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VW New Beetle (Pricing & Information)



  • jacktec3jacktec3 Posts: 2
    I'm from NYC and decided to make good on
    my private love affair with the BUG. I'm going
    to trade in my 1999 Corolla LE and begin the
    Today, a dealer informed me that the 2000
    manual models, are going for invoice. Any truth
    to this? Should a 2000 model be considered?
    Should I continue to shop for that fair-haired
    2001 GLS? Jacktec
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    In addition to the feedback here, you should also check out Edmunds' new vehicle appraiser which also adds up any options, plus takes into account an estimated true market value.

    For future reference, you'll find access the this tool on any given vehicle page next to the pricing information. Good luck and keep us posted. ;-)



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  • Pictures etc... wanted for my New Beetle website.

    Those of you who were having problems getting an in dash cd player to fit shoul check out my project bug pages as I have fitted a rather nice Kenwood flip-front cd player linked to two 10disk autochangers in the boot. It's easy to do, you just need to get hold of a blanking plate. Whoever told you that you can't do it was just trying to sell you their expensive autochangers.....
  • hi everyone. i am looking into buying my 1st car and like everyone else my age the New Beetle is like a dreamcar (for girls at least). i have heard a lot, mostly from this website, of complaints and problems with the NB. One that i can remember off the top of my head has something to do with the headlights. i was wondering if any of these problems do happen regularly and if yall have experienced any problems. i would like to find out about them so that i would know (if it came to this) what i was buying into and if i should even buy it. Thank you very much.
  • kjclowkjclow Posts: 29
    I bought my NB in June and have a few very minor problems with the car. I had to replace the window switches, a clip in the sunroof shade broke, and the lock on the arm rest broke. All replaced under warrenty. Check out There appears to be a few bad apples out there, but most are very happy with their cars.
  • Just a very general one. Is there any down side to puchasing a New Beetle at an out of town dealership, and getting service, if needed under warranty from one's local VW dealer? The local one doesn't seem interested in negotiating a price, but several dealers in the next city, less than 100 miles away, are definitely more competitive. I'm just wondering if I do purchase out of town, and take it to the locals for any service under warranty, if there's a possibility of getting a hard time. I've heard that the service dept. is a completely serparate entity, usually with little or nothing to do with sales.
  • phkckphkck Posts: 185
    The local dealer will cover you for warranty work. However, Baron WV (my local dealer in AC)will wash your New Beetle when in for oil change etc. if you purchased from them. ($5 wash I 20 services 1st 100K miles, I will save $100!!!!)

    Also, went to see what the New Beetle would trade for. I purchased at sticker when the 01 Turbot were scarce. They are now offering only $17.5K as trade 6 months later. So take that into consideration before buying anywhere near sticker.

    As an aside, I expect interest rates to drop this week, could take a little of your payment.

    Good luck with your purchase.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    I don't own a VW bug..., but I know that true for all makes: service and sales are two completely different departments. I'm sure you'll find your local VW service will very much welcome your business whether or not you've purchased from them. Even with warranty work, they are reimbursed by the manufacturer; they get paid just the same... regardless of where you made the purchase.

    The only thing I would recommend if you do purchase out of town is to really take your time with the delivery inspection; make sure you check every nook and cranny to make sure that you don't miss non-warranty type issues, such as a stain on the upholstery or small scratches. My 2 cents.

    Good luck and keep us posted. We look forward to hearing about your purchase experience. ;-)

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  • Live in NYC want to buy the new beetle..Will be my first car want to lease and don't know really were to go. Don't have a job but have the money for the 3 yrs and finance charge. Also willing to buy pre-owned..Were should I go, willing to travel to jersey of brooklyn and queens any advice would be helpful....Thank You
  • gundugundu Posts: 1
    any dealers that anyone knows of ? anyone who is nice and gives a good piece and rate ...
    don't want any bitter experiences ...

    Thanks guys ..
  • ckenedickenedi Posts: 16
    I purchased a NB for my wife in 1999 as a consolation prize for our moving to Toledo,OH and her having to commute 50 miles. It has been ok with the usual window switch problems and a few other small things. The trunk occasionally does not open the first try. Headlight chime occasionaly d/n go off.

    With her commute the "2yr/24K" warranty ended in 17 months, so we are a little concerned but still very happy. In 8/99 they were still very scarce (especially yellow ones - her first choice). I downloaded the list of VW dealers within x # of miles and kept calling till I found a yellow, manual GLS with cloth - At or Below sticker (that was hard to find at the time). I had to goto Pittsburgh, but the dealer was really great (Day Apollo in Moon Township, next to the Pitts Airport and my salesman was nice and straightforward - Oliver S Richard).

    Before I took the train out there, I put a deposit on a credit card and made them send me a purchase order (not a contract) with a VIN number. I then checked this with the insurance company to make sure it was the car I wanted (I wanted to avoid a "bait and switch").

    I agree with Pocohontas about the delivery inspection - I downloaded a USED car checklist and checked everything on it before taking it.

    Pittsburgh worked for me because I had friends there to meet me and for me to stay with if anything went wrong - although it actually turned out to be fine.

    We have since had service at the local dealership without problem (she uses their shuttle, ect, ect.)

    Overall, I would recommend it - its a fun, safe, happy car. Its also very comfortable for tall people if there is no one in back and it has decent storage space if you pack carefully. The newer models probably have many of the minor bugs worked out.

    damseldaisy - If you have never leased a car, be very careful. See edmunds site. VW has some leasing programs for college students if you qualify. Your best bet might be a credit union. Many of them participate in the Payment Shaver program, which is very similar to a lease. It is a balloon note program where you only finance the depreciation (like a lease) and at the end you can turn a car in, or buy it and finance or pay the final payment (which is preset at the residual value of the car). There are no aquisition or disposition fees which are profit for the dealership so it is often cheaper. The interest rate is set by the credit union and is usually competitive, slightly more than a loan. You can "lease" for 12k,15k or 18k miles per a year and there are NO wear and tear charges. See
  • kdupraykdupray Posts: 3
    Is the new techno blue color basically the same color as the bright blue metallic? My daughter has her heart set on a bright blue bug. Lately I have been seeing more muted blue (pearl paint) bugs that aren't quite as bright of a blue color. Is this the color they refer to as Vapor?
    Thanks for the info.
  • largo40largo40 Posts: 3
    My 2000 TDI gets about 36 mpg highway. Has 17,000 miles on it. Should it get better mpg as time goes on? Expected better, around 45. Any comments appreciated.
  • govugovu Posts: 62
    How fast are you driving on the highway? If those are all highway miles, you're driving at a reasonable speed, and you trust that your diesel station isn't adding any weird additives to the mix (not that I've ever heard of this happening), I'd bring it in to get examined. In the winter with city driving I still get above 40.
  • largo40largo40 Posts: 3
    Drive about 75 on interstate. Also, I have automatic transmission, forgot to mention that. Still, expected in forties.
  • taterbugtaterbug Posts: 2
    Since the 15 cent jump in the gas prices, my father wants to to buy the cheapest gas in town. But after I fill my tank, my bug doesn't run as well. When I pull out of some place, it barely moves!! What's up with that?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Try buying your own gas at a higher price and see if it's the fuel quality. Is the cheap stuff an 86 Octane?
  • phowell1phowell1 Posts: 35
    I have 2 friends with bugs and my daughter has one. BUY THE WARRANTY. All 3 of these have been terrible for little stuff going wrong 2 of them had to have new AC compressors after 2 years , one is a diesel and it has had the fewer problems but had to have new AC compressor it seems like around 30,000 miles or so and they just fall apart . Little interior cheap plastic stuff started falling apart from day 1 . It's almost like they are Ford's or something
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    What a hassle. I would rather not deal with excessive repairs at all. Rather than buying a car that needs so many repairs, then buying an extended warranty and hoping the car breaks down enough to justify the expense of the extra warranty, I would skip this car.

    Do the 2001 and 2002 models still have the 100,000 mile powertrain warranty?
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Post# 591 "Do the 2001 and 2002 models still have the 100,000 mile powertrain warranty?"

    Yes, the VW New Beetle power train warranty is still 10 year/100k. Also, for more information on reliability, you may want to check out's long term road test: 1998 New Beetle It covers the ownership experience/maintenance of a 1998 New Beetle over a 2 year period (June 98 - April 2000). And for what it's worth, to quote a few words in the last article: "it was reliable and, for the most part, fun to drive."

    Also, for more recent information, here's a direct link to our VW New Beetle problems discussion. Hope this is helpful. ;-)

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  • seloveselove Posts: 12
    Has anybody seen the ad for 2.9% financing on New Beetles? I went to the web site and they had no disclaimer (e.g. 2.9 good only for 2 year loans etc.). Has anybody seen the fine print on this deal? At this point, I want a NB so bad, I'm afraid to walk into a dealer for fear I will actually buy one! Any info I can get outside of the dealership would be greatly appreciated!

  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Susan, my current copy of "Car Deals" shows 24 months for the 2.9%. Check with your local dealer.
  • pimmarpimmar Posts: 1
    The 2.9% is only good for 2 years, but you can also get 3.9% for up to 48 months, I know because I just took advantage of the 3.9% for 48 mos. That is only if you qualify, although I am not sure what their criteria is, but basically what I have been told by the VW credit department is that it is up to the dealer to negotiate with them to get you the best APR, don't let them tell you otherwise.
  • joemc3joemc3 Posts: 8
    According to most of the posts I read VW's are problem cars. Eclipse's all too often in the shop for repairs. Also, not equipped sufficiently for the price. The new Integra is not the car we all expected. The RX is fast but, ugly and not up to par with the Acura as far as reliability.
    So what kind of Rice Rocket can I buy that's quick so I can pull on the freeway without shouting "Giddy-up" I have a Integra GS now excellent car but slow off the line. Only wants to go around 50mph.
    Need some help.
  • purduealum91purduealum91 Posts: 251
    Thats easy.. A 2001 Subaru WRX 5seed.
  • vwdeluxevwdeluxe Posts: 2
    The financing options are 2.9/24, 3.9/36or48, 4.9/48or60, and 5.9/60. It is up to the dealer to negotiate the rate and set the length. Here in the Boston area, the dealers do not like to use VW Credit and try to get you financed with the local banks at higher rates (they end up making more money that way). We have such a surplus of Beetles in this area that some dealers are offering the lower rates AND discounting the cars $1500-$2500.

    Regarding trades: I didn't pay anywhere near sticker for my '99 and wouldn't have. New Beetles are a niche market, when the relatively small number of people run out, the market is flat and there won't be the surplus of people to price gouge. If VW ran them in limited numbers it would be a different story (the main reason for the "special editions"). Like the awful PT Cruiser price gouging, there are simply too many cars around to command a premium. They're making 160,000 PT Cruisers and trying to get $2-5K over sticker? Please! The sales of Beetles is down considerably this year from last. There will be a huge surplus of unsold 2001s when the 2002 debuts.

    On the last day of March 1999, I traded my '88 Cabriolet for a '99 New Beetle GLS. Silver with Leather and sunroof and paid less than invoice (a very rare circumstance!). I loved the car despite a few problems, but missed having a convertible. I traded that Beetle for a 2000 Cabrio GLS one year later with 10K miles and got $15k, and I was very happy with that. I was also getting the Cabrio under invoice with 4.9 financing, so I had no right to complain.

    Regarding Colors:

    There are four blues available:
    Techno Blue > the original bright blue since 1998
    Batik Blue > '99 and on dark purply blue
    Vapor Blue > the "powder" blue special edition
    Vortex Blue > a pearl muted blue similar to Techno

    Two Greens:
    Cyber Green > the original pea green
    Isotope Green > a pastel special edition for 2001

    Three Yellows:
    Yellow > the original yellow
    Lemon Yellow > a paler version available in Europe and a few were sold here (they have unique interiors)
    Reflex Yellow > the "school bus" yellow special edition

    White, Black, Red and Silver.

    Happy buggin'

    PS: Anyone have any New Beetle Cabrio info? patiently waiting...
  • mateyomateyo Posts: 22
    Memorial Day Weekend, I was on I-45 (Houston to Dallas) and drove next to a Beetle in what appeared to be a metallic champagne color. I loved it, and "thumbs-upped" the driver. Is this an available color?

    I'm just getting into the new car market and the Beetle is on my list. If the champagne color isn't available through the factory, I'll likely go with Batik Blue. Thanks to all.
  • blubyeu2blubyeu2 Posts: 3
    I saw a champagne color at the dealer (Commonwealth VW Santa Ana, CA) the last time I was there). It was either the sport addition or a limited addition model. It look pretty good. I enjoy my 2001 Techno Blue Turbo GLX very much. I have put on about 12,000 miles with no problems. It has plenty of pickup and easy to park.
  • vwdeluxevwdeluxe Posts: 2
    I am not sure what the Champagne color is all about, but my sources have given me some 2002 Color Changes:

    Double Yellow replaces Yellow (less green tint)

    Marlin Blue replaces Batik Blue

    Blue Lagoon (current Jetta Color) replaces Techno Blue

    Reflex Silver replaces Silver Arrow

    Platinum Gray new color

    Snap Orange limited edition model

    Happy Buggin'
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