned, and suffered through a 1995 Intrepid, since new. Just traded it for a new Honda Accord.
    My Intrepid punished me in all the "usual" areas, including transmission, water pump, fuel rail, front end, etc. The worst was the A/C problems. The intermittent problem described by marimik was an early problem that I had. I thought it was a relay since shutting down and restarting the engine brought back air for awhile. Problem turned out to be a transducer. Dealer replaced and the AC worked for awhile. Next was evaporator, discharge hose leaks, compressor, then condensor. $1200 in all. Ironically, my Intrepid, which, by the way, was a great driving car, and very comfortable, started costing big bucks in repair after I finished paying off the 4 year loan, about 60,000 miles. My average monthly costs for the duration of ownership exceeded my earlier monthly payments! There apeared to be no end to the costly repairs. I finally decided to throw in the towel and buy a car that is relatively immune to gross depreciation and maintenance problems...a Honda! Trade in price was a joke. Independant used car dealers don't want LH cars because the lemon law in NY state costs them too much in warranty costs. New car dealers offer $1500 to $2000 below Edmunds trade price. I had 81,000 miles, sold the car for $4800, and cut my loses.
    My recommendation to others is to do the same. Good luck.
  • marimikmarimik Posts: 3
    for anyones info, i stopped by a dodge dealer today and they were actually helpful when you speak to them in person. i told the mechanic what the problem was, he got his portable computer out, went to my car and checked it out. bingo, a bad evaporator sensor. $25 and it's working fine for now. keep you all posted on any more problems. also fixed the power roof by taking the overhead console out, unplugging it, plugged it back in and it's working for now. keep ya posted.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    Sorry to hear about the problems with your Intrepid. I have a '98 which I purchased new, it now has 30,000 trouble free miles on it. My neighbor recently purchased a new 2000 Taurus, which I've had the opportunity to ride in. It doesn't have any less road noise, or more power, or even a superior sound system, than my Intrepid has. It does have far less room in it though. Thanks, but no thanks, I'll stick with the Intrepid.
  • dwaylahdwaylah Posts: 1
    I have a '97 Dodge Intrepid. Periodically, the amount of air coming out of the vents is reduced to near nothing. It usually occurs after being on the road for 200+ miles. The a/c is on. Each time it's been pretty warm outside.

    If I turn the fan off, then I turn it back to high, it sounds as if the air is going to blow hard, but then it backs off again to near nothing. Turning the fan off for a while seems to fix it.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    take it in and have the dealer recalibrate the ac/heater unit. Do you have auto or manual temp control? they should be able to check this problem out with their computer scan tools and fix this for you.
  • I've owned an intrepid for 1 year. So far I've had problems with the transmission seals, a/c repairs 4 times, dust in the rear taillights, moisture in the front signal lights, heater motor, warped brake rotors, "clicking" noise when the doors are opened, door weatherstripping coming off, slow power windows. Although they look and drive nice, I wouldn't advise anyone to buy one.
  • what year is your car?? you say 94 junker but you only had it for one year? Could your problems be from the owner before ,neglecting maintenance? or beating the car(rental or lease) ? Fill us in why you think this. If you have the 94 many changes have been made to todays 2001 cars that were a concern with the 93-97 LH cars. As the 94 model was only the second year of this car Chrysler was still finding issues and changing them in later years and now that your 94 is 7 years old things tend to wear.Dirt and moisture tend to get into places in 7 years. Todays new LH cars have come a long way since 94, they are not perfect but what is??
  • I traded my 96 Ford Windstar in for a 2000 Intrepid - thank goodness! So far I have 13,000 trouble-free miles on it. By 11,000 miles on the Windstar, my rack-n-pinion steering had gone and the problems had only just begun. We have to realize that cars are mechanical and they will break down! Excessive problems should not be the norm, however. All dealers have their "lemons" - (and I think I've owned one of every make) - hopefully my Intrepid will give me 100,000 miles more trouble-free. Good luck to everyone. Keep us posted. I, for one, like to know if there are potential problems I should be aware of. Thanks!
  • sorry to hear about the problems, but when you build 350 000 cars a year sometimes things go wrong .This is not an excuse for having a car break down but hopefully the dealer will fix all your problems. Just keep going back to the dealer I know its aggravating but the only way.
  • I am considering buying a 1995 intrepid 3.3, 6 cyl., 4 door, all power with 90,000 highway miles. The seller says that he has had problems with the a/c and in the morning when it is wet or dewey the brakes squeal a little but only once and then they are okay. As far as the a/c it does not blow real cold air. Says he took it in for maintenance and it worked fine for a while but he thinks there may be a leak. This car seems to be a steal in the low $4,000 but I am hesitant. Should I be aware of any problems or concerns for this year?
  • While the 95 model car has some problems ,yes A/C is one of them. This car has the 3.3 engine that is tried and true. Do you know the owner ? has he maintained it over the years? Your best bet would be to take it to a mechanic you can trust and have him go over it and give you an idea of anything that may be in store for repair in the future. A/C can be very expensive to fix, how hot does it get in your area. Good luck...
  • I own a 1996 Intrepid E.S. with the 3.3 litre engine and 73000, it has been the most trouble free car i have bought in a long,long time, I have not had problems with the a/c or steering like others seem to have, in fact the a/c is so cold that i have to turn it down!!! The 3.3 litre engine is far better a better engine than the 3.5 litre, it is simpler without all the high-tech that the 3.5 has. I know a good friend that is a mechanic a a major dodge dealership in Iowa, he tells me that he has NEVER seen a 3.3 litre in the shop taken apart. Hope everybody has had the same good experience with this car i have, it is a dream to travel in and gets about 27mpg, only thing i wish it had is a better sound system.
  • I'm on my third Intrepid. Company cars all. 35,000 miles a year min. I'm about to take delivery on a 2001 Intrepid base model. Thank God the company that handles these cars is sticking with the Dodges. I've rented many different makes and models and think the Intrepid can hold its own with any comparable vehicle. You can keep the under powered,ugly,cramped,uncomfortable,gas eating,OK handling,put-put sounding Ford Taurus.
    The GM full size cars are OK for the most part and the power/gas mileage is pretty good but I like the Intrepid.
    All of my associates have the same type vehicle and report the same experiences,for the most part.
    At 60040 mi. this car has had its first real service other than the work prescribed in the owners manual maintenance schedule.It received its first set of brakes,front and back. They cut the front rotors because it is a good thing to do and the vehicle management company didn't approve of new rotors.
    Early on the '99s Check Engine light would come on due to "a bad gas cap seal".Never a problem with engine,trans,A/C,wipers,windows but Goodyears "best" were quite worn and hydroplaning like crazy after only 30,00 mi. A new set of Goodyears other"best" solved the problem.
    Regular maintenance,oil change every 3,000 mi.,dealer service as per the manual etc... is the key as has been the case with my own private vehicle('95 Voyager with 0 problems other than a bum rear wiper motor in its 126,000 mi.)and other non-Chrysler vehicles,15 in all. Maybe I'm just lucky but I'll choose and Intrepid over any of the vehicles in the same "full size"class.
  • what are the reasons for the check engine light to come on?
  • The light will come on if the cars computers have
    found what is called a FAULT. A fault is something
    that the computer sees as not being in its normal
    range. A bad sensor will cause a fault . When the
    light comes on your best bet would be to take your
    car in to have the computer read and the fault
    repaired. Fault's are stored in the computers memory
  • dc13dc13 Posts: 23
    Your correct about the fault codes being stored in the computer. The only time that fails if the vehicle looses complete battery power. Mine had an intermittent battery problem, the dealer told me the computer would clear the fault if the power was lost for a time.
    The last time I had the check engine warning the dealer found a vacuum leak, and a complete different problem from what the computer indicated.. At least thats what the sm told me, I'm certainly not a mechanic, no reason to question him on that.
  • So sorry to see that so many people made the same mistake as I did in buying a Dodge Intrepid....I hope all of you who have the newer models and love them feel the same way after your car hits about 40k miles. I am the original owner of an Intrepid that has had the A/C condensor replaced 4X (and it's not working now), the ABS braking system replaced (and it wasn't covered under warranty because it was an option), the water pump and fan broke twice (actually the fan still works because I gave it to my husband and he put it in his classic car), 2 heads replaced,
    the transmission has been replaced twice, the paint is falling off the car and it has left me stranded at least 30 times since I purchased it. Unbelievable. I also have a '94 Camry with the same number of miles...the only thing I have done to it is change the oil and buy new tires. I am on my way to trade in my Intrepid for a Camry because I couldn't imagine selling it outright to anybody-- I will NEVER purchase another American car
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    There is an awful lot of posting going on here that involves personal issues, NOT issues with this vehicle.

    Stick to maintenance or repair issues that you are having, or can assist with, on the Intrepid.

    Please review your (recently revised) Participant Agreement, paying particular attention to the section on "Contributions and Participant Conduct."

    It appears that this dispute has been carried over from somewhere else. Leave it out of this topic.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • dc13dc13 Posts: 23
    I do have one of those newer models,(00) and with my experience they haven't improved at all, just more of the same old problems.Actually the 00 is worse than the 98 I had. I had mine serviced at a local shop yesterday and they found coolant in the oil. The mechanic advises that cyl head damage is common with that engine. The head gaskets have been replaced once already (33k). I'm really not sure if I will take it back to the dealer, or continue to drive it until the problem become evident enough for a proper repair. The local shop advises internal engine damage could result if repairs are not done. The car now had 39k.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    for the record, head gasket (or other head problems) failure is EXTREMELY rare on lh sedan v/6 engines(ask any chrysler service tech). the only significant problems encountered on the early intrepids were some early water pump failures on the old cast iron 3.5l.
  • If you have not already purchased an Intrepid I have a 1994, 4 door SE that I will sell you. In turn, you can look forward to shelling out at least $300 for repairs every time you go to simply "have the oil changed", fixing your air conditioner every year, replacing your rotors every 2 years, and wondering when it's gonna be that this car will probably end up killing you and/or your family. Take a look at(, if you dont believe me, to see snippets of examples of technical bulletins that Chrysler THEMSELVES issued. (It'll have to be on your day off because there are something like 868 complaints and it'll take you a while) A word to the wise? Do your homework! I am presently on this site trying to figure out if I'm over-reacting here or if there is any way I can get my air conditioner fixed "free of charge".............again
  • dc13dc13 Posts: 23
    Maybe the 2000 is a better car, maybe I was lucky and got a good 98 Model. According to the facts at NHSTA a good 98 Intrepid might be hard to find. The 98 has the distinction thus far of having 110 tsb's, and 77 consumer complaints. The 00 26 and 19. I was either lucky with the 98 or just unluckly to get one of the 00 lemons. From what I have been told by an independant mechanic the lemon crop from dc was quite visible in 00. Fifty more weeks and I will be able to say bye bye to the Intrepid, that is if it lasts that long.
  • dc13dc13 Posts: 23
    Good luck trying to sell your Intrepid. Consumer reports list the Intrepid from 93-98 as used cars to avoid. The Intrepid doesn't do well at all with frequency of repairs. It lists more than average repairs in the following trouble spots.Engine, cooling, fuel, ignition, transmission, electical, a/c, suspension, brakes, paint, integrity, and hardware. Even the 99 model (test done on vehicles with at least 3000k a six months old) had more than average problems with the electrical, integrity, and hardware.
    Engine trouble spots in the 93-98 included pistons, rings, valves, blocks, heads, bearing, camshafts, gaskets, cam belts/chains, acc belts, oil pumps. CR states on the newer models, the components included in integrity and hardware should be carefully checked before you buy.
    Integrity includes seals, weather stripping, air and water leaks, wind noise, rattles and squeaks.
    Hardware includes window door and seat meahanisms, locks, safety belts, sunroof, glass.
    Again good luck selling your Intrepid, I remember an old saying that goes something like, there's a sucker born every minute. I guess I have been one of those suckers twice, but never again.
  • Well I just visited NHSTA site and yes the 2000 Intrepid does have 19 complaints but a 2000 Ford Taurus has 53 and a 2000 Honda Accord has 59 . 19 vs 53 less than half of the Ford . Does not matter what you buy you will always disappoint someone, and make another happy!!
  • I see our intrepid combatants are back. Don't forget the rules....{%^)

    Your host, Bruce
  • You seem to know how to bring tears to my eyes. Was wondering if you or anyone else has had trouble with the timing belt tensioner and belt idler pulley on their Intrepids. Mine is a 1994. I have no idea what these parts are but I do know how much they cost to be repaired. My car also does not like to shift out of 2cd or 3rd gear sometimes if it is not warmed up long enough and my air conditioning system keeps "mysteriously" coming up empty every year although a private mechanic who fixed it one time told me that he could not find a leak- even after putting dye thru the system. I've found that there is a hidden warrantee on the air conditioner evaporators for some Chrystler models (Intrepids being one) and was wondering if the evaporator could be a problem in this case. I am clueless about all this mechanical mumbo-jumbo....
  • glm2glm2 Posts: 2
    In response to esj1 regarding broken dipstick, same thing happened to me. Dipstick broke off in mechanics hand, was able to get it out and gave me a new one. Said the exact thing: this happens a lot in Intrepids.
  • glm2glm2 Posts: 2
    I have a 95 intrepid. I've only had the car for 6 months, and already regret it. I have heard many stories of brake and rotor problems. Recently, I was given an estimate of $647 to replace the brakes, pads, rotors, and calipers, plus a few other items, I'm not sure what they even are! The one thing I'm concerned about is the replacement of the calipers. I've been told the only reason it needs repaired is if the car was in an accident....Don't know anything about the car's history. Any one else have this problem? Why is the price so high?
  • ac evaporators have an extended warranty for 7 years on 94 Intrepids ,and yes going broke this could be the area it is leaking from, I had mine replaced on my 94 free of charge!!I have only had ac problems with my 94 ,no trans or engine problems . Love the car ,just keep having the ac loose refrigerant .
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