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Chrysler LHS



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    I would also check out the 300M and Intrepid R/T boards. They are all similar cars as far as drivetrain and chassis are concerned.

  • .....and on the same day! I will be sending out my fake interior wood trim out to be refinished with simulated brushed aluminum (photogenisis). On that note, does anybody know how to remove the door panel trim just above the arm rest? I suspect it will require removal of the door panels themselves. If that is the case I will do a dynamat treatment to the inner doors at the same time.
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    I believe they are one piece units.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I see that among the Chrysler townhall boards, you folks seem to be the enthusiasts so I'll join you for a while.

    I never thought I would be driving a car like the LHS, but last Wednesday, my boss told me that my company car (1995 Firebird Formula) was to be turned in.

    He FAXed me a list of cars available for GSA purchase and gave me a $20,000 (GSA price) limit.

    Well, I really wanted to get an SUV (Explorer, Durango, or Jeep Grand Cherokee) but they were all above the price limit. Then I considered getting another Firebird Formula (it now has 320 HP), but I decided that it was too noisy, cramped, and unpleasant to sit in for long periods.

    Ultimately, I decided to get a "large sedan" that would be fast, quiet, and comfortable for long periods. Well, after much soul searching, I selected the Chrysler Concorde Limited. It was $21,500 but my boss said he could fudge that small amount. I briefly considered the 300M, but my "bosses bosses boss" drives one and I thought that it might be politically incorrect for me to have one too.

    What impressed me about the Concorde is the looks (inside and out), the horsepower, and the features for the money. I considered the Buick LeSabre but it didn't have such features as traction control, CD player, or alloy wheels. The Pontiac Bonneville didn't have traction control and had a hideous interior. Both GM vehicle, although nice, also don't have the power of the Chrysler 3.5L HO engine.

    Overall, I am very excited about getting my Concorde (probably sometime in June) and thought I would come here to get any recommendations on good websites I can visit to read more about it. I'd like to see some more photos of the car, read some road tests, and hear some of your ownership experiences.

    I've enjoyed reading your posts in the past and look forward to your responses.

  • Anyone know if this chip really works? And would using it Void the warranty?

  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    I think you'll like your Concorde Limited a lot. I know you have a new Rendezvous and this is a completely different vehicle. We have a 2000 300M that's black pearl with charcoal leather (hot and dirty!) and we have had and still have some problems but it's a nice car. Main complaints? Way, way too noisy (a lot of this is the Goodyears (crapyears) that they no longer use), rattles and creaks, transmission is horrible and thumps and jiggles in and out of gears, and there really is not that much power like it seems from the numbers. But, despite this, it's a nice car and the 2001 & 2002's are better now.

    As for the GM's you talked about, I have some experiance in that area too. We were actually going to trade the 300M for a LeSabre after being in a bad accident in the Chrysler, but have decided to keep it I guess. The LeSabre will get you moving faster and has more muscle from a stop and at normal speeds, has stronger, and in our opinion, better brakes, feels more solid, is bigger, and is quieter (a lot) than the 300M. As for the Bonneville, well, what can you say, it's a Pontiac and a GM, not a good thing to be. I like the looks better than the LeSabre but the interior is nasty.

    Best regards and good luck with the Concorde Limited, it's a very nice car!
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    It makes sense that the GM 3.8L would have more torque down is a great motor. I mostly didn't choose the LeSabre because of it's lower equipment level (climate control, alloys, CD player, etc.)

    I must admit that my Rendezvous has really spoiled me. I have grown accustomed to options such as dual climate control, trip/mileage computer, heated/memory seats, etc. The Rendezvous is, quite simply, a sweet ride. An amazing GM product!

    A few weeks back, while my Firebird was in the shop, I borrowed a 1996 Intrepid with the 3.5L for a few days.

    It was a rattle trap, with buzzes coming from the door panel and steering column, but the engine had good power. I also liked the handling, which was soft, but with minimal body roll at the same time. It was a noisy car, with wind and tire noise levels higher than I expected from a car of that size and heft.

    If the Concorde is at least as quick, but with better noise control and build quality, I'm sure I will be happy. Surely, Chrysler has made improvements since 1996?
  • daffindaffin Posts: 30
    Your new Concorde Limited will likely seem like night and day in comparison to that '96 Intrepid! As you probably already know, the platform has been completely redesigned since then, right down to a more efficient 3.5L V6. I am still pleased with my '99 LHS, for all the same reasons I've stated before in this forum.

    The only possible concern I would raise is that, based upon the design of these cars, if anyone needs to spend any time under the hood, the labor's going to be expensive--since yours is going to be a company car, that's a non-issue!

    You will appreciate the Concorde Limited even more when you find yourself having to load up the trunk for an extended trip. I was able to pack a week's worth of clothes for me, my wife, and stepdaughter, plus all the Christmas presents, when we went to spend the holidays in our home town. There is absolutely no way we could have done that with a 300M!
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    "Chrysler townhall ... enthusiasts" -- Not to start a family fued, but you apparently haven't visited the 300M discussion...
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    No, I haven't checked out the 300M area. I think I'll go visit right now!
  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    Haven't been back here for over a year, and the lease on my Y2K LHS will be winding down in October. The LHS/Concorde design is getting long in tooth, and even though I still like its appearance, as well as that of the 300M, I'm wondering what's in store for next year. Haven't done any research yet, but what is the outlook? BTW, my Y2K LHS has been a wonderful car, nothing but routine maintenance in 45K miles.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    You will not see many, if any changes for 2003. That is because the replacment for the LH cars will be a 2004 model . This is when we go RWD and have the option of a V8 engine.
  • We purchased a 2000 LHS in October - 25,000 miles. Finally had to put our 1990 New Yorker to rest - 204,000 miles. It was a sweet car all the way through, so we had to stick with the Chrysler product. Glad we selected the LHS. Love the car! We're long legged folks so we like the spaciousness of the cabin. It cruises along beautifully.
    I've read in prior messages about the exhaust vapor. I'm still concerned about the amount and length of time it goes on. In our cold climate it's still pretty heavy after 10 miles. Glad to know it's exhaust and not oil! Can anyone give me reassurance that this is not unusual?
    This message board is a great source of info when you are considering a purchase.
  • Unless your are loosing a large amount of oil (check your dip stick)or have extremely bad gas mileage, and/or the car is running rough I would not worry about it. I noticed it too. The job of the catalytic converter is to turn unburned hydrocarbons into water vapor. It is more obvious in cold weather. Check you exhaust tips and you should only see water standing in the tips. Thats why the stainless tips have a hole in the bottom of each of them, although I find that the hole is too small to drain off the water buildup.
  • Thanks lonestarsled. Cruised down to Albany last week (4 hours 1 way) and got 27 miles/gallon. Haven't had any drop in the oil. I've noticed the water dripping and wondered about that too. Thanks for the reassurance. The LHS certainly seems to be performing perfectly....but, you know, you kinda always worry when you buy a used car.
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    I saw a stretch LHS limo (the last style, pre-1999). Pretty cool!
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I saw several of those in Las Vegas when I was there. They are cool looking.

  • I hope it's nothing serious, but lately I've noticed a loud clunk or knock from the front end of the car. I can't duplicate it all the time, but it's getting more and more frequent. I think that I've narrowed it down to, maybe, the front suspension or steering system. It happens whenever the front end lifts up or dips, kind of quickly. For example, when I first accelerate forward after backing up, "POP", you hear a loud tap from under the hood. Sometimes when driving and the body lifts or drops a bit, I can hear it well now.
    Anybody with similar symptoms? Or any clues to what it could be?
    I'm planning to have the dealership check it, but if I can't duplicate the sound for them, it would be hard to figure out.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    sounds like the sway bar links. The same thing happened to me.
  • Otto, I'm so glad you're here!!! This is really great, knowing exactly what is wrong before going to the dealer. It makes it so much easier to fix the problem. I'll take it in next week to have them replaced, hopefully under the warranty, I'm at 29k miles.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    Glad to help , but remember I am just letting you know one thing it could be. I can not say it is 100 % the sway bar links. Just what it sounds like to me.There is always the possibility it is the tie rods or rack and pinion . let me know what you find out from the dealer.
  • Well, I took my car in yesterday. I asked them to do a transmission fluid and filter change, flush the radiator and replace the coolant, change the spark plugs and air filter (tune-up), oil change and mainly to find the reason the car is making the cluncking noise (I said it might be the sway bar links or tie rods, they would have to check).

    I got the car back today. All they did is replace the transmission fluid and refused to change the coolant or the spark plugs, they said that it didn't need it (suggested 100,000 miles).
    Is that true or should I insist on having it done?

    As for the banging noise, they said that everything looks tight and nothing is worn, and that they could not duplicate the noise (like usual). I have a feeling this one is going to be hard to trace.
  • Chrysler does consider the Engine a 100,000 mile engine, that is no scheduled tune ups until 100,000 miles. That includes the anti-freeze and the platinum plugs and of course does not include oil changes.

    However I would not go that long. Any engine will run better with a fresh set of plugs, not to mention it will more than likely be a pain for whoever changes the plugs at 100,000 due to electrolysis between the plug and the aluminum head.

    How many miles do you have on the car? I have never heard of any dealer turning away work from a paying customer (regardless if they are cable of doing the work or not) or did you expect to have this covered by warranty?

    As far as the knock in the front suspension, cannot give much advice on that. However on old technology suspensions that knock when backing up then moving forward that was typical of worn control arm bushings and/or ball joints; usually the lower control arm. Modern day strut suspensions do not have upper control arms or ball joints but do have lower control arms with their associated bushings.
  • I have 29500 miles on the car, and although Chrysler considers the engine to be a 100,000 mile engine, I thought that preventive maintenance is a safe and cheap way to prolonge the life of the engine. And the dealer has a printed menu of what has to be done at certain mileages (everything I mentioned is supposed to be done at 30k miles).
    We discussed everything I wanted done, and how much each job would cost. I was ready to pay the whole thing gladly, but maybe they were too busy and didn't want to do it (even though they kept the car a day longer than promised). I was surprised too that they didn't want every penny I was willing to spend.
    I guess I'll try another 5 star dealer that's also near my house.
  • binubinu Posts: 81
    Chrysler definitely thinks that your spark plugs and coolant can go for 100,000 miles.
    I have 54,000 miles on my 98 concorde Lxi and my 5* dealer has tested the coolant and told me that it is good.
    I would think that you should change these at close to 75,000 miles.
    Moreover, I would also advise anyone to strictly follow the severe schedule in the vehicle manual and not the dealer's 'printed' schedule.
    Most dealers do not update their 'printed' menus regularly and in your case the dealer might have printed the menu before the new-generation (98 and later) Lh cars were introduced.
    I have had such an experience once and if I were to follow my dealer's printed schedule then I would have violated his newer schedule which he updated 2 years after the newer cars were introduced.
  • Thanks for the info guys. I guess I could wait a while longer for a tune-up, since the engine is running really smooth. I change the engine oil and filter every 2500 miles anyway.

    I must say that after the transmission service, I do notice a difference in the way the it shifts. It's much smoother than it was before the service, especially from 1st to 2nd. At slow speed it was kind of rough and a bit jerky shifting to 2nd gear but now I hardly feel it at any speed, and no hesitation or bangs at slow speeds. I really didn't expect that much of a difference in the way it behaves, but I'm really surprised (and happy).

    Today was a very nice warm day, so I washed the car and used some Zaino. It still looks like day one, amazing. Now all I need is to get rid of that damn clunk noise, and we'll be perfect again :o)
  • Hi all. Wondering if anyone is aware of or has this same problem.

    Have a 2000 LHS with 31,000 miles on it. With the exception of an air conditioning pump, we have been okay mechanically on the car other than what are ultimately minor issues.

    The "biggest" minor issue right now has to do with the Drivers side seat. I just recently had the car in for its 30K service and for the third time I have told them that drivers side seat is loose and moves forward noticeably when stopping. Twice previously they have replaced or tightened the seat track but now they are telling me that this is a "normal" condition. When I spoke with the service person, he told me that there was a communication from Chrysler about this. When I went down to pick up the car from the service, I spoke with the service manager and he assured me that the service person mis-understood him and that there was a service bulletin out for this problem and they would order the parts and call me. Well when I called back, the parts dept had no idea what I was talking about and in speaking with the service manager's boss, he has indicated to me that the service bulletin I was shown, was for the VOYAGER and not for the LHS. Needless to say, I'm feeling like a lot of smoke is being blown at me about this. I now have an appointment on the 26th with the district manager and we will see what happens there.

    My whole point of this long message is to find out if anyone else is experiencing this same seat movement.

    Thanks in advance!

    Mark Nelson
    Cypress, CA
  • marknel,

    The seat movement is not normal! There are recent posts on the 300m site about this. Look at posts #13694 & #13691, you can ask specific questions to these posters. I have not had this problem, fingers crossed. One person said that the TSB calls out for new seat bolts - the ones that bolt the seat to the floor pan. Another poster said that they just had the whole power seat assembly replaced because the TSB did not solve their problem.
  • I been having an issue with the front end of my 2000 LHS for quite some time. For some reason it is not maintaining the balance. Tires have been rotated and balanced at all times. Car is in great condition. I have also noticed that I have Goodyear tires on the car, just like the PT Cruisers do. My friends with the 300M have Michelins, which I believe should have been put on the car to begin with. I seem to have the "lower end" tires, for a "higher end" car. What do you folks have on your LHS's??? Any info is much appreciated...cause I have a few more issues I would like to discuss, once I get the tires settled. Also, I do have more mileage left on my tires. If anything, perhaps it's one bad tire, but I believe it's due to the fact that they put the wrong tires on the car. BTW...I have 23,380 miles on the car.
  • I also am experiencing the same problem with a loose front seat. It's not really too bad, but I notice it and it shouldn't be happening. As well I am experiencing electrical problems. Every so often my headlights will just turn off and then back on again. I was following a friend once and she couldn't understand why I was "flashing my lights" to her; that was how bad it was. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it doesn't happen consistently; therefore, the dealership cannot do anything about it. Fortunately my plan is to keep the car another 2 years, right around my the time my extended warranty ends, and trade it in to a dealership for another car. Preferfably a different type. I don't think I would ever buy another Chrysler, unfortunately. I LOVE THE CAR, but hate the issues and HATE dealing with the "supposedly" FIVE STAR dealerships. They aren't treating me fairly, and have caught them in a multitude of lies, which I always bring to their attention. Any advice on this???
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