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Mitsubishi Galant



  • bbf65bbf65 Posts: 29
    i had 2 galants and a mitsu mirage.
    you can say i'm quite loyal to mitsu and that's because i saw value and i went beyond the usual reliability recommendations and i can tell you that when i had those mitsubishi's, i was truly pleased.
    the cars were solid, smooth and dead reliable.
    they're just as dependable as the other japanese nameplates.
    and they're not 1 out of every 4 cars out there.
    sure i have heard horror stories about other mitsu owners...but i have heard the same for other honda/toyota owners.
    i have friends who had problematic toyotas and hondas. (and of all other carmakes...)

    i had a rental 03 camry just two days ago and my friend drives an 03 altima which i get to ride quite often too.

    i can tell you that they are all in the same league.
    with camry, you get nice(er) materials inside, and that vaunted toyota reputation.
    but the drive is well, not fun, a little boring if you ask me. (isolated, numb, detached feeling -which should be perfect for some)
    and while driving that car, every third or fourth car i encountered was well, a camry - it's the best selling car after all.
    you decide if that's worth the price difference.
    and i didn't feel it was as well put together as the previous generation camry which my sister has.

    the altima has the VQ V6 engine that's voted one of the best engines in the world.
    the interior however leaves a lot to be desired.
    materials and fit and finish in the interior
    were better in previous nissans.
    the ride is stiff if you get the V6.
    (what my friend has).
    it's a nice looking car though.

    what the galant seems to lack is the enviable reputation for fit and finish that toyotas and hondas have. but the galant is solid nonetheless.
    i even think the materials inside the galant
    are better than that in the altima's.
    (and if you ask me which japanese car has the best interior - it would be the honda accord, but i digress).

    good luck.
  • Does the Camry offer a sport tuned version like the Mitsu has with the GTS. Motor Trend had an XLE and the GTS beat it out. But all comparos are 1/2 based on personal opinion and choice. The other 1/2 performance test data which is subjective also. Another thing some of us are not that concerned with resale value. It's important but not something that I would put high on my list. critics not liking the extior, interior design of a car that is purely 100% opinion, and according to Edmunds that was were the GTS suffered, from someone's personal opinion. I would agree that the Accord is the absolute best in class, but some of us dare to be different. I don't need to have navigation, XM, and i can count on one hand the number of times I've folded down my rear seats on my last three cars: 96 Elantra, 99 Elantra, and 2002 Sonata but I was looking for a different type of car, and the GTS did it for me. I'm up to 1389 miles and having a ball driving it. Here in NY we've had snow, ice, floods, and all types of stuff and so far my GTS has done well. And one final note can you really go wrong by purchasing any of these cars: Accord EX V6, 3.5 SE, XLE, or the Mazda 6, and my fave the GTS. It's like having to choose between a M5, E55,or RS6, A matter of preference. P.S pricing is also subjective depending on where you are!
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    "Does the Camry offer a sport tuned version like the Mitsu has with the GTS?"

    Yes, its called the SE. Different suspension calibrations, strut tower brace, wider tires, larger discs, etc.

  • I personally agree with you guys 100% w/ regards to Mitsus particularly on the new '04 GTS Galant!!!! As I mentioned on my previous comments, the TV Ad has a surprise ending at SEEWHATHAPPENS>COM and they'll gonna show everything, including the test by AMCI w/ the Accord (0-60 MPH & 70-0 Brake)results. I personally agree w/ bbf65 that mistus are trully reliable in terms of their engines bec. these are made in Japan and the rest are all assembled here in the US. That's why - SEE THE DIFFERENCE!!!!! WAKE UP & DRIVE!!! Also, there will be e new version of their TV Ad to be released soon!!!! So, watch for just waiting until March before I purchase the new 04 GTS and going to give up my 2002 Galant ES (34K Mileage) at present and in very good condition!!! One time I challenge a Crown Victoria V8 and a V6 Lexus - piece of cake on the FW at 115 mph, Galant can handle that speed - the rest can't match me on the FW maybe their too weak to test drive their driving skills & afraid to challenge me!!!! Good luck and again I say..............VVVVVVVVRRRRRRROOOOOMMM!!!!
  • Thanks for all the input. Will have to decide whether I want an all wheel drive or not. I'm in queens ny. Any reputable dealers here? I've got one across the street. I've seen a lot go on.
  • Galant's competitors do not cost 3-5K extra - They sell for about the same price ($25K) or less and some of them have even more options included like NAV and curtain side airbags. Check for updated and quite realistic pricing.

    It also looks like you will really be happy with the new Subaru Legacy/Outback that was just introduced in Chicago. Maybe it's worth waiting a few months to check it out. I know I will :-)

    P.S. Update on Carmax "the largest Mitsubishi dealership in the SouthEast". They sold one LS on Friday I believe (the first Galant in two weeks) - nothing during the weekend - probably too busy playing football.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I'm not sure I follow your disgust at the Mitsubishi commercial. It looks to me like Mitsu was comparing equal priced cars, which is quite fair. The Camry XLE is their most expensive model, as is the Galant GTS, and they both sticker within a few hundred dollars of each other. The GTS doesn't offer stability control, so why would they include it on the Camry? The Camry SE would have been a tad more fair as far as handling goes, but it's not their top of the line model. Maybe Mitsu felt they would be dogged for proving their more expensive car could outhandle a cheaper one. But in your case, they got dogged anyway, LOL.

    p.s. A Camry SE wouldn't have made much of a difference. The car still leans heavily and is more tuned for comfort then anything else. Witness the GTS's clear advantage over the Camry SE (and even more so, the Accord) in the slalom in Edmund's own comparison test.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I didnt say the Camry SE would outhandle the Galant GTS, all I said was that the comparison should have included either the Galant and Camry with base suspensions, or the Galant and Camry with the more sporting suspensions, not a mix and match.

    Mitsubishi can try as it might to use sensational advertising to spark sales of this car. Its not going to change the fact that as an overall vehicle, it is not as well executed as the Camcords, not as agressive looking or interesting as the Altima, and not as sporting as the 6. The Galant is a nice car. But its 2004 and there are a lot of "nice" cars.

  • I agree with you. Attacking your competition (and being a bit sleezy about it) didn't work for Gephardt nor Dean and it won't work for Galant. This tactic is outdated and misdirected.

    The people that Mitsubishi said they wouldn't appeal to but they're doing it anyway through this commercial (the younger crowd) won't really look at the Camry. They'll look at the Altima or Mazda6 as possible hip alternatives and this is where Galant comes up a little bit short (marginally better braking and accelaration doesn't sell family cars).

    Just stick to advertising its own fresh face and family-oriented virtues. I can't imagine a housewife or a daddy with a couple of kids getting revved up about Galant watching this crap... and it shows in sales so far 'cause that's who should be buying it... and it's sad because they could have done so much better with their very limited marketing funds :-(
  • The Galant does need more work, but its a nice car nonetheless.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    I have liked alot of Mitsu commercials in the past few years but the commercial wouldn't make me buy a Galant.
  • Anyone who buys a car based on a commercial deserves whatever they get.
  • Hey guys I purchased my GTS way before any commercials had even aired. I saw A GTS on 12/13/03 and test drove it several times after that and ordered it on 12/31/03. So my decision to purchase a Galant over Accords and the usual suspects were based on test drives and also what everyone else had to say. I think it's alright to listen to everyone and then make your own decision. I agree that this Galant may not be at the top of the list for family sized cars, which is sad because that's obiviously the market Mitsu is targeting. I purchased my GTS purely based on the it's looks, engine, performance, handling, etc. I wanted a large sports sedan and the Altima, 6, Accord, Camry just did not do it for me. If Mitsu had not offered a GTS I probably would not have purchased any other Galant, not even a loaded LS.
  • There are very few early adopters like you (young single guys buying a less popular family sedan) and even fewer who can actually afford the car like this (and happily pay the MSRP on top of that!)... Any car company, and especially Mitsubishi, would love for everyone to be like you but the truth is you're one in the million and they need to go after traditional family sedan buyers instead. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out that way with this dumb strategy or whatever else they're doing wrong...

    I would reasonably expect a nice little peak in Galant sales for the first couple of months but I strongly suspect (don't quote me on it yet) that the actual sales of the new Galant will be MUCH LOWER than the old one last year in the same period... only time (and Yahoo! news) will tell.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    ... that I recently read that the redesigned Galant sold but 4000-something copies in January, as compared to 8000 last January. Redesigning a mainstream sedan, then watching sales fall by almost half.... not going to help this profit starved company...

  •'s also the price. How long can you sit on a bunch of $24K LSs and $25K GTSs that are not selling one bit before some genius figures that something serious has to be done about the incentives? Shoot, I'd get the loaded one for $20K or the DE for $14K and so would everybody else - no questions asked :-) now, that's turning heads of the competition. The old ones were even cheaper, so I'm sure Mitsubishi would still do well at those price levels going for volume rather than really nothing right now.

    ...and how long do they have to beat that dead horse of the commercial all over the place before they figure out it's not working. Yes, it did cost a lot of money but they got perfect feedback from the superbowl audience, dammit, and sometimes you have to eat the expense and go back to the cheap one with that song that was so nice or do some other one in the similar family-oriented style.

    ...and am I the only one missing something about the conclusion??? Ok, the guy in the Toyota pulls over to the side of the road 'cause he can't outmaneuver the Galant - oh, wow - what a startling end to the story...
  • I had a 2000 Galant LS before buying my 2004 Accord EX-V6 with Nav. My Galant was purchased new with 9 miles on the odo and had no major problems, except for 2 recalls and having to replace the brakes at 22K...too soon in my opinion. But several things troubled me about the car in general. First, the timing belt had to be replaced at 60,000 miles which seemed to be a very short interval compared to my 1998 Civic, which could go over 100,000 miles before reaching the replacement interval. Also, the battery from the factory failed in less than 2 years, as well as the upper radiator hose. I live in Raleigh, NC where it is basically warm most of the year, and the car was garaged its entire life, so it didn't have to exist in harsh conditions at all. Overall, I didn't feel comfortable with keeping the car for an extended period of time. It just seemed that my Honda had higher quality parts that were more durable. Despite only having only 42,000 miles on it, the 2000 Galant was worth less than my 1998 Civic EX Sedan when I got rid of the Galant... that alone was enough to convince me that Honda was the way to go for my next car. I was also not pleased with the direction that the new Galant went with its styling.... in fact, it was the styling of the last generation Galant that brought me to the Mitsubishi dealer to begin with back in 1999. However, I feel that it takes more than slightly better handling and braking and acceleration to make a great car, or else I'd be driving a Pontiac.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    Mitsu doesn't have the money to spend on R&D that Honda has. Honda is a very rich company. The reason for below average resale on your 2000 Galant was because of of factory rebates(which Honda doesn't give) and possibly the 0/0/0 deals that lowered the resale on your 2000 Galant.

    Brakes on the 99-03 Galant's seem to be an issue from what I have seen on this particular board.
  • Do you have to change the timing belt in the V6 in your Accord? If so, what's the interval?

    You don't only have to change it often on Mitsubishis but it's super expensive too. And it's not like they're too cautious with the recommendation either. One day I felt that there was something wrong with my engine (I had the belt go to 67K miles), I drove to the nearby station, and the t-belt was half-broken - I got really lucky that day :-)
  • ...and my V-6 Accord needs a new timing belt every 105,000 miles or seven years...whichever comes first. I think that I can live with that. I plan to keep this Accord for a long time. I wish all new Galant owners the best with their cars here on the Galant Board!
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    I saw a white 04 Galant last night on RT 1&9 in Elizabeth, New Jersey last night.
  • How does it look - a white '04 GTS??
  • Finally, my rotors were resurfaced at 34K mileage & have my brake pads changed into "ceramics" thus, no more squeeling sounds. My technician told me to have my rotors resurface first before replacing them into new ones since these are originals, which costs me $180. I'm just waiting until Mar. before I decided to trade-in my '02 ES Galant for an '04 GTS - hope my decision is right!!
  • Hey RTO I'm up to 2100 miles and the car wows me every day, I saw a white GTS at one of the dealers i visited a month ago and it looked great, actually better than the sterling silver which is what I have. But I do not like white cars to own for myself. The only other colors I saw was the red and the "beige" I forgot what mitsubishi calls it. it was the first time I saw a GTS. Good Luck
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    It was in the dark so I really couldn't get that good of a look at it.
  • We just took delivery of an 04 White GTS. When we first went to the dealer they had only a titanium pearl GTS on the lot with black interior. We have always liked the Dover White color on other mitsu's and had them locate one with creme interior. The car was a big hit as soon as it arrived on the lot. It was the first Galant they had seen with the two tone creme interior and impressed both employees and customers as well.

    First impressions: (We traded 2000 D for this car) Road noise level is higher than the D's perhaps due to sport suspension. I think that the D's are as quite a car as I have been in. Wind noise in the Galant is louder above 75mph.
    Build quality at this early stage of our relationship seems to be better than the D's.
    The Galant GTS has many more bells and whistles
    than the D'. It gives up power passenger seat and driver seat memory. You gain 6 disc CD, compass, outside temp is always on display, more power, better headlight fog light system. The Galant trunk is smaller but the hinges due not go into the trunk space which helps.
  • I have seen four GTS Galants in the past two days. They are really sharp looking with the alloy wheels, while the lesser models with hubcaps are not very appealing. I test drove one several weeks ago and was impressed with the ride and handling. I won't purchase one however, considering the 6 cylinder engine requires premium fuel and timing belt changes every 60,000 miles. That's too soon and too often for a major engine expense.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I'm not sure I understand why so many people say the timing belt change intervals are way too often and some won't even consider the car because of it. You will only change it a max of 3 times in the normal lifetime of the car, and the vast majority of people will trade it in before 120k, so in reality the big expense only comes up once, just like it does in every other car. To me its not a big deal. I've bought 5 new cars since 2000, and 4 of them required 60k timing belt changes. The 5th one had a noisy unrefined sounding engine due in part to its "lifetime" timing chain (chains, by the way, can and do break just like belts). Don't get me wrong, Mitsu should increase the interval to at least 90k, but it's not going to have much of an effect in the upkeep costs for their cars since most owners will only see one timing belt change to begin with.

    As for the premium fuel, its a recommendation for the "best" performance, not a requirement. I have an 03 Diamante. It recommends premium but I run 89 octane. No noticeable performance difference and it gets 19 mpg in the city, even though its only rated for 17. The only place where you might see a difference in running premium is on the race track. So with that in mind, it would be a little silly to take a car off the list solely because of that "recommend premium" label.
  • "rueshan": I couldn't agree with you more. It takes more than performance and acceleration to be a good car. Quality interior materials, resale value, past reliability record, how much a car depreciates should be considered. As a previous owner of a 1989 Galant, I really liked my car. This car is already offering discounts/rebates. I think Mitsu tried to make the styling so extreme or different, that they've actually designed an ugly exterior on this car. What's with those front/rear lights? Buying a car is a significant investment and I for one prefer a car that also carries a better resale value.
  • car3car3 Posts: 27
    3 04 Galants today. The cars got to be moving a little bit off lots. The looks of the car are not for a person like me though. Everybody has different tastes in cars so what everybody buys is best for that individual person.

    oh yeah formally car guy 58. The new format with the e-mail address and password took my Car Guy 58 title off. I will leave my e-mail open so one of the hosts can maybe get my user name and my newer passord in-line. I don't want to use 2 passwords and confuse people. I miss this board if I'm off it for 2-3 days.
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