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VW New Beetle (GL, GLS & GLX)



  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Wooah.... at 78,000 miles - you were close to replacing all that stuff ANYWAY. I assume you already were planning on this expense coming up soon.

    $700 is not an unreasonable price for replacing all that stuff (Timing Belt, Waterpump, tensioners, pullies, oil-seals and all the other things that go along with the job)

    BTW: A "recall" is only for safety-related items.... othewise it would be a TSB (Technical Service Bulliten)
  • Hello, I recently baught an 04 beetle ( my first car!) and I have been told that the parts are extremely expensive. Does anyone know a good place to order parts online for a reasonable price? So far when i go to the dealership, a windshield wiper arm costed 150$ for replacement and and even a spare set of keys would cost 310$ so I am a litte worried so far about keeping this car. Any suggestions or options would be very helpful :) thankyou!
  • Hi guys. I'm having a hard time deciding between which beetle to get, and I would love some help from previous owners & beetle lovers/ haters.

    I previously owned a 2002 beetle GL. It was the lime green color and I loved it. Sold that a few months ago because I had to move.

    I found two beetles that I want to purchase but after reading, I am comparing my options. I want to make sure this car lasts me and I don't have to sink a lot of money into it.

    Option 1. 2009 Beetle S Coupe in Heaven Blue Metallic. 14000 miles on it. One owner with carfax. Loaded, manual transmission. It comes with a preowned warranty on it also until 2014. *Asking 15879*

    Option 2. 2006 Beetle Convertible in Yellow. Excellent Condition, 16000 miles on it. One owner with carfax. Automatic trans. It comes with the preowned until Jan 2011. *Asking 15500*

    Honestly, I want the convertible. However, I am afraid of the problems that might come with them. Please beetle owners help me make the right decision. Thanks for your time.
  • winklebugwinklebug Posts: 3
    Does the rattling only happen when turning left or right? I thought VW left a tool in my car as well...sounded like something rattiling around in plastic box--turned out to be a bad ball joint--sound went away only to reappear worse with a shimmy and shking in the car...brought it back...and then the power steering rack went out and got replaced...

    Nevermind--I jsut realized this was posted 4 years ago--what did the rattle turn out to be? By the way..

    I tell ya!
  • belaircarguybelaircarguy Posts: 107
    If you review problems with the New Beetles, most were the first few model years for the sedan (mechanical). Convertibles started in 2003. They had two problems early on. The rear window was glued in (not unique to VW - apparently many convertibles had this), and after a few years the glue let loose, and the window would come loose. Some owners had them reglued (local car upholstery shop) or had to have a new top (very expensive). The second problem was the little winged, hinged covers that would open and close to cover up some of the gears on the top. These were on the left and right side of the car, by the back seat windows. These tended to break, and so VW eliminated them. I am not sure of the 2006 model. Put the top up and down and see if these hinged wings are on this car. I have a 2008 VW Beetle Convertible and that does not have the "wings". Also - VW fixed the rear window issue, as I don't see complaints on the more recent models (from about 2005 and newer).

    Get the convertible. We have owned ours for just about two years and it is loads of fun!

    Bel Air Car Guy
  • larntsenlarntsen Posts: 2
    2002 tdi bug turns over but then dies immediately, put in new battery, still happens occasionally...why?
  • larntsenlarntsen Posts: 2
    I had one also, I just got under it and pushed up and it popped up, it is a pain, i so understand why you want it off.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Are you saying that the engine *starts* then it immedeately quits?

    If so, this is often the "immoblizer" kicking in. Try all 3 of the keys and see if this happens with all of them.

    If this *does* happen with all 3 keys, then consider changing the fuel-filter and pay close attention to the O-rings below the mickey-mouse clip. The 2 O-rings are *DIFFERENT* sizes and need to be installed approprately so the fuel-pump does not suck air into the system.
  • pinkkatpinkkat Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    Key wont turn off alarm. Lights blink on the knob. Turn key in ignition, the alarm goes off! Battery is dead each time. bought new batteries for the key. Installed correctly. First, why wont the key turnoff the alarm. Second, is the alarm light draining the battery. third, What to do???!! :cry:
  • I have the same problem...did you find out what was wrong? Thanks.
  • Id love to find out what happened with this. Im having the same problem.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    The 2012 Beetles are now starting to arrive at dealers is reasonable numbers so we should see more on the road. Is it possible to start a thread on the newly designed 2012?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    A reporter is looking to hear from male consumers for their opinion on the new VW Beetle. Is it masculine? If not, why not? If it is masculine, what do you find appealing about it? If you have an opinion on the new VW Beetle, and are willing to share your story with a reporter, please email no later than the end of business Monday, March 5, 2012 with your daytime contact information.


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