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Volvo C70



  • gunbygunby Posts: 2
    Accourding to the Edmunds's data on 2001 C70 (although not fully updated), the price for C70HT coupe has dropped to 33k!? I also checked the Road&Tracks' buyers' guide, and it also says the 2001 C70HT coupe is $33K!? is this true??
  • I have just become interested in the C70. A local dealer is advertising a low pressure coupe, 30K miles, 1998, for $30K. I'm sure I can get the price lower. Is $28K too much to spend. I really enjoyed the test drive. The car is a certified used vehicle. Any suggestions regarding what to look for, or even ask, is greatly appreciated.
  • Anybody heard about the C70 getting the geartronic option? Reason I ask is that the brochure from the California Autoshow this past week (page 44) says "Coupe now high-boost turbo (236 hp) only, adds 5-speed autoshifter option". Is that either wrong or am I interpreting autoshifter option incorrectly?

    Any help is appreciated.
  • To the 5 speed "auto shifter" question. The 2001 has a 5 speed automatic, not four as in previous years. It is not the type with a manual shift mode as is becoming very popular (by the way, I've driven several of those, including the S80 T-6 and find that the manual shifting of an automatic is very unrewarding. It doesn't compare at all to a manual shifting experience.

    To the question on the price of a used 98. I have a 98 HPT coupe that is loaded and only has 18,000 miles on it. It is flawless. I'll sell mine to you today for $28,000. I love the car but a change in jobs has me looking to buy a four door.
  • jcarpijcarpi Posts: 17
    I am sorry to respond so slowly to post#294 on vibration on rear view mirror. Yes, I found the car has this distortion when you have your sunroof open and you're driving over 20mph. You'll just have to decide which is more important to you, a fuzzy rear view, or the fresh air blowing in your hair!
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    I just saw a big Volvo station wagon (it had a 70
    in its name) that had a full passenger side
    muffler/exhaust w/ bumper cutout, but the driver
    side had a removable exhaust cutout (with the
    cutout still in place), no exhaust, and what
    appeared to be a muffler, just like the other.
    Would this be a fake muffler to balance out the
    looks, and if so, why stop short of an exhaust?
    What gives?
  • This is what you saw. Sort of a hybrid between a station wagon and SUV.
  • In selling a 00 ht convertible. If so, please contact me at

  • Whats the bid on a 2001 HPT convertible? Anyone own one and could comment?? That front dashboard speaker is a big minus sticking out of the dashboard. Dealer advised me that I could buy the car without this speaker but will then lose the dolby stereo effect. This car rides is a winner over the Mercedes CLK320 which is vastly overrated. I'd appreciate comments from any 2001 owners. Should I go for the coupe or convertible??
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Nice thing about the convertible is that you can get it in either the High Pressure or Low Pressure model. Coupe is only available in High Pressure. I have a Coupe but that is because I needed the trunk space (cut in half with convertible) and because I live in Chicago and there are not that many convertible days out here. Obviously they would both drive the same.
  • Sorry... but no, the Coupe far exceeds the Convertible for handling, with a stiffer body shell, there is far less scuttle. The two can't be compared on winding roads ( not that there are many of those in the Memphis area!)
    Have Volvo deleted the LPT model for 2001? Seems strange, although their whole Marketing/pricing policy for C70s seems to be up the Suwanee...
    My 2000 Coupe is loaded, deliverd from Europe, but cost nearly $38k. Today $33.5, no leather, cheaper alloys, poorer CD,etc, etc,
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Volvo has gotten rid of the LPT for the Coupe for 2001. It is only available for the Convertible. Also, while the Coupe for 2000 came totally loaded (HPT) and you had to work to spend money on options, I compared the 2001 and all the options that I have on my 2000 and the price worked out to be about the same as I paid. Nice thing is they are only charging around $25 for the simulated wooden knob and I paid $140 for mine at the dealership.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Ok. This is just plain silly. Does anyhone know if it is possible to get the 3 CD changer in the Volvo to automatically change to the next CD when one of them is over? For the past 7 months I have been manually pushing the buttons to get the CDs to change. I am actually ok with that but given that it is winter in Chicago and the wonderful Political machine that we have here has contracts with the most inept road work individuals in the world, I would like to have both hands on the wheel to dodge the pot holes. (realized this yesterday while in the way to work I saw a new M3 (I believe that would be 1999) lose it's left rear tire on Wacker and had to spark to a stop with madman Chicago Transit Authority busses whizzing by it).

  • Hey all

    i am new to the board... so first a bit about my car....
    i have a 1998 C70 HPT Coupe in Coral Red. It has every possible option available and i bought i used in 1999 so i don't feel quite so bad about the rapid depreciation (the 1st owner took a $10k hit). I have left my car stock with the exception of the IPD turn signal kit.

    recently i was in the dealer for some repairs and got to drive a 2001 v70 as a loaner. I liked the steering wheel controls and especially the shape of the new s60 steering wheel. So my question is this: Can i swap in a s60 steering wheel on my C70? what about a v70 steering wheel (et al) and if possible... could the sc901 (3disc changer) be controlled via the steering wheel controls???? have they added this feature in the C70 2001 models???

    one further question: i have read that the 98+ c70 models are prewired for a 6 disc changer but the dealer parts dept says i would need a wiring kit. I haven't looked that hard but my brief examination couldn't reveal any wiring in the trunk- and has anyone here tried using an aftermarket adapter with an alpine 6 disc changer????

    any info is appreciated.

  • I test drove a 98 C70 w/ 30k dealer asking $31,500. Has anyone experienced an of the problemthat have popped up on the S70 board i.e. light bulbs, little nickel & dime repairs.
    I think this is a pretty sharp looking car. But, both salesmen said it is pretty much the same car as the S70 except for body style. Can anyone advise. Also, what would be a fair price? Car is very clean.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333

    A couple of things from posts a while back would be possible leaking of oil from the turbo which is fixable. Also Volvo used door hinges from the S70 for the C70 and evidently those hinges were not strrong enough to support coupe doors. The best thing to do is to go on this bilboard and read anything from "VolvoScott" as he is a Volvo mechanic in Florida. Had it not been for him I may not have bought my 2000. I am not up on the S70 but I would think that the car is significantly different than it.
  • I finally purchased my dream car this past Christmas, a 98' C70 HPT Coupe. I believe I got an incredible deal since I buy/sell during the "off season" (i.e., bought motorcycle in December, sold 4X4 truck in January, etc...). I paid $26K even for the coral red car with 27K miles and 2 options: traction control and the dolby prologic surround sound system. I had been shopping for a 2-door sports car that I could drive year-round in New Hampshire. I drove SC400's, 325i's, Audi A-4's etc... This car is by far superior to anything I drove.

    Best-of-luck in your search. If you get one, you'll be physched.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Make sure you get a spare set of snow tires for that C70. I've spun mine out twice (once @ 30mph on black ice on an on-ramp & once @ 15mph going down a moderate 20 ft long slope that was semi-snow covered). No damage but this year I will by the multispoke rims and have the snow tires put on my 5 spoke rims.

    Nothing like doing 60 on a moderately banked 110 degree curve. Only squealing heard is from my fiancee in the passenger seat.
  • I appreicate your advice. I'm still wondering what is a fair price for the C70. Again, dealer sticker is $31,500 w/ 30k on miles. I also have a 94 impala SS to trade-in, car has 126k on miles and is fairly good shape. Any ideas?
    Also, schuhc, u mention the door hinges. When i test drove the car i noticed that the door did not close tightly. If i put the window down just a little bit and then closed the door and then up the window it seemed to seal properly. Any experience w/ this problem.
    The dealer includes a 2yr/24k pre-owned/ certified volvo warranty. I beleive it is bumper-to bumper. Has anyone had issue w/ this.
    Additionly, i looked back for some of VolvoScott posts and did not see any. Is their any other way to contact him i.e. e-mail.
    Thanx for your input it is really appreciated.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Sorry. "VolvoScott" starts at post #203.
    31,500 just seems a little high to me for a 98. I went on to the other day and noticed that their 2,000 project car was around $30,000. The warranty is nice to have as well.

    While I think that they fixed the door hinge problem for the 2000's (which is what I have), during the cold weather, I have noticed some noise coming from my window but I just roll it down and then put it back up and that solves the problem. My doors always do close tightly however. If you are looking at this 98 at a Volvo dealership, open the door on the 98 and the door on an 00 or 01 and see if the hinges look different.
    As a general rule, I try not to get new models. I think it takes a few years for them to iron out the kinks. As the C70 had been out for 3 years that was one of reasons, albeit minor, that I went for the 2000 over the Audi S4.
    Happieness level? Ecstatic.
  • Hello folks....I am Matt in Virginia...I have a Saffron colored (like the IPD C70--kind of dark goldish color). I bought mine back in January of 2000 and only paid $28,000 with 17,000 miles on it. It is loaded with every option except 18 inch wheels. I think $31,500 is too high for this car!!! Look on YAHOO classified ads from all over the US and I think it will give you a better idea of what to pay. Also I have seen some great deals on EBAY for this one dealership in Texas that has a lot of C70's go thru there. They have one 98' on there now really cheap...$22,000 and that is from a dealership!! Good luck!
  • I am selling a great condition 99 silver convertible with 14K miles. I am in Los Angeles. It has the Prologic surround sound with 14 speakers and the cold weather package. If interesed, e-mil me at
  • I've read quite a few of the messages on the board, and it seems most everyone is pretty happy with their C70. Guess I'm in the minority. I bought my '98 HT Coupe new in mid '98 for around $40K. Nicely loaded with all the options including the 18" alloy wheels. While the car looks good, and the sound system is great, I've been pretty disappointed with the ride quality, noise level, and fit and finish of some interior items. In my opinion, the ride is too rough for a car this expensive that bills itself as a luxury coupe. The first set of tires wore out in 14,000 miles - and I don't drive the car hard. In fact, I only have 17,500 miles on it now, so you can see I don't put a lot of miles on it to/from work. At $1,400 per set of tires, that was an unwelcome surprise. I'd sell it, but the way the value of this car has cratered, who can afford to if you bought it new? Wish I'd shelled out a few extra thousand in '98 for the CLK. I'd have a car that retained its value and did a better job of living up to its advertising claims.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    First of all you bought a 98 which many people have had problems with.
    Second of all, how smooth do you expect a ride to be with 18 inch wheels? If I had 18 inchers here in Chicago we would have had to measure my tire-life-expectancy in days, not miles.

    Sounds to me like Volvo has worked out all the bugs in the 2000's and on.
  • The wind noise with the top up is almost unbearable especially at speeds over 40 mph.. I've had it checked twice by the dealer and he tells me that it's a "design problem" and nothing can be done. My gut is that it's a problem with my car as opposed to all of the convertibles. Has anyone had a similar experience?
  • I would have that dealer check again as mine had some wind noise on the highway but there had been a recall on the sealer and it now is very quiet. Cleary not as quiet as the coupe but, for a convertible, it definitely is decent. Has anyone purchased the wind deflector for the convertible, does it help at high speeds? They are charging about $350 at the dealer and I am not sure it's worth this amount.
  • I am currently looking at the C70 convertible and I have a few questions that I would love to get answers to. I really appreciate everyone's help.
    1) My dealer does not have a HPT, is the upgrade to a HPT worth it from an engine performance standpoint? What about the upgraded sound? Can you really tell the difference with that strangely placed speaker on the dash? I would think that the sound would be lost when the top was down.
    2) I hate to bring it up, but has anyone had problems with the cupholders. They seem extremely flimsy and I hate to spill my drink in my nice new car.
    3) Has anyone had a problem with their kids in the back seat, breaking or grabbing those convertible covers that just hang inside the back window?
    4) What is the average markdown from the MSRP?
    I currently drive a 90 Miata and a Toyota Avalon and I have struggled to find one car that can replace those two cars. Again, I appreciate any assistance. Thanks
  • I tried the 2000 C70 coupe today, my dealer has a new one for sale 47000 CAN which is 13000$ below usual cost, he includes a second set of tires (used), the 17 inch I wheels, and the pro logic upgrade. I have some questions on this

    Does the price seem good?
    also the same question as chuck miller, has anyone had problems with the cupholders, they definetively seem cheap.
    Any problems with the car ?

    The car I am looking at as the beige (light tan ) interior, how does that wear and keep?
    answer for chuck miller regarding the sound system, it is awesome, your question was regarding the system for a convertible, in the literature it tells of the differences between the coupe and convertible, and the fact that the convertible not only has more speakers, but it has a re balancing of sound when you have the top up. Thanks from Canada
    Also regarding HPT upgrade, the car weighs in at 3600 lbs, which is the same as the XC station wagon, that's a lot of weight for a small engine to move around.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    As far as the HPT vs. the LPT, I hear that the HPT gives more oomph when trying to pass someone at a good clip. Do not know what the LPT does by my HPT really kicks in if I'm doing 40 or over and want to get going.
    I would also think that some sound is lost with the top down but I have the upgraded stereo and love it.
    I was wary of the cupholders as well when I first saw them but they seem to be fine as we tend to use them frequently. If I am alone in the car I either pull it half way out or use the space closest to the arm rest.
    CAD47,000. WOW!!!!! That's nice!!! Since you are up there in Winterland, you may wish to see if you are getting snow tires. My only complaint is minor sliding problems on minor grades in Michigan. (post #350)
    Also have the Camel interior. It has been fine but I have shampooed the mats twice. Also tend to throw my leather coat in the back seat so the sides of the front seats tend to get dirty but that comes right off with a $4.00 (CAD5.95) bottle of leather cleaner.

    CAD47,000!!! Now I'm jealous
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