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Ford Escort ZX2



  • K59: leather and moon roof are both options on the 2001 ZX2. I think they were too on the 2000's.

    The zx2 no longer comes in "hot" & cool" versions. There is only one trim level as a base car and you add options as you wish such as "power group" & "comfort group" and A/C. These are all now "stand alone options". The S/R option is not available for 2001 (shame on Ford too)

    If you are looking for a ZX back say to 98/99 they did come in Hot & Cool versions. The Cool being a rather base car and the Hot fairly well equipped and trimmed. The best part was that they all came with the same V-Tech engine.7.4 to 60 mph seems a Little fast but a good driver could probably come close to that i guess. There is tons of aftermarket "go fast" stuff available. Everything from superchargers, nitrous, intake & exhaust stuff as well.

    have fun

  • If your idea is to buy a base ZX2 and then buy aftermarket parts, you would be better off trying to find the last new 2000 ZX2 s/r in America. In a previous post someone mentioned there are still two in Ottawa if you want to drive to another country and pay their taxes to get that car ;.}

    The 2000 ZX2 s/r had a bunch of aftermarket parts installed at the factory. Unfortunately only 2000 of them were made. The s/r option had an MSRP of USD1,495 on top of the base price.
    There are several web sites with the specs, I think including photog's web site. Others: ,

    On whether ZX2 is a good car or not.
    I have had nothing but fun/pleasure driving my car. It's at 10,500 miles now, with no problems. Some folks have complained about transmission problems, and some smaller things.
    I suspect the transmission problems are being experienced by those guys who drive their cars hard at street drag races. Another reason to buy an s/r because the factory installed a 'performance clutch'.

    As to price, if buying price is your main consideration then it's a great buy. As someone else has said previously if resale value is to be considered, then don't even consider buying a ZX2!

    I bought mine for under $12k inclusive of tax, tags and destination charge. This was in April before the 2000 s/r came on the market.

    Good luck on your car shopping!
  • For me the appeal in the ZX2 was that it was a fairly fast, comfortable, and affordable car. Sadly unlike 14 years ago, I couldn't afford to buy another Integra or something even more exotic, so the ZX2 was logical choice. Following my first ZX2s demise, it again became the car of choice, only this time because it had saved my life.

    The 2001 ZX2s are out there, but many dealers seems to have cut back their inventories. My own Ford Dealership appears to have cut all the way back to only two or three cars, from high of 5 or 6. In away you can't blame the dealers too much, as the ZX2 is a fairly slow selling car. When compared to the Focus ZX3 which Ford is still marketing the hell out of.

    The ZX2 is a terrific value, even if it's being phased out. The car looks sporty and it is based upon everything I have read; fairly reliable and inexpensive to maintain (or at least when compared to cars to other cars with similar performance). The parts should also be available for many years to come.

    A couple of people have remarked about obtaining a stripped down ZX2 and upgrading. I made this mistake with my first ZX2 and almost did with my second. If you want a feature or an option added, buy it with the car! True you can add sunroofs and power windows afterwards. However the price is many times more. On my current ZX2 about the only two options I find myself wishing I had are the Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel and the Anti Lock Brakes. The Cruise control would be nice I suppose, but it really doesn't impress me very much. Besides it costs almost $600 to have it added AFTER the purchase.

    Just to give you some other examples of the price differences: That leather wrapped steering wheel that's included in the comfort group that costs $395 in a package from Ford. In the real world though the leather wrapped steering wheel alone costs over $700 to have it added after the fact. Simliarly the leather seats in theory sound nice, but when I have sat in ZX2s with them; they really didn't do much for me. List price is about $395 when you buy the car. If you have them added afterwards, they will run you $2000. However if you want some top grade realy nice plush leather seats the price will probably run you about $3500 in the aftermarket.

    Do you like "Moonroofs" as Ford Calls Sunroofs? Well in fairness this is the exception as an Aftermarket one will cost you about $400 new including the lights; while Fords will run you about $600. If you want the Ford lighting kit for the interior add another $70, and have the sun roof installer put them in. Better still buy an aftermarket lighting kit as the ones offered by Ford are not very good.

    Minor note of interest if you are tall. The ZX2s Moonroof maybe a bit low for you. I am only 5'8 but much of what little height I have is in my upper body. As a result I have the seat slightly inclined otherwise when I sit upright my head touchs the sunroof. There are some companies now offering Sunroofs with slimmer profiles that don't eat up as much headroom, and with the controls located in the doors. Granted these are VERY expensive (over $1000 if memory serves); however I looked at them last May and seem to perform as advertised.

    If you want to see some fun with options, check out the bottom of my modifications page on My ZX2 pages. There I have added a growing list of almost every marginaly possible option I could think of for the ZX2. IT's just a fun Fantasy list. To date I have in fact had several E-mails from people laughing about the list. Which was part of the objective with it. Nothing featured on the list is impossible to do, however you may want to consider a rather large bank loan if you tried to do the entire list.

    Point of interest: My webpages are almost completly back up. I think I may leave out the "Gallery of other cars" this time around as it was starting to get ridiculous. I do have several new ZX2 images to upload, and they will be uploaded in the coming days once all the repairs the rest of the pages are complete.

    Someone was asking about the different ZX2s. Basic Information on almost all the ZX2s can be found on my web pages. The only exceptions being the first preproduction ZX2 which was a "Super ZX2" and a concept car. The other version I am still attempting to learn about is the quasi-Ford Official confirmed "2001 ZX2 s/r Limited". And yes there is such a car. AS I understand it though there is supposed to be less than 300 produced, and ALL of those are reserved for "Special Clientel". The car is supposedly a mix of left over 2000 ZX2 S/R, and Contour SVT parts. I would love to find one though just to see for myself what exactly the Limited S/R has. Ford's customer service though doesn't know anything about the S/R Limited it. The only people I have been able to get anything out of are a three Ford Execs I have encountered over the last year in chance meetings. One thing is for sure, it is about the only production ZX2 guaranteed to be worth something in the coming years.
  • I hope someone is trying to make it up to me with exceptional Mileage. As my insurance folowing all the crappy luck I have had this year Jumped from $750 per year, clear up to $2500!!! Thats roughly $210 extra per month I have to find now.
  • Photog and others:

    I would be interested in getting together with other ZX2 owners sometime in the spring at a car show or race in the MD/VA area.

    My car is stock, but I would love to see and hear about your modifications. I'm way past college years (my son's in college), so will quietly leave when the wild partying starts ;>}

    Any volunteers for TeamZX2 leader/organizer?
    Do you think this post is inappropriate here?
  • I would love to see a ZX2 group appear in the Washington Dc Area. However I fear beyond anything more that morale support and a little bit of advertising I couldn't do much. You see I work 14 hour days and usually don't get home until quite late. Similarly my days off are not exactly condusive towards club meetings. I am in fact even considering taking on a second job in the spring to try and make ends meat.

    Inspite of this I could perhaps set up a web page asking for people interested in joining such a club. Even if my server runs out of space I can always go to another free server.

    Point of interest here: Someone sent me an E-mail refering to that ZX2 S/R Limited 2001 model I mentioned. The fellow says he may know someone who just maybe getting one. Needless to say I sent back an E-mail begging him for any details, and photos he could share. If and when I get any more info I will of course post it here.
  • Just wanted to let people know that on my Z the
    auto cut off at the pump always cuts off at least 3 gallons shy of filling it all the way. I have to gradually pull out the nozzle and put in a little at a time until the tank is ready to overflow. I fill it up until the I can see gas inside the area where you put the cap and it doesn't all drain back in. Then I figure the mileag. I consistently take my z between 3500-4000rpm's in all stop and go traffic from light to light and I consistently get 26 mpg.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Miagarfunkle, thats's interesting. During my normal driving in town my results are about the same as yours. On the road I occassionally squeeze out 35 mpg. The Z is something of an enigma where fuel mileage is concerned. I'm not accustomed to a 10 mpg spread between city & hwy driving. I also think the results heavily tied to temperature and humidity. I sometimes wonder if I aired up the tires and set out on a serious economy run if I could get 38 or 39 mpg. Granted, the Z is light and aerodynamically reasonable, but the Zetech is 2 liters and the gears are low. Not exactly an economy car setup.
  • Heh, I'd be up for something like that, being as I live in the Baltimore area. I've yet to see a truly riced up ZX2 in person. (but I did catch a peek of a yellow SR the other day) =) Anyway, if anything comes of your idea Rick, post it here. Later.

  • I think the big variance in everybodies mileage on the Z is probably because the cutoff switch
    stops 3 gallons or more shy of fill-up. I don't
    think everybody realizes if they spend a couple of extra minutes putting in a little more in and and a little more in until is is ready to overflow then I think they will see significant increases in there mileage as they are probably missing out on a couple of gallons they think are in the car. Also my Z is driven in Phoenix Az where right now it is in the mid 70's in December. I still don't get a whole lot better then I did when I drove in Washington state in fact I got better there.
  • My son has a 1999 ZX2 and really loves the thing. He prefers it to his 2000 Millenia Type "S" as far as the fun factor goes. We recently took it on a trip from Central Florida down to Key West (I did most of the driving)and I must admit that for the money it's a hands down "best buy" for this type of car. Nothing comes close for this kind of money that I have driven.

    Could the ZX2 develope a "cult following" much as the Miata has? I know there are tons of guys that go loopy over the Civics and Acuras and there is a lot of aftermarket stuff for them but it looks like the interest in the ZX is gaining ground. Maby Ford will reconsider and bring back the SR series and extend the model on into 2002. Hope so. I had so much fun with that little scooter I may just buy one for myself. All us old F---S need a toy ,right??

  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    the Escort and its Z derivative are dead as a carp. Ford just doesn't need it. The Focus is just too successful. It is the "world car" and there will be Focus variants to suit all tastes (as interpreted by Ford).

    I do envision a little cult of ZX2 owners keeping these cars alive for a long time. With all their flaws, the litle Zs are still top notch performers in their class and hands down the value leader.

    I watched a good race on Speedvision this week and enjoyed seeing the Vipers and Vettes go at each other. I enjoyed seeing most of the Mustangs out in the grass trying to get back to the asphalt, But the main thing I noticed was that Tiburon finished 1st and third in C2K class. What a shame nobody chose to race prep a ZX2 in that class. I have to believe that it would have left the Tibs in it's dust. Ford supported the Mustang folks but wouldn't give you so much as a decal to enter a ZX2.

    By the way Floridian, I am an old F--- and the Z is the perfect toy for me at this point.
  • buzzrbuzzr Posts: 2
    You are never too old for a fun car. I picked up a leftover 2000 S/R last week and I haven't had so much fun driving a car in years. Ditto for Ms. Buzzr. This is quite a jump from a Crown Victoria which we are now selling. Both cars do what they were designed for very well. As for the resale talk, I'm probably certifiably nuts. I paid $13,500 plus tax for the S/R. (No rebates anymore on the 2000 models). I could have had a new 2001 Cavalier Z24 for $13,599 plus tax. The Cav has way better resale value, but it seemed oh so cheaply made next to the ZX2. So I'm planning on driving mine for several years. Also, regarding the group get-together, I'm in southern PA, so if we can get together in DC, I think I can get there. I'd love to see some of the other posters mods. Regards to all, Buzzr.
  • ralex2:
    Heck, if the Saturn nuts can have a get-to-gether why can't we ? Come Monday I'm gonna go looking at some. They are still giving $1000 rebate and i have almost $2000 left in Citibank Ford rebates. It's now or never. If my wife catches on before I sign the order it curtains. But i can always justify it for "business" LOL

  • I helped a customer out to his car this afternoon with his bags of new camera gear and low and behold he had a custom built up ZX2. I mentioned to him that I too was a fan of the ZX2 and owned one as well.

    He responded by telling me he had only just got the car back after having his new leather seats installed. Then he proceeded to point out some of the more interesting mods he had done to his car. Including a rear Windshield Wiper (borrowed from an old Volkswagon), better oval shaped fog lights, the sunroof controls in the doors, improved tires and wheels, the white on black instruments, and several other mods. He told me that he got the ideas from reading this forum at Edmunds and some guy who runs an amatuer ZX2 page on Netscape. I asked him what was his name and he said Andrew. Where upon I responded by giving him business and we both had a good laugh. So I guess I should flattered and pleased to see that someone took my fantasy list of mods to heart. I only wish we where not in the middle of Christmas rush otherwise I would have grabbed a camera and shot a pictures of it. On the positive side though he promised to come and see me again so perhaps next I can.
  • I can do much but if you guys can organize it I will be quite happy to lend any advertising skils I can. Also if you do manage to somehow arrainge it and I can sneak out of work I will be happy to shoot some pictures of the ZX2 gathering...
  • There small cult followings for such less than notables as the Geo Storm, and such notables as the Dodge Charger (for those there where not destroyed by the Dukes of Hazzard Tv Show). So I am quite sure there will be one for the "ZX2ers" in the coming years.

    Also my prior posting should read I CAN'T do Much... Perils of maning the Pc when I am asleep.
  • I actually bought the ZX2 for my son, but since he is off in NYC, I'm driving it and loving it. Plus had to do it because my son's $475 in monthly insurance was killing me. So it's now officially my daily car, and my first car (99 Chry Concorde) is 'pleasure/weekend' at least on the insurance policy.

    Here are some thoughts,what do you think?
    1. there is an existing TeamZX2 Midatlantic which some college kids organized. I will email them to see if anything came out of it. They seem to be centered around the southern/western part of Virginia: Richmond, Roanoke, Blacksburg and a few at Va beach. Most of these guys are into street racing modifications, which I would like to see.

    2. I think the holiday season is much too stressful and schedule-tight. Best to plan something big for after the New Year. Gives us all time to look for other ZX2 enthusiasts in the area. But I am amenable to just a few of us getting together for a cup of coffee to organize things. Got to be on a slow Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon.

    3. In the summer there was a group of hot rodders that got together on Saturday nights in Manassas. Does anyone know if they still do it in the winter? It would be a fun place to start meeting other ZX2 owners. The diner in Leesburg that also used to host these things went out of business. Any ideas for gathering place?

    4. We need some way to do announcements and a method to collect names and emails.
    I will look for a free listserv so we can at least broadcast email messages to each other.
    Soon as that's setup up, Andrew could advertise on his web page.
  • Ok guys, I set up a mailing list. It's at:

    Unfortunately it's one of those services where you have to sign up as a member of first (so that they can send you email advertisements), but hey what do you expect for free?

    Other possibly useful info:
    Membership is open to anyone, discussions are unmoderated.

    You can post messages by sending mail to:
    You can subscribe by sending an email to:
    You may unsubscribe:

    List owner:

    Let me know how the subscribe process goes!
    My email address is in my profile.

  • In the next two or three days I will create and post an advert for the possible ZX2 group. Then post an advert inviting people who may have an interest in joining such a group with the possible option of getting on to a mailing list. I will check out the links Rick has provided and we shall see.

    I agree about not trying to plan anything seriously during the holiday rush. In truth I would suggest a "ZX2 gathering" in the spring. For the moment In my opinion it would be best just see how many interested "ZX2ers" there are within the Pennsylvania/Virginia/Dc/West Virginia/Maryland area. After than we could determine the who would want to show up, and then where it would be the most fairly convienant to the majority.

    Now then if we do decide to form a club shall we discuss such trivial details as a rights of passage (passage into what?), you know the fun stuff such as drinking used motor oil from oil pan? (Don't worry I am just kidding).

    Un-related Point of interest:
    I filled up my car this morning and manage to squeeze 11.5 gallons in it. I then off course tripped the odometer. In the interests of averaging the mileage the way everyone else keeps pestering me to do. I will advise everyone of the mileage when I am at the half way point.

    Goodnews Possible major winter storm for this Area on Thursday!!! WE shall see...
  • Though it's been a couple years I have seen that gathering of car enthusists. I was never sure if it was a club or what... They did have a huge assortment of interestings cars. Mostly restored older cars and custom built hot rods and the like. Not very many current cars though and the few that I remember seeing where so decked out as to be almost unrecognizeable.
    Truth be told its not very far from where I live now. Approx 8 miles south of me (I live very close to the Prince William/ Fairfax county line). Depending upon where I move to in the spring I may try and shoot a roll or two down there.

    Though I haven't even realy had time to check out Ricks newsposting. I am sort of wondering if it might be possible to set up a newsgroup regarding the ZX2. Does anybody have any experience with setting up a newsgroup? As hard as it is to believe not all are porn or spamer haunts.

    Unrelated news later this week I need to shoot down town I to do some night shots of the NAtional Christmas Tree in Washington Dc. Every tried taking a tripod and full camera rig on the Metro? Thats brutal!!! I had an idea to do an interior shots of my ZX2 with Christmas lights in the window... Hmmm I will have to work on this idea. I may have a simple but effective shoot.
  • I noticed on the way home tonight that my car radio won't scan anymore? I assume it's under warranty so when I take it in for the Oil Change Tuesday Am I will ask them about it...
  • Hey Photog,
    I think on your page you said you bought your car from Ted Britt. How's their service shop?
    I go to Sheehy in Springfield, a long way from home. They always seem too busy to really pay attention to each customer. When I asked them to fix the leaking windshield washer nozzles, they completely missed the Technical Service Bulletin. Instead they ordered a reservoir, which has nothing to do with the leak. But that's the way they are. I like to bring the car early in the morning, and wait while they work on it. But it takes them 3-4 hours because they have so many customers. I don't like renting cars just to get to work. I figure there must be a better, less busy shop around.
    There's Leesburg and Sterling Ford which are both closer to where I live. Does anyone have experience with them?
  • I was involved in creating a newsgroup on a computer related subject several years ago, but it works similarly if you want to create a recreation related topic.
    rec (recreation) is the general prefix where hobbies, sports, etc fall under.

    Creating a newsgroup in the Usenet service is a long process:

    - announce your intention to create a newsgroup
    with an RFD (request for discussion). The RFD discusses the charter of the group, and whether it is to be moderated or unmoderated.
    this has to be sent to the moderated discussion group of news.announce.newsgroups as well as to other related newsgroups. for example if there is already a, you would have to send the RFD to that also.

    - The discussion period ensues for 30 days. People will comment on whether there is any benefit to creating a new newsgroup or whether you should join an existing one.

    - after the mandatory discussion period, a Call for Votes is posted to the same initial groups

    - voting is from 21-31 days

    - a count has to be made, along with the collection of email addresses that voted either pro or con

    - the vote is posted, and a 5 day waiting period starts

    - there has to be 100 more votes Yes over the No votes, or 2/3 of total votes must be Yes, otherwise the newsgroup can not be created

    - If all is well, the newsgroup is created and as if by magic is proliferated to all usenet servers around the world. (Each ISP, school, government agency, company, etc. normally have a Usenet server) It gives the opportunity to
    to all Usenet users to read and post messages.

    - If the vote fails, the next try can be made in six months

    As you can probably guess, I'm not too enthused about creating a newsgroup.

    Discussion forums are a lot simpler to use and set up. All it takes is for a dedicated bulletin board service that is available over the web. It in fact grew out of the dialup bulletin board technology dating back ten years ago. Each BB was accessed by separate dialup scripts, each one required you to have one userid and password each. Now it is much more convenient being available over the web.

    There are some free services available, and others are software that you have to set up on your own internet server which is hosted by an ISP, or one of those giant server farms.

    Examples of forums with relevance to our favorite topic- ZX2 can be found on and As a guest, you can read the posts, but have to register if you want to reply or start your own topic. runs its own server, and runs from a hosted machine that holds other BBs.

    The simplest discussion tool to set up are mailing lists, also available for free or fee.
    This is just a means to set up a list of addresses that can be addressed with one "alias". One note sent to that alias gets sent to all the email addresses that are on the list.

    This can be also moderated or unmoderated, sometimes it is used just as a broadcast list, where no one can reply but can only receive mail.
    You still need to sign up, and these days it is easy to do so on simple web pages.
  • Using, I found that there is a newsgroup called
    If you use dejanews, you can search through the newsgroup and you will find lots of posted messages about ZX2.
  • Well I now have a new insurance policy, my apartment is decked out for the holidays and my ZX2 has had it's first oil change. A busy day to say the least.

    As for todays oil change, that went off without a hitch. I mentioned in passing my strangely high gas mileage to the shop and the said "some of the newer ZX2s do get better gas mileage than the older ones". I asked the guy why and said wasn't sure. Given that my car had been on the dealer's lot for all of 24 hours and still had the white plastic all over it; I suppose it's not suprising then. So perhaps there maybe something to Ralex's suggestion that there may have been some minor computer change. Again as long as I keep getting the apparent mileage I am right now I will be happy.

    The guys also managed to fix my radio's scan feature. HE said the button was sticking and he believes, he cleared it up. Whatever he did I tried it on the way home and after a grocery run and it seems to work fine now.

    Rick, I see what you mean about joining newsgroups being a pain in the backside. I honestly had no idea how much work would be involved in it.

    In the interests of promoting the first discusions over at E-groups I will post my comments, and thoughts about Tedd Britt for over there. Similiarly I hope to have the link posted to my web page also by morning.

    Fellow "ZX2ers" at the risk of alienating those who are not privledged (or who are cursed) to live within the Washington Dc Netro Area. I Encourage ALL of you to subscribe to the Forum over there. Granted at the moment it is just myself and Rick at the moment HOWEVER it sure would be nice to see it grow.

    It looks like this may actually be interesting place to hang out. Contrary to Rick's initial reservations about Spam, it looks as though you can keep your E-mail address private. I do plan on doing a little exploring over there. I fancy there may in fact be a few groups worth while exploring.
  • Well after a marathon sitting at the computer I have almost finnished repairing my ZX2 pages. There is also refs to the new forum over at E-groups. I also made a couple minor changes to the rivals pages, which was also split up. Check them out:

    OH great I glanced at my clock, and realized I have to get up for work now in 4 hours. I suppose now I will be trying to sell Canon FD mount lenses for customers with Contax G series bodies and wondering why they don't fit. Well at least my pages are updated.
  • I don't know where you live but if you happen to be in the D.C. area, read on.

    I found a Used S/R on the web:
    Black 2000 ZX2 S/R with under 2000 miles on it, for under $14,000 at Bob Bell Ford in Glen Burnie, MD.
    There was another one, color Red at Conshocken Ford in PA, for about $15K. is how I found them.

    BUT the adverts did not say they were S/Rs, I relied on the pictures. Saw the Red S/R decal on the doors.

    Happy shopping!
  • My computer is displaying the new Townhall Format and I DON'T LIKE IT ALL!!! VERY VERY CONFUSING!!! I went looking for my favourite group which is under my favourites list and it won't let me access directly anymore. I have to go through several other screens worth of topics just to get to the one I want.

    Minor note of personal history. My Car officialy made it 5001 miles today. The last ZX2 I owned made it upto 4998 before that twit pulled off the shoulder; and then I discovered what happens to a ZX2 in a very high speed impact. She dies and saves the driver..
  • I have been at both postings. You are the only one on this one they are up to 679 on the other old listing. Just thought you might like to know. They just changed me from Dellnet to Dellnet MSN so I get lost now too
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