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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • gasguzzgasguzz Posts: 214
    2k1 VillSport.
    I'm with sopman. Change by time, every 6 months with bosch filter. Just got a case over xmas of valvoline dino. With rebate = .49cents per quart (big diff over full-syn cost).
  • klinklin Posts: 54
    Thanks for all the postings here - very useful!

    Have anyone encountered radiator problem for your Quest?

    I have a 96 Quest. Recently it has gone through several major repairs, fuel pump, etc.. Now the dealer has suggested me to replace the radiator!

    Every item costs > $500! I am wondering if Nissan makes good and reliable vehicles.

    Your experience is appreciated.
  • sopmansopman Posts: 46
    Hey Gasguzz,
    Great price on the oil. I caught Castrol on sale and with rebate for .69 cents about three years ago. Bought 8 cases. Getting low now. Been looking for some more sales. Don't care what brand.
  • FYI. Have 93 Quest XE (with trailer towing package and 2 Row radiator) Had have my radiator replaced at about 90k miles because it had developed a significant leak. Learn, to my local mechanics dismay that -- surprise -- Nissan has discontined the heavy duty two row radiator and superseded the part # with a single row. Mechanic couldn't get a dual row from Nissan, Ford (Villager equivalent) or from any other parts houses.

    $500 seems a bit high; think I paid less using for it installed.
  • Any one else experiencing problems with the engine mounts or door locks? I've just had to put in my second full set of mounts in 90k miles (first set died under warranty). Never had so frequent a replacement. 1st set broke; the second set collapsed (guess fluid insert died or something).

    Also, any problems with the door locks? It appears both front door locks are worn out in my 93 Quest (95k miles). Passenger door started binding up (can't unlock if from outside with the key) at about 50k miles; now the driver's door sticks (can't unlock with the key or from inside). I've lubed everything in sight to no avail; dealer quoted me $120 for the new lock (should say latch) mechanism plus labor. (Checked -- it's not hte power door lock motors binding, The plastic pieces of the lock it self appear worn out).
  • I complained to the dealer about the brake pedal being too soft and spongey on my '99 SE. They said they checked it out and I got the "they all do that" line. This was about 15 to 17k miles. Fast forward to ~49k miles and I am getting the front brakes done again, first set of pads lasted 32k miles.My mechanic told me the rear wheel brake cylinders were starting to leak, but it could go a little longer before I need to replace them.
    So a few months and 3k miles and I finally get them replaced. My soft pedal is gone!! I cannot believe how nice and firm the pedal is. If anyone has what they believe is too soft a pedal, have the rear wheel cylinders checked.
  • Does anyone know where I can find out more re: the silent warranty for the 95 Quest? I called Nissan and they can find no information about this.This is the 84month/100k warranty.
  • klinklin Posts: 54

    I have had a 60K service for the Quest.

    Right after the service, the coolant level was at MAX. Five days later, the coolant level is now in between MAX and MIN.

    Should I be concerned there is a major leak? Or the coolant is now in the radiator? I was told by the dealer that my radiator has (minor) leak.

    Thanks for your advice.
  • One of my door locks on my 99 Quest(50k)is chattering when I hit the central locking system with the fob. If anyone has experience with this, am I about to have a locking problem? Had a similar problem fixed once just before the 36k warranty ran out but will not get it done until necessary when it is on my nickel.
  • esp63esp63 Posts: 27
    My '99 Quest(33k) is 1/5 of the way through a complete change-out of the door actuators. They've been making a grinding sound for the past 4k miles. I told the dealer that all of them were doing this and, of course, he replaced the driver's door unit. The sound has become sporadic but, at various times in the past month, has been heard from each of the other 4 units. I had the van in about 4 weeks ago to have the other doors done, but the dealer needed to order the parts. Of course, he didn't order one for the lift-gate. So no I'm waiting him to get that unit as well. 3 trips(optimistically viewing the next one as the last one) to iron out a very specific and correctable complaint- that's about par for Nissan. I've lived in 2 states and had the same sloppy service experiences everywhere I've gone. I had a leaky rear brake cylinder replaced(under warranty) when I had the brakes serviced last month. Now I have a mysterious chirp coinciding with each transmission upshift(most common going from 3rd to 4th). I can't believe the lack of reliability with this vehicle. I had a '94 Villager that required nothing but routine maintenance and a manifold bolt fix. And I thought that fix was a big deal... I'm beginning to think that I should either get an extended warranty or sell the darn thing.
  • My 99 Villager had a chirping in the tran. and the dealer added an additive to it and it stopped. They claimed that the wrong transmission fluid had been added at one time or another. When it needed servicing the last time they changed the fluid to a Ford product.
  • esp63esp63 Posts: 27
    I just bought a bottle of slick 50 tranny treatment but haven't had a chance to drain the existing fluid(at least 12 oz. so the additive can be poured in). My dealer had previously replaced my drive belts and when I asked if the chirp could be related, the service people took this as the diagnosis and looked no further for the cause. I wound up driving away with a car that it's belts retensioned and a chirping transmission...
  • I am planning to change oil myself. Can someone name a good manufacturer for oil filter if I decide not to use Nissan's.
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    I use Purolator filters from Sears in my 99 Quest. I would stay away form Fram filters.

  • gasguzzgasguzz Posts: 214
    I have used ac-delco pf-2057 duraguard.
    Next, I will switch to bosch at autozone.
  • Thanks folks about the filter info. I would ask one more question. Where do you dispose off the used oil other than draining in a Catch Basin?
  • NAPA Gold oil filters work just fine for me... 4 different vehicles in the family fleet.

    KK: If they changed out the coolant during your 60k service, there might have been some residual air trapped in the cooling system, that eventually "burped" out & made your coolant level appear low. Top it off then keep an eye on it for sure... look for puddles under your parking space too. Good luck!

  • john339john339 Posts: 229
    Speaking of oil issues, has the Quest had any engine failure problems like the Toyota Sienna has been having do to oil sludging up? I guess Toyota made a design change to the V6 in 1997 which caused the engine to run hotter and this has resulted in the engines sludging up prematurely and has resulted in several thousand engine failures which are not covered under warranty.
  • john339john339 Posts: 229
    Are there any model year Quests that are better or worse than the others in term of problems?
  • I've heard a few people say to stay away from Fram oil filterss. My brother and I have used them for many years and many hundreds of thousand miles with no problems. We both change the oil regularly (2.5k to 3k miles).
  • It is my understanding - and please, someone correct me if I'm wrong - that the 1999 Quest/Villagers suffered from many minor electrical glitches. This was the first year of the longer/wider Nissan/Mercury twins. I've seen several examples of blown fuses, melted tail light housings and power window/lock problems. The 2000 and 2001 models don't seem to suffer from these maladies.

    Of course, pre-1999 models will likely develop exhaust manifold problems - so, pick your poison.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    I had a 99 Quest SE that had minor electrical it would lock its own doors, the tail lights were brake lights and the brake lights were tail, melted tail light housing. I'm sure there were other things that it did, but those are the only ones I can think of. I miss the van, we sold it after 8 months and 18K, needed something cheaper.
  • any of the problems mentioned above with my 99 Villager. My worst problem is a rattle in the 3rd.row seat that the dealer has been working on, under warrenty ,and the Van now has 42000 mi. on it they have tried every thing except duct tape. (Which may be the answer). They've switched me over to the body shop from the service
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Hey Akangl, long time no see. My '99 had the infamous wiper stalk problem (wiper would come on when you hit the turn signal). My door actuators used to rattle a lot too, but that problem seems to have gone away on its own.

    No "gel" issues that I've seen.

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  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    The tail light housing was recalled on the 99 Quests/Villagers. Also the combination wiper switch. I just had mine replaced last week.

    I have heard of reports of self locking doors on all model years. So far, ours has been working fine. But, I do carry an extra key in my pocket wherever we go just in case. Might be something that eventualled gets fixed by a recall, because it is a safety issue.

    I change my own oil and save it in empty plastic gallon windshield washer fluid bottles. I used to use milk jugs, but the plastic those are made of is really thin and they tend to develop leaks. Not fun to clean up in the garage. When I have a few of them I take them to the city recycling center. They have a tank to collect used motor oil. Just call your city/town recycling department and they will tell you where to dispose of it.

    Interestingly, when I changed my antifreeze, they told me to flush it down the toilet. Didn't seem right to me, but without any other opotions that's what I did.

  • Fram oil filters:

    If you check the Edmunds newsgroups on other Nissan products, you will find that Fram and several other oil filters (including Nissan's filter -- apparently made by Fram) have seem to have leaky anti-drain back valves. Result: your valves clatter on cold start after the car sits overnight. If you use Purolator, Mobil, or A/C Delco, this rarely happens. (Therefore there's less time with the engine running 'dry' which is the primary source of wear). I can testify to the truth by personal experience with Fram vs Purolator/Mobil my Maxima (2000) and Quest (1993). And I wasn't impressed by the casing on the Fram replacement filter for my Maxima-- compared to a Purolator, K&N filters it looked like an aluminum beverage can.

    Antifreeze: it's considered hazardous waste. Your city recycling center (or perhaps auto parts store) should have taken it as well. I always recycle my used oil at the local Checker or Auto-Zone store.
  • john339john339 Posts: 229
    Thanks for the feedback on used Quests.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Yeah, haven't posted in here for a while. No Quest to talk about. How ya been??

    My Quest had the wiper stalk thingy was working fine before they replaced it, nothing but trouble after the recall replacement. Goes to show ya, if it ain't broke don't fix it!!

    My kids were saying the other day how much they miss the Quest, I do too, but I sure love being able to go off-road in my Jeep.
  • mgr4mgr4 Posts: 2
    I finally figured out the problem with my check engine light.(see message 810). After purchasing a Chilton auto manual, it showed me a way to read code errors without a scanner. After narrowing it down to my EGR sensor, all I had to do was evaluate the EGR system. It turns out one of my vacuum lines going to my EGR sensor had a crack in it, which kept tripping my EGR sensor every time the car was at high way speeds. The length of the hose was so small the auto parts clerk couldn't even charge me for it. Car runs great now. Thanks to all those out there that offered advice.
  • do you guys out there get the incabin filter changed? my Villager has 42,000 Mi. on it I think they vacumed it off at 30,000 Mi. but didn't change it.
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