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High End Luxury Cars



  • jeskjesk Posts: 13
    How can you afford all those cars when your spelling and grammar resemble that of a 4th grader?
  • hello26hello26 Posts: 62
    I agree with what you said except I do know that 30 days with a car is long enough for me to know.
    This is only recently, however. Even a year ago
    I wasn't as good at it and I've driven a lot.
    By the way, I've asked you about ES seats. I wasn't being sarcastic. I didn't mean to be sarcastic, anyway. So many people hate ES seats and ergonomics and for good reasons. I was wondering if you or your wife had any issues with them. It's ok you don't have to tell me:)

    Who died and made you the spellcheck police.
  • 2jags22jags2 Posts: 4
    i've owned 2 lexuses, which were nice ,but then again they are what they are-- fancy are absolutely right ,tough, they are all great cars. the true luxury high end are mb ,jaguar, and maybe bmw.all the rest , including audi( of which i owned an a6 and an a4--terrible experience with both!!!!!), lexus, infinty, acura , are all fancy immitations of the aforementioned three.
    i now own 2 '00 jags and really and truly enjoy their originallity, their design, and their performance.
  • hello26hello26 Posts: 62
    Survey says zero. Audi is not an imitation.
    Audis stick to the road and track a line better than a Mercedes (by far). The Quattro system
    is the premier AWD system. No serious person
    would think an Audi was an imitation MB (imition of 4matic? no), Jag (get real), or BMW (RWD and totally different philosophy). So you had bad experiences with Audi. Lots of people do.
  • VW didn't make them. Toyota made Lexus, Honda made Acura, Nissan made Infiniti
  • Now everyone wants to make an AWD product, who's imitating again?
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    Lexus sold 2,400 less cars than Mercedes-Benz. Imitation my A#$.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    What does sales success have to do with the way Lexus obviously copies every styling move Mercedes makes? They even changed their V8 engine displacement so that now they have a "430" badged car too. Ridiculous. Yes they are very successful car, but they are imitation Benz, period. Nothing about their 4-doors have ever been original.

  • aimanaiman Posts: 61
    While Lexus is no pioneer in styling, didn't they come out with the idea with luminated gauge and LED (?) read outs on the center console? When the LS400 first came out everybody else, including MB and BMW, were still using rotary knobs for the a/c. Now everybody goes "digital" with their interior like Lexus. I think they set the benchmark for smooth and quietness for luxury cars.
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    True, sales and imitation have little to do with each other. I'm not getting into the debate over imitation, I think we all know what my opinion is, and it differs from yours, that's fine. I was just saying that Lexus is doing something right.

    BTW, would it really make you feel better if Lexus was releasing a LS 440 or a LS 420 in 2001?
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I think they did come out with those gauges first, but I've seen that argued so much I can't remember who did it first now.


    I would rather it stayed LS400, people won't confuse that with those "430" badged cars from you know who.

  • hello26hello26 Posts: 62
    This is from ctic's Audi Luxury car or NOT! topic:

    91 of 102: Actually, "ctic" (autobahner1) Mon 21 Jun '99 (02:47 PM)

    You might also find it educational to research the
    proud history of what is currently known as Audi.
    You would find that Auto Union, DKW, and NSU all
    trace their roots to the earliest automotive days.
    Actually, to my knowledge, each of those makes
    produced race winning automobiles before BMW
    existed as a car company.

    M, The Lexus SC is sufficiently original :)
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Do you mean the current SC or the upcoming one, because the new SC430 is not original at all.

  • hello26hello26 Posts: 62
    Lexus - SC400 + LS430 - LS400 + IS = 0
  • research, what? VW didn't make Audi. Toyota made
    Lexus, Nissan made
    Infiniti, Honda made Acura
  • 2jags22jags2 Posts: 4
    the only reason thatlexus sells so many cars is simply's designed to cater to the people who simply cannot afford real high-end cars.don't get me wrong, toyota makes good cars ,including the lexus.btw, in japan, there are no lexus, or infinty, or acura---there it's toyota gs 300, or nissan i30and so on. only in status-hungry america, we must put icons on cars ,in order to announce--"we have arrived".
    drive a jag ,and you'll understand why it being imitated so much
  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    yes!!!Audi was a separate company for 50 years before Volkswagen bought them. and they have their own unique history and qualities
  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    actually in japan, there is no GS 300, it is the Aristos and the LS 400 is the Celsior and the Q45 is the Cima...I dont think jag gets copied very much except the XJ grill in the Q45 and Buicks, because other designers end up screwing up the car so they abandon that design and make them look like a mercedes (lexus). no japanese car has successfully copied Jag and probably never will. it is also silly to see camry parts in the LS 400, even though they are "good" parts, you still expect better.
  • 260e, 300e, 400e, 500e, e320, e420, e430, e55, s300, s320, s420, maybe s430, s500, s560, s600 and don't get me started on the, C, ML, SL, ok MERC1 take over
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    Mercedes-Benz initiated a Displacement-Badging system, but in 1994, so the "e320, e420, e430, e55, s300, s320, s420, maybe s430, s500, s560, s600 and don't get me started on the, C, ML, SL" don't count.

    The 300e switched to a 3.2L engine in 1993, but retained the "300" part of the name, and the 400e NEVER had a 4.0L V8 engine.

    As you can see, the Mercedes-Benz model line roughly followed displacement-badging, but not to the letter. They didn't change to strictly following this system until 1994.

    Mercedes-Benz will also break from this system in 2001, when the V12 engine returns. The car will be called the S600, but have a 5.8L engine. Personally, I think this is a good thing; I think S580 sounds retarted.

    What I was getting at in my post was that Lexus was the first to use the displacement-badging system, and stick to it 100%.

    BTW, since I can smell all of you Mercedes-Benz lovers heating up, I am not saying that Mercedes-Benz copied the Lexus system.
  • MB and BMW started it overall....PERIOD Not Lexus, Infiniti, or Acura
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    Not being picky. Just the facts, man.
  • hello26hello26 Posts: 62
    Whoever used it first it is a mistake. It's too bright.

    Who imitates a Jaguar except Jaguar?
  • hello26hello26 Posts: 62
    There are no Camry parts in an LS400. Have you driven one? There are 24% Camry parts in an ES300.

    Regarding the only reason people drive Lexus is because it is cheap and imitation:

    1. People who care about being cheap don't buy 55k cars.

    2. Lexus build quality has been industry standard for 10 years. All the complaining about
    Lexus copying is great but Mercedes should copy
    Lexus build quality (not going to happen).
  • but not build quality. No magazines say, WOW that car was as solid as a Lexus or the interior reminded me of a Lexus.
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80

  • scongroscongro Posts: 80

    Very Sorry!
  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    look closely at some secondary controls like the sider mirror adjusters, they are the same in the camry , it is a small item. there are other minor pieces too, just look at the items not used but a few times.
  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    i think vacuum luminscent gauges appeared on the first LS 400 in 1990. the continental copied it after. the GS uses a different style, lit in greenish blue (too bad the color doesnt match the lighting of the radio and AC controls). i think these gauges are lexus's first original idea (not knocking, it appeared on the first car). they look great but can burn out, leaving you guessing your speed. but old mercedes oftentimes didnt have lights in the gauge cluster anyways.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    You guys are at it again I see. Lexus didn't start a thing when it comes to badging. Mercedes was always used that system on their cars. The 420SEL, 560SEL all has engines of that displacement before a marketing person ever came up with the name "Lexus", which they had to enter a court room to keep. Mercedes was first, period. Before the Japanese even got the idea to use "numbers" for anything. Nobody would argue against Lexus being a good car, but to try and say they innovated anything is just plain incorrect.

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