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  • Is the antenna on the top of the Avant easy to remove so I can feed the XM antenna cable through the roof? I cannot find how to remove it. There seems to be a little slot that I assume does something. Any help would be appreciated.

    2001 A6 Avant with 75K - purchase Jan 05 with 48K for about $20K. Car has been great other than frozen caliper($600) - bent wheel($125) - sticky windows($0 for lube but will replace guides for $300 both fronts) - Get 23mpg in mix driving - 24+ on hway at >75. Love the car.
  • has anyone NOT been able to unlock their Audi? All of a sudden I can't get the
    programmed key or the actual key to unlock the car on the driver's side. After several tries, I got the passenger side open, but all of the windows went down too.
    Is this a problem with my entire electrical system?? Or an isolated lock issue?
    I'm afraid of the expense in fixing this - Any idea what fixing this will cost? Is it worth it?
  • Just purchased a 2004 A6 Avant 3.0l , 13K miles. Still has 2 yrs warranty left on it. Paid $28,500. Did I get a good deal?
  • jodarjodar Posts: 51
    That sounds like a great deal to me. I have an '01 Avant, with the 2.8, also purchased with relatively low mileage and aside from some small, but expensive issues, it is a very nice car. The extended warranty (7yrs/100k) has helped pay for some costly repairs (alternator), so I would get one if you plan on keeping it for a long time and it isn't too costly.

    The versatility and AWD features of this vehicle are pleasant and rewarding for me. At some point, I'd like to get installed a aftermarket iPod connector for those long drives.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    I have been unable to find out what "voice recognition" applies to on the technology package.
    Specifically: does it allow for voice address input ...a la Acura or Infiniti. The specs note that it controls the navigation, but if not address input, what else is there?

    For the adaptive cruise control: does it operate down to low speeds to brake the vehicle in stop and go traffic?
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Anyone purchased a new Avant lately? Comments and pricing would be appreciated. Thanks
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Was offerred $2100 off MSRP for a new A6 Avant with tech w/ XM, premium, 18s, power tailgate. I have no idea if this is good or just a starting point for the deal dance. Any comments would be appreciated.

    I am also told that the amaretto interior color is hard to get.
  • habuhabu Posts: 52
    Do not know about the ameretto. just brought home an Atlas Gray metallic with ebony int. Options are: Tech Pkg (Sirius), Premium Pkg, Prem. lthr, Power tailgate, Cold Weather pkg Rear side airbags and manual rear and side sunshades. Went through Costco here in Tacoma. MSRP was 56,340. I paid 52,859. This included a 1,000 incentive for trading in a Lexus and financing thru Audi Financial at 4.39%. I also used Edmunds and was quoted 2,000 off sticker on any one of 6 Avants at another dealership. Prices on those cars ranged from 52,xxx to 58,xxx. My car had been on the dlr's lot since Feb so they were not in a hurry to sell but I'm happy with the deal. Good luck in your search.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    I have a Lexus too; they offered an extra $1000 for that or was it the financing? I heard they have some incentive to get folks out of BMW, Lexus, MD, etc. in an Audi.

    Let me know how you like your Avant, as I am very close myself. I drove one for two hours last Satuday and smiled a lot.
  • habuhabu Posts: 52
    The 1,000 was available because I traded the Lex (conquest program) and took the financing. Having a competitor's car gets you the financing deal and the money. At least that is what I was told. The financing is a balloon payment loan with 35 monthly payments and then a big payoff at the end. There is no early payoff penalty so you can get the 1,000 by making just one payment. I like the rate so I'll go for the full term. I expect to keep the car but the loan payoff will probably be 5,000 or so less than the value of the car at the time so the payoff could be made by selling the car outright.

    We have driven all of 24 miles so far and can only report that the car offers the best combo of luxury and road feel of anything I have driven (big Lex, MB, Pacifica). The navi is very easy to use and the seats adjust to fit me (5'11", 175lbs) perfectly. I am on my second reading of the car manual (there is a large Navi manual too which my spouse is learning) and feel I know about 35% of the car's capabilities. We looked at many alternatives and nothing measured up or came even close to the feel of this car.

    Good luck.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Did you consider or drive the BMW 530xi? More expensive but similar in size & options.

  • habuhabu Posts: 52
    I did not look at the BMW. Too many reliability concerns recently.

    I took the Avant over to Seattle yesterday. Real happy with how quickly the car reaches 80mph entering a freeway. Averaged 26mpg for the 110 mile trip. Car has less than 200 miles on the odo. The Navi works very well. Surprised us with instructions that we thought it would not make. We knew the route , but I would trust this system now anywhere. Around 1:30 we were starving so we asked it to find a Burger King and it found 10 or so with the closest about 100 yards away, although we could not see the sign..

    I've read the BMW i-drive s pretty complex. The MMI in the Avant is relatively easy to use, but I would not try it while driving in heavy traffic. My wife did just fine as a co-pilot with it. We played with the Sirius and it looks like we will continue the subscription after the 3 month free period. I'm sold on the car.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Anything new to add about your Avant experience over the last 30 days?

    Trying to keep this board alive.

  • habuhabu Posts: 52
    Seems there are very few of us Avant people around but I'll post more often (if I have anything worthwhile to say) to keep the board alive too.

    I just turned 600 miles today. We've had the car about 5 weeks now and I have 90% of the bells and whistles figured out. I truly do not have any complaints about anything except my dlr experience. I wrote a 2 page letter to AudiUSA and received a response today asking me to call and provide more details. I could write 2 more pages today as the dlr still hasn't fixed all the problems they created with the financing.
    The car is better than I had hoped it would be in all areas. Averaging 23 mpg in a 4200 lb. car that straddles the ride experience between luxury and sport perfectly for us is wonderful. We are planning a trip from Seattle to Mass. and back in Sept and I am looking forward to it with much anticipation. I think on 4 lanes this car will be superb.
    I am down about 1/2 qt of oil and bought my first qt of approved syn oil today ($6, ouch). Strangely this seems right for a car of this quality. I find the auto stick much smoother than the one on my '02 Sportcross and I can select and hold 1st, something I could not do in the Lex.
    Now if only Audi would bring crossbars to market so I could strap a kayak on top the car would be complete.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Did you incorporate a Bluetooth phone?

    I test drove an Avant on the interstate for a good while; it was sensational in every way. My car was built last week and should be on a transport ship in a week or so.
  • habuhabu Posts: 52
    I have the Bluetooth capability but don't have a phone. The cradle is in the top of the armrest. We use it for soft stuff cause hard plastic rattles on the contacts. The microphone that directs the radio, cd,nav, etc. is probably the same as the one for the Bluetooth. I have found it is pretty sensitive and the lady cannot understand me with the windows open or the fan on a high setting when I issue a command. The book alludes to this, but having to put the windows up and close the roof if I wanted to talk on a phone would not be a dance I'd want to do. Since I don't have a phone, there may be another mike in the car, but I cannot tell.
    Glad you thought the ride was as good as you did. I had to do a quick avoidance maneuver pulling onto I5 recently and did a pretty aggressive left right combo to avoid the car in front of me. The Avant was very sure footed throughout the quick wheel movements. Although I was doing 65 I felt completely in control. I'm thinking this beast might be fun at an autocross. I'm sure it would surprise some folks, snaking around slalom cones and not seeing the tail break out. The worst part of the highway maneuver was looking in the rearview when I was finished and having a state patrol car directly behind. Either he was impressed that the car didn't go sideways or he was looking elsewhere, cause after following me for 30 seconds he pulled out and went past without a glance.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    You can see 2007 pricing on AudiWorld A6 C6 forum; my ordered Avant has hit the U.S. port and hopefully will be delivered within 10 days.
  • habuhabu Posts: 52
    many thanks for the tip on Audiworld. did not know about it. feel pretty good about the price increase between my '06 and an identical (somewhat) '07. I'm real happy about the replacement of Atlas Gray with another Gray. something about not seeing another car like mine rolling down the road I enjoy.

    best of luck with your delivery. although I've said it before, check the tire pressure on a front and rear and if they are wrong make somebody fix all the tires. also have them check the spare and show you the guage. that tire and wheel is heavy and not fun to dig out of the hole in the back.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    What PSI do you recommend? Thx

  • habuhabu Posts: 52
    the tire info is not in the manuals you wll receive. it is on the driver's door frame along with the load limits. i have been using 35 front; 39 rear; 39 spare as directed. the ride is just fine. i have a friend with an A6 S-line who dropped the pressure from the recommended settings to improve his ride and his tires need replacement after 12,000 miles. if you get a nail or something in a front you can let the air out of the spare. or let the service man who responds to your Audi Assistance call do it. i called them and asked for trip assistance for a x-country trip we're planning in Sep and received an amazingly complete set of directions and maps. it arrived in less than a week, had over 80 pages of info. then I received another copy of the same package so I now have lots of scrap paper as thet only print on one side of an 8.5 x 11 sheet. if you use the service (it's free) be sure you have an idea of what route you will be taking if you want something customized. if I had just asked for Seattle to Massachusetts it would have been direct, interstates all the way. very nice perk I think.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Base Price $44308
    Convenience Package $2503
    Technology Package $3640
    Power Tailgate $410
    Sunshades $228
    18" Alloy Wheels $819
    Destination $720
    Port Prep $195
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Were your 2006 Avants delivered with cargo nets as part of the storage package? The net would attach to the sliding clamps on the rear rails.

  • habuhabu Posts: 52
    My '06 Avant came with the net and a strap that unwinds from between two small removable posts that can be attached to the rails and the bar that attaches to the rails across the back. The bar can be slid along the rails and we use it all the time for carrying grocery bags between the bar and the raised cargo floor. I attached a small cloth loop to the underside of the cargo floor in the seam where it folds to make raising it much easier.

    Looks like your prices are $2,560 under what my Moroni listed. The biggest change is in the base price ($44,302 vs. $46,870). My Port of Entry was San Diego and I did not see a Port Prep on the Moroni. Just turned 1,500 miles and like the car more and more.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Premium Pkg is now standard for 2007; I just took delivery on Monday, and there was no cargo net. This seems odd and I am asking the dealer to find it.
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    Cargo net is standard pretty much across the Audi line in all the trunks. Ask your dealer to give it to you.
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    I purchased my 2006 A6 Avant 3.2 in November of 05 as a special order. It topped out around $68,000 and is completely loaded including premium sports seats, 18" BBS Special rim and tire package, bluetooth, adaptive air suspension, adaptive cruise control, nav, wooden steering wheel and gear shft, automatic tailgate, keyless entry, sunroof, and your standard Audi premium and technology packages. I have about 9100 trouble-free miles on it as I comute about 100 miles a day round-trip. The car is solid, tremendous build quality, and with the adaptive air suspension a great feeling and road handling car for such a beast. I love the 3.2 V-6 as it has good torque and it is very smooth. I highly recommend it...and it looks cool!
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    You are way ahead of me; just 550 miles so far. Getting into the NC mountain roads this weekend. I love this car.
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    Well, enjoy the twisties. It does pretty good. I took my Avant through some backroads near Palm Springs and it handled with precison, especially in the dynamic mode.
  • habuhabu Posts: 52
    Just turned 1,700 miles on our Avant we picked up in late April. Leaving on 9/5 for a cross country trip from Seattle to Mass. and back. The Escort 8500 arrived yesterday to add another bit of electronics to the mothership. Between the Nav, Escort and laptop the navigator will be busier than the pilot. I've made an appointment for the 5k mile service near Knoxville so the tires will be rotated about halfway through the trip. With the gas mileage we are achieving I cannot imagine a better car for this trip.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Please tell me about your decision on the Escort 8500. I also feel like I'm in need of some protection.

  • habuhabu Posts: 52
    After the usual net research I found most users agreed the Escort was a better buy than the Valentine detector because it had slightly better performance (signal detection from further away giving more reaction time) while costing about $100 less. I searched for the best price and was almost tricked into buying last years model for $25 less (including s&h). I finally ordered mine (Escort 8500 X50 is the cuurrent model)directly from and it came within 8 days. It can be had in a red display mode ($299) or a blue ($339). Capabilities are identical. You may need an extension cord since the plug will not fit the cigar lighter socket and must run to the 12v receptacle in the arm rest. I bought a connector (2 female receptacles) at Wal-Mart for $3.50 and had a 12 foot telephone connection cord that allows me to run the cord around the rear view mirror, behind the driver's visor to the coat hook on the B-pillar and then around the back of the seat to the arm rest. Otherwise the wire will hang down from the Escort to the dash.
    All the user reviews indicate it does the job. The manual is 20 some pages and quite informative. It is programmable, has an auto mute function that will be a blessing (detection sound stops after a few seconds but lights stay on) and fits very well near the rearview mirror. Altogether a good value. I'll report on how it detects when I return from our trip in Oct.
  • habuhabu Posts: 52
    The 5k mile service for my Avant calls for a tire rotation. Anyone know whether the dlr uses the spare in the rotation? Since the tires all all the same I would like to request that the spare get some use when the service guys perform the service.
  • I am considering buying an A6 Avant for my wife. She drives a 2002 1.8 Passat Wagon which she likes, but has always complained about a lack of "pep" and storage space up front. I am wondering what people drove as a comparison for wagons in the same class, as well as, any advice people can offer when outfitting the car with options. Last question is regarding differences between the 2006 and 2007.
  • habuhabu Posts: 52
    Just returned from a trip from Seattle to Massachusetts and back that took 22 days. The Avant engine ran for 135.5 hours (according to trip 2) got 29.7 mpg and averaged 56 mph. Ran with A/C on about 1/3 of the time. Went 80 on 75mph highways and travelled above 5,000 feet for at least 1/4 of the trip. At 75mph the tach showed 2,400rpms. Hit 90 during several passing maneuvers and the car was rock solid. Learned a lot about the nav capabilities, never got lost and felt pretty secure in following directions in many unfamiliar places. Got us to each motel every night without a problem.

    Had the 5k service done in Knoxville, TN. Treated very well. Service writer apologized for not being able to check the pressure on the spare as it was buried under lots of luggage. Tires were rotated and when I asked why it was only done at 5k miles he replied "because Audi will not pay for it again". He thought rotating every 5k miles was wise and said they do it free of charge for their customers. These are not inexpensive tires.

    Enjoyed the trip enough to start planning more next spring. After 8 and 9 hour days we were tired but not truly fatigued.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Thanks for the nice update; great gas mileage. I've had my 07' at 100 mph just a few times on deserted stretches of interstate, and it is definitely rock-solid and safe. I'm at 2600 miles with no problems to report, except for the sunroof operation. When it is just partially opened and you turn it quickly back to full actually opens all the way. If you close it slowly (notch by notch on the dial), it's fine. This has me baffled.

    I intend to have this looked at and definitely have the seat belt chime turned off via the VAG-COM. Will have my Valentine 1 hardwired too.
  • Located a 2004 A6 Avant with less than 5000 miles - no kidding! I believe the dealer when he says it was driven by a mother-in-law who took the train a lot. Can get it for less than $30,000 - CPO.

    Any thoughts? Seems like '04 reliability is pretty good. I do about 35,000/year, so the CPO is great. Still, do not want to spend excessive time in the repair shop.

    Also looking at '06 Saab Sportcombi Aero and '07 Subaru OB XT Ltd.
  • rs9904rs9904 Posts: 15
    Just trolling around and saw last post. Just bought 06 sportcombi-great car and great value for your money. Fantastic mpg's, power, comfort and I like the update. Something to consider.
  • jodarjodar Posts: 51
    Find out how long the vehicle has been on the lot and what the wholesale (black book) price is and start from there UP. Never pay sticker on a used car because you know the dealer paid much less for it either in trade or at a wholesale auction. The longer the used car sits on the lot, the less value it has because remember values decrease as the car gets older, plus the dealer has to pay insurance on it. Good luck!
  • Bought it! 2+ weeks - about 2000 miles. Car is great. Smooth, quiet ride. Handles wonderfully. Black/black - premium and winter/cold weather package. XM. Only really odd thing is absence of automatic or day-time running lights.

    Paid well below Edmunds and KBB market prices - even more below market, as a Certified vehicle. Car was on the lot 1 day when I called, 2 days before a did a deposit over the phone, 5 days when I drove 150 miles to test drive, inspect - and, buy.

    Nearly 2 years of the original warranty remaining, then 2 more/50,000 miles. I have high hopes.

    Mohegan Lakes Audi in NY state. Very good experience.
  • We're thinking seriously of a 2007 A6 Avant Sline. Has anyone tried this option yet? I've tested the Sline sedan, and it drives really well, but there's no way to test the Avant since no one seems to have one for testing.
  • asupasup Posts: 1
    Hey all-
    I have never owned an Audi, but am looking at a 2000 A6 wagon, with 59k owned by an elderly couple. Im wondering if I will be opening a financial downfall with an older Audi. I had a Saab before and it was an electrical nightmare. I now have a mazda which has been GREAT, but I like Audis and want the room of the wagon and the AWD. Does anyone have any advice? I am a single girl and I dont want to get myself into trouble here. I was going to bring it to a mechanic as well, but do these things go downhill after they reach a certain mileage? At what point do they need a timing belt? Any advice would be truly appreciated!!!! THANKS A MILLION :)
  • I am about to buy a 2000 Audi A6 2.8 wagon,
    What do you think about that?
    I like that car and I had one before however, like to hear more from someone who has some experience on the same model and the year.

    thank you

    from New York :)
  • kenyat1kenyat1 Posts: 1
    Help, is anyone out there? I just brought a 1999 Audi A6 Wagon on 3-3-08. I'm wondering is it going to give me trouble. Is it a good car or because of the year and mileage, is it worth my while. It has 102,000 miles on it. I have been feeling unsure since I brought it, I don't know but something just doesn't feel right. Please help me.
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    What engine did you get? If it is the 2.7T, you are probably in for engine trouble. Regardless of the engine you are probably in for suspension problems with that mileage.
  • ajp2ajp2 Posts: 2
    I 'm thinking of relocating an A6 to CA from Mass., will I have smog issues bringing it here?
  • I own a 2006 Audi Avant A6 with 62500 miles. At 44,000 miles I had difficulty with the MMI system. The dealership made a repair. Now I'm having a similar problem and dealership is telling me there is a short in the system requiring replacement part with repair costing $1500. Although all of the service has been done at the same dealership in KCMO, they will not warranty the part or any of the service. I am interested in knowing if this is a common problem or my situation is unique. Also if there any suggestions of contacting Audi of North America or other helpful services. Thanks for any assistance. hearthawk
  • klarinutklarinut Posts: 1
    I also own a 2006 Audi Avant A6. Something drained my battery back in December and it locked my key in the ignition. I was able to charge enough to get it started but my MMI went blank. The dealer replaced a $1,500 Boze module, and a module for a tail light which I was not having any trouble with. When I picked it up I noticed the radio did not work anymore. Took it back and they said the radio had a short in it and that it needed to be replaced. I decided not to replace the radio as I really was not using it, but a couple of weeks ago after not driving it for a few days, the battery was dead once again. I'm beginning to wonder if the radio short may have drained the battery or if something may have spilled in the console causing a short in circuit. Does any of this sound familiar to your situation? Was Audi of NA able to be of any help?
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