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Dodge Intrepid



  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    I can state that my 1988 Legend was a much better constructed car than my 2000 only had 165 HP, a lot for its day (the "big" 302 V8 in a Lincoln that year only put out 150 HP), so my Intrepid is faster, but the build quality does not even come close to my Acura.
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    During my Florida vacation that I just came back, I rented 2000 Intrepid at JAX. It had 15K miles on it. I am posting my observations about it.
    It has very strong kick if you floor the pedal. Acceleration from 0 could be better. Unfortunately the car had very bad odor coming from panel but it was going away like 10 minutes after you start driving. Very good on gas, more than 1750 miles I only bought 3.5 or 4 tanks. Very comfortable, no back pain or discomfort. Unlike some others stated, it was not noisy, very decent level of noise level, very nice view, large windshield like my Accord. I will be seriously considering to buy one next December if DC comes up with nice deal.
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    A thought buddy...think I"m finally going to make it to the North American International Auto Show this year (every boy has a dream!). It's a reasonably quick flight to Detroit from PA, thought maybe I'd take two days.. Any other takers?
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,041
    hey gang,

    I think my Intrepid just had its first real problem. The power lock in the driver's door makes a nasty noise when it unlocks, and sometimes the outside door handle won't work.

    I took it to Circuit City, where I got the alarm installed, thinking it was something they messed up. But the guy there said that when they installed the alarm, they didn't even touch the door...they tapped into everything they needed to under the dashboard. So it looks like this lock is messing up all by itself without any help from Circuit City!

    I'm dropping it off at the dealer tomorrow, and just in time, too! The 36K mile warranty is up in about 800 miles. I have an extended warranty, but it has a $200 deductible.

    I'm driving out to Texas next week. I hope the dealer can fix the car by then!

  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Wanted to share my thoughts on an intrepid that i rented while my intrigue was in the shop(again).
    The intrepid rides better, yet handles about the same. The intrepid appears to corner a little flatter than the intrigue. I think that the intrepids' springs might be a little firmer than the intrigues' but the shocks are softer which gives a better ride over small bumps, that coupled with the intrepids' longer wheelbase contributes to this ride quality. The intrigue handles larger bumps better than the intrepid due to its softer springs.
    The car i drove had the 2.7L engine which was not even in the same league as the intrigues' 3.5L engine. The intrepid had this vibration at idle and a coarseness under accleleration that was not present in the intrigue. The intrepid would shimmy at stoplights which was sort of annoying.
    The intrigue has more front head and legroom, the
    intrepid had much more rear legroom.
    The intrepids black plastic dash was kind of cheap looking and the radio did not work.
    The intrepid actually seemed to be alittle quieter.
    Driving the intrepid it felt big and a little unwieldly at times, especially around turns.
    I have to say that for me the intrigue was the better choice, it just feels more refined, its powertrain is above reproach. Now if i can just get GM to fix the durn thing i will be happy, but i am not holding my breath.
  • rjaimerjaime Posts: 1
    I'm looking at a used '99 Intrepid, base model for 12,495. It has 35K miles on it and was a former rental car down in Florida (according to CarFax). I have it for the weekend and Monday will decide to either return it to the dealer (5 star Chrysler) or keep it. Anything I should be looking for other than the normal used-car stuff? I do a lot of highway driving and want something comfortable that can handle some bad weather (I'm in Maine). I love the size and the style and the price seems kind low for a car that was 20K two years ago. Dealer also has several '00s with 15K to 22K miles on them for 15,800. Whada think??
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    get the car if you like it, but just do not use the "5 star" criterion for choosing the seems like an important designation, but lots of 5 stars are not any better than the ordinary dealer...kinda like Lake Wobegon...when EVERYBODY is a 5 star (everybody in Lake Wobegone was above average) then 5 star becomes average, but that does nOT make them any better.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,041
    Hey gang,

    just got a call from the dealer. It turns out the power lock actuator in my Intrepid has to be replaced. It's still under warranty though, so I guess it's no big deal. I guess that's not too bad, considering that's the first semi-major thing that's broken on the car in the 35K+ miles I've had it!

  • phardyphardy Posts: 12
    I think I have the same problem (The power lock in the driver's door makes a nasty noise when it unlocks.) I think I first discovered this around 15k miles. Sometimes, the door unlocks, and I hear "screeeeeeeeaaarrrrrreeeeee-ee-eee-eeee!" Sometimes, nothing at all. Any idea what this might be?
  • After an eleven years and 185K with no problems I decide to sell my Ford Taurus S/W and get Dodge Intrepid. I bought 1998/65K 2.7/ABS for $5800 in Dec 26/2000 and I love it. Finally I have enough room (6-3").Is tooo large for my wife (5-0") but who cares ?? :))
  • tsmusztsmusz Posts: 1
    Bought car a week ago w/ 25,000 miles. Yesterday check engine light came on and autotrans stopped shifting. Any history on this prob.? Serious? Blown chip?
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,041
    The dealership had to replace the actuator inside the door to fix my problem...but from the way you described it (I had no idea how to even attempt to spell out the noise it was making, but "screeeeeeeeaaarrrrrreeeeee-ee-eee-eeee!" sounds about right ;-)

    Anyway, just be careful, because it's possible to lock yourself out of the car. When my lock was acting up, if I opened the door from inside without unlocking it first, (i.e., just pulling the handle, which overrides the lock)...well, it would let me open the door, but wouldn't necessarily override the lock, so if it closed behind me it would be locked. I use the car to deliver pizzas part-time in the evenings, and I had to make sure the window was cracked just in case it locked me out. I don't like turning the car on and off 30 times a night, so I leave it running when I'm at the customers' houses...starters are too easy to burn up and don't come cheap, and the last 3 cars I used to deliver with ('68 Dart, '79 Newport, '89 Gran Fury) all ended up eating progressively more expensive starters.

    Good luck with it!
  • Hi folks, my first post here. I am considering purchasing a new Intrepid.(probably an R/T and I wish they made a coupe) I am attracted by the styling, interior room (I am a large fat) and price as there are usually incentives. I cannot afford to buy a new vehicle very often and this car would be replacing an almost 12 year old Chevy truck (89)which has served me quite well over the years. I now find that I do not nescesarily need a truck if I can find a car with enough room and would prefer to drive something more sporty anyway.

    While I admire the styling and innovation on Chrysler,Plymouth,Dodge products I am quite concerned about quality control and long term reliability, especially regarding major failures such as transmissions. I've always been a bit of a GM guy (from back in teenage hotrod days) and believe that while GM products have their own quality control problems such as fit & finish, cheap plastic interiors and rattles their powertrains have been reliable. But now it's 2001 and GM just doesn't offer a car I like at a price point I can afford.

    So what have your experiences been with the current body style of Intrepids? What problems are common? Would you buy another? I know no car is perfect but I'd like to hear honest opinions after owning the vehicle for a while.

    Thank you
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,041
    I have a base 2000 Intrepid that's pushing 39,000 miles, and so far only the power lock actuator in the driver's door has had to be replaced. I had the tranny serviced and new tires put on at 30,000 miles, and that's about it. The front brake pads are getting a little thin...I'm replacing them as soon as we get a warm day here in MD.

    I deliver pizzas part time and have taken a few trips, so that's why my mileage is so high.

    It's been a good car, but I do have a few complaints. The car has no legroom in the front. I don't care what the statistics say, I need more legroom. Edmunds lists front legroom at 42.2". For comparison, they list the Impala and Taurus at 42.2", even bigger cars like the Crown Vic at 42.5". All I know is that I'm more comfortable in a Crown Vic or Impala, although the Intrepid does beat the Taurus here.

    Also, the floorpan is not slopes upward gently from the center of the car to the door, and this bugs my ankles. And the dead-pedal is useless...much too small for my size 13 foot, and it also bends my foot at an unnatural angle.

    I have a base model with manual seats, though, which may make some difference. I sat in a Concorde with power seats, which helps out considerably in the legroom department. I'm also 6'3", and was raised on Galaxies, real Impalas, and Newports, so of course I'm going to feel cramped?

    I also just drove back 1450 miles from Houston, so I really don't consider the interior of my car to be the most inviting place right now...I'll calm down later ;-) Oh yeah, my car's bucket seats are not very comfortable to sleep in, either ;-)

    Seriously, though, I'd recommend the car. Just try to get one with power seats, though. And keep up on maintenance, especially the transmission.

  • cammaccammac Posts: 2
    I have a 1999 Intrepid that's been in for repair four times in the past month. The problem? The wipers. They have a mind of their own, and pretty much wipe when they feel like it. So far, they've replaced the wiper motor, CM (the computer thingee - he! I know it's not very descriptive... I'm new! :) remember?), hard wired past the wiring harness and they still do as they please. This time it's been with them for a week. Today when I called, they told me they left messages with Chrysler 5 Star, and their zone area technician. (Neither place called them back). They have admitted their stumped. Has anyone heard of this? I really don't know what to do. If this would be my only problem, I'd probably be okay. But it's not. This car has been in at least a dozen times since I got it. It has only 32,000 miles. Help!
  • I've seen this before...not with an Intrepid but with a Ford Taurus. The wiper motor on/off relay was going bad, so I replaced it and volia, FIXED!

    Did your dealer try this? On the Intrepid it could be this or the BCM(body control module), most likely it's the relay, your car has 2. The relays(hi/low&on/off) are located in the PDC(power distrib center) under the hood by the motor. Maybe this will help'em. :)
  • cammaccammac Posts: 2
    Fuzzer34, Thanks for the information. They did replace the BCM (apparently I need to proof read better, as I let the "B" out of BCM in my message). I'll ask them about the PDC tomorrow, when I make my zillionith call. As of right now, they're still waiting for Five Star and their zone technician to return Monday's calls. Being this is my first Chrysler product, I must say it's been disappointing. :( Oh well, it could be worse! :)
  • Sometimes you get a car that needs a little attention from the dealer sometimes you don't. My R/T is also my first Chrysler product. I bought on recommendation as my sister has had 4 different Chrysler minivans, all giving her good service. I had bought a new '84 ford ranger right off the lot and 50 miles later the fuel pump went. Back then the pumps were mechanical, and this problem crops up as a fuel pump seal goes if they sit to long on the lot. He wanted me to wait 2 weeks, I said "NO!, take a good pump off one of your lot vehicles." They towed it and I was on my way within an hour. But it was a little disheartening as the truck was 1 day old.
    Might want to check out another dealer as some 5-stars shouldn't be... :)
  • Hi Spellbound. I also am a formed GM guy. My first Dodge was a Stratus 2.4 litre. I just sold it at 100,00km and found later that it needed a head gasket (apparantly common on stratus) and the water pump was starting to go. Being the nice guy that I am I helped the new owner with half the cost(860.00). Other than that I loved it. Long trips were easy but it ended up being a little small as my family grew. I agree with you about the new GM's though. They dont have anything that is remotely as good looking as the Intrepid (especially the RT which I now own) or as well featured and roomy. My Dad is such a huge Oldsmobile fan that its ridiculous. He has a 1996 loaded Olds that he paid more for 6 years ago then I paid for my RT last month.He is also very maintenance minded as I am. So far he has had a new transmission ($3000 Cdn.) and now some kind of leak from his cooling system which nearly contaminated his whole engine ($1000.00). Really nice thing for such a supposed reliable car like an Oldsmobile. All of this came off warranty, of course, and being that he is a Baptist Minister and doesn't make a lot of money it kind of upsets me. Well, I can tell you that I really enjoy my RT. It reminds me a lot of how I felt when I bought my 1985 IROC Z-28 but this car has twice the room, 4 times the reliability and I can carry my wife and 2 girls around with tons of room. I'm not a big "Consumers Report" fan but my very analytical neighbour lives by that darn magazine and even he has to admit that the Intrepid is getting better every year. It doesnt make the top ten in Motor Trend for about 4 years in a row for nothing. Hmmmmmmmmmmm I don't see any BonnieVille's in there?
    If you want it for resale value look to a Honda but you'll pay 6 grand more in the first place. If you plan to keep it, buy an Intrepid. In Canada they now have a 100,000 km power train warranty. I sure wish my Dad had it.

    Kent K
  • trb1trb1 Posts: 1

    I am considering the purchase of a Dodge Intrepid SE (list 20,910 plus dest.) or ES (list 22,605 + dest). I will be purchasing through the "Chrsyler Friends Program," which is supposed to mean that I get 2% below factory invoice plus the current 1,000 rebate. This certificate was given to me by a Chrsyler retiree and expires in three days (1/31). I have a couple of questions about pricing:

    1. Dealers' invoices seem to differ from those on Edmunds because they add 200-300 dollars for "advertising fees, etc." I've been told by dealers that this charge is imposed on them by Chrsyler and that it's non-negotiable. Is this a fair charge by the dealer or a way to pad the price?
    2. What is a "fair" price for the Dodge Intrepid? Are people typically paying 300-400 above factory invoice or getting invoice deals (not counting the 1,000 rebate)?
    3. Am I doing as good as I can do with my "Friends" certificate, or could I get just as good a price through hard bargaining?

    Information will be greatly appreciated. Unless the rebate is extended, I think it expires tomorrow (1/29).
  • Well I went out and actually test drove an Intrepid RT yesterday. It's very difficult to evaluate a car on a short test drive but here's my quick take.

    I am a quite large person (read fat) and found I can fit confortably. The interior room for this sized car is enourmous. The trunk as well.

    The steering was nice and quick and the suspension was taught (sp?) and the car felt quite sporty for a sedan of this size. If felt solid and a bit stiff (a good thing in my mind).

    Power seemed good although perhaps not quite as much as I expected.


    Typical american plasticy interior. Guages looked cheap.

    Engine noise was more than expected especially under acceleration and sounded tinny rather than throughty and powerful. To me anyway.

    The biggest negative is perhaps in my mind. I am not one who can afford to buy a new car every few years and I don't like the idea of leasing so quality control and long term reliability is very important to me. Chrysler,Plymouth,Dodge doesn't have a good reputation in this regard and that worries me. Regardless of warranties, I don't want to have many problems and don't want to be a service dept. regular. Of course these cars may be better now and the one I drove seemed solid enough without any rattles or squeeks but it does nag at me.

    Still, if I do decide on an american car, this one is right at the top. As much as I've been a GM person their sedans aren't that attractive to me and the Intrepid seems a good value.
  • homerkchomerkc Posts: 113
    I have a 2000 Intrepid (base, or now SE) that has been a wonderful car, after 14K miles. I have been very pleasantly surprised with the mileage, averaging 18-19 in city driving, 23 in mixed (mostly highway), and an astonishing (but true, I assure you) 30 mpg on trips east as well as west over the Rockies. The western trip was with two adults and light luggage. Power is sufficient with the 2.7l engine, the car is extremely comfortable, and the ride is better than anything else in it's class. On top of that, the handling is great. I took the Wyoming Scenic Byway east out of Yellowstone, with a lot of switchbacks, etc. The car was great, including the big discs hauling it down to a stop without any fade. It is a wonderful car.

    Oh, by the way, in the first 14K miles, NOTHING has gone wrong, something I cannot say about my wife's 98 Malibu, or my earlier 95 VW.

    In the midwest, the rebates are large, so the car is a real bargain.
  • I've put 15,000 miles on my 2000 ES (3.2L) with no problems to report. See you next year!
  • The rebates on Intrepid's are high and make it very attractive considering it's size and features. I read all of the reports about the Malibu, geez what a disaster GM put out. I am strongly considering a VW Passat wagon but it's high cost and short warranty (other than powertrain) cause me some anxiety.

    I guess you take your chances with any vehicle these days in regards to whether you get a lemon or not.

    One good thing about the Intrepid is that I can easily rent one to try it out for a week. It's amazing that we make such huge decisions on cars based on a short test drive.

    I absolutly love the front end styling on the Chrysler Concord (but not the rear). I wish i could order an Intrepid R/T with the Concord's front end:)
  • When you purchase a Chrysler product through one of the "employee" or "friends" programs, you are actually paying under invoice. The price that you will pay is marked on every dealer invoice. Near the bottom of the invoice, you will see the letters I I with a price next to it. that is the purchase price before the rebate. 90% of the time, you can not get a better deal than that unless the car has been sitting around the dealers lot for a year or so.
  • the letters near the bottom of the invoice are EP
  • 2 do, or not 2 do..... I am newer than the other guy. I just bought a 2k Intrepid ES. Nice car. Looks great. I want to make it look even sportier. I am seriously contemplating lowering this car 1 1/2 to 2". Any thoughts? I am fully aware that this is a BIG car, so going to low is a bad thing. We are not dealing with a Honda Civic's wheel base here. I just want to do it right.
  • ken126ken126 Posts: 39
    Does anyone know if the 3.3 engine has a belt or a chain? I have had a mechanic tell me its a chain, but I've read other peoples posts that stated their belt broke............
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,041
    I'm pretty sure the 3.3 uses a chain. It's a relatively simple OHV engine that was carried over from the minivans and the Dodge Dynasty/Chrysler New Yorker. I believe the 3.8 minivan engine is also derived from this same block. I could be wrong, though.

    I think the Intrepid is low enough! My 2000 is already about to lose the plastic stone shield up front, from scraping curbs, speed bumps, etc. Lower if you want, but it only means you'll hit more things!

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