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Ford Focus Wagon



  • I would think that would be a great replacement for the Neon. That's pretty low mileage. I have an 03' Focus wagon and haven't had any problems. My parents had a 5-door hatch and regret getting rid of it as it was fun to drive and got good gas mileage.

    I don't know a lot about the manual transmissions as they don't seem to be as common, Should be fine though if you don't mind shifting yourself.
  • steffmmsteffmm Posts: 2
    Thanks! I'm still researching cars and I thought that the Ford Fiesta would be the ticket for my next new car until I saw how big they were. It wouldn't be much of an improvement over my Neon, space-wise.

    Especially when my Grandpa owns a 2000 Focus Wagon, and there is enough room for my Grandma, his hunting stuff in the backseat, and her wheelchair and walker in the cargo area, and he weighs about 400 pounds. These cars impress me for all they can handle :)
  • orcishorcish Posts: 9
    I went from a 2003 Focus SE sedan to a 2005 ZXW SES and then a 2006 ZXW SES for the same reason. I love the extra space. BTW, the Wagon (ZXW) has a lot more room then the five door hatch (ZX5).
  • I want a station wagon. Not a crossover, not a hatchback, just an old fashion long-bodied affordable station wagon. Why aren't these made anymore? (I know Toyota has the Venza: too expensive. Subaru has the Outback: I had a lemon Subaru once, so won't get a Subaru again, plus The Outback is no longer a simple wagon, in my opinion.)

    Is it true Ford Focus has one? If so, when will it be available?

    Thank you. My dogs and I are waiting...and waiting.
  • jesmc1,

    Hi, this is Justin with Ford Customer Service. Thank you for your interest in the 2012 Focus. I am very excited to see it hit the market this coming Spring! It will be available in 7 fuel-efficient models, including a 5-door sedan. Don't worry; your dogs will be thrilled when they check out the canine capacity when the 60/40 fold-flat rear seatbacks are down! They will be smiling ear to ear. :) Check it out for yourself by going to: You can also contact our Marketing Program Headquarters at 800-334-4375 for additional details.

    Thank you,
    Ford Customer Service Division
  • Well, thanks for your message, but a sedan is not a station wagon. I'm assuming I'm out of luck with the Ford Focus wagon.

  • Jes,

    You're welcome. Too bad there aren't more station wagons on the market today, they sort of phased out. Hopefully they can make a reappearance in the future! But, at this time, Ford hasn't revealed any details on whether or not they will. Keep your fingers crossed! :)

    Thank you,
    Ford Customer Service Division
  • jh72nyjh72ny Posts: 2
    edited May 2011
    I too am saddened that Ford has no plans to release the 2012 wagon in the USA. I've owned Ford wagons for over 30 years. The 2012, based on pictures and videos I've seen, would definitely have been the next one I'd own. I really don't want to turn to the VW Jetta. One would think that with $4-plus a gallon gas, there would be renewed interest in these wonderful cars.
  • smegleysmegley Posts: 7
    edited May 2011
    those ford customer service replies looked so copy/paste it was painful to read.

    I agree Ford should bring a real wagon, but they say we don't want them, so what do we know? It's a somewhat different price range, but Acura has the TSX wagon now, and it looks pretty nice. Comes pretty well loaded and for the price it's well equipped, plus it looks like a nice trim wagon and not like a bloated distorted pig like the Venza.

    Personally I think the old Mazda6 wagons were hot. I see a lot of them on the road, but Mazda also says we don't want them. Must be more profit in those CUVs that, uhhh, they say we do want.
  • jh72nyjh72ny Posts: 2
    The VW (Jetta) Sportwagen is an alternative at a similar price point. It is a real wagon, sleek and highly rated, though not with the fuel economy, nor quite as handsome and feature-laden as the 2012 Focus wagon. But if the 2012 Focus wagon is not offered here, the VW is probably the only alternative of similar price and class.
  • n_a_cn_a_c Posts: 7
    Anyone heard any updates if the wagon will be sold in the US?
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    I also would love to see a focus wagon offered here. Ford is not on my radar, but if they offered something that Honda does not have - a nice handling, fuel efficient wagon - I would grab one.
  • The average American woman, who usually decides what car a family will buy, [or influences about 75% of purchases] has decided that station wagons are 'out' and refuse to buy them. So, virtually none for sale. :mad:
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Yet SUV's are in when they are just overweight wagons.
  • Ah, yes, the taste of the "average American woman," gave us the blobs known as minivans which have been a blight to our fair country for years.
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