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Toyota Corolla



  • jsleesijsleesi Posts: 33

    I have 1999 Corolla CE, I had mush pedal once in a while, when I checked my break fluid reservoir
    found alot of black particles floating inside the
    reservoir. I took to deal, they told me that some one put wrong fluid, I had to pay about $1600 for replaceing master cylinder, rear and front etc.

    I talked with Toyota people, they flushed and replaced the master cyl under warranty.

    Now I have no problems.

    js lee
  • vladyvlady Posts: 44
    IMHO, someone who put wrong brake fluid into your car was probably a dealer you bought the car from. Otherwise sounds lame or you have a brake service(any services) done somewhere else. So did you pay $1600?
  • Does anyone know of any deals on new Corollas? I'm in the San Francisco area and am in the market for a new Corolla. Where are prices with respect to invoice?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Pick up a copy of the Friday Chronicle; read the display ads from the bigger dealers. This is a starting point. Most will sell you a loaded LE automatic for less than $15k + taxes. Have a look and make some calls for comparison...these cars tend to trade very close to invoice plus a few hundred $...even better at end of month.
  • I don't think you can invoice out a LE loaded for under 15K. Unless your version of loaded is different from mine.Moonroof,Goldpackage,alloy wheels, C.D.player,RS3010 security system,spoiler etc.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Lord, no, of course not! My definition of loaded is a/c, cruise control, power pkg, automatic, mats, and yes, that price included the alloys: $14,888 was the offered price.

    Why do you want a sunroof in an air-conditioned car? and the other stuff, especially the gold junk and spoiler are examples of individual taste [or lack thereof...I think they're called spoilers on passenger cars because they spoil the looks of the car].

    I agree that adding the CD and basic security system would be things I would need to do...but my point was that no dealer in a competitive urban area needs to see more than a few hundred over invoice on this car. Corollas are commodities: in any large urban market, there will be ads the help benchmark the price. I was suggesting that the original questioner start with the most accessible source...the local paper. In the Chron, these cars are regularly featured and not difficult to deal on.
  • Obviously, there are times when fresh air is welcomed through the windows or moonroof. Just because a car is equipped with airconditioning doesn' t mean you would use it 100% of the time.The description moonroof leads me to believe that the roof would be open in the evening hours when the cooler air is present and A.C. is not needed.Where your desription of sunroof leads me to think of it being open in the daytime heat.Besides some of us enjoy dressing up our vehicles to make them more pleasant to look at and enjoy more when driving.But like you stated it is all a matter of personnal preference. Also, if your not going to dress it up or add and appealing extras why would you want a security system in your corolla when it would not be attractive to steal? But at least we know why we did not agree on our invoice prices.
  • I spot a next generation corolla on my neighbor's (the owner works at a Toyota dealership) driveway here in Toronto. The car have no liscence plate on and i guess it is probably a emmision test vehicle or something like that. To me, it look very small from outside, kinda like a bigger echo. I think the car is already on sale in Japan, i am just suprised to see it here now.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    WOW! If you get another chance, or maybe you can even go out of the way, can you snap a picture of it and post it? I would really like to see the next generation Corolla in the U.S.

    I don't know about the appearance, but the next generation corolla on paper is something like 5.3" longer and 3.7" taller than the current corolla. Hmmmm....
  • Are you sure it wasn't Toyota's new hybrid electric/gas model " PRIUS" which is already on sale here I believe.
  • Did anybody here get the special price on the ad? I saw 4 corollas le on sale at 13477 and called them at 10am - they don't open til 9am - and I was told two are gone!?! Though this is not a good sign that they really have any cars at this price, I still went to take a look in the afternoon and I called them 30 minutes before I left home and I was told two were still there. And when I got there, only one was left and it has 1011 miles on it! I didn't waste more time and walked out when they wanted to make me stay longer.

    I got a good deal by the ad price before on a Civic. I can't say the Honda dealer is much better, but this Toyota dealer just reached a new level. I heard there are lots of tricks in loss leaders. Did anyone else have this kind of experience and did you find some way to sort of "get back" to them?
  • vladyvlady Posts: 44
    Hi everyone. Check this out.
    Why american design soo poor?
  • Checked it out: Because American design tastes are far inferior to European designs. Can you really compare Volvos and MBs to Fords and GMs. No. I'm just glad the Japanese perfer to imitate European.
  • Is the Avensis supposed the Camry class car?
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    I don't think it's a Camry class car. There is a Toyota Camry in Europe. And there is a Toyota Corolla (the redesigned one, the one we will get 2003). Celica is also there.

    From the looks, I would guess that the Avensis looks like something between a compact (Corolla) and a midsize (Camry), maybe kind of like a Nissan Altima class of large compacts.

    The spec sheet said it uses the same Corolla engine as the one we use now, except it's updated, and make 129 hp (instead of 125 hp). Weighing in at around 2800 lbs, it would seem to confirm it's a class in between the Corolla (2400 lbs) and the Camry (3200 lbs).

    Why don't we have it here? It's called we always get the short end of the stick when dealing with a non-U.S based company, not only that styling in the U.S almost always looks bad when next to a Euopean.
  • crieckecriecke Posts: 37
    wenyue If it will be 2003 will the 2001 be the
    car for 2002? Maybe with facelift? Charlie

    I just turned 6000 on my 2000 CE great car.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    In the U.S, the 2001 Corolla just recieved a face-lift, gave it a much more agressive look. Besides the new S-trim, there is not much new for the 2001 Corolla in the U.S. Since the current generation of Corollas first went on sale in the U.S in 1998, it's redesign will be 2003 (going on sale fall 2002).

    Current Corolla (1998 model) actually went on sale in Japan (and probably Europe as well) as 1995 model. They always get the good stuff first, U.S last. So they got the total redesign for their 2001 model, which we will not recieve until our 2003 model. Sucks doesn't it? :) At least we know what's coming in little less than 2 years from now.
  • Sorry to just barge in the conversation, but my girlfriend just went and bought a 2000 Corolla CE(Automatic Trans) for $13,188. It was a demo model with 5k miles on it. She had been looking at Honda Civics (EX) and the Nissan Sentras. After everything was said and done the car came out to be $15,300 with no down payment and some negative equity of $1,800. Could she have done better? She didn't plan on buying a car last night, but she really liked the Corolla which reminded her of her 1991 Geo Prism that was totaled.
  • is this going to be a car that I will be able to keep for a long time based on reliability and low maintenance cost....Thanks for any responses!
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    We need to know what the exact specification of the CE, and the price/fee/tax break down before we can give you an idea.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    generally speaking, yes, it will still be running ok more than 10 years down the road. You will probably get sick and tired of seeing it before it dies on you.
  • vlady,

    I went all the way to regional Toyota rep., they told me that, they never had such a problems.

    Local dealer still doesnt want to help me but regional mgr okayed the defect as under warranty,

    They replaced master cyn. 2 front cap. rear cap.

    No cost to me. Some reason local dealer don't want to help customers for some reason. I am wondering, if they do the warranty service, they may get less money? I don't know.

    Now I have a good break and no black particles floating inside reserver.

    Thanks for your asking result.
  • Hi,

    I just used the defrost for the first time on my 2001 Corolla the other day, and I noticed something a bit strange (to me). It uses the AC, even though the AC button is deactivated. (I just wanted it to use outside air.) Non-defrost modes do not have this "feature." I'm curious if it's supposed to be this way....
  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    Yes, it is supposed to work that way. This is the first generation Corolla that works this way (my 93 doesn't run the A/C with defrost) - but a lot of new cars run the A/C with defrost, including my Legacy.

    It takes a while to get used to, but it does make the defogging process faster in damp weather.
  • I've been looking at a '95 Corolla with 110000 miles on it. The exterior is perfect; the interior has a few minor problems, mostly confined to stains and cigarette burns on the back seat. In addition, one of the power windows does not work, but it is in the rear and so not much of an issue. During test drives, everything performed perfectly, and we didn't notice any problems. I'm having it checked for any mechanical trouble at an auto shop tomorrow afternoon, and assuming all goes well, what would be a good offer for this car? Edmund's lists it at just under 6000 with the options it has (It is a DX), which include AC, power windows/locks, and AM/FM tape player. Blue book price is higher, just over 7000, I believe, but that does not take the condition into account. The dealer is asking 5500, but I believe I can get it down to 4500, perhaps including tax and title.
  • vladyvlady Posts: 44
    A couple days ago a saw a 2000 Corolla CE for $14610 5k miles(even floor mats included). Probably they gave a reasonable price for a demo. But the price depends on options.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    have you looked into the Edmunds's new used car pricing. Click the appraisal button at the Corolla's page, now you can enter the condition of the car, along with your zip code to get a more accurate price.

    If you can get it for $5000, I think you will be doing pretty well (depends on how bad the stain and the other flaws are).
  • I heard the US 2003 Corolla will skip over the new version that's in Europe right now, and will be a whole new design. personally I would like to see that since I don't want something that is old and just brought over from Europe. Also I checked the Japanese site and their specs had a short car, approx. 171 inches and tall at 58 inches. That doesn't sound too Corollaish for the American market.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    If Toyota does what it has done in the past, then you can expect the Japanese/European corolla being carried over to the U.S. That's what Toyota did for the current Corolla, they introduced it in 1998 when it has been out since 1996 in Japan.

    The 2003 Corolla looks truely impressive. I would be very happy if they just carried it over from Japan to U.S. It's longer, taller, roomier, more powerful. It's selling extremely well in Japan right now, Toyota had to extend work weeks to fill in for the unexpected high demands. Too bad, the U.S has to wait until 2003 for it.

    If by some strange reason, Toyota decided to spend more money to develope another Corolla just for U.S, I think it would be a further improvement on the Japanese Corolla. It will be very interesting.
  • The CE she purchased has power windows and locks, cruise control, and floor mats. I think that it probable has everything with the exception of the moonroof. It really doesn't matter now rather or not the deal was good, because thus far she is completely happy with the car....Thanks all...
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