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Lincoln Town Car



  • how fast can the Lincoln Towncar go. can it get up to 120!. !hmmm! i know the Lincoln Towncar needs a Vortec engine so it can go fast or the 4.7 is fast i do not know so tell me!
  • lando2lando2 Posts: 12
    I was replacing the rear brake pads (driverside) when I noticed a leak from a rubber hose clamped to a nipple on the axle (Drivers' side). The hose did not connect to any thing and the fluid kinda looks like hydrolic (or lube). What in the world is it? Is it connected to the axle gear fluid?
    Help a TC owner out...
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Hasn't this guy been here before? OK, the Town Car is not a Corvette. It's not meant to go 120. It's meant to take little old ladies to the church picnic without turning over the pot of peas in the back floorboard. If you really want a car that can go 120, get a Corvette or a Camaro. And please don't drive that fast on the public freeways.
  • rs_pettyrs_petty Posts: 423
    S= square root of (IQ + $a)
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 815
    It sounds like you are describing the vent tube for the rear axle. It prevents pressure inside the assembly from blowing out seals. A little residue around that is pretty common.
  • drmpdrmp Posts: 187
    coming and it will be very likely threatening to Ford. A welcome news also to most towncar fans. I referring to Infiniti M45.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    joker 2108

    I need a response to the email I sent you two days ago. Thanks.

    Sedans Host
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    The 2003 Town Car arrived at alot of dealerships this week....would like to hear some consumer opinions.

    BTW: don't judge the car without driving it, the ride and drive is different from last year.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    new 2002 Towncars for $29,995. In your opinion, is the list of improvements on the 2003 worth the many thousands of dollars difference? IMO, the TC still needs 300+ hp to compete with Cadillac and 235 is only adequate.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 815
    I haven't driven a 2003 yet so I won't comment directly on the ride and drive. I am a big fan of the styling of the current generation Town Car. I have to say, though, that IMHO, the grille on the new model is less distinctive than before and not an improvement.

    The other changes sound like genuine improvements but until it is available with the 4.6 DOHC engine and there is a bucket seat/console option, I will stick with my LS.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I drove the car today...We are all in agreement that extra HP would be nice. We were wondering why they didn't use the 302 hp V8 that the aviator is getting.

    The 2003 has a quiter ride, we all noticed this right away. The rack and pinion steering is a big improvement. The car does not wander as much as the previous TC. The interior is much "dressier" than the 2002. Also, the traditional Lincoln "float" is still there but much less body roll. Trunk size is clearly bigger.

    The hood ornament is back, standing tall on the hood. makes docking the TC easier. The back up sensors are a must, rear visability when backing up is a bit limited.

    overall we feel they did a nice job...It's easy to second QB the re-design and somethings could be a little different but the car is worth a look. Most TC buyers will be happy with the changes
  • jerrym3jerrym3 Posts: 202
    This option still available? I don't think so.
  • johnnylincjohnnylinc Posts: 308
    I just saw three '03 Town Cars at a local dealership. One was an ivory Cartier, and the other two were white pearl Signatures. One Sig had the two-tone lower paint with the light & dark stone interior, and the other was all white with the light & dark parchment interior. (None were Premium models.)

    My impression is that it's a very attractive car; it looks a bit longer than the '02 TC, probably due to the reshaped trunk & hood. I like the new front & rear treatments; the styling is obviously an evolution of the previous model, but different enough that it's instantly recognizable as an '03. I didn't much care for the chrome Cartier wheels--so many chrome wheels nowadays remind me of those cheap Kmart plastic wheel covers, and I'd put the Cartier's in that category. That's just personal opinion, of course. The hood ornament is odd, too; it's tilted back toward the windshield rather than being vertical. It probably will be a useful parking aid, though.

    There were a couple of '03 Grand Marquis models, a GS and an LS Ultimate, sitting next to the TCs; while there's a definite corporate heritage, I don't see the front-end styling as being THAT similar when the cars are side by side.

    The dealership was closed, so I couldn't get in, but the new instrument panel looks very nice to me--very classy. While the window sticker indicates that it's a 6-passenger car, I don't see how this is possible. The front seats look like rather flat buckets, with a fold-down armrest in the middle. The area beneath the armrest is definitely not large enough for an adult, and it doesn't appear to be padded seating material, either. It looked like there was a third seat-belt anchor, but I don't see how it could be useable. Seems a bit odd. Overall, though, the interior looks quite nice.

    While it's not my kind of car (my parents have a '99 Cartier, which they like very much), I think Lincoln did a fine job carrying on the TC tradition, at least from a styling/design standpoint. It'll be interesting to drive one some day & see what they've done mechanically & ergonomically.
  • jerrym3jerrym3 Posts: 202
    I like the 03, but not enough to buy one (now).

    Looking at the deals on the 2002s, it's tough to equate getting the first 2003 on the block as opposed to possibly saving thousands of dollars next spring, especially if you're like me and keep a car for minimum ten years.

    Dealer popped the trunk, which is huge. Smaller spare now stands upright in the right quarter panel.

    Wheels are ugly, as are the TBirds. (They do look like K Mart plastic hubcaps.)

    Interior is dressed up nicely.

    Under the category, "you get what you pay for", try bending the TC grille and then try the same thing to the GM. GM bends very easily, TC doesn't budge.

    Too bad they couldn't do something with the roofline, a sore thumb, IMHO. (I'm not wild about the CV/GM roofline, either.) They should have jumped up the HP. Heck, if General Motors can put a supercharger in a Buick, what happened, Ford?????

    Also, I love black cars, but, buy a black TC, and everybody in the neighborhood thinks you started a second job as a limo driver.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    I've twice driven the bride and groom from the church to the reception . If it was to be borrowed for a funeral, I'd mount the hitch so the deceased could "take it with him/her." No luggage racks though.
  • houndoghoundog Posts: 21
    Many of us love the TC, but it will never gain market share until FORD offers at least 300hp (even as a performance option). The Caddy has had 300hp for years, and will soon move up even higher - also will go to RWD soon. Unless the TC makes some substantial changes to the drivetrain, market share will continue to decline. If the Lincoln dealers did not have the LS models to sell, they would be in real trouble. The LS and Navigator have saved the dealers for now, but this has done nothing for the Town Car. The 2003 has some nice cosmetic changes, but the powertrain is still the same - BIG upgrade needed for 2004.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    How much additional are we willing to pay for a 300 hp "Performance Option"? Considering it would replace the existing Single Overhead Camshaft, it should be a $250 additional option as the Mark VIII engine would meet the demand. Are you willing to pay more? if so, how much?
  • jerrym3jerrym3 Posts: 202
    Lincoln should realize that this car is a LINCOLN, not a plain CV or GM. The motor should be different than the motor in those cars.

    I'd hate to see the TC go the way of the Continental as buyers realize that they can buy the CV/GM and basically get the same car mechanically at a lot less cost..

    I'd be willing to pay a few thousand more for a 2003 Lincoln "LSE" with a body colored grille (not completely), 300 HP DOHC engine, 3:55 rear, and body colored plate on the rear decklid.

    I'd even push for the buckets and console. (Buyers purchasing Lincolns are probably in an age bracket where a full six passenger sedan is no longer needed.)

    Call it the Lincoln LSE Touring Sedan, and make mine black!
  • houndoghoundog Posts: 21
    The TC should be able to do a complete performance upgrade for $2000 to $2500 - i.e. 300hp motor(Marauder), 3.55 rear end with posi, upgrade tires, Bilstien shocks, HD stabilizer bars, etc, etc. These type of upgrades cost almost nothing at the factory level. Ford will still make a nice profit on every one they sell. If they are really smart, go with the 5.4 tuned for max torque, and around 300 to 325hp. Stick with regular gas, or go to 89 octane max. If you want to be competitive, you have to raise the bar. The TC cannot always lag behind, time to step out in front.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I agree the car should be more of a stand out...but Everyone forgets that fleet dictates what the town car gets. Limo/Livery companies essentially dictate to Ford what will and wont be on the T/C
    Until Lincoln decides that they want to retail the T/C to people and not Fleet, the car will not be a world class competator in the luxury segment.
    The T/C is Certainly a nice car but with a rather limited retail market in its current form.

    The Lincoln LS is proof they have the ability to build something that will compete with the best out there...I just wish the whole Lincoln Brand would move away from fleet and become a real luxury brand...

    oh, btw. My friend who is a auto writer/radio personality called me today. He drove the new 2003 jaguar at the press intro yesterday. He was totally gushing positive things about the car.
  • jerrym3jerrym3 Posts: 202
    I agree that Lincoln can't forget the fleet market, but if Mercury can make a Marauder, it would probably take the same, or less, effort for Lincoln to make a TC LSE Touring Edition. If Mercury can do it for limited production (15,000 cars), why can't Lincoln?

    Why direct the domestic luxury buyer that wants a little more performance or individuality towards Cadillac?

    Which Jag was tested? The S V8 or the S R?
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    to move their barges up and down the blvds.
  • xlegendxlegend Posts: 3
    I have heard that Lincoln does intend to come out with a 300hp TC. I also heard that it will have a center console making it a 5 passenger car. Can anyone verify any of the above? The 2003 Town Car claims to have greater trunk space but when you read the specifications it is the same size as the 2002 Town Car which is 20.6 cubic ft. What gives?
  • jerrym3jerrym3 Posts: 202
    All I can say about the trunk space is that putting the mini spare vertical in the right quarter panel "dead" space clears up the whole shelf where the spare used to reside. Maybe we're just getting more usable space.

    Where did you hear about a 300hp/bucket seat TC?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    The 2004/2005 model year will be Lincoln's defining it stand this is when the "real" totally redesigned cars hit the market.

    jerry.... it was the S R
  • jerrym3jerrym3 Posts: 202
    I'm going to price out the Jag S V8 this weekend. Really not interested in the S-R.

    With a few tweaks, they could have offered a very interesting TC.
  • mpowers3mpowers3 Posts: 2
    Is it me, or does this sound like a really bad idea? I mean, "Suddenly press on the brakes = instant maximum braking force" doesn't sound like it would be very safe for the people following you.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    adjusting the seat to allow more room for the rear seat passenger, the driver's knee touches the dashboard. Turn to the Towncar, junk the Jag.
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