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Pontiac Grand Am



  • I have a 1999 GA GT with almost 15,000 miles on it. I have had almost no problems with it. The door fabric has started to pull away by the window on the back doors. There are a few very minor squeeks here and there. But the brakes have been fine so far.

    I absolutely love to drive this car. The steering wheel controls for cruise control and the radio have spoiled me rotten. My problem will be when I get my next car, how do I top the Grand Am?
  • a6chrisa6chris Posts: 15
    I'm currently in the market for a midsize sedan and am torn between the Nissan Maxima and the Pontiac Grand Am. The Grand Am give me more bang for my buck, but I'm worried about reliability. I don't want to spend $18,000 for a brand new car and then after numerous repairs end up paying well over $23,000. Also, how is the accelleration on the V6 at highway speeds of 75-80?? Also, hows the stop light acceleration? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    I'm worried about reliability. I don't want to spend $18,000 for a brand new car and then after numerous repairs end up paying well over $23,000.

    In this case, why not buying extended warranty? I think that bumper-to-bumper for 100,000 miles and 7 years (10 years including the manufacturer warranty) would cost about $1200 to $1600. Substantially less than the $5000 at risk.

    BTW, it is a good idea to compare the warranty prices for GrandAm and Nissan (or other Japan cars). Probably the difference is not so high.

    I think that for the first 10 years or 100,000 miles the problems with reliability, if any, would be is not so much with money as with time and headaches...
  • alhoutexalhoutex Posts: 14
    I bought a new 2000 Slivermist Grand Am GT in february. The car already has 7600 miles on it, due to my 5 day a week drive into downtown Houston. I have only had one problem with the car so far. The driver and passenger front windows scratched my new tint job when I first rolled the windows down. It also continued to scratch the tint in tiny barely noticable lines. it sounds like sand, but the car has never been around it. Has this happened to anyone else, or has anyone heard of this problem? No other problems so far. I can feel a slight pulse in the brakes during stops. Is this the start of rotor problems? I hope not.
  • The scratched windows are a known problem and have been posted many times before. My driver window now seems to be making a screetching noise when going up. I don't know if it's scratchin g the window or not. I'm taking it in next week to have the dealer look at it. Seems that the geniuses at Pontiac put the wrong size gasket or trim piece at the base of the window and many owners are having the trim piece and/or windows replaced. Guess it's easier and cheaper to fix a whole bunch of cars than to design it correctly the first time.
  • alhoutexalhoutex Posts: 14
    Well, I wonder if there is a TSB on this problem. It seems as if they would recall the vehicle if its happening to several people. The bank teller at my bank has the same car, and her windows ddid the same thing. Will they pay me to have my windows retinted after the problem is fixed?
  • nerssnerss Posts: 43
    The window scratches are a known problem by GM. There is a TSB out on this. My fiancee's GA 99 had to have 3 sheets of glass replaced ($980) at GM's cost. The doors need to be pulled apart, the gaps need to be widened and they need to be put back together. The sand has nothing to do with these scratches, and your tinting will have to be replaced (Should be covered by the warranty since it is GM's fault.) Any questions post and I will check right away.
  • I hate to be a pessimist, but if aftermarket tinting was placed on the car, I doubt Pontiac is going to pay to have the tinting redone because the windows got scratched. I'm sure they will limit their responsibility to the actual window itself.
  • nerssnerss Posts: 43
    I agree, but when the problems with my fiancee GA effected the custom taillight I had put on they covered the replacement cost since the damage was done by the defective part (water leakage from a bad seal). But again they maybe real jerks about it in this case, reading past experiences reveals a hit/miss problem with GM based on the dealership and individuals.
  • nerssnerss Posts: 43
    There is much wind noise from the passenger rear door. My dealership adjusted the door, but it still makes a loud whooshing noise (louder than normal/or other doors). What is the appropriate fix for this my warranty is running out soon.
  • juechenjuechen Posts: 1
    I bought a 1995 Grand Am. everything seems ok except we doubt it was ever drowned. It can only get about 23 mileage per gallon gas. Does it mean the engine was serious injured? if so, how about the lifetime for the car? Thanks.
  • jjwoulfyjjwoulfy Posts: 1
    I am in the market for a used vehicle and i really like the looks and the way the 97 Grand Am drives. However, I have heard some stories about what can go wrong with these cars and it is causing me to think twice. I was wondering what kinds of problems I should be looking for that would make me want to stay away from the car. And I also heard a lot about the paint being able to chip easily and rust rather fast, is there any truth to that?? Thanks.
  • alhoutexalhoutex Posts: 14
    JJ 25 yrs of age, I have grown up around pontiac Grand Ams, from my friends sisters 87 grand am sedan, to my moms 1991 grand am which was my high school borrowed ride until I got my own car. In 1995, my parents bought my sister a 1993 grand am GT two door. Now, I own a 2000 Grand am GT 4 door, and an very happy with it. To my best recollection all except the 93 grand am were trouble free.The 93 had bad coolant troubles, and engine problems. As far as 97s/98s, I havent followed the cars history, but Ive heard an average number of complaints. Paint is excellent, unless you get black, which fades on the plastic surfaces. I would recommend a V6, the fours have never had good power, except for the quad 4 high output in the 91 GA. If you have any specific questions, Ill try to answer them.
  • azurerainazurerain Posts: 3
    I am looking into possibly purchasing a 2000 Grand Am GT1, I was wondering if anyone has owned one yet. I've read through the message board here, and elsewhere and have seen good and bad about the older models, but I can't find much on the 2000. If you own one, do you like the car? any complaints?. My toyota was totaled in a wreck last week, so I am looking for a new, semi-sporty car. The Grand Am seems to give the most bang for the buck. Any comments appreciated.

    Thank You,

  • obiwanobiwan Posts: 57

    I currently own a 1999 Grand Am GT1, which is very similar to the 2000. I have been very happy with my car overall. It has good acceleration in all reasonable conditions (from a stoplight, up a freeway on-ramp, passing on the highway) and it handles fine for every day driving with a few hard corners thrown in now and again.

    What it will not do is out-accelerate real performance cars. It'll beat the suburban assault vehicles and minivans off the line but a V8 camaro/mustang will leave you far behind. And even some of the "sport compact" cars will edge out the Grand Am in a 0-60 run by half a second or more. It will definitely out corner the grocery getters but won't handle the twisties like a Porche. To top it all off, it has a very comfortable ride for daily driving. If that's your definition of "semi-sporty" then the Grand Am is the car for you.

    I can fit 2 reasonable sized adults in my back seat for short to medium trips. When no one is in my back seat, I can fit my 191cm skis cross ways through the pass through in the trunk. Both of these you won't be able to do in a smaller "sport compact" car. Depending on my driving, I average over 20 MPG in mixed city/highway driving. (That you will be able to do in a compact car.) Considering that the sporty versions of the compact cars cost as much or more than the Grand Am, I'd say that it definitely gives you more bang for your buck.

    If you're not 100% sold on the Grand Am looks, take a look at the Oldsmobile Alero. It is virtually identical to the Grand Am once you get past the accessories and under the sheet metal. It has similar numbers for acceleration and cornering but the appearance is a little different and appeals to some people more than the lines of the Grand Am.

  • azurerainazurerain Posts: 3

    Thank You for replying to my message. I love the way the Grand Am looks, and I haven't test driven it yet (soon). It would be perfect for me actually, I don't want a overly sporty car like the mustang. Although a V8 would be nice, but once you add all the goodies to that, the price is too high. That is mainly why I am looking into the grand am, I've looked at the Camero, mustang, all those other sporties, and I think I'll have to wait. I hate the way the Alero looks, to grandma-ish. It sounds like the GT1 would be a good buy. I was mainly concerned about paint chipping, road noise etc. that I have heard about=). I think my heart is pretty set on the 2000 GT1 though, now if I can haggle a dealer for a good price!.

    Thank You,

  • Azure - another thing that is a bonus for the GT over a Mustang or other V8 is the insurance cost. My 4-door Grand Am GT is very reasonable to insure when compared to a sports car.

    I spent months comparing the Grand Am GT with other brands and models. The best "bang for the buck" is exactly what I got. The options, features and performance I got for the price I paid is phenomenal. And so far, the first 15,000 miles have been almost hassle free. Except for adjustmemts to the hood latch and door inserts, the car has had no troubles at all. And I get about 24 mpg with mixed driving.

    I may not outrun a Porsche, but I can beat many sporty cars and other vehicles that people paid a LOT more money for!
  • obiwanobiwan Posts: 57

    I agree that the Mustang and Camaro would cost you more. Not only in initial cost but in insurance as well. But the added bonus with the Grand Am is that the back seat is usable by real people. I have tried out the back seats of both Mustangs and Camaros (and Firebirds too) and I have to say that it isn't much more than a small shelf to put things on. You can't really fit full sized adults in the back of one of those cars.

    One thing I would say is that you should take the Grand Am for a test drive before really getting excited about having one. There have been people who thought the Grand Am was a fancy sports car when it's really just a sporty mid-sized family car. Go out to a dealer and take a random GT for a spin just to get the feel of it. Then go home and sit on you impression for a while. Then go back and try out a different GT. Go home again. Then go try out some other cars in the class (including a Grand Am SE with the V6) to compare your experiences with. If you still like the GT1, go back and give it one last test drive on the day you are ready to buy.

    But, and this is the most important thing, don't get too enamored of a particular car on the lot. Remember that the Grand Am is produced in high quantity and there are many out there to choose from. Set the highest price you will pay before you go to buy and stick to it. If the dealer won't match your price, walk away. Remember that the end of the 2000 model year is coming up quickly. As the 2001 models start to arrive, you can get some good deals on the 2000 models, especially if you live in a large urban area with more than one dealer nearby.

    Good luck on your purchase,
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    GM consider GrandAm to be a compact car, not a mid-size one. Even while it is build on the same platform as the Chevy Malibu, a mid-size car according the GM.
  • alhoutexalhoutex Posts: 14
    Azure, I purchased my 2000 silvermist Grand Am GT with the solid value option package(chrome wheels, sunroof, cassette and cd, keyless entry). It stickers at 21,820, and an invoice of 20020, depending on what part of the country you are in, you should be able to get a GT for about 25-125 over invoice. The dealers should have alot in stock, due to the factory getting rid of the last 2000s, to make room for the next production year.I paid 200 over invoice in february, an off month on car deals. The cash back rebate puts this awesome car in most peoples financial reach. I love mine, and have no complaints, save a few minor warranty corrections. I topped it out at 125 mph on the local tollway, and it will fly! Smooth ride, great power, solid car. I wouldnt recommend anything else. Good Luck on you deal.
  • fuddleypfuddleyp Posts: 1
  • That last post about a rental car sounds a little suspect. What are the chances of renting a car with 4 miles on it? Even my new car had about 200 miles on it when I bought it. I guess the rental cars are sold directly to the companies without test drives, but what are the odds you would get one without anybody else every driving it? And then throwing a rod at 45 miles? Something sounds rotten in Denmark if you ask me.
  • rav6rav6 Posts: 1
    I own a 2000 Grand Am GT that is 7 months old. Ever since I first saw this car it was the one I wanted. Two disappointments: 1) front brakes warped at 9,000 miles (replaced under warranty) and 2)a sun visor that doesn't stay all the way up when blocking the sun. However, I love the style and power. Test drive other vehicles first because some people have different tastes. In my opinion the GT is a practical as well as a performance car. It gets my recommendation.
  • lyrmal: I'm so glad to see your positive post. My 1999 GT has 15,000 miles+ in its first 11 months. Except for the door panel problem, everything is AOK. It's great to hear from someone with 40K miles. I am in a negative cash situation with this car due to a previous problem vehicle. So I will have to keep this car for a long while and am encouraged by your post. Keep posting as you go!
  • guylguyl Posts: 10
    Anyone know when the Grand Am SC/T will be coming out. When it will be coming out? Were, US and Canada? Other than are there any other sites out there? It sure would be a great car.

    Thank you
  • guylguyl Posts: 10
    Just wanted everyone to know. I have a 1999 Grand Am, SE1, with v6, sunroof and upgraded stereo. I currently have 34000 miles on it, a little over 54000 km. The only problem I have is from rotors, they have been turned 2 times and will need to be replaced in a few months. I do not understand why, but it seems its normal. I have a clunk noise coming from the back of the car, when I turn left slowly, but that should be under warranty. I also had a problem with unlocking the trunk with the key, but its been fixed under warranty. The car shakes middly at high speeds, but it seems its my tires, funny how its been doing this 20000 km's ago.

    Other than that, I'm very happy. The car has all kinds of power, gets pretty good gas millage.

    It is a car I would recommend to others. Recently, I have rented a 2000 Intrepid and a 2000 Taurus. They are not too bad, but prefer the grand am. I found that the Grand Am has the best of both worlds. If you want a smooth car, and want to drive it like grand-dad, no problem. If you want to drive it hard and accelerate hard, no problem. The other 2 cars I mettionned was either one of the 2 hard driving cars or grand-dad cars. The Grand Am, is both if you want it to be.

    You are probably going to say that the Intrepid is not a hard driving car. Try it, press the gas a little, it feels like you floored it. With the Grand Am, you press it a little, it goes a little, you press it hard, it goes hard. The Intrepid, you press it a little, press it hard, no matter, it goes hard. No the Taurus, its not too bad, smooth running car, at the top end, doesn't have as much power as the Grand Am. But nice smooth car.

    With the Grand Am, I can take the turns hard with no problem, with the other 2 cars, they would squeel a lot, and I would not puch them at all.

    Anyways, just my 2 cents worth.
  • My favorite part of my commute to work is the ramp connecting my local road to the interstate. It consists of three pretty sharp reverse curves - right, left, right.

    Some days I have some pickup, minivan or other sedan annoyingly riding up my rear end on the local road. I wait until I get on the ramp and then I make my 1999 GA GT do some dancing. The cornering ability is incredible! I carve the turns on the ramp at 50 mph, leaving everybody in the dust. They're lucky if they can negotiate the turns at 30 mph, which is fine by me.

    That's just a little fun I have on my daily 60 mile round trip to work everyday. I love this car!
  • nerssnerss Posts: 43
    I will start off by saying that I love this car. I own a 99 with the 4 cyl., and I am glad I only have the 4. I frequently find myself speeding while coasting on city streets. The car handles great and absorbs the horrible michigan roads with ease. I am having the door panels replaced due to bubbling under warranty. The only other gripe is the tire noise and there are two doors that have excessive noise like the windows are open, but they aren't. Has anybody else had problems like this before?
  • Hello.

    I'm trying to decide on which of these cars to lease and would appreciate any input. I've started a separate board entitled 2000 Grand Am GT1 vs 2000 Saturn LS2 to weigh the pros and cons of each. If any of you have time and are inclined to contribute, please stop by for a visit. Thanks.
  • clubnevclubnev Posts: 3
    I just rented one for 9 days and did a fair amount of traveling - approx. 400 miles. It was a 2000 model, 4 door and had a V6 engine. My parents also own a V4 - I believe it is a 97.

    The car I drove had 16,000 miles on it and the shocks need replacement. Also, the rental had a bad blind spot, - my parent's 97 has no blind spot.

    I have owned a toyota and presently own an Accord and my 10 year old Honda with 169,000 miles handles curves better than the 2000 Grand Am I rented.

    It was a decent rental, except for the curves - I was VERY disappointed, as this is the worst rental car I've ever driven for curves. Because of that, I won't rent another one where I know I will be in traffic with it.

    Also, as far as renting rental cars for the first time, I actually had one with 5 miles on it - the car rental had to take the stickers off - and I have been fortunate to rent cars with as little as 200 miles.
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