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Buick LeSabre



  • dandbhood1dandbhood1 Posts: 8
    We have a 2000 Buick Limited and had the same problem with the engine quitting. It restarted and we haven't had a problem since. But it is worrisome knowing that it could happen again...without warning. Thanks for the info. We will let our dealer know what worked for you.
    We are having a problem with a wind noise howling sound that occurs at between 50 and 70 MPH. It is the kind of sound that you can make by blowing across a soda pop bottle. It is intermittent but annoying. Anyone else having this problem?
  • ccnewm1ccnewm1 Posts: 1
    We, too, have experienced the howling sound that occurs at higher speeds on the highway. Our 2000 LaSabre has the Gran Touring Package as an option. Since this howling sound is only heard on certain highways, we conclude it is tire noise.
  • dandbhood1dandbhood1 Posts: 8
    I am fairly certain that the noise we hear is from air blowing onto or across something that creates the sound. Sometimes a gust of strong wind coming from the side will make it howl for a second or two. Sometimes it will increase strongly in pitch and then suddenly stop. I wrote Buick at but because of the holiday weekend haven't heard from them. When I do I will post their answer. I hope that they can help.
  • bthompbthomp Posts: 69
    I have driven several cars that have windshield wiper resonance. At certain windspeeds and angles it creates a kudzoo effect. It can be that or a door seal that is experiencing a similar resonance.
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    kudzu - a noiseless, fast growing, large-leaf plant imported from Asia that grows several feet tall, mainly in the American southeast

    kazoo - a small musical toy :)
  • bthompbthomp Posts: 69
    Ya got me duraflex. The Southeastern USA has too much kudzu as well. Wasn't there a cartoon as well...or was that kazoo? In any event, windshield wiper or wind seal could be the cause of the howl.
  • dandbhood1dandbhood1 Posts: 8
    What an accurate discription.Kazoo sound. Thats it. The response I got from Buick was, "See your dealer" Apparently they don't know the answer or they haven't heard of the problem or it is easier to shift the problem to someone else. I guess I'll see what the dealer has to say when I take it in for the 3000 mile service. Thanks for the help....and the humor.
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    I test drove a 2000 LeSabre on Saturday. It too had the kazoo sound at higher speeds. It also seemed to have more WIND NOISE all around than I would have expected - more than my similar 2000 Impala. Don't know why.

    ROAD NOISE, however, was minimal - much less than my car.

    The LeSabre had the GT package with 16 inch wheels. It felt big and heavy and very substantial but well-powered and responsive.

    Although it drove great and rode like a dream, I was a very disappointed with visibility - especially the big reflections from the defroster vents in the windshield. If they were set closer to the glass, they would fall lower in the field of view.

    99s and earlier LeSabres had bigger glass and much better visibility but I never cared for those front ventaplanes.
  • mcgowan1mcgowan1 Posts: 16
    We owned a Le Sabre Limited until early this year, and traded it--after much research,test drives, and so on--on a 2000 Avalon XLS.
    Not that the Buick we had, nor the 2000 model weren't good cars tho.
    We thought the 2K model was much improved over our 96, and aside from one major fix (Warranty service on leaking head gaskets), our trade in gave us good results.
    In short, we felt that the Avalon deserved the edge, and chose it over the Buick.
    They are very close in price--optioned up to the max--and the Avalon is referred to by many as Toyota's answer to the LeSabre.
    However, what convinced us was the fact that the AV seems to have more bang for the buck, in terms of quality, comfort, and little things like storage, cup holders, etc.The car is a pleasure to drive (And our Buick was as well),but the AV is far quieter--I've never been in one as quiet!
    The one item which really convinced us was the Toyota reputation for reliability, and its positive effect on trade in value. Everything we saw pointed to this as being a decided strength for the AV.
    Hope we haven't angered any Buick fans, but we thought maybe an alternative opinion might be of interest.
  • Went to pick up our daughter at the Orlando International Airport and started to get the dreaded "Kazoo". So I ran ran the windshield wipers to see if there was any change at all. It seemed to change pitch in rhythm with the speed of the wipers.
    We also looked at the Avalon before we bought the Le Sabre Lmt. I agree that the Avalon is quieter and shifts smoother than the Buick. BUT there was about a $5000 price difference. (We are in Central Florida near Ocala) We did get the retired GM employees discount on the Buick. And didn't feel the price difference warranted the Avalon
  • ehr1964ehr1964 Posts: 1
    I thought I would post my review of the 2000 Lesabre now that I have had it for 1 year.

    First a bit of background:
    Age 35, married, 3 kiddos. Traded in a 1994 Toyota Camry for the Lesabre. I wanted something bigger and more comfortable for my 54 mile round trip commute into Atlanta from the N.E. suburbs. Before buying the big buick, I drove an Avalon, V6 Camry, VW Passat, Volvo S-70 and new 1999 Lesabres that were being heavily discounted. My wife drives a 1998 Plymouth Voyager. The van is used for all vacations and highway driving since we need the room for 3 kids with one car seat.

    Selected the 2000 Lesabre because it seemed to do everything right - nice styling, handling and ride, acceleration, safety, and price. It is simply a lot of sled for the bread compared to the competition. Mine is the Custom (lower line) with a cloth interior and 15" standard tires. Not that it matters, but it is light bronzemist in color with tan interior. The only goodies it has is the driver information center package and CD player. The option codes were 1SD for $1593 and UPO for $350. Anyway the sticker price was about 25,448. I figure it cost me about 23,300 or about the invoice price after putting a realistic number on what the trade was worth. Of course the dealer gets the 3% holdback.

    Now the car has about 16,000 miles. It has been a real pleasure to drive. Its only been on one real road trip which was a 600 mile round trip from Atlanta to Jekyl Island. The rest of the miles are all stop and go rush hour and around town.

    The car has had 2 minor issues.

    A highway vibration developed at about 13,000 miles and the tires were showing a lot of wear on the edges. I had them rotated every 4000 miles since new. Had a local tire place align the car and balance and rotate the tires. The problem persisted. The tire store told me the original General tires are poor quality.

    I took the car to the dealer where I bought it. After having the car for a day, they decided it needed a new front axle because somehow mine was not turning true at highway speeds. They ordered the part and installed it the next week.

    After getting the car back it still vibrated. In addition, the power steering started to shudder and groan at low speeds in the parking garage. After some begging the dealer sprung for 2 General tires. Dealer also ordered a redesigned power steering hose under a TSB campaign covering the steering noise.

    Vibration got worse but steering noise was cured. Took the car in again for the vibration and they put Michelin tires all the way around it. That was the culprit. The car rides great again.

    In summary, its a realy nice car that had bad tires. The power steering hose was no big deal. The dealer did right by me although it took too long to resolve Yes, I'd buy another Lesabre if I could do it again.
  • rhraaschrhraasch Posts: 9
    I recently bought a 2000 Buick LeSabe Custom and I've been having problems in getting the rear seat to lift up to access the battery compartment. I've followed the instructions in the owner's manual plus I had the Buick service rep try to get to the battery compartment with no success. There is nothing wrong with the battery; I would just like to know how to access it, for future use. Any suggestions?
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    Though I have had my LeSabre about 6 months I also really love the car. Mine is also a Custom but I have the Prestigue Pkg, high zoot CD/Cassette and leather. It also has 16 inch alloy wheels and General Tires. (Interesting that the tire warranty in the glove box is for Firestones???). Don't know what you are getting for mileage but we are getting 22 rural/city and 31 on a highway trip (running 75-legal on Oklahoma Turnpikes). I've never had leather before and the thing just smells luxurious. This is a big step up from a Mazda 626. I have not had a single problem with 4500miles on it now.
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    Several years ago I bought a new Taurus which came with General Tires. I had to replace these tires at 40,000 miles, excessive wear and vibration were a problem. General tires must be the worst tires on the market. What is GM thinking putting bad tires on a $25,000 plus automobile.
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    Usually original equipment tires are low bidder tires supplied in large quantaties for the factory. I've already been searching for replacement tires so I can be ready when the time comes. I usually go with High Performance All Weather types. Right now Bridgestone RE 930's look pretty good and the price is reasonable. I use to love Michlin but their price has gone up scale way to far and I hear they don't handle like they use to. The Generals aren't long for this world although I have not had a problem with them.
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    Macarthur2, I replaced the Generals on my Taurus with Uniroyal Tiger Paws, Michelin purchased Uniroyal several years ago and I believe Michelin technology has been built into Uniroyal. You might want to take a look, my Tiger Paws were $78 versus 110 for Michelin. The Tiger Paws were superior to the Generals. You have not had a problem with your Generals yet because of your low mileage, believe me you will have a problem before you hit 20,000 miles. The combination of poor quality tires and front wheel drive will grind those puppies down quickly.
  • kensrkensr Posts: 5
    About getting the seat up for battery check. Are you pulling straight up on each corner of the rear seat? I checked mine today and it really took a jerk to get the seat to come up as I was told some time ago by the dealer.

    After reading the comments about tires, it has re-confirmed my feelings that the Firestone tires alone were worth the cost of the GTP. I now have over 10,000 miles & have had no tire problems and am getting good wear (est. 70,000 miles).

    My first experience with Generals was on a '74 Olds Cutlass Wagon. I junked the tires with over 2/3 their tread for they would not stay balanced more than a few hundred miles. I replaced them with Michelins and never re-balanced nor had trouble even though I often pulled a 21' camper. My next Generals was on an '82 Buick Century and I went through the same troubles until I got rid of them at @ 10,000 miles. One bad case, shame on me - twice, shame on you! As a result of my troubles and that of others I have talked to made me vow that I would never buy another car with Generals. So far I have been able to stick with that as all the new cars since have had Good Year Eagles until I bought the Buick with Firestones.

    Too bad General have not been able to get their act together.
  • projectzx3projectzx3 Posts: 256
    my parents will be in the market for a new car very soon. they've owned a 97 buick lesabre limited and are very happy. they are ages 70 and 69 respectively and take 'drives' and day trips as thier hobby. my father is always looking for the best 'deal' so i threw the 2000 impala out as perhaps an alternative automobile... not the ls but a base sedan loaded to the gills... since they insist on a split bench seat not avail. on the LS. the impala looks to be 3000 or so cheaper than the lesabre. but, is it a bonafide alternative?
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Yes, the Impala is one of the best cars to come from GM in a very long time. I own a brand new 2000 Impala LS with the 3800 Series II V-6. The car is simply out of this world! Price, safety, content, quality, engineering...a bang for the buck! Trust me after 12 years of driving Honda Accords and Acuras, feel the Impala drives and handles much better than any of those cars and has the performance (200 HP/225lbs of torque 0-60 7.5 secs) and gas mileage to boot (21/29)on plain 87 regular gas!. I could go on and on ravving about this great automobile.

    For your parents, I would suggest the "Base" Impala with the 3800 V-6 and equipment option package 1SB. Since the 6-seat capacity and the bench seat is a must, the Base/1SB/3.8L engine package is the best combo they can get for the money. The car is priced some $4,000 below a "custom" LeSabre and get the same powertrain and close to the same amenities!.

    If you have any questions, come over to the "Impala VI" topic here in Edmunds....and see for yourself.

    However, have them test drive the LeSabre/Impala to see which one they like better.

    Good luck
  • bthompbthomp Posts: 69
    RU sure you don't sell these cars? They aren't selling themselves.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    No I don't sell them. I don't like car salesman.

    Well they are selling to the tune of 15,000 units per month so I don't think they need much propaganda.

  • I just took delivery of a new 2000 Buick LeSabre Limited about two weeks ago. I ordered it with the Gran Touring Package, Prestige Package and Leather Seating Areas. It is Silver on the outside with a Grey Leather interior.

    I was very surprised to find out that the OnStar System is now standard on the Limited. That was a nice bonus, since my salesperson also did not know this until the car was delivered.

    I have driven about 500 miles so far in mostly highway driving and have averaged about 28 mpg on regular fuel.

    I love the Rainsense wiper's and the steering wheel controls for the radio and the HVAC system.
    I had also considered a Chrysler Concorde LXI but it did not even come close to the features in the Buick.

    If you are like me and don't buy foreign vehicles, this is the most bang for your buck in a US built sedan for around $30,000. I would not hesitate one second to recommend this vehicle to anyone who is looking to purchase a new family sedan.

    By the way, I am 44 year's old, married and I have two children ages 6 and 10. They happen to like the convience of their own cup holder's in the back seat. My wife also appreciates the passenger temperature control on her side of the front seat.
  • rwilcoxrwilcox Posts: 9
    On a recent trip after 4hrs.I begin hearing an intermittent noise that sounds like a a brief "burst" on a toy bicycle horn. It seems to be coming from the area of the passenger door towards the rear door. On the return trip I did not hear it until after I had been on the road for 2 hrs. Then it became more frequent then it had been before; approx. 5-6 times each 1/2 hr. Has anyone else experienced this with their 2000 LeSabre?
  • rar555rar555 Posts: 1
    We just purchased a 2000 Buick LeSabre Limited and we too have experienced the intermittent kazoo noise from the front passenger side that others have mentioned. We also experienced this noise on two other LeSabres that we test-drove. It appears to only occur when the outside temperature is above 90 degrees F? Pushing buttons on the cooling system doesn't affect it. The dealership told us that they had 3 others that make the same sound and they believe that they need to replace the windshield to stop it. Why hasn't GM figured out this problem yet and called their customers???
  • rwilcoxrwilcox Posts: 9
    Has Buick authorized the replacement of any windshields in an attempt to eliminate this annoying sound? Has it been successful? My dealer says he has referred this problem to GM Technical Service, but has not received a response.
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    as GM people get older they tend to migrate down to Florida or Arizona and up to a Buick or Cadillac. Not that the Impala isn't a nice car but for some reason it is classified as a mid size while the LeSabre is full sized. A friend who worked the Gm assembly line told me that Buick always got more fastener, clips and things like that to prevent rattles. He said they also got a lot more insulation than the Chevy. On sheer mature looks my vote goes to the LeSaber over the grinnin grille chevy. Just got back from a road trip, my 2000 LeSabre got 32mpg going and 31.2 coming back - running 75 on Oklahoma turnpikes. Very nice handling secure feeling car. Can't help but love it!
  • buickman2buickman2 Posts: 6
    When you make the decision to order the Touring Suspension remember you will not get the better gas milage that the standard transmission will give you.
    I have replaced THREE alternators in less than six years, is this average ?

    A great car overall, would and will plan to buy another.
    Wish they would come up with some brighter colors.
  • bthompbthomp Posts: 69
    Your Buick goes 0-60 in 7.5seconds AND gets 31-32mpg? You have a turbo in that bad boy? What are your pasing times say 50-80mph?
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    The 0-60 time came from Popular Mechanics road test. But the mileage comes directly from the computerised instruments in my car. Of course all people equiped with a head know that if you keep doing that 0-60 time at every opportunity your gas mileage will reflect that. I'm a conservative driver but I don't dwadle getting up to highway speeds. I just keep my speed constant on the highway. All these folks who jockey up and down on the gas and punch the throttle every time they get a chance pay for it at the gas pumps and in wear and tear on the driveline. A conservative driver can get exellent mileage on almost any new car today. The power is there if you need it but you don't need to keep your foot in it. My LeSabre has never gotten less than 30.2mpg on a trip (at 70-75mph)
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    Passing time 50 to 75 (as fast as I will drive) is pretty darn good. The 3800 V6 is no slouch, it is as quick as the Ford Crown Vic V8- and way more economical. And no this car does not have a supercharger--a conservative driver doesn't need it, nor the price of premium fuel which comes with it.
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