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Chrysler Concorde



  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    Just an update for all you "forum scanners" who may be considering a Concorde: My 2001 LXi passed it's one-year-of-ownership mark on 12/27, and I still love this car. The ride, handling, and comfort are outstanding. The only problems I have experienced were: 1 - when the car was brand new, turning on the rear defrost caused static on the radio (dealer replaced the entire window, putting me in a rental vehicle until the replacement was completed) and 2 - some minor vibration in the front tires (I also had the dealer tighten up a squeak in the door while it was in the shop).

    I see on AOL that Consumer Reports has added the Concorde to it's list of recommended vehicles. Perhaps I'm biased, but this is a domestic vehicle that offers tremendous value for the money whether it is compared to imports or any other large sedan.
  • Any and all suggestions are welcome...

    My wife smashed the driver's side mirror of her 1999 Concorde pulling out of the garage. I bought a replacement mirror assembly on the Internet and began replacing it. I figured I'll be smart by cutting the wires and splicing them to the existing wires thinking that I wouldn't have to take the entire door apart, right? WRONG! When I spliced the wires, I must have messed up in the wiring--the mirror control switch worked for a little while, but then it gave out and stopped working.

    I figured the fuse must be blown, but the fuse seems fine. It adjusts neither mirrors... Does anyone have any idea on how fix this? Could it be the switch? I'm lost...
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    maybe the wires you spliced came apart? did you solder the wires? or just tape them? . You really should have just taken the door panel off , and replaced the mirror using the plug on the harness. not really much more to take apart after you get to the point of removing the screws that hold the mirror to the door. re-check your splices
  • We bought this car new in April 1998. 1998 Concorde LXI
    On a trip through Colorado, Utah, Wyoming in Oct 1999Gas mileage was 27.7 for trip of 3400 miles. We were very satisfied with that as we drove 75 mph in the west and prowled the mountains a lot in 10 days.
    Two weak spots. Needs larger brake pads. Warped the front rotors going down the west side of Loveland Pass even in lower gears.
    This early winter had a no start. Positive battery cable completely corroded and broke.In the future I will pull air cleaner housing once a year and recoat the connection.
    77,000 miles now and will keep for some time. Don't usually put on too many miles since retirement.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Sounds like your Concorde has been very good to you. It's definitely one of Chrysler's more enduring and appealing cars.

    I had the exact same thing (battery terminal corrosion) happen last year on my '93 Accord...never heard of that one before.
  • Wife was test driving the Concorde LX when she made an adjustment to the heater. When her hand came back to the steering wheel, it brushed up against the key. Immediately, the engine turned off (at 50 MPH!). No accident occured and the salesman offered no reason for how easy it was for the key to be turned off. Any one with this experience? Thanks
  • hi i just purchased a 99 lxi i like it a lot it has 76000 miles on it all the goodies except sunroof w/leather int i gave 7500 for it i think i made a pretty good deal.
  • I am new to this discussion stuff as I never felt the need to write anything. That has changed with my 2000 Concorde LXI. I bought it used with 18,000 mi on it Jan 2002 and it has slowly captured me. My previous cars were a 1984 Le Baron (new) an old Cadillac, a 1991 Previa, a new Chevy Lumina (1995) and a 1998 Grand Marquis (new) and this is the best of all. I cannot think of anything that I don't like about this car. I have everything on it (lthr, premium sound, cd chngr, etc) and 27,700 miles on it now. I mainly drove it around town but it shines on the highway. I recently drove to Houston, a 380 mile trip, and avgd 27.4 mpg at 62 avg mph. It was a pleasure to drive. My wife's car is a 2002 Camry XLE and normally we drive it back and forth to Houston, and altho it is a nice car it doesn't have the pizzazz of the Concorde opr the road feel. I have had absolutely no problems with the Concorde except for the radio.
    Several weeks ago the AM went bad on me, a lot of static most of the time that rises and falls with acceleration. Took it to the dealer and they replaced the antenna module but it was the same. Returned it and they replaced the radio but I still have the static. I haven't taken it back as I don't think they know what they are doing. Any hints as to what it may be?? It reminds me of the static problems in the old days before the filters.
    BTW, I got rid of the GdYr GA (God Awful)tires and put on Yokohama 420s from Discount Tire and they are awesome, the ride and noise improved greatly, someone else had recommended them in an earlier msg. The bottom line is the only reason I will get rid of this car is to buy another, preferably a LTD, but not anytime soon. Thanx to all for all of the insight and hints. I highly recommend this car to anyone.
  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    Your radio trouble sounds somewhat familiar. I also had trouble with radio reception on my 2001 Concorde, which was solved only by replacing the rear window (there was also no problem with any of the other radio modules). I would recommend that you ask the dealer to replace the window; the integrated antenna can't be replaced otherwise.
  • Thanx, I will bring this to the dealer's attention. It really is bad and the radio (AM) is almost unusable and its new. I just had the car's windows tinted and do you think that this had anything to do with it? Appreciate the input.
  • ottowrkr provided the following URL in the 300M section regarding seat bolt recall for all LHS, Concorde, 300M, and Intrepids built between 1998 and 2002:

    Suggest all read it and be aware.

  • jab02lhsjab02lhs Posts: 122
    "I just had the car's windows tinted and do you think that this had anything to do with it? "

    There were several posts on the 300M board about metallic tint on windows causing AM reception problems
  • I just purchased a 98 Concorde LXI and it didn't come with any remotes. I have located some on Ebay but I would rather not pay the dealer $40 for 3 minutes of work to program them. Does anyone here know the procedure to "learn" the remotes to work with the car (or "learn the car to work with the remotes)? I have not looked in the manual yet, but this doesn't seem like a likely subject to be there. Thanks in advance for any help/info.
  • jab02lhsjab02lhs Posts: 122
    You need a remote that was previously programmed to program a new remote. I guess to open the code? This is from pg 19 in my LHS owners manual. Guess you will have to bite the bullet and let the dealer to it with his magic box.
  • Could you believe $20,600 with only 27 miles?

    Have I been had or is this a great deal?
  • jmelchiojmelchio Pittsburgh, PaPosts: 23
    Hi all. I just bought a used 2002 Concorde LXi, and it doesn't have the owners manual. I was given 2 keys that work fine in ignition, but neither key will open the trunk.

    Is there a separate key for the trunk?

    I am going to get a set of manuals from the dealer, but it may be a few days.

  • rrmanrrman Posts: 21
    Yes, that's a good deal, but tempered by the fact that its a 2002 well into 03. I got my plain Concorde 02 for 21K in Aug with 23 miles on it. I didn't want leather, and not too many Concordes were around at that time. I got mine from the net, a dealer about 80 miles away.
  • frank58frank58 Posts: 54
    I just hot 18000 miles on my 2000 Concorde. I took it in for an alignment and I was told 2 of the Goodyear tires are bad.

      Does anyone know what Goodyear will do. The tires are in great shape but cause a vibration at speed when they are on the front.

      Thanks for the info.

  • ml1127ml1127 Posts: 2
    Just this past summer, I began having a/c problems. I had the freon checked and was told everything was fine. No Leaks. It worked fine for a day and then it went out again. You could tell that the compressor never kicked on. My mechanic kindly told me first off, that in order to really check it out, he would have to take out the dashboard to do further checking and even then he might not be able to find the problem! Since this was September, I told him to let it go and that I would make a decision in the spring. Well, spring has sprung! Has anybody had these similar symptons?
  • trandcotrandco Posts: 2
    Have you checked the low pressure switch located on the discharge line, between the compressor and condenser? This electrical switch supports the condenser/radiator fans and compressor functions. Does your car have the ATC type controls? or manual control of A.C. function?
  • ml1127ml1127 Posts: 2
    My car has the ATC controls. Concerning the low pressure switch, I believe my mechanic checked and ruled that out.
  • trandcotrandco Posts: 2
    I haven't yet had these problems myself, but have some ideas that may be easy to try.
     1 I would check the AC compressor clutch relay, in the Power Distribution box, under the hood, on the driverside strut tower area. You may be able to swap with the wiper relay, for a test. Look under the cover for the correct location of relays.
     2 Maybe not so easy, I have read on other lists, that there is one wire soldered on the ATC control switch that breaks loose, on many Intrepids and probably Concords, that stops correct function. Dealers usually replace the switch, but can be repaired.
     3 There is a way that a self diagonisis can be run on the ATC system to test all the sensors for correct function. Too complicated to write out, but probably easy to do, when you know how it's done. Both on-board and with a scan tool.
  • cardad2cardad2 Posts: 1
    I love this car. 2000 Lxi with moonrood and Infinity sound (sounds great to me), bought in 2001 with 19,000 miles. Now have 48,000 miles. Only problem has been a new steering rack, replaced under warranty by my local Dodge dealer. At 43,000 I replaced the Goodyears with Dunlop SP Sport A2, sorry I waited so long. Better handling in wet, dry, and snow, and quieter. MPG averages 24 in mixed driving. I would recommend the Concorde to anyone looking for a big, comfortable car that is also fun to drive.
  • mdkeefemdkeefe Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Concorde with 93K miles on it. Obviously I have driven the car quite a bit but have followed the book on maintenance. The car does seem to have a few flaws though and I was wondering if anyone else has similar experiences?
    1. The left rear brake light has burned out several times while I still have the original on the left side.
    2. The finish inside the car is of poor quality. The steering wheel worn poorly as has the console.
    3. I have had the brakes replaced 3 times and the rotors turned each time but the brakes make an awful noise when applied.
    3. Most alarming, the 2.7 liter engine has developed a ticking noise that I have been told by 2 different mechanics means that my motor is dying.

    I generally like the car but wish that these problems did not exist. Am I the only one noticing these things? This is my first Chrysler product and I will be disappointed if I don't get the 200K + miles that I have with my Fords with out major repairs.
  • bkkeneppbkkenepp Posts: 2
    I have noticed water in the spare tire well in my trunk. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • chitownzeechitownzee Posts: 2
    I just wanted to say hello, because we picked up our 2002 Concorde LXI in Wed. I really like it so far, it has leather, traction control 17 inch wheels and drives very well. It also only had 8400 miles on it! BARELY fits in the garage though! LOL So far so good, and it only took me a day to find the antenna!

  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    chitownzee , glad you like the car . I hope it gives you many years of trouble free enjoyment. The antenna is built into the rear window , guess you thought we forgot to put it on your car LOL.
  • rrmanrrman Posts: 21
    I think one of the best improvements is the embedded antenna. No more cleaning, lubricating, and inevitably replacing the power antenna like I had on my 94 New Yorker.
    Don't forget to claybar and Zaino your new baby.
    I just re-claybared my slate blue 02 with 7600 miles.
  • fritofrito Posts: 70
    Yeah rrman -- just claybarred and Z2'd my Platinum ride. Mmmmm, a finish as smooth as silk to match the operation of the vehicle itself! Thanks again, Otto!
  • clark127clark127 Posts: 1
    I had problems with the AC on my Concorde. There is a secret warranty on the Evaporator Core. I found this out by checking the NHTSA site. Check with a dealer on the specifics of this warranty. The dealer replaced my evaporator core free of charge. The 96 Automatic Temperature Control is different than the older ones. I couldn't find any loose connections on mine. Just corrosion. I ended up getting a new ATC from the dealer and installed it myself. It's not hard. Just be sure to disconnect the battery for an hour before unplugging the unit to prevent damage to the computer. That's what a mechanic told me so I followed his advice. I was told that replacement of the Automatic Temperature Control is common on these cars. I hope this sheds some light on your problem.
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