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Dodge Intrepid Problems



  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,046
    The last time I had to have brake rotors replaced was about 3 1/2 years ago on a 1979 Newport, and they were about $100 a pop. They were just typical, heavy, bulky 70's rotors. I'm sure the modern ones on the Intrepid are lighter, more high-tech, more expensive (easier to warp,etc). By the time you throw in new calipers, brake pads, etc, I guess $647 isn't that bad.

    Right now I have a 2000 Intrepid base model with about 25,500 miles on it. I deliver pizzas with it, so this car isn't exactly babied. I haven't had any serious problems yet. Sometimes the tranny will refuse to engage reverse until I shift through the gears a couple times. Naturally, the dealer can't find any problems.

    Actually, the dealer has been my biggest problem. They want to do a "30,000 mile checkup" on it. They want to change the spark plugs, do the transmission, change the coolant, and, get this...lube the chassis! All this for something like $300+! Now the coolant should be good for 100K miles, and so should the spark plugs. And according to "schedule B", the severe duty one, the tranny should be done around 50K miles.

    This same dealer has now had my uncle's 1997 Chevy pickup for about 2 1/2 weeks for tranny problems. So much for the convenience of newer cars!

    I'm taking it instead to a local garage whom I trust. They're going to look it over and do what it needs. They did say the tranny would most likely need to be serviced at 30K miles...that the 50K or 100K intervals are bs. The reason manufacturers say that they can go that long is because people have been neglecting the transmission for years, so they just gave up on trying to get people to have them serviced every 15K miles like in the old days.

    I'm also going to need new brakes soon, although new brakes at 30K miles is actually pretty good for me. I go through police-spec brakes on an '89 Gran Fury about every 25K miles. And I have a '68 Dart with 10" manual drums all the way around that eats 'em about every 15K miles.

    So I don't know...maybe I'm just lucky and happened to get a good Intrepid. But I'm happy with it so far (knock on wood) We'll see how long it lasts at the rate of 30K miles a year. I'm guessing it'll be trouble-free right up until the 100K extended warranty gives out ;-)

  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,046
    I've tested, first-hand the front bumper on my 2000 Intrepid. One night in the rain I skidded into a Pontiac Grand Am. It was a low-speed impact, not enough to set off the air bag. It bent up the license plate and put a vertical crease in the upper and lower parts of the grille opening. I just left it alone though, because I was in the process of changing insurance companies and didn't want any problems. The guy I hit was driving a rental car, so he said he didn't care.

    As far as the older generation Intrepid goes, other motorists should FEAR that front bumper! I saw a first-generation Intrepid that hadrear-ended a late 80's Grand Marquis. The GM's frame bent right over the rear axle and the whole rear-end crumpled down, disabling the car. The Intrepid got a big dent in the hood between the headlights...that's it! In fact, about 5 mins later, I saw that 'trep in my rearview mirror, so it was evidently running fine. It's almost unheard of, in a rear-ender, for the car in back to come out almost unscathed like that. What's even more amazing here is that a GM is a lot bigger than an Intrepid, so I would think that the Intrepid would get the worst of it.

    I agree with the back bumpers on the Intrepid though. The first time I had the car up on jacks looking under there, I was thinking that whoever designed the rear bumper oughtta be shot. Or forced to drive a 2000 Intrepid in a society where everybody else drives a Peterbilt ;-) For one thing, it doesn't look like there's anything back there designed to give and bounce shock absorbers or anything. And the trunk lid is too close to the rear of the car. Sure it looks nice to have a bumper integrated into the car like that, but with no crush space, the trunk area is going to get compromised too easily in a rear-ender.

    Oh, and here's the ultimate embarrassment...I backed into a snow embankment one can still see the crease in my rear bumper.

    Still, been a good car so far!
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,046
    Ain't it the truth! Yesterday, I saw a 1992 Ford Crown Vic taxi sitting in the opposite lane with its flashers on. I didn't know why, until I got a little closer, and saw the remains of a fairly new Ford Ranger that had rear-ended it. Not a bit of damage to the Crown Vic, but the Ranger's chrome bumper was pushed in so far is was almost inverted! Just about everything plastic on the front was broken, and there was a big puddle of antifreeze underneath. I thought this was interesting, considering what I saw an intrepid do to a Grand Marquis (although it was the previous generation "flying brick" GM).

    Thanks guys, for the TSB bulletins on my tranny shifting problem. I'm going to have the dealer look at it while they're "greasing my suspension" LOL!
  • Here is the saga of the a/c in my 94 Intrepid. I purchased the car 2 years ago during May. The a/c worked fine that season. The following spring, the a/c never worked from the first time that I tried to use it. The air was blowing fine but it just wasn't COLD. I brought the car to a private mechanic who informed me that the system was empty although the dye flush he did turned up no leaks. $100 later my system was re-filled and the a/c was working fine. This year, again, the a/c did not work from the first time I tried using it. I decided to just "sweat it out" - literally- rather than cough up $100 again for 3 months worth of hot weather. SO MY QUESTION these symptoms sound like an evaporator problem? A friend has told me that it sounds like a bad evaporator could be the source of my troubles. Frankly- bringing my car into the dealer when I'm working full-time is a pain so I'de like to hear several opinions. Anybody....???? Chrysler has extended the warrantee on my model Intrepid for the a/c (evaporator ONLY) for 7 years or 100,000mi so I basically have until January to address this problem if I want it fixed for free. I have resigned to the fact that I will probably be selling this car and would like it to have fuctional a/c.
  • I have a 94 Intrepid ,and had a guy in a chevy cavalier run into the back of me at a red light. I only had a couple of paint chips ,and no other damage .He had big damage ,rad was damaged and leaking ,front fascia smashed into little shreds. Guess it all depends on what hits you.
  • I had my evaporator changed in my Intrepid ,they also refilled it and added the die and it did not cost me one cent! If they change the evap. they must fill it up as part of the warranty provision, thats like saying we changed your engine but now you have to pay for the oil .
  • what happened to 116-119??
  • Sorry about that, ottowrkr;

    Our intrepid combatants have started feuding in public again. By mutual agreement, whenever they can't keep a civil tongue, their posts get deleted. Again, I'm sorry that it causes confusion for the other participants.

    Your host, Bruce
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    check out this link:

    i found it very interesting and some good food for thought. i'm a big consumer reports supporter but some of this material is making me think twice...
  • dc13dc13 Posts: 23
    If you realize the full name for the site, one could them see why the DC slant. www.allmopar
  • dc13dc13 Posts: 23
    For some owners experiences see this link

    Thanks to Fastdriver for the info.
  • My 99 Intrepid with only 16,000 miles is getting a brand new transmission put in next week! Talk about frustrating! I have gone into many car sites and it seems that this is a prevalent problem. Prior to this I had a 94 Intrepid and had no problems for 4 1/2 years before trading in for this one. I was much happier with the 94 Intrepid. It was a lot more powerful too with the 3.3 engine , as opposed to the 2.7 liter engine in the 99's. They screwed up a good thing!
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    i have had a 96, 98 and currently own a 00 intrepid and none of them have needed any transmission work whatsoever. chrysler service tech buddy says that the 42le tranny is now very reliable. they had some problems through about 95 or 96 but better seals and electronics have eliminated most failures since then...
  • dc13dc13 Posts: 23
    Knowing that your the only one with transmission problems makes you feel alot better right? Maybe I'm the only one having head gasket problems but the problems with my decrepit Intrepid seem to be of more concern to me than the thought that all the others are perfect.
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    This topic is for discussing problems with the Dodge Intrepid. This is the Maintenance and Repair Conference. We have lots of topics discussing problems with lots of vehicles.

    This does not mean that every vehicle made under any given category has problems.

    However, our members are free to discuss any maintenance or repair issues they have with vehicles they own in this conference.

    With any given production line, there will be those who have no problems and love their vehicles and there will be those who have problems and wish they had bought something different. That is just how things work in the automotive world.

    There is no need for sarcasm or backbiting here.

    So quit. :-)

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • It is too bad that this topic hasn't been a help topic rather than a push-an-agenda topic. On the one hand it appears we have those who feel Chrysler has made some great strides in quality and reliability. Then there are those who proclaim nothing has changed, despite all the "data" saying otherwise. All I know for sure is that my 95 Intrepid has been a great car. I use it to drive back and forth to work every day (a 100 mile roundtrip) and it has never let me down. Currently, the car has nearly 140k miles. In that amount of miles I have had to have the front tie-rods replaced, the brake pads replaced, the timing belt replaced (according to the owner's manual) and there was some sort of recall on the fuel injection. That's it. I have thoroughly enjoyed this car so much that I'm likely to buy another sometime next year. And from what I've been reading at MSN carpoint, JD Power, and Consumer Reports it appears the Intrepid is only getting better. So, I know where my hard earned dollars are getting spent next year!!
  • My current vehicle is a 2000 Intrepid and it has suffered various problems during its 20,000km

    The right transaxle replaced, brake rotors and pads, radio, fuel pump, fuel injectors.

    The current problem is with the transmission, when shifting into drive from reverse, the engine will rev and the transmission goes into drive with a bang. This problem will not occur when the mechanic is watching, I think they believe its just my imagination. Too bad the car wasn't just an imagination.
  • I'm so sorry that you took my post wrong. I was certainly not trying to misinform you. Not being a mechanic I probably mislabeled the part that gives the r.h.front wheel its power. Regarding the injectors I didn't ask the quantity,actually I didn't know nor do I care how many the auto has, the mechanic stated it had faulty injectors.
    With the revving my foot gets completley removed from the gas, I have actually tried putting it in park after reverse then to drive and it works fine. Again not being an auto expert I don't know what the problem is,actually don't care, all I want is to have it fixed.
    I wasn't attempting to misinform, and I didn't realize this form was only for experts, I guess that leaves me out.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    you sure are "unfortunate"? good thing you have a 3yr/36k warrantee!!
  • Based on the previous postings, my 1993 Dodge Intrepid ES is a rare slice of the pie. I have 137,500 miles on the car with only two beef; the air conditioning, and lack of recall notices. Although I live in Canada, we still get upwards of 3 hot months of the year. I have been told that I need a new evaporator, have no leaks (after a dye test), requires pulling the dash to fix, and around $1000. With respect to the recall, I had to phone Chrysler to find out that I have a recall regarding my suspension. I thought the idea was for them to contact me?

    Although, I am very happy with my 30MPG car.
  • cant we all get along!!!
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    here is an interesting link:

    this would bring dc's north american products up
    to the warranty standards of toyota, etc.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    that would only be a plausible theory if they extended the canadian warranty to the usa market.
  • wonder what the thinking is on only offering this in Canada? Our market is so small compared to yours. Dont they think that all you Americans will hear about this and revolt!!
  • Reason One:
    Could it be because the bailout might be easier to obtain in Canada. During the last big Chrysler bailout in Canada all gov't agencies were told to favour purchases from Chrysler. In fact it was suggested all citizens follow the governments lead and buy Chrysler ie: its government (public) backed, if they go under then millions of taxpayers dollars will be lost. Keep the auto industry healty in Ontario.

    Reason two:
    DC market share is lower in Canada than in the US.

    Reason three:
    It takes more to entice Canadians to a second rate product.

    Reason four:
    Those at DC don't need a reason.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    a bailout, seems to me that the us government was the one that bailed out chrysler in the late 80s. anyway, the first quarterly loss since 92, pretty impressive for chrysler who has a somewhat jaded financial history anyway. the losses won't continue but profits will be eaten up for a time until all the minivan and ram truck factories are retooled by the end of next summer. they are also building a new cherokee factory.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,046
    For the record, the government did not "bail out" Chrysler. In 1979, the U.S. government gave Chrysler a low-interest loan, which was paid off, in-full, ahead of time, sometime in 1983. Of course, part of the deal was that Chrysler had to get rid of all of their good stuff, like the big block engines, most of their RWD cars, and sell off some of their other, non-automotive divisions. Before the government loan, I know Chrysler was one of the top manufacturers of motorhome chassis, but by the early 80's they were out completely.
  • Call it what you will, a dictionary defines bailout as help, rescue, save, assist, aid. From what I remember thats exactly what the gov't did to keep Chrysler sunny side up. History shows it was only a short term fix as Chrysler did not survive as it was back them. It now falls under German control, which is not a bad thing. Given time quality will improve and someday DC may be able to match the warranty offered by the top German auto company.
    Another poster refers to a bailout in the late 80's I'm not familiar with that occurence, but its probably true, once to the trough the road back is familiar, and easily travelled.
  • Where did anybody say Dodge quality is equal to Toyota ?? We all know it isn't . But neither is the price or cost of parts . Ever price a part for a Japanese car .Now this is no reason to buy a Dodge or any other car. We buy them because they appeal to us . So if you like your Toyota ,good for you. I like my Dodge . Don't put me down because of what I like. That just shows ignorance..
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    more posts got zapped. Host must be editing again.
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