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Chrysler LHS



  • I brought my 2000 LHS to a local shop that installs remote starters. The owner told me he installed one in a 300M and when the dealer found out, he was told to have it removed because it would ruin the computer. It had something to do with the wiring harness using fiber optics. Does anyone know anything about this? Can a remote starter be installed in one of these cars?
  • I have my 2000 LHS for 7 months now. I absolutely love it. Not one problem... knock on wood. Just did the normal oil change and tire rotation.
    I too was debating on whether to get the 300M or the LHS. I actually went to the dealer targeting for a 300M, but came out with the LHS. I changed my mind to opt for the larger leg room in the rear and the bigger trunk. I gave up the Autostick, however. I don't regret it a bit. I saw all the 300M's on the road. It is nice to be a bit different and unique? :)

  • I own a 1995 LHS, which I really love, but have experienced the same delays as well. When it is cold, it seems to take time for the car to get into gear, then I at times hear a grinding noise when I am backing up. After a short time, this delay and grinding sound goes away. My tranny has been replaced once. I also just threw several hundreds of dollars into repairs this week. The idler pulley fell off while driving and on top of that being fixed, I had the water pump, and timing belt replaced. Beside these recent repairs and previous tranny relacement at 30K miles, these have been the major reapirs for this car. I now have 70K and assume another tranny is in te future.
  • daffindaffin Posts: 30
    That actually looks pretty cool! Note, though, that my level of interest is inversely proportional to the price.

  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I actually prefer the looks of the LHS to the 300M.

    Take it from the Chevy guy! ;-)
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    Thanks! They are free. If you want an LHS logo, see if you can lead me to a good one on the net somewhere that I could craft a little bitmap from to use. I might also be able to find one on some of the Chrysler literature I have laying around that I can scan.
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    I like the way the LHS looks, too, but I don't like cars that big (the 300M is big enough -- I don't need a fat 300M!). It's strange that when I see an LHS I marvel at how large it is, but it's really not that much larger than my 300M.
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    Even when there's a big ol' ugly license plate stuck in the LHS' gaping maw?
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    A dealer in Virginia has a leftover 1999 Chrysler LHS that is stone white/agate. I am sure it is brand new but two years old. Would this car be a good deal? Here it is:
  • Hi, I am considering an LHS 2000 model close-out from the dealer. The offer of 0 percent interest for 5 years seems like a good deal, however, I am always leary of driving off the lot. The LHS available at this buyer incentive has the sunroof which seems kind of silly in Alaska as we get little sun here but I am more concerned about it leaking with all the rain and snow. Any comments from anyone who has a 2000 LHS with sunroof would be appreciated. Thanks from akramona
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    since I bought the car last April, and as far as I know it's the same as the LHS.
  • Thanks scotian, the big day is tomorrow and wouldn't you know, its snowing...guess I won't be opening the roof for the ride home.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    Do not install a remote starter on your LHS , it has nothing to do with fiber optics!!. All LHS's come with what is called a Sentry Key, a key with a coded chip in it . Each time you start your car the computer looks to see if the code is correct,if it is wrong or not there it shuts the car down. When they install the remote starter they take a new sentry key and break off the key part and tape it to the code receiver that is on the steering column. By doing this the anti theft system on your car becomes disabled.
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    "By doing this the anti theft system on your
    car becomes disabled." While this would certainly be true if a transponder chip was installed near the antenna around the ignition key switch, I think there's a viable alternative.

    The remote starter w/ key transponder chip units I've seen have a loop antenna around the ignition key switch and a spare key w/ transponder inside a reader box located elsewhere in the car (the key w/transponder remains intact). As far as I know, the transponder signal from this setup only gets transmitted to the car when the remote starter gets a correct signal from the remote to make the car think it has a key inserted in the switch as the remote starter does its stuff. If a thief does not have either the car's or remote starter's remote, or a car key w/ transponder, they won't be able to gain entry into a locked car.

    While the OEM anti-theft system is disabled while the engine is running, the remote starter will keep the doors locked while it starts the engine (I've installed a somewhat intrusive aftermarket car alarm which has to pulse the driver door keyswitch with 3 (or 6) volts which simulates unlocking the door from the outside, turning off the alarm; this does not actually unlock the door as it is apparently assumed that the turning of the physical key in the lock will unlock the driver's door).
  • I love my new 2000 LHS. It has about 5000 miles thus far.
    Powerful, comfortable, smooth, great looking, killer stereo.
    The driver side door armrest has broken! Anyone else have this problem?
    The structural shelf under the foam padding has split and cracked.
    I started hearing an occasional SNAP when I shifted my elbow.
    I spotted a line in the armrest pad, found I can snap the broken edges back & forth at will
    under that foam armrest pad..
    Of course, it's getting worse.
    I imagine that big interior door panel has lots of fasteners and wires, and
    I fear the dealer mechanics may never get the replacement fully attached or well put together.

    We'll see, I'll take in next week.
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    This has happened to me as well in my 300M! Tell me what happens, especially if it is covered by warranty. I first noticed it after I had my driver's mirror replaced. I don't know if there is a connection. Hey -- you need a custom clock face:
  • bought a 96 LHS 6 months ago,and love avery bit of it. the problem that I have is that when I turn the radio on, the radio does not come on right away, it takes about half a minute to 15 minutes before coming on. Any of you guys(gals) had this problem? if yes, what was the problem?
    thanking you in advance. Jayteebo
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    Did you get your arm rest fixed yet?
  • I too am going to utilize the 0.0% financing on a new 2000 LHS for 60 months.

    Black on Black with the 4 disk in dash CD player
    the 17" chrome wheels and the power sun/moonroof

    all for ...... $27,750

    I think it's a great deal, any input?

  • I've only had my '01 LHS since Thanksgiving. What with garaging and all I haven't had to wash the inside windows yet when I've washed the car.

    That is a loooooonnngg reach to do the inside windshield. Does anyone have any tips to offer?

    Thanks for your time.

    PS - Not much discussion in this group - What's up? The 300M topic is good for new posts every day - aren't the LHS people as enthusiastic about their cars?

    We are really jazzed about our LHS - Garnet red w/light taupe interior and chrome wheels. It's beautiful! Great styling! We got our plates yesterday and I hate putting the front plate on and covering the lower part of the grill. But Cailfornia requires it; my daughter got a fixit ticket when she tried to leave the fron tplate off of her Toyota.

    Anyway, we hope everyone is as pleased with their LHS as we are.
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    Four faces were mailed to three people today, one an LHS owner.

    One face has a Dallas Cowboys logo (star & name -- I found it on the net somewhere). Turned out great! If you can find a digital picture of it, I can put it on a clock face.

  • I've been lurking around this and the 300M topics for awhile. Guess it's time to post.

    I agree with tksatksa, the LHS is a great car. Mine's a 2K steel blue with dark slate. No options. I bought it used with 13k miles. I've had it since the beginning of December and I am very happy with it. This is a comfortable, solid performer. I looked at the 300M as well, but I liked the styling of the LHS better. Plus, with two kids need the bigger back seat and trunk. My only nagging doubt is with reliability. Chrysler doesn't have the best reputation, but I figured it couldn't be any worse that the Ford I just got out of - Nothing but headaches.

    Anyway, I hope there are other LHS owners out there that are pleased with their cars.

    BTW, Here in Texas I've seen people get around the front license plate by sticking it inside the windshield with suction cups. I would worry about visibility though so I just stick mine in the grill like everyone else.
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    I would worry about my jugular in the event of an accident!
  • daffindaffin Posts: 30
    I bought my '99 LHS back on Halloween of 1999, and I have been very happy with the car. I had initially looked at the 300M, but when I realized that the LHS was essentially a cheaper 300 with trunk space, I switched. Auto Stick might mean something to those who live up in the mountains, but it means almost nothing to those of us who live in mostly flat areas (like Florida). Plus, the "touring" suspension on the LHS suits me better for our long trips (mostly on I-10 or I-95, straight as an arrow), where the performance handling package option on the 300 would feel wasted.

    My only disappointment is that Chrysler is apparently planning on abandoning the LHS as a model when the introduce the next-generation LH class of cars. Ah, well--if they offer an Intrepid R/T in an 8-cylinder RWD configuration, I might have to buy one!

    btw, I have given up hope for the 300 hemi convertible--I doubt the Germans will let Chrysler sell a car that outperforms an equivalent Mercedes that costs thousands more.
  • I will also be disappointed if Chrysler decides to abandon the LHS. This is a great car that too few people are aware of.

    IMO Chrysler has never put any marketing behind this car. I have never seen any TV or print ads for the LHS. I only became aware of it because I stumbled across a ride-and-drive event that was held nearby. After driving the LHS and 300M side-by-side I realized what a great car the LHS is.
    Based on price, performance, content and style this car is a much better buy than the DeVille and Continental, but Chrysler doesn't know what to do with it.

    As far as the 300 Hemi convertible is concerned, you're probably right. Even though it is not a car for me, Chrysler could use the image boost. But it will probably never see the light of day.
  • After hanging around this BB for almost two years, I took the plunge. Bought a new Garnet Red LHS with only two options: Luxury group and Side Air Bags for $26,241.00 + Sales Tax and Registration. Barely broken in - but I love it.

    The Chrysler engineers have really listened since this model was first introduced in 1999. My 2001 model LHS is very quiet (more so than my 1993 Cadillac Deville that I now have up for sale). The wood trim looks very rich. The tires are Michelin "Energy MXV4 Plus" and are very quiet and ride very well. The car tracks beautifully through curves. It has all the luxury features you could want. And it is deceptively BIG! It is as long as (if not a smidge longer) than my Sedan Deville and it has as much interior room - and a HUGE trunk!

    The fit and finish on my car is perfect and it looks and is gorgeous! Daimler-Chrysler: I hope you read this because you deserve my compliments. And I agree with earlier postings: You should ADVERTISE THIS BEAUTIFUL CAR instead of hiding it!
  • Had a 94 LHS that I just traded in. Loved it! However, I had to replace the transmission after 3 yrs.

    I'm picking up a new 2000 tomorrow and was wondering if anyone with a 2000 300M or LHS has experienced problems with the transmission.
  • Congratulations on your new cars. I think you chose an excellent vehicle. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do mine. Every time I drive it I am reminded of how much I like this car.

    My only complaint is that I have had a problem with my transmission. Occasionally, when coming to a stop from normal speed, the transmission will down shift hard enough to shake the front end of the car. But, as I said in an earlier post, it was a used car with 13k miles. My dealer has looked at it twice and has not been able to fix it. But on the bright side it's still under warranty and they just called to offer me a free loaner if I will bring it in again and let them have another chance. Maybe this 5-star stuff does mean something after all.

    Anyway, congratulations and good luck.
  • jeffc1jeffc1 Posts: 29
    10,000 miles on our 1999 LHS and no problems so far...
  • He my boss bought a LHS last year. He said he was so exited with the car, I thought it was a work of art. Well that was until this year I went on the market for a 30K$ mid sized car. I looked at everything from the 300m to the CL type S. Sorry to say guys but I Had to go with the Pontiac Grand Pix GTP. It out matched every car I test drove in comfort, speed, and handling. If you guys are in the market go for a test drive, you'll love the VR Heads Up Display. You'll never have to take your eye off the road around those winding corners. Also i raced my boss in his 2K LHS and sorry to say i wuped his [non-permissible content removed]. My 0-60mph is at 6.4 with 240 horses and 280lbs/feet of tourque...check it out at 26k$ you cant go wrong...
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