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Volvo C70



  • Thanks for the response schuhc , now you really have me wondering. Im down to choosing either the S60 T5 or the coupe. The prices are both about the same. With the coupe he will give me a set of "used" winters and wheel caps, the 17" propus alloy wheels and tires, STC, and the Dolby Surround Sound. Im re assured to hear that the cup holders are sturdy and that the leather seats can be easily cleaned. Im debating this back and forth in my mind, so any comments would be appreciated. My last car was an 850 Turbo (222hp) , and I have always appreciated the comforts and speed it offered. I know when I purchased it I was considering the fact that I was paying more for it, but in the end I have never regretted it. It still drives and handles like a very good car. The last observation on the car is that it weighs in at an incredible 3600 lbs, that's the same as the new Volvo XC wagon, I would think that the 190 hp motor would be too small.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    I would say it depends on your family situation. I have a cardinal rule against buying a new model until it has been out for 3 years (hence my 2000HT). I can't imagine the S60 will have any major kinks to work out however. I am not a big fan of the interiors of the S60 or S80. However, if you have kids or would use the back seat a lot I would go with the S60 because the seats on the coupe can be annoying. My future mother in law called me at work because she had moved the driver's seat forward to put the groceries in the back. Then she couldn't get the lever lifted all the way up to move the seat back. Eventually a male came by to help her out but not after I chastised her for not using the trunk.

    I've told Lisa that if she thinks we need another car she can go ahead and get this one.
  • Thanks again for the response, on Friday I will be trying out both cars, the 2001 S60 T5 and the 2000 Coupe. If you have them down to the same options, the price is about the same (600 less for the S60), the only option I cannot match is the Pro logic sound system and also I would not be getting a second set of rims. The back seat and trunk are a concern, but most of my driving is done alone. Ironically the data shows more back head and leg room in the coupe, the pain is getting in and out of the back. After the test drive on Friday I will let you know, but thanks again for your insight, and any other comments you can post would be appreciated.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    I'm interested in knowing how the S60 drives. As for trunk space in the coupe. Lisa and I have managed to get 2 big duffle bags, 2 golf bags, and 2 briefcases into the coupe with a little bit of room left over.
    And hey.... if most of your driving is done alone. Let the passengers worry about getting in and out of the back seat!!!!! There is enough leg room back there by the way. All my friends are over 6ft and have no problem with sitting in the back.
  • our C70 (2000 apt) will look exceptional for many years to come. Here in Daytona Beach Florida, there is only 4, these rare cars seems to stand out more and it's great to finally have a car that you do not see many of, and the saying "Hat's a Volvo". I know have a S60T, giving me the best of both worlds, sport coupe, for dad and sport sedan for mom. We are a rare happy few. Actually I bought the S60 for my wife so I can keep the C70 forever. The low pressure turbos has enough power for me, on I 95 had it up to 140 (just testing). Two great cars. I have owned three 850's 1993 ,1997 turbos and the S70. you will not find a better proven power plant. This is one reason I did not wait on buying the new S60T.
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,229
    This is in response to a couple of posts above. I have a 99 C70 LPT convertible. Haven't driven a HPT, but the LPT has enough power for me. From what I've read, it has more "pick up" at low speeds than the HPT. Wind noise hasn't been a problem with the top up. With the top down and windows up, I find the wind isn't a problem whether driving at 45 or 80. In either case, the Pro Logic is FANTASTIC. My wife wants me to get the wind deflector, but I question whether it is worth the $300+ from the dealer, since I don't have a problem with the wind. Would appreciate any comments from you who have the deflector. Thanks.
  • pefpef Posts: 1
    I purchased a new C70 Convertible, this was my 14th Convertible, it is truly a wonderful car. It now has 19,000 miles on it and has not given me one problem, except for the leather seats. They are discoloring; maybe because of the Florida sun? Cowl shake is minimum compaired to others that I have owned. I recommend this car over others. I would buy another when the body changes and if I could afford it.
  • Hi All,

    I'm going back and forth trying to decide between the new mitsubishi eclipse spider (fully loaded v6) at $30K or a 2000 c70 convertible at $34K. I'm thinking in terms of value retention, the C70 is the way to go, but I REALLY wanted a brand new car.

    Help me out here... anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,229
    Ragtopmama, I have no experience with the Eclipse, but do have a C70 convertible('99). Was bought new and was considerably more than 34k. It's a GREAT machine and can hold four adults easily. I hate to say it, but the Pro-Logic sound system IS worth the cost. Tmart
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Not to mention that I would value the reliability of the Volvo over that of the Mitsubishi. Additionally there is a ton of room in the back seats of the Volvo. Something that those of us that were always crammed in the back seat of our friends' Eclipses tend to think about. Now my knees hurt when it rains or when I see an Eclipse.
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,229
    Help!! Need some info/comments concerning the wind screen/deflector accessory for the convertible. Is it really worth the $300+ cost? Does it make any difference whether the windows are up or down? With the windows up I don't find the wind to be much of a problem, but the wife does. With the windows down, there is definitely more wind. Thanks, Tmart
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333

    If you don't get any responses, I would call IPD and ask them for their opinion. Their website is
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,229
    Schuhc, thanks for the reply. I haven't called IPD, but they have nothing listed in their catalogs, and didn't have the part listed on their site, unless it's been added recently. Will check again. Tmart
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    You're correct. They definitely don't have it (I looked the first time you mentioned it to see if they did). I would bet, however, that one of those Volvo-holics has a deflector for their car and would be able to give you some good insight if you were to give em a ring.
  • brunejebruneje Posts: 13
    The dealer let me take the C70 home tonight for a real test drive and tryout, the car is amazing, I also am trying out the pro logic sound system and that is amazing. I sold on this car, but I still want to try out the S60 tomorrow, my wife would also prefer a 4 door. I have a few questions on the Coupe, and would appreciate answers on it.

    1. The wind noise seems high in the car ( this when I lowered the volume on that incredible stereo system)
    2. The doors seem to need a very good push too close, any problems with that.

    Observation, the ride is great, the acceleration is superb ( I presently drive a 850 Turbo, great acceleration there but better in the C70)
    the finish inside is certainly as good as the BMW or the Mercedes , the seats are beige leather and superbly comfortable, I thought the seats in the 850 were unbeatable.
  • adaveyadavey Posts: 30
    is the c70 convertible worth the $$? what do the "long-time owners" have to say about the reliabiliyy of the ragtop? obviously the safety issue is moot. but is it worth the scratch?
  • adaveyadavey Posts: 30
    that word is RELIABILITY not reliabiliyy
  • brunejebruneje Posts: 13
    Finally got around to driving the T5, this the day after the dealer lent me the C70 for the evening. The C70 is a much better handling car, smoother ride, more in control ride. The T5 is very responsive but floats a little from the front end. Too sum it up, a drive in the C70 is a lot more relaxing, then in the T5.

    I was in the fortunate situation that the dealer had a 2000 C70 still on the lot, and price wise both cars came out dollars apart, the dealer also threw in a new set of Gislaved snow tires and rims with the C70. My choice the C70, it looks great, the interior finish is top class and the sound system awesome, and the drive superb. Also in the equation was the comment up above about the car having 3 production years under its belt, and that most of the bugs are out. The car is Venetian red with a beige leather interior. It also came with the 17 inch wheels and rims. The more I write about it, the more anxious I am to get delivery.
  • soledocsoledoc Posts: 52
    I recently ordered an '01 C70 coupe with beige leather, dolby surround in a manual transmission. It seems to me like this is a pretty rare car. I've never even seen one on the road. I could only test drive the convertible which I think is a little loose in the turns. I currently have a '99 SAAB 9-3 which has been fine, but I'm looking for a little more excitement and something a bit more unique. Anybody have any comments on the '01 coupe? Happy so far I hope.
  • I took possession of a silver exterior and interior C70 HPT automatic coupe Nov. 28, '00. I am very pleased with the handling and the ride. Acceleration from standing is adequate but really takes off when over 30-40mph. So far no problems if that means anything at 1700 miles. I also like the ergonomics of the interior and the seats almost feel as if they were custom contoured. I did not get the upgraded dolby surround sound system. I have seen a nautic blue with beige interior convertible but not a coupe. That is a great color combination and I would have ordered it but in Florida I try to stay away from dark colored cars which is why I opted for silver/silver.
  • soledocsoledoc Posts: 52
    I just ordered an '01 coupe (nautic blue, beige leather) with manual,dolby,cold weather for $38,000. Does that sound like a good deal? The only bad thing is the dealer said it probably won't be here until July! I can't wait to get it. Love to hear other reports from '01 coupe owners with manual transmissions. Thanks to the previous message from Florida. 1700 miles so far so good. I bet you get a lot of heads turning to see your car!
  • brand4brand4 Posts: 1
    Have read a lot of opinions of the c7o. I have had a c70 up conv. for seven months, delivered with 3/4 of the speakers on deluxe sound system working, got that fixed along with cracked consul molding. Shortly after that coolant light came on, had to add coolant, now service engine light comes on. This car just turned 5,000 miles. more problems than any car I have owned for the past ten years. Can not suggest this vehicle to anyone looking for trouble free driving experience. Volvo should advertise sow moving seats.
  • I started with a S40 T-4 manual (200 hp - HPT). It was a fantastic car. Then we had 2 babies and we needed something bigger and got a 99 S70 (HPT). What a car. So much fun for a daddy. Reliable, secure and fast. Than I met C70 T-5 (HPT). It was as sexy as it could be. After a test drive I decided to get it and kept our S70 for my wife and the kids. I recently traded in my 99 C70 for a 2001 C70 (HPT) with alcantra interior and 5 speed automatic. I love to drive it and listen to music in it. I take my favorite Miles Davis and Rolling Stones and just drive around. I will never sell it. No problems in any one of the Volvos we owned so far. I drove at 260 km/hr (160 miles/hr) for at least 30 minutes with my C70 and it was fantastic. I love Volvo and the way they make cars.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,461
    It is my understanding that the real M3 fanatics like the 4-door, as it is apparently a more rigid body structure for track work. About the only disadvantage I can think of are a) looks and b) resale value.

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  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,229
    Just bought the accessory wind deflector for my C70 converible. Could not believe the difference it makes. It was pricey, $338 plus tax, but is definitely worth it.

    Another subject. Has anyone had problems with their sun visors? The passenger one broke several months ago, and I just noticed the driver's one is broken now! Tmart
  • brunejebruneje Posts: 13
    Just purchased a C70 Coupe, and I was surprised to find that the wind deflector does not come standard with it, it did with my last car which was an 850. Im happy to hear that you are satisfied with your wind deflector, and that it makes a big difference. Where did you buy your wind deflector?
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,229
    Bruneje, congrats on getting the coupe. It's truly a good looking car. The wind deflector is an accessory for the convertible, fitting over the back seats. Don't believe it would be of any use in the coupe, but what a difference it makes on the convertible! It shold be made standard. Bought it from a local dealer. There are five dealers in Houston and all five had it priced the same! Only one had it in stock, and he said it was their last one. Ordering time for the other four ranged from overnight to five days.
  • brunejebruneje Posts: 13
    Tmart thanks for the info, I was thinking about the wind deflector on the sunroof for the coupe, I realized my mistake when I went looking at Volvo accessories. Does anyone know where I could pick up a wind deflector for the sunroof, or is it something that the coupe owners feel is not needed?
  • The wind deflector on the sunroof for the C70 might take away from the look.

    It is so streamlined and smooth looking, that I would leave it alone.

    However, if you want one, just visit the local dealer. They should have them in stock.

    1990 BMW M3
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Sorry all. Got married and went away for a bit.
    Bruneje - I am happy to hear that you love the C70. I have not had any problems with the doors but was curious if you had taken home a 98 or 99 and if so, perhaps the hinge thing I had referred to play a part in that. Also, go to as they have tons of goodies for the Volvos.
    Brand4 - Sorry to hear that you have had an uncommon experience in your Volvo. Engine light may have come on becuase the gas cap was not securely fastened. You're right about those seats though. Man they're slow. But I can live with that.
    Mr Shiftright - An M3 posting on this message board???!!!! What's up with that?
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