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Buick LeSabre



  • All the 2000 Buick LeSabre's are the same. It is a fixed retractor attached to the seat. I have seen a Buick Park Avenue with the retractor adjustable(they move up and down, which brings the belt out at a different angle) The LeSabre is one of Buick's cheaper!!! models and they couldn't afford to put the adjustable retractors on the LeSabre.
  • osin1osin1 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2000 Le Sabre. It seems to make a whistling noise when I drive below 1200 rpm. The dealer & service dept. claim that the noise comes from the alternator & that nothing can be done. Does anyone else have this problem? Any solutions? Please help.
  • According to info I got in negotiating with dealers on this subject it depends on whether or not the car has been titled. If it is a factory demo it cannot be sold as a new car and should be discounted 1-2.5K from invoice. Miles are discounted just like a penalty on a lease in the 8-10 cents per mile range. If the car is a dealer demo and hasn't been titled it is more difficult to get them under the invoice but still should get the mileage allowance. Any other opinions on this?
  • Thanks for the information. I'm trying to line up all my ducks in a row before I talk to the salespeople. If it is a dealer demo, 8 - 10 cents
    a mile deducted from invoice wont be enough incentive for me to jump at the car. Unless anyone else has some ideas, I'll head to the dealer this weekend and see what they say.
  • Is there any hope for decent selection of colors for Buick. The most popular seem to be light and dark bronzemist. They are appropriately named as they both look like a rainy day (dull colors, dull styling). Is there anywhere to provide feedback to the company so that they might improve in the future?? I like the features of the car and the way that it drives but sure have a hard time picturing me behind the wheel.
  • I agree with boilerpete (#67) about the mostly poor color choices with Buicks. The current light bronzemist and silver/gray colors are dull and uninspiring, and those colors seems to be all over the California dealerships - and are often not moving very much.

    I had plenty of time to contemplate potential colors since it took over five months (June to November) for me to find a dealer in Northern California who had a 2000 Limited with the options I wanted. I finally went for the Emerald Pearl color, which I could live with.

    I was able to get everything I wanted (astroroof, 16" cross lace wheels, prestige package, memory taupe leather heated seats, etc.), except for the Driver Confidence Package/Heads Up Display. I had even tried to order a vehicle through my local dealer just down the street, but after three months of waiting for an order confirmation (or for that matter even a return phone call) finally gave up.

    What I kept being told by local dealers in the Bay Area was that Limiteds were in very short supply and that dealers were only getting what they received last year in terms of quantity. There were lots of Custom base models, but very few Limiteds.

    I was ready to pay cash for the vehicle since last summer but couldn't find any available cars (also found similar shortage experiences with Toyota Avalon, Lexus 300, and the Mitsubishi Diamante - which I also was considering). I have never experienced a shortage of available cars like this year--Buick is probably losing hundreds of sales in this region every month because it is not sending out enough high end cars.

    After faxing letters all over the state, a dealer in the Central Valley about 120 miles away finally found the above mentioned car and I purchased it about three weeks ago for just a few hundred dollars over invoice. I am very happy with the car so far, and after 1500 miles have found no glitches or imperfections.

    It feels great to be driving a great car with all the bells and whistles for about $27K, when I know that many people driving vehicles with similar or even less features are often paying $40K or more. The steering wheel controls, heated seats, perimeter entry lighting, and other comfort aspects are especially wonderful.

    Finding the vehicle I wanted took a long time, but it was worth the wait.

    For future color options I would like to suggest some brighter hues, such as teal or brighter silver. They should give buyers the option of having a floor mounted center gear shifter, like they have in the Regal. It would also be great if Buick would release some cars in the Gold Firemist color that the company says in an option, but that I have never actually seen, either on the road or at the dealers.
  • I ran down a LeSabre Demo that was Gold Firemist hoping that it had some appeal. It isn't too pretty either. In fact, I asked one sales mgr. why they didn't have any in there large stock and he told me it was because nobody wanted it. My wife calls it a green dull gold. She really likes the Chrysler Champagne Pearl Metallic as a gold with some appeal. By the way, lots of Limited LeSabres on the lots here in the Chicago area.
  • I bought my Limited last June. I wasn't excited about any of the colors offered. The one I got is Light Bronzemist Metalic like so many that you have seen. There are a few advantages to this color. First, my wife likes it. Second, as if more reasons were needed, it looks clean when it is dirty. That's important here in the Seattle area. Lastly; this color goes perfectly with the taupe leather seats. They are made for each other.

    I am completely satisfied with the Limited. The one minor problem I have had since day one is that I hear and feel a sound (tdunk!)when the car is driven from one level surface to another. It is most likely when I first fire up and drive out my driveway onto the street. I have mentioned it in this thread before and I raise the issue again in hopes that somebody new to this discussion has had a similar experience and found the solution. I have had a couple good suggestions in the past (heat shield) etc. and have had them checked out. I suspect it has to do with the auto-level control or suspension. I have had good service from the dealer but he has not been helpful in this matter.
  • I was torn between these two vehicles while trying to decide what my next car would be. Numerous test drives and many nights on Edmunds researching both of them. I as a former Lesabre ownwer (92 Ltd) was leaning toward the Buick., I really like the new looks of the 2000 but in the end i bought the Concorde for basically 4 reasons the Concorde in my opinion handles much better the Concorde is drop dead gorgeous(mine is Deep Slate).The Price my loaded Concorde with power moonroof and an Infinity 4 disc system was $25,500
    Finally 0.9 % financing.Happy car hunting!!
  • My 1988 Olds 98 regency that I have owned for 12 years has always kthunked. My car has the level ride system and I always assumed it was there or maybe the struts. The k-thunk always come from the rear. It never hurt anything. I just lived with didn't do it to often. I too looked at the 2K Lesabres and loved everything about them except the dull colors. My wife liked the 2K Impala better so thats probably what we'll go with. They are also very nice and have beautiful colors. The Impala has a ride almost as refined as the Buick and my wife thinks the new Impalas wild looks will make us look younger while driving it. I dunno,, mid 50's is mid 50's.
  • Just a "heads up" for anyone frustrated by the Buick delays (my mother-in-law has been waiting for weeks for Buick to get their act together). is selling 2000 Infiniti I30 luxury (without sunroof) for $26,084 (invoice is 27,360). This is a terrific deal on a great car!

    -- Raoul
  • I also had a Buick Lesabre on order and got tired of waiting for Buick to even accept the order. I spent over 3 hours with them on the phone asking the simple question - "When Will Buick Accept My Order". The dealer was trying everything to get the car on order and I don't blame him - it was a Buick/GM problem. Buick/GM would not even call me back. I finally got tired of being treated as though I was just a number and cancelled my order. I was buy American (GM, Ford or Chrysler) with my last car a '95 Park Avenue. I never even walked onto a foreign car lot. Well, I finally walked onto the foreign car lots and found a completely new world of styling and quality. I bought the Infiniti I30L for about the same money as a Lesabre and got a 4 year 60000 mile bumper to bumper warranty and 6 year 70000 mile power train warranty all with a dealer who falls over backwards trying to please me. Go look at the I30 - you may be surprised as I was and recognize that Buick does not deserve your business simple because they are made in the US. Give them what they really ask for and deserve - buy a car from someone else.
  • How is the interior room compared to a LeSabre? I haven't ever been in one. I have been in a Lexus and the interior room is inadequate for me. Also, isn't the I30 rear wheel drive? Not a good combination for us in the upper midwest. Let me know your thoughts. I haven't looked at one and consider myself open minded.
  • I30 is a front wheel drive car. A traction control option is available. Car comes in two versions Luxury and Touring. I drove the I30L and felt the ride was stiff enough for me and did not even drive the I30T. List price is around $30K but this includes all options. There are not a lot of choices in options as the car comes fully loaded, leather, etc. and a killer Bose sound system (the buick radio/cd sounds like garbage compared to the Infiniti system). Don't expect a lot of dickering from the dealers as they know they have a good product but from the townhall it appears some dealers are starting to deal. I suggest you go to the I30 subject and read the Infiniti I30 (547 post) and Infiniti I30 Part 2 (149 post) for lots of information on the car. Car is slightly smaller than Lesabre and is setup as a 5 passenger version with bucket seats in the front. I was looking at the bucket seats in the Lesabre (5 passenger seating option) so was not loosing any seating. More of a cockpit feel vs. the Buick Couch. Ride seems very smooth and I think quiet (quieter than my Park Avenue). I have found the I30 to be very comfortable having taken several 7 hour trips already. Have 5000 miles now and have had it into the dealer to fix a paint chip (on the car when purchased) and have the oil changed. I have no reason to take it into the dealer for any work at this time. Certainly different from my past American cars which I always took back after a week with a list of things to fix. Another advantage of having an Infiniti is that during the warranty period, the dealer provides free loaners when you have your car in for service. When we took it in for the paint chip, the service rep immediately handed us a set of keys to a new loaner car when we handed him our car keys. Anyway - for some factual information.
    Buick I30
    Length 200.0 inches 193.7
    Width 73.5 70.2
    Height 57.0 56.5
    Weight 3567 3342
    Horsepower 205 227
    Wheelbase 112.2 108.3
    Front Head Room 38.8 40.5
    Rear Head Room 37.8 37.4
    Front Shoulder Room 59.1 56.4
    Rear Shoulder Room 58.7 56.2
    Front Hip Room 56.1 54.3
    Rear Hip Room 56.1 53.0
    Front Leg Room 42.4 43.9
    Rear Leg Roon 39.9 36.2
    Luggage Capacity 18 cu ft 14.9

    Don't let the numbers fool you. I really like the rear seat room in the I30. Now for some bad news - Infiniti recommends premium gas for best performance. Some are using regular and the middle grade and claim without any problems. But over the life of the car this only cost about $100 extra for every 10,000 miles. I suggest you go to your Infiniti dealer and look/drive the car. We are all different and like different things. The car may not be a fit for you. Post what you think.
  • Looking for an I30 is tougher than it sounds. Here I am in the Chicago area and the nearest Ifiniti Dealer seems to be clear across town. I put in a request to Autobytel for a quote and the nearest dealer appears to be over an hour away. Seems funny given the number of auto dealers in this area of NW Indiana. Looked up the Nissan Dealer (Ifiniti is a Nissan I think like Lexus is a Toyota)and found that he has Volvo and Jaguar as well as Nissan but no Infiniti. I think I will keep my 1995 LHS for awhile.
  • gyverhgyverh Posts: 2
    Being a car guru of the family, I recently helped
    my parents order a LeSabre Custom sedan with 1SA
    package which has the two front power recliners,
    also the options of 6-way power driver seat and the air filter for the AC. I put the order in in
    October and the car arrived in December, just right before Christmas. When we went to pick up
    the car, I noticed there were no recliners. I told the salesman and showed him my option list of my order confirmation. The Salesman started playing the waiting game - saying that he was calling GM to find out. My mother got tired of
    waiting and took delivery of the car.

    I was very disappointed at GM and that particular
    dealer for not doing much to satisfy the customers. The dealer claimed that GM never called them about the option deletion. And as of
    December 1SA package and 6-way driver seat could not be ordered together??? But my car was built in November. Our family has always been buying
    GM cars in the past and I doubt the trend is going to continue. I will try to call Buick customer service myself and hear what they have to say. By the way, I am only getting about 18 mpg with mixed city and highway driving and I was expecting 22. Does anyone have any comments??
  • The wife and I stopped by the Buick/Daewoo dealer yesterday. We drove a Leganza once before and she loved it. I suggested looking over in the used lot while we were there. She doesn't like the idea of a used car with no warranty, but she went anyway. Without any help from me she zeroed in on a white Le Sabre with navy leather. Bingo it was unlocked too. She loved the room. Turns out it is a 1993 with 48065 miles. I just stopped by again on my lunch hour to get the price. It's a one owner that they sold originally. It was traded in on a new Le Sabre. Price $8688. How does that sound? They also have several 1999 programs cars with 25,000 miles for $16,988 to $18,988. How does that sound? Similar new 2000s are $24,500ish.

  • It's a shame your mother got tired of waiting and accepted a car that did not have the options she wanted. She will never be happy with the car and I bet within a couple of years she will be looking for a new car. The dealer should also be ashamed of what they did. You should put the dealers name in this topic so others will stay away from them. But the dealer and Buick don't care they got your money. I bet you don't get any thing from calling Buick except a lot of double talk and they will really help you out by making a file of your complaint.

  • I have a 97 LeSabre with 42,000 miles on it; have had it for 2 1/2 years. A warranteed emission contol part went bad (EGR Valve) and its being replaced under warranty, but guess what? The dealer won't tell me when they will get around to fixing it. And guess what they say the fine print on the loaner is? The emission control warranty doesn't cover a loaner, only the 3 year/36,000 mile warranty does. And even though the car isn't 3 years old, I've passed the 36,000 miles, so too bad. They 'can't do anything.' Can't? They mean won't. I called 1-800-GMCARES. Yeah, right. I say Amen, to the mantra, "Vote With Your Feet." I am in the market for a Volvo S80 now, forget the Park Avenue. Who needs these GM service people. Its been like this since buying the LeSabre. Never Again.
  • nwalkernwalker Posts: 17
    I have almost 6000 miles on my 2000 LeSabre Limited. Overall, I get 24.6 mpg driving on city streets, country roads, and some on the open highway. I suspect it would deliver 30 mpg driving 60 mph on the Interstate.

    I bought my car in June and did not order it. I have been completely satisfied. I have had no problems with the car or the dealer. I have had no reason to contact Buick.

    From reading this thread over the last eight months I have come to two conclusions. First, there have been enough complaints about dealers and Buick Customer Service to convince me that Buick has not done a good job introducing this car and dealing with their customers and potential customers. Second, and I tell you this because I suspect you are new to this discussion, the primary contributors in recent months have been those who were most dissatisfied. While their complaints may be entirely legitimate, they have changed the character of this thread. Those, like myself, who were satisfied with the product and the service have either deserted or are sitting on the sidelines.
  • boat4boat4 Posts: 4
    just wanted to make comment about the availability of the NEW 2000 LaSabre Limited. I have one placed on order (AUGUST 21, 1999) and the General tells me it will around the last of February or first of March before I get it: (WHAT GIVES)I've been told that the "GRAN TOURING PACKAGE" was part of the hold up (that was thru 11/25/99), three days after this hold went off, a new one popped up: now it's the "MEMORY SEATS"option isn't available at this time. Anyone out there had this problem before?? I've driven Buicks since 1972 and have never had this kind of run-around. I own A 1997 Park Avenue and it has been a great car (wife drives all the time, has 43,000 miles). The way things are now, I may find something else to drive. PARKS are pricing themselves down the drain!!!!!!!!!
  • I have to second the comments made by nwalker. I have a 2000 limited with 5,000 and I have not had any reason to go back to the dealer. The quality of the car is just fine. This is my first GM car after 4 Marquis and I am more than happy with the car. Sure there are things I would design differently but this is true with any car. I agree the wait was painful and it still makes no common sense to me at all why GM can't make this car to a customer's order without all this wait, but I am not disappointed in my decision.

    I'm getting tired of I30 owners posting to this site, they must have some type of buyer remorse as they keep coming back to this BUICK site to affirm the choice they made. I sure don't go to the I30 site to tell them what a great car my Lesabre has been for me.
  • I had the same experience as boat4 in not finding any responsiveness from Buick or my local dealers in purchasing a 2000 Limited model. I placed a factory order back in August. After waiting three months (I was told the hold-up was because I wanted the Driver Confidence Package) I cancelled the factory order with the local dealer and instead faxed written requests to about a dozen dealers around the state (California).

    Within a week a dealer about 100 miles away located a suitable vehicle and I picked it up the following week. The vehicle did not have the sunroof that I wanted, but the dealer made arrangements for a post-market sunroof to be installed. I bought the car for a price just a couple of hundred dollars over invoice and picked it up just prior to Thanksgiving.

    There have been no problems with the car, and after driving 2,200 miles I have to say I am quite satisfied.

    I agree that Buick is very difficult to work with in terms of factory orders. The company needs to address that issue. I was trying to buy a LeSabre with cash since last summer and it shouldn't take several months to have an order confirmed.

    I generally found the Bay Area's Buick dealers to be difficult to work with and found the Central Valley folks more service-oriented.

    I don't mind seeing the comparisons between the various vehicles. I seriously checked out other vehicles in the months of waiting, including the I30, Lexus 300, and Toyota Avalon. What I found were short supplies, higher prices, less amenities, and generally less comfort than what the LeSabre offered. The I30 back seat has much less leg room and the reviews mostly say it is an over-priced Nissan Maxima. It was better in some respects than the Lexus 300 or Toyota Avalon, however, and the pricing was close to competitive with the LeSabres in terms of MSRP.

    I don't think it would have been possible to get Infiniti dealers down to invoice pricing levels, however. Furthermore, the current Japanese cars are just not cushy enough for me. I drove a nice 1989 Toyota Camry for 7 years and loved it, but the Toyotas now have hard seats and they seem to have cut a lot of corners in the comfort market since the mid-1990's.

    I especially like the steering wheel radio and climate controls, perimeter lighting, and cornering lights on the LeSabre Limited. The comfortable seats, quiet operation, and smooth power train are also wonderful. The only thing I don't like is the somewhat drab exterior color options--I settled for the emerald green pearl, but would have preferred something in teal or gold. .

    My advice is to shop around your region until you find a dealer who will take your business seriously and get you the car you want. I would not work with a dealer who cannot get an order confirmed within a couple of weeks and/or a car delivered to you within a couple of months. The internet was very helpful in getting me long lists of dealers all over the state to contact.
  • I appreciate your comment about waiting. I had my fair share. However I take exception to a few of your comments, especially in my case. First, the seat belt are very annoying. They cut my wife and myself across the neck, with no adjustment(my daughter has a 2000 Impala, same as the LeSabre 2000 and it has adjustable seat belts)I guess the LeSabre is the "cheap Buick". Second is the noise, I have and still drive a 89 Olds Delta 88, that is quiet, its like sitting in a library reading room, but my new 2000 LeSabre sound like a jet runway. It is the noises car I have driven. I also drove my daughter 2000 Impala which is quieter then the LeSabre. Does anyone have any simular problems or ay comments?
  • King34, I have experienced some mild torque steer with my 2000 LeSabre Limited with Gran Touring Package. It pulls slightly left when I nudge the accelerator while cruising along. Sometimes when I let off the accelerator, it drifts to the right. I do not notice torque steer when accelerating from a stop or under heavy acceleration. This problem causes the car to wander and requires frequent steering corrections. I have not had the problem checked by the dealer.

    This is the only complaint I have about the car. I did not buy a Chrysler 300M because the two I drove had very strong torque steer to the left under heavy acceleration. I did not notice the problem with the LeSabre during the test drive.

    The '95 Bonneville that I replaced had no torque steer under any conditions.

    Have you had any luck yet getting your torque steer problem corrected?
  • We made it back to the dealer on Saturday to look at the '93 with 48,000 miles we saw the previous Sunday. We found it on the lot, but our salesman couldn't find the keys or any records of it anywhere. Seems a fellow salesman had hidden the keys so he could sell it on Monday to his customer. Well we made our deal and they gave us what we wanted for the '91 Chevy full size conversion van. My wife loves her 'new' '93 LeSabre, although she does miss all the room she had in her van. It rides so nice and smooth and the leather seat are very comfortable. I have confidence that this car will last like many I have read about on this post.
  • I am looking at a LeSabre with Gran Touring suspension. I have had Buicks in the past with this suspension and liked the ride. However, I read in one of the car consumer magazines that the 2000 Gran Touring suspenion is too jittery. What is the real world experience? Those of you who have 2000 LeSabres with the Gran Touring suspension, is the ride or steering jittery over some road surfaces. Thanks for your reply.
  • nwalkernwalker Posts: 17
    I have had my Limited with Gran Touring Package since June and have 6000 miles on it. I drive a combination of city, interstate highway, and two lane winding country roads. I have never owned a Buick before. I bought the gt pkg because it was highly regarded by auto magazine writers in the early road tests of the 2000 Le Sabre. It also received favorable reports here in this discussion. For my part, I could not tell a great deal of difference from the standard ride in the small amount of test driving I did.

    Overall; I have been pleased with the handling of the car and my wife agrees that it takes the curves on winding roads more comfortably than our 91 Camry. I have never noticed any jitters on any road conditions. My surprises have come at the other end of the performance envelope. My Limited does not have the cushy, luxurious, feel that I expected a Buick to provide. This is not a complaint about this car. I chose it. Still, I will probably look at Park Avenue and the Sedan de Ville next time around.
  • I ordered a new 2000 LeSabre with Memory seats, Grand touring and Driver Confidence package the first week in Oct. It to was on hold either for the seats or Grand Touring package. My dealer did keep me posted. In mid November both were opened up for a week. The cars are ordered starting on a Tuesday and my dealer was on line when he got the green light to order. By Wednesday of that week it was closed. The car was made the week of December 6. If boat4 is still waiting for his car he better look at the dealer. He is not online when he should be. My dealer has a small dealership, so size does not matter. I picked up the car last week and drove it to Texas where I am temp working. Great driving and Great workmanship. I was driving a 97 LeSabre, and as good of car as that was this is much better.
  • boat4boat4 Posts: 4
    this is boat4 on line. well, the GENERAL finally took my order this past Tuesday (1/18/00). Was told I could expect car in 3 to 5 weeks. MOMMA sure is happy. I am "ON LINE' as the dealer in this case is my BROTHER, and believe me when I say he has been hearing it from me!! Just thought I'd pass it along.
    Glad you are enjoying your vehicle as I am sure we will enjoy ours.....
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