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Audi A4 2004 and earlier



  • I have a 1999 Audi A-4 1.8T with 39,250 miles on it. I have faithfully taken it for oil changes and all the scheduled maintenance services. Ten days ago my oil light came on. The oil level was normal on the dip stick. I immediately called the dealership and was advised to bring the car in to the service department. I was later told that I needed a new oil pump, CAM adjuster value, ignition coil and related repairs. The estimate is $2400 to $2700. The car is out of the warranty period. Since an oil pump should last a lot longer than 3.5 years and 39000 miles, I asked the dealer to request assistance from Audi. Audi declined. I then called Audi myself via the "Roadside Assistance" number. I detailed all the other problems I've had with the car to Audi and my disappointment that something as major and expensive as an oil pump and ignition coil is the latest to go wrong. It's been over 3 days and I haven't heard back from Audi. Has anyone else had problems with the oil pump or ignition coil? I've been advised by 5 different Audi repair shops in town that the oil pump failure is very rare and that I should keep fighting with Audi to get them to cover this. Has anyone ever had any luck in getting Audi to make good on a major repair when the car is just out of the warranty period? For the price of this car I was hoping to get at least 80k miles out of it. Thanks!
  • Reading a story like this one is always difficult. On the one hand, yes an oil pump should last longer than 3.5 years -- and yes with the "newly" improved warranty -- 4 years or 50,000 miles you would have been covered. Finally, yes -- Audi should make good on this and if it were in my power, I would "give you a pass" on this and "give" you the part and perhaps at least 50% of the labor.

    On the other hand, a deal is a deal -- the car is "out of warranty." I realize it seems worse since you use the phrase "just out of warranty." And, indeed I have heard of several car companies, Audi included, who "make good" in instances such as you describe -- so I too urge you to keep trying -- appeal this to the hilt, i.e.

    Now to the point that will probably at least mildly irritate you.

    If an auto is so important and so expensive and it is something you wish to keep beyond the "free" warranty period, why not "insure" against the possibility of catastrophic cost(s) by either getting rid of the car before the warranty ended (and just keep making car payments and lease another "identical" Audi) or buy an extended warranty (which in some respects means you keep paying but on an older car)? You would not stop insuring your house just because it was paid for would you? You certainly can't stop paying taxes on the house?

    OK, I know a house is not a car -- but houses and cars are often said to be our two biggest "purchases." And here in no public transportation land (Cincinnati) a car is not nice it is necessary.

    The choice seems to be limited to "how you pay" -- a permanent car payment (i.e., leasing a new car every 36 months -- or less, which means 100% warranty + maintenance if it is an Audi and if you do not exceed 50,000 miles), an increased car payment (paying cash or financing plus building a "self warranty" kitty which you may or may not ever use) or a risk "management" method which blends your "ownership style" (leasing, buying on credit or paying cash) with an "extended warranty" (an insurance policy by any other name).

    I guess the other alternative is to wait for a car that has minimal maintence requrirements and has 100% reliability as one of its "features." Well, if such a thing even is possible given current technology -- I'll wager that the cost for undonditional reliability would exceed most people's ability to pay.

    I'll opt for "risk managment" either in the form of a permanent lease payment (my current philosophy on the subject -- at age 51) or an extended "high coverage" warranty from the manufacturer or after market provider.

    You pay your money and you take your choice. Six of one half dozen of the other. Waste not want not. Every lining has a silver cloud. And a whole host of other platitudes. Somebody stop me.

    Nevertheless, do keep trying to get Audi to "make good" -- my argument would be the "mileage" argument.

    Good luck.
  • Mark (or anybody else whom might have information)--

    Do you have any detailed information on the ALA program? I'm considering purchasing an allroad ...not real serious yet but just thinking if I can get a 2002 model for a "drastically" reduced price, I may take the plunge.

    Does it work like a cash rebate where you're issued a check after the sale has occurred and they can verify that your're already an Audi owner?

    Does it apply to a traded-in Audi or just an additional purchase? ...I'm not planning on trading-in or getting rid of my A4, though. I'm assuming that it only applies to an additional purchase which will be my plan anyway.

    Is this an on-going program or is it just offered occasionally? I think I remember reading on the AoA web site that it expires at some point. How long has it been currently offered?

    Any comments about the allroad? The only real negative thing I've heard is that it gets terrible gas mileage. Otherwise, it has just about everything I desire in a car. I suppose its reliability is not stellar and it will be expensive to repair when it's out of warranty but that's a relative statement that can be applied to all Audis ...or the so-called reputation that Audis tend to have.


  • We have an A4 and an allroad - love both. The allroad's mileage is poor in town, but is pretty good on the highway - at least relative to most SUV's including our Grand Cherokee which the allroad replaced. I needed a towing vehicle and was tired of driving a truck - the allroad is much more pleasant to drive than any truck-based vehicle, plus it tows great (up to its limits, of course). Naturally, it doesn't handle nearly as well as the sports-sedan A4 (cornering-wise, in the twisties, etc) but it is more comfortable on the highway, and of course is much faster - at least compared to our 2.8 A4. It's a very versatile vehicle, and I'm really glad we bought it.

    Although I believe the ALA program is off-and-on, I would check with your dealer on this. I bet markcinncinati knows the scoop if he cares to comment. Unfortunately when we purchased our allroad I completely forgot to bring it up, and they didn't either (next time I will for sure!).

    Otherwise I agree with your comments about Audi's being expensive to repair after warranty - if you don't have a cash reserve to draw on then an extended warranty makes a lot of sense IMO.
  • I read that the TT will have the 6-speed tip transmission starting in November- I look forward to all the models getting fitted out in this way!
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,881
    The 6-speed Tip will only be in fwd TTs at least when they're introduced.

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • the other day the gas gauge in my 02 A4 3.0 stopped working. I knew it was low (the gas pump was on the display screen as I was going to the gas station) so I filled up but the light never went off and the gauge never went up. The trip computer didn't reset and it says I have 0 miles left while I'm driving around on what I know is at least a half tank of gas. I have an appointment at the dealer day after tomorrow. He said the sending unit is probably bad. I am kind of surprised at this problem occurring in such a new car. I only have 8600 miles. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • Is discussed on the web site:


    It is good through 2002. . . .
  • My Audi '00 A6 2.7T had the gas gauge sending unit go bad, replaced under warranty. Obviously Audi has had some problem w/ defective sending units for atleast 2 years!

    The warranty repair has held up with no problems for over a year at this point.
  • In looking at the AoA web site, I still don't really see the answers to my questions. They give a cursory explanaion but nothing in real detailed specifications. I thought Mark might know but I guess I'll take Joel's advice and contact a dealer to get all the details.

    Joel-- Thanks for your comments on your allroad. You seem to be happy with it so far. Nothing you've had to take it back to the dealer for to get fixed or adjusted?

    gas gauges-- I've been noticing that just lately, my gas gauge has not been reading all the way to the "full" mark after I fill up. Will I suffer from the dreaded sender or gauge replacement at some point?

  • On the allroad I had all four brake rotors replaced at about 20,000 miles - this seems to be a common problem. On the same visit they also replaced the transmission control module to fix the "35 mph wobble" which seems to be unique to '01 Tip allroads. Both are working fine now and car drives like new with no rattles or anything else to complain about. I might add that this is an especially good car to own in cold climates, with the front & rear seat heaters and heated steering wheel, not to mention the quattro and extra ground clearance.
  • I have an 02 1.8T with a similar gas gauge problem. Mine sometimes reads empty, full and way past full. My trip computer (distance to empty still works, though). I heard this is a common problem and haven't taken my car in for the repair yet. Let us know what your dealer says. Thanks-
  • Joel-- Thanks again for your comments. No rattles? That sounds good. My A4 has all sorts of interior rattles now so I was wondering if it is a characteristic of Audis to have interior rattles. I know Audi interiors have the reputation of having impeccable fit and finish and an A6 (or the A6 based allroad) probably has better interior workmanship than an A4.

    Is that fancy suspension working well for you? I really don't need the sophisticated suspension for I don't plan on taking it off-road. If an A6 avant were available with the 2.7T and a 6-speed, I'd definitely want to go that way.

  • something doesn't sound right. if it's possible, try and speak directly to the tech. you need to understand exactly what happened inside the motor:
    the main point that needs to be determined is WHAT BROKE FIRST...very sounds like
    it's possible that something associated with the timing belt is the real culprit to the oil pump failure. oil pumps do not break as a general rule, even after many hundreds of thousands of miles.

    if you can determine that it was infact the timing belt or the tensioner or the cam valve, you
    might be able to go back to the dealer and negotiate a partial settlement. has the car been serviced by the dealer out of warranty; very important. if it has, that helps you in having them assume some responsibility. had any work been done on the car recently? just some things to consider...jackg
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,586
    A few months back I posted about a friend of mine who had the gas gauge problem with his '02 A4 3.0Q 6speed. I believe the dealer replaced the sending unit as well as the entire instrument cluster.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • URL -

    Copy and Pasted the following:

    "Loyalty has its rewards. . ."

    "Do you own an Audi and want more? More precision, more exhilaration, and an even more satisfying driving experience? Now Audi gives you more for a little less. If you own an Audi, you're entitled to the Audi Loyalty Advantage program which pays a cash incentive to current Audi owners of 1996 to current model year Audis and their immediate family members living in the same household.Your reward will be $400 when you purchase or lease an A4 1.8 T or a TT, $600 when you purchase or lease an A4 3.0, an A6 3.0 or A6 2.7 T or an allroad quattro, and $800 if you purchase or lease an A6 4.2, an S6 Avant or an A8 or S8.

    Should you yield to temptation? Go ahead - the Audi Loyalty Advantage program makes it easy.

    *Audi Loyalty Advantage program ends December 31, 2002. Offer good on all new and untitled 2001, 2002 and 2003 models. Eligible clients include all current owners and lessees of 1996 to current model year Audis and their immediate family members living in the same household."

    What detail is missing scirocco22?

    Our last three Audi's had Audi Loyalty incentives -- which also included no sec dep required. . .
  • "My A4 has all sorts of interior rattles now so I was wondering if it is a characteristic of Audis to have interior rattles. I know Audi interiors have the reputation of having impeccable fit and finish and an A6 (or the A6 based allroad) probably has better interior workmanship than an A4."

    Too bad about your A4 - our A4 is still very quiet inside even after 4 years and 50,000 miles. NO rattles! I've always really admired the build quality and workmanship of this particular model (98.5 2.8Q - all options) - the best quality I had ever owned up until that point. My only complaint is the power - or should I say lack of power - off the line. And my wife's only complaint are the very poorly designed cupholders, which have failed her on more than one occasion.

    "Is that fancy suspension working well for you? I really don't need the sophisticated suspension for I don't plan on taking it off-road. If an A6 avant were available with the 2.7T and a 6-speed, I'd definitely want to go that way."

    The allroad's suspension works as advertised, which is to say great when you require extra clearance. In your situation maybe the regular Avant would be better, but as you say you can't get the 2.7T + manual transmission. I like the allroad's flexibility, even though I do not use it often, it has come in very handy on many an occasion. I also tow a boat occasionally and the self-leveling suspension, which you can raise when backing up into the water, is very useful. Also handy in deep snow, unimproved "parking lots", going down logging roads or private driveways on the way to the lake, etc. But if all your car is going to see is smooth pavement, the avant A4 or A6 - or better yet the S6 - would be the way to go, unless the 6 speed is required. I sure wish I would have gotten my allroad with the 6 only regret.
  • I have written a few posts on this thread. Reference #s 3994,3996,4005,4009,4048 and4049. Do these posts sound hauntingly familiar to you.
  • i need a new car and i am looking at either getting a new honda accord ex(no v-6) or an audi a-4 quattro with sunroof ... the difference in money is about $7000 ... the audi has nicer styling but i read a lot of posts on this site about problems with the audi .. far more than accords .... what is it about the audi that makes it so much more ... thanks
  • Thanks so much for you informative comments. I appreciate your taking the time to respond to my questions.

    Yes, if only they'd offer the A6 Avant in the 2.7T with the 6-speed manual. I may wait for the Touareg to be introduced if I can't get an allroad for a good price, but I'm hearing it won't be offered with a manual either; at least not outside Europe.

  • My salesrep told me that the A6 avant will be offered with a 2.7T engine and either tip or manual.

    I saw, yesterday, a 2003 A6 2.7T manual at my dealership -- with the big wheels and tires too!

    Very nice.

    The allroad is less money, based on the configurator, however and it has been from day one available in manual and with the 2.7T. It is based on the A6 avant and adds some other stuff -- to make it somewhat more SUV like.

    But, even with the A6 Avant 2.7T, the allroad "seems" like more car for less money.

    I ordered one (a 2003 allroad, that is) -- time will tell.
  • really? ...maybe I'll wait and see if this is true. But it will be "less money" than the allroad? Now I'm really curious.

  • Wondering what terms anyone got in Sept, I'll be looking towards the end of the month. Want a 1.8T quattro 5-sp, probably 3 yr 12k or 15k per year. In Colorado.

    But any info anyone can provide will be appreciated. Specifically interested in residuals and money factors that AoA is offering.
  • I think the "savings" will come from the difference in the suspension. The regular A6 Avant will not use the "high tech" setup that the Allroad uses. I don't even want to imagine what the repair cost for the Allroad suspension is once its out of warranty.
  • David-- I agree with what you said. That's one of the reasons I hesitate considering an allroad ...that suspension scares me when it comes time to have to repair it.

    I mis-spoke. I meant to say that I was surprised to hear Mark say that an allroad would be "less money" than an A6 Avant with the 2.7T and the 6-speed ...or is that what he said?

    *whew* I'm really appearing like an idiot lately here on this forum. I can't seem to interpret anything Mark says.

  • Based on the configurator, an A6 2.7T is MORE money than an allroad.

    This is what I thought I said in my earlier message. An Allroad will configure to have a lower MSRP than an A6 2.7T avant.
  • I didn't call you an idiot, I called myself an idiot ...or appearing like an idiot. I understand your irritation with me lately. I'm not quite with it. Although we are of the same age, I'm definitely not as intelligent nor as articulate so you'll sometimes have to bear with me. Or better yet, it's probably better that I disappear for awhile again *laughs*

  • Hope it won't appear too stupid ...but just WHY would or should an allroad be "less money" than an A6 2.7T Avant? ...or should I take this question away from the A4 forum and to the allroad or the A6 forum?

  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    No need to disappear
  • Hi all- I read that Audi is offering financing "as low as 1.9%" on Audi Assured pre-owned cars. Does anyone know the details around this? I would like to know the rate for a 60 month loan. Thanks.
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