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Buick LeSabre



  • I have had my 2000 LeSabre Limited since November (now above 3000 miles on it) and it performs up to my expectations and then some, with one small concern that I hope will resolve in time. The mileage on the car isn't what I hoped it might be.

    A combination of city/highway mileage averages about 20-21 mpg. This is the same 3800 Series II engine that was in my 99 Olds 88 which gave me 28-32 mpg mileage. How are you other 2000 LeSabre owners doing with mileage?

    As far as the rest of performance goes, it's a really great car.

  • nwalkernwalker Posts: 17
    My 2000 LeSabre Limited has delivered 24.5 mpg over the first 6000 miles. I drive a combinataion of country roads, interstate highway, and city streets. I haven't had the opportunity to drive a long trip on the interstate yet but I would guess it will deliver close to 30 mpg.
  • Has any one seen the national sales figures for the 2000 model? Seems like I see a lot of the same cars on dealers lots for extended periods of time, and $500 dollar rebates are not to be big help when much of the competition is giving $1000 rebates.
  • I was looking at the 2k Lesabre as a purchase and the dealer informed me I there was no option to
    order Bucket seats and a full console (Transmission Selector in console).
    Does anyone know if this really true?
    Hard to believe.
  • nwalkernwalker Posts: 17
    I hope someone is going to answer your question concerning national sales figures for the 2000 Le Sabre. I am as anxious to find out as you are. With regards to rzelinsky's question about a center shift; it is my understanding that the option is not available in the Le Sabre. It may be that the Regal is the only Buick which offers a center shift console. If there are other models which offer the option, someone is sure to let us know.
  • jage1jage1 Posts: 1
    I own a fairly new 2000 Le Sabre with 4500 miles
    on it. This is my 6th or 7th Buick and I always
    keep them until well over 150000 miles. Thats the
    background: Now the 2000 seems to have taken to committing suicide. Put it in the barn at night, its fine. Go to get it in the morning and the electrical system is deader than a salted mackerel. This has now happened twice. Has anyone else encountered this problem? My dealer has been very supportive but admits they haven,t been able to find the cause of the problem.
  • boat10boat10 Posts: 59
    another response to your question of bucket seats..2k LeSabre can be ordered with bucket seats and center console(wo2), but no shift in the console, but is very nice with the appointments that come with the it, (writing surface, cup holders, extra storage, rear seating area heat and air,etc,etc.) I have one ordered with this option in leather.
  • boat10boat10 Posts: 59
    have your selling dealer install a new, larger amp battery in the vehicle and I bet your problem goes away!!!!!!
  • My neighbor had the same problem with his Caddy if it would sit for more than a day. Turned out to be a short with the trunk CD player.
  • We just purchased a 2000 LeSabre with Prestige Pkg, Cassette/CD and leather. The deal in Oklahoma City was $3000 off the window sticker. After checking this out in Edmunds, Consumer Guide etc it came out $538 below invoice. The dealer was honest and didn't mess us around. I had studied the cars and knew exactly what I wanted. There are a couple of new colors, for those of you that might be interested. We bought Titanium blue(a medium blue metallic) and there is a maroon as well. We liked the Light Bronze Mist but you see your car on every street. Almost half the new one's in OKC are that color. We like it very much, quiet and good power, nice Buick ride. Everyone likes to compare this with the Toyota Avalon--- let's see Avalon is shorter, narrower, more expensive and oh yessss, about as exciting looking as a Camry in a melted kind of way.
  • We have a new 2000 with touring and yes it does not have that old Buick soft as a cloud ride that us old timers use to see....but that is not what I bought it for.....I bought it for the more substantial suspension handles the way I like it to and my wife can lady handle it around curves and parking lots real well....You know how the ladies like the new rec vehicles that they can lady-handle in traffic etc...have not noticed any bad things on some short trips either....if you want the old Buick swing and sway back and forth you need to not get the gran tour pkg.....just my opinion...but check it out yourself.....
  • I noticed that many of the car report books and consumers books order the Grand Touring Pkg on their test cars. Then they turn right around and ding the car saying it jiggles on rougher roads. Well, duuuuh, they should test the car without the grand touring package which is the way it is usually bought. I bought the Buick for a smooth ride and I know we all differ, but these testing magazine folks aren't too bright. I wonder what percentage of LeSabres actually have the Grand Touring Pkg, I'll bet it is less than 1/4th.
  • I agree, if you want the easy ride go with the regular suspension......I just wanted a little more control like an overseas sports sedan instead of the old "highway boats" that we use to get from our wife has not complained about the ride yet .....maybe because she is so happy about all of the other features she got with the car......first car she has had with a moon roof and her name programmed into the dash read-out and her personal radio stations that are available when she uses her personal daughter use to complain about how our old cars use to seem so big and hard to steer down the highway....not this one.....I happen to be an Engineer (maybe not too bright) and I like the car very much and would not trade it for any other right now....
  • The 2000 Buick LeSabre is the worst car I have ever owned because of the wind and road noise. It has been in the shop 5 times for the same thing. They cn not fix it! They tell me Buick is aware of the problem and working on a fix. My son bought a VW Jetta that sounds like a Rolls Royce compared to the 2000 Buick LeSabre. It salso had the following replaced since I bought it brand new at the end of June 1999: Headrest, armrest, air conditioner compressor, water pump, door seals (trying to fix the wind noise) and outside air temperature sensor. The old '93 Century I traded in needed less work than the new one! I am considering turning it in under our state Lemmon Law.
    I like the rest of the car just fine. Many great features.
  • boat10boat10 Posts: 59
    If I were you, I believe I would be checking with General Motors at their help line if you are having that kind problems. How many miles have you got on the car?
    I know GM made some changes after the 7/19/99 production run to answer some of the same problems you are facing. JUST A THOUGHT!!!!!!!
    I have a new LIMITED ordered, suppose to be in the last part of this month (FEB.) I sure hope I don't have those kind of problems!!!!!!
  • I had the same problem on a chrysler conv. Turned out to be the trunk light never turned off when you closed the trunk.
  • It appears Buick has chosen to offer rebates on the LeSabre. Our Sunday paper has a large ad showing a $500 rebate for current Buick owners or
    current non-GM owners;it also has a footnote saying this is not available with other targeted offers EXCEPT GM Loyalty Offer. Limit one offer per delivery.
    Does the word except mean you can "piggy back" the LeSabre $500 rebate, and the GM Loyalty $500
    for a total of $1,000?
  • It's usually wise to allow the company about 6-8 months of production on any new model change before you buy. The LeSabre problems you mentioned are not common among other owners that I know. Those first few months of production will always have production start up bugs that need to be worked out. It's hard to hold back when you really want the car but it can really pay off as quality gets better the longer the car has been produced. Buick usually screws them together pretty well and is proud of their reputation. I agree with boat10 that GM needs to be brought into the picture-if it is as bad as you say it is.
    Re the grand touring suspension - drive one with it before you order it, compare it with the standard suspension. The 2000 LeSabres standard suspension is firmer than the 1999 (which kinda floated)- you may find you don't want the heavy duty stuff. Then, if you just must have handling and size think about a Pontiac Bonneville - same car different end caps and three different suspensions to choose from.
  • I have a new 2000 with 700 miles. It is the noisest car I've ever had. I went back and drove the Demo after I received mine and it was 50% quieter. The dealer said he couldn't detect any difference thats because he didn"t know what to do about it.Also has anyone had any trouble with the driver side outside mirror. Mine had the jitters and it was replaced. The replacement had the same problem. While driving the Demo , it had the same problem. They don't know how to fix this either. They tried putting weight behind the mirror to give it more mass, but that hasn't fixed it. Has anyone had this problem.
  • kensrkensr Posts: 5
    Have been reading about the noise complaints. I now have 5500 miles on a Limited w/GTP and after hearing from others do believe it is noiser than my 95 Olds LSS was. However, I don't think it is wind as much as tires. I have noticed that on smooth roads (hard to find here) that most of the noise goes away. This is my first set of Firestones since a '62 Olds F85 (my '95 Olds LSS had Goodyear Eagle GTs). I had an '89 w/FE3 suspension w/GY Eagles and after changing to Michelin after 65000 it was much quieter. Tires make a BIG difference.
  • Have 97Lesabre ltd coming offlease in March. To buy or not to buy? Car has l6500 miles/GTpkg/leather/sunroof/cdstero/no damage history and never has had one service problem. In perfect condition and would like to buy at end of lease but residual purchase price is l7700. Can anyone advise if buying at this figure is sane&sensible? I'm 71 years old and like the "oldsters" car. Thanks for any advice.
  • In reading your input I'd say you love the car. Check it's actual bluebook price through Kelly's and if you think its worth it by all means keep it. The 97 is a nice car, especially the way you have it optioned out.
  • I just checked the Kelly Blue book ( and it says that the retail price of your 1997 LeSabre Limited is $18,915 - that is in the Oklahoma City area. So you owe less than it's retail value. Hope that helps.
  • boat10boat10 Posts: 59
    I believe with that kind of milage on the vehicle, I would purchase and try to sell it myself if I had any idea I may get rid of it in the near future. You will not see many '97s around with that low milage, and as macathur2 says, seems the auto is prettey well spec'd out.

    GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!
  • billcappbillcapp Posts: 2
    I am considering buying a 1997 LeSabre Custom, 39000 miles, in great (apparent) condition, for
    $11000 from a reputable dealer.
    Does anybody have any comments about this car, any particular problems that are known to exist, etc?
    I'd appreciate hearing either directly to my e-mail address, or postings to this topic group.
    Thanks very much.
  • yorkie1yorkie1 Posts: 2
    Go ahead and buy it. Make sure the price (as calculated by the used car price section here) is in line with reality. I had a 1992 LeSabre custom, and it was the nicest car I ever had (excepting my newer 1995 Cadillac). I bought the LeSabre new and ran 175,000 miles on it. the engine still didn't burn any oil or have any leaks. I would still have it if I didn't see a nice black Fleetwood for sale. I wanted to get a RWD Cadillac since they stopped making them and I can't use 4 cars so the LeSabre had to go. I like the 1996 better as far as appearance goes, but the drivetrains were the same (and they were better than my 1992 drivetrain). you can't go wrong with a LeSabre from 1992 up.
  • yorkie1yorkie1 Posts: 2
    Any of the above suggestions are valid. I killed the battery in my LeSabre at least a half dozen times by not shutting the trunk all the way. The light is not an old style mercury switch and if the trunk is not closed the circuit won't open. The large lamp will drain the battery overnight.
  • I have a brand new Buick LeSabre, custom. After I purchased it, the salesman parked it out front of the dealership. He tried to start the car and it would not start, we fiddled with it for several minutes, changing keys Etc. It finally started. After I got home, it happened two more times. Brought it back to dealer and they said they could not find the problem if it could not be duplicated in the shop. Symptoms: Key turned on all the way and all the lights and bells work but it will not crank.
    I am going on a long trip with a brand new car that I am not sure if it is going to start or not after I stop at a rest stop. I am frustrated and wonder if anyone out there has any idea what is going on or has experienced such a fickle problem.
  • dem1dem1 Posts: 1
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    My new LeSabre now has 1200 miles of rural/city driving. It has been averageing 22.1 mpg which I feel is pretty decent. I have not experienced any problems with it. It is very quiet and very comfortable although the new one is a little firmer than the older model. Mine has the optional 16" wheels and tires, but not the gran touring suspension. I'll be taking it on a 1000 mile road trip later this week and will give a short update when I return. This is a nice car in my opinion, I compared it with a Mercury Grand Marquis but found the Mercury just a bit large for my liking.
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