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Dodge/Plymouth Neon



  • tubbyntubbyn Posts: 6
    what time it this thing set on???? where i am it is 12:33 in th morning oct. 26 at it says i posted at 10:24 in the evening oct 25???? Just was courious???
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The trunk thing is normal. It doesn't pop up when you unlock it on any Neon, not even the older ones. And you are probably right. "No problem found" are the 3 favorite words of Chrysler service centers.
  • Mark,please do your self a favor:
    Don´t listen to vocus and/or protege2,vocus is posting the same crap about GM,so what´s the point?
    It´s the way he is,he drives,and behaves.

    My 2 cents!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    What I am posting is my own experiences. I had a Chevrolet Cavalier that was nothing but trouble. Now my roommate has this Neon that's the same way. He was even thinking about trading in the Neon on a Cavalier because of the good deals now, but that's like jumping from the frying pan to the fire, so to speak.

    And the Neon and Cavalier couldn't hold up to the way I drive eh? Then how come my Mazda has in 30K been in the shop twice for an ailing transmission and a CD player that wouldn't eject and that's it? Maybe it's the quality of the product, eh?? Get a life dude.
    So Mazda is so reliable that it had an ailing tranny,or it was your fault?,pick an answer!!
    So who needs to get a life??????

    Do you have any job or anything to do in life besides flaming,bashing,and getting into other peoples business????
    If you do,it doesn´t show buddy!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The car was in the shop two different times. Once for the transmission and once for the CD player. No car is perfect though. But at least Mazda gave me a rental car and all, unlike Chrysler. Chrysler told me to come and pick up the car after they put it back together the best they could and bring it back in the next day. I then called Chrysler customer service and they were no help either.

    I am not trying to be a troll or anything, but I think Chrysler needs to be more in tune with their customers' needs. I also think they should build better cars. After all, it's not like they are cheap to pay for and all. Peoples' hard earned money is being used to purchase these cars. I think these customers deserve a better product than what Chrysler is offering them.
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    Pepe, I think you did the best you could when you purchased your Neon. Now; you know more, and would demand more from your next new car purchase. Thats life! You live and you learn. I never flamed you or insulted your particular car. I have stayed out of your owners topic, for months. Why do you continue to flame me? I think you are a loyal hard working person. You don't need to fear me or warn other Town hall members about me. I have learned my lesson. If you don't "own one" don't bash other peoples cars in the owners topics. If I wish to express my opinion, on a crude rough domestic sedan; I need to do that in a "comparo" topic. Your real concern is with your fellow Neon owners. They post their concerns and complaints here, not me.

  • At some point I agree with you,but if you wouldn´t started,this wouldn´t happened; so I will respect yourself,and I expect you keep your word an respect myself.
    And from now on I expect there will not be anymore flames between you and me,so let´s keep it cool.

    Take care.
  • It was time for me to agree in something,I agree with you that you speak about your own experiences; SO DO I !!!!
    So I have a wonderful experiences,with ALL the Neons we had,and with ALL Chrysler products,BUT I can´t say the same about Mazda,my son had one,and other two friends of our family still drive Mazda,and they all complain about them,for my son the car,the service was terrible,he traded the car for a Neon,and was happy with the car,no major problems.
    Now he is driving a Beetle,also a very good car,but in 3,500 miles,it has been in the service dept. already 4 times,for "minor" problems,but so far we feel the car is a very good car,it feels better than the Neon,(it costs more).and it feels much better than the Protege.
    So as you can see,I also post my own experiences.
    Finally we agree in something!
  • It was time for me to agree in something,I agree with you that you speak about your own experiences; SO DO I !!!!
    So I have a wonderful experiences,with ALL the Neons we had,and with ALL Chrysler products,BUT I can´t say the same about Mazda,my son had one,and other two friens of our family still drive Mazda,and they all complain about them,for my son the car,the service was terrible,he traded the car for a Neon,and was happy with the car,no major problems.
    Now he is driving a Beetle,also a very good car,but in 3,500 miles,it has been in the service dept. already 4 times,for "minor" problems,but so far we feel the car is a very good car,it feels better than the Neon,(it costs more).and it feels much better than the Protege.
    So as you can see,I also post my own experiences.
    Finnaly we agree in something!
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    I am cool! See ya, my friend. :-)

  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    I owned 323 4 years back, also 2 years back I had 97 626, traded for my 99 Accord. Both cars were very problematic. My 323 was in the shop every month avarage $120,my 626 had two tranny replacement at 29K and 35K,it was total JUNK Mazda refused to fix it even tough car had only 36K. All kind of electrical problems, stalling, dimming, ticking engine etc.
    Now I am in the market for second car. I gave a another chance to Protege and had test drive couple days back. I also had test drive with Neon. Both were 2000 models. Neon is brand new, ABS, 4 disc CD changer in dash, Auto, AC and other goodies. After $2500 rebate they quoted me 11.7 + Tax+Title. Protege was used and had 20K on it same specs but it also has PW. Price was 12K + Tax + Title.
    Any way after the test drive I clearly realized that Protege is overpriced (like CIVIC), nimble car. When I closed the door I actually hear the thin metal sound/feeling. Noen accelerated better, handled better, noise insulation is better then Protege.
    So, past four five years Mazda did not have any development except cosmatic changes, in fact quality is constantly going down. Now with 2001 models Ford started to supply engine control modules to Protege which means everything will be worse.
    I am strong believer of break in period. A new car must not be driven on highway first 600 miles for proper brake in and brakes have to be applied very cently. After 600 miles to 2k centle driving on highway is a must. Majority of people who have problems with their cars are not aware of this issue. If you dont't pay attetion to this process, any car will have shorter technical life.
    I think Neon is best car among overpriced nimble competitors.
  • YES!! That´s the truth!!!!!
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    I picked up the delivery today. $11700 + Tax + Title.
    AT, AC, 4 Wheel ABS w/track.control, 4cd indash CD
    stereo as well and white guages. They look pretty good.
    I have been reading this forum since way before I bought this car today. I consider myself a picky, detail oriented and technically experienced person (I don't do maintenance myself but, I read everything about cars, engines, transmissions, brakes etc.)
    Today When I took my delivery, I selected the side roads rather than highway to start my brake in period.
    Excellent transmission, I don't even feel the shifting. Most refined, bug free transmission in the market (used in Ommi). Runs very smooth.
    Above excellent handling. Enter the 120Degree curb with 40mp w/no breaking, not a bit leaning to the side, even my 99 Accord is leaning to the side at the same curb. I like it.
    I can not say anything about breaking because I have to baby them for a while for proper break in.
    Engine noise is slightly higher than my Accord which you can not feel the vibration when you touch the steering, I can feel a little with Neon but definetely not as much as I red in this forum.
    I would not be aware of engine noise if I did not read it here.
    Excellent pick up, even tough I am very centle, acceleration is very quick.

    So far what I belive at this forum is: between 95 and 99 there was a head gasket and engine oil leak problem. Other than this it sounds like BS from Mazda sales people and others. Warped brakes: driver fault since very few people are having unlike Chevy Malibu.
    Static electric: get a antistatic wrist wrap. Nothing to do with the car and watch what you are wearing.
    Engine Noise: If it bothers you try to buy Accord next time. (some people are hart to understant, they wanna pay as little as they can but They look for midsize or full size sedan luxury. Get a life please.
    Engine hesitation: No cars hesitates without a reason. Change your dealership, get good gas

    I dont quite get it comparing Neon with Protege which is 110 HP thincan, nimble car -even his big brother 626 is more nimble than Neon - with over priced tag. If some body tells me honda Civic is overpriced I can justify because of quality. Mazda is coming red numbers for each fiscal year because of low sales and extremely down graded quality because of Ford). I can not see 2000 protege in the traffic anymore despites all the hesitation and other electrical problem posted under Mazda THE NIMBLE CAR problems. Interms of quality and refinement Civic is the leader, in terms of performance and more bang for the money Neon is the leader. Protege, Corolla, Focus (hahaha Ford still using 8 valve engine which is inefficient interms of fuel and performance) are not even in the list.
    Reliablity of the car depends on the driver. Hey if you feed your baby with breast milk, he/she will be very healty and have strong immune system.
    Brake in is important.
  • Congratulations on your new car,enjoy it; itá a lot of a car for the money!
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    Thanks. I saw the intrepid and sit inside. I love it. But I can not effort to trade in my Accord.
  • mobaymobay Posts: 45

    I continue to read, with amusement,the continuing saga of Protege Vs. Neon. Even though this is the DODGE\Plymouth Neon 2 BBS.

    You know VOCUS, YOU created the Protege\NEON BBS (last entry 10\10), why not focus, Vocus, (hey! I made a funny!)your "expertise" there? As usual, you patronizing remarks regarding how "I really do like the Neon" are just a mask for who you really are..., a troll with little else to do.

    I mean, here's a guy/gal that does not even own a NEON, (but his/her room mate does!), he/she has alluded to us that his/her MAZDA has given them tranny and other problems, yet dominates this BBS with their "experience" with 2K NEONS.

    Here's a person who weeks ago promised to leave the BBS ,if even ONE article praising the NEON could be found.When an article was found, he broke their promise, saying that he/she PERSONALLY did not like the source of the article.

    Now,tell me,how can anyone believe in the honesty of this person's opinions?

    Snowman, you've hit the nail on the head. You bought the NEON after comparing it, dollar for dollar,against the competition.You have also accepted the "problems" that are endemic to the NEON.I find most Japanese cars(in the NEON'S class) to be reliable, but exceedingly costly and boring. A well made toaster or microwave is my analogy in describing them.How good can a company be if FORD (EXPLORER's really are safe! hahah), own them?

    As far as break-in,I gonna get flamed for this, but here's what I've heard. Gary Howell, who owns HOWELL AUTOMOTIVE (a large NEON aftermaket tuner), has told me that after rebuilding a NEON engine with new block ,pistons,rings, they do not baby the engine.They rev the engine and use it.

    In addition, the techniques that are used today in the milling of engine parts, is far more precise than when engines were built (and had to be broken in carefully) decades ago.

    Some things I would do, is run nothing but Mobil 1 synthetic oil(or a similar "true" synthetic) and warm up the engine in the morning.The warming up (let the car idle for 30-45sec then hold at 1800RPM for 1-2mins)helps the heat to expand not only to the block and pistons , but to the cyclinder head and gasket. This allows for uniform expansion of the engine parts.

    This is tedious,and may seem strange in the summer, but in the winter, does it really seem that strange to do?

    Copperhead,I sat in and drove the Stratus 2001 R/T coupe. Damn! it's nice. It had a 5-speed and all the goodies. Very fast,(7.5sec 0-60 for the auto) and handled great.Think that, or the Supercharged Cougar(if ever it's produced), will be my next "fast ride" The Stratus Coupe uses a Mitsubishi 6-cyclinder (no surprise, as DC owns a large chunk of Mitsubishi), with DC engine management. Sweet car,but the 5-speed rocks, compared to the auto.

    In closing,let me invite all to take the time to go back and see all the posts from VOCUS.Then make a judgement call in regards to his\her views toward their favorite subject;


    Nuf said.
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    The 2 door gets the Mitzu motor and the 4 door gets the 2.7 from the intrepid and concord. Both are 200 HP. I wonder which is better? (faster is what I mean when I say better) I think the 4 door weighs in a couple of hundred pounds heavier, that and I don't think you can get it with the 5 speed would make the 2-door quite a bit faster. This is a bummer as I would have to get 4 doors. I guess I just keep the neon which is OK as it goes 0-60 in 6.8 which probably beats the RT 5 speed stratus anyway.
  • mobaymobay Posts: 45

    0-60 in 6.8! Guess you must have the same mods that I have in my 2K ;^) !!

    Seriously, I heard 0-60 in 7.8 to 8.3 depending on the magazine for a stock 5spd. 2K NEON. I've modified mine quite a bit, and get wheel spin almost every time (in 1st gear) when the road's lightly wet unless I engage the Traction control.

    I liked very much the 2 door Stratus R/T although my twelve and sixteen year old will protest the entry. But hell, they're young, so they can twist into the back seats. A really sharp looking car, and MAMA MIA! what an engine!

    I'm sure the coupe with the 5spd is faster cuz' it's probably lighter.

    I don't think a bone stock 2K will beat a RT 5sp. Stratus,(straight line race) but would probably leave it in the twisties.
  • mark194mark194 Posts: 15
    Actually I have been following along for quite some time now and I was just trying to make the point that "vocus" would do anything to flame the Neon and the dealers or any other vehicle other than his Protege. The Protege's are OK looking cars and the people that I know who own them are satisfied, but so are most Neon owners. But he constantly blasts the Neon and I think its kind entertaining (comical as it may be). I honestly would not take the advice of a young man who is younger than most of my children, but he is entitled to his opinion.
  • mobay.-
    Vocus likes to fight,and flame,we all should read mark194 latest post,he is right!
    You are right!
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    I realized you got yours from Herb Gordon Dodge. how is the service department. Do they know what they are doing? any bad experiences with them?
  • I have 8,500 miles on a 2000 Neon LX (5 spd, ABS) that I bought last December, and I really love this car. Its handling, ride, braking and acceleration are outstanding and the car has a very tight, solid feel. The car is also sharp-looking. I would not even consider buying a car with an automatic, even though I live in Manhattan, so I have not experienced the problems that some have written about.

    My previous cars were a 1985 BMW 318i and a 1996 Infiniti G20, and I highly recommend the Neon to anyone who is sophisticated about driving and wants something in this price range. The car is MUCH underrated in many of the articles I've read, primarily because the cars that were tested had the outdated 3-speed automatic transmission.

    I was very careful during the break-in period, and have been rewarded with a very reliable car. The only problem I've had was a passenger-side electric window that had not been plugged in at the factory. It was fixed in 20 minutes.

    Compared with the competition, I think the Neon is the better choice. The Focus's design is hideous and unsettling. I cannot stand to look at it. The Civic's a bit boring and lacks the Neon's sporting character, and I think the Neon's ride is actually better. The Corolla is nice but not sporty enough. The Mazda Protege is perhaps the most alike, in that it's also sporty, but I like the Neon's look and handling over the Mazda's. The reliability of the Neon in 5 speed form has been great, in my experience.

    I think more people should take this little gem seriously. It's a great car.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I was in the car driving the other day, and the check engine light flickered on the dash. I think it did anyway, but not really sure. If I go through the trouble to take it to the dealer and all, is there some code the computer may put out even though the light just flashed and didn't stay on?

    Also, someone needs an alignment. Front tires are balding a little on the edges. Guess I should have stuck to the rotations. :)
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    Randy, what is your favorite wax/polish? How often do like to wax your car? Also, how about some tips on keeping the interior nice. Where did you learn about the mink oil trick? Thank you in advance! ;-)

  • I agree with you,it´s much better than the Focus!
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    I don't have a 2000 neon but a 1998 sport 5 speed. The 6.8 time I referred to came from a couple of articles in Road and Track and Motor trend from that period of neon production. I know some pure stock neons that have run better 0-60 with a perfected launch technique. A couple of mods keeping under $1000 will put it in the 14's 1/4 mile and another $1000 in suspension and tires will put it over 1 G on the skidpad. I'm pretty content for the stock power and handling for now and my first mod will probably be wheels and tires next spring.
  • mobaymobay Posts: 45

    As for wax it's the 3M one. Damn if I can remember the name, right now...,sorry!As for frequency of waxing, about four times a year. More if you make the mistake of using detergents and dishwashing liquid to wash your car. ("removes grease, and leaves your dishes smelling great"..., duh think it will harm your car's paintjob??).

    As for the interior, I always carry a hand vacuum with the a narrow pick up adapter ro get into the small crevices where crap falls/hides.I also find that a layer of AMOURALL on plastic parts , acts as a surfacant (makes a surface slippery) and therefore smudges\stains have a harder time sticking to the plastic on door sills and door panels.Other than that it just being nuts about keeping the car clean.

    One last thing. I smoke, but NEVER do I smoke in my car. Damn nicotine makes the car stink! Worse thing for resale.

    Hersbird, yeah now I understand.Yeah, the 1st gen NEONS with the DOHC will definitely run.And they'll run even faster with a cold air intake and a good free flow muffler. My 2k with about $400 worth of stuff (not much) is much faster than a stock 2K 5spd. and is livable and easy to drive.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    There is a Maryland Area Neon Enthusiast group? That is so neat! By the way, to quell the mystery in the room, I am a "him". I will have to tell my friend about the MANE thing. He will like that. :)

    Also, this might shock you all, but I like the Neon better than the Focus myself. The seats are more comfortable than in the Focus. Even reliability seems to be better than the Focus'.
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