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Lexus IS 300



  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    I felt bad for the guy, since his car was obviously no more than a couple of months old.

    (I happen to like the IS. I'm just waiting to drive the manual, that's all).
  • weren't good enough to correct for poor driving skills.
  • enigmaoneenigmaone Posts: 128
    Owner was probably smoking something.....
  • enigmaoneenigmaone Posts: 128
    Don't have a problem with the post. Just pointing out the relevance of it to the topic.

    I'm waiting to drive a manual too. Got a year to wait.

    Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick......
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    This is a Lexus IS300 topic. He was driving an IS300. Seems pretty relevant to me.
  • enigmaoneenigmaone Posts: 128
    Someone randomnly crashing a IS300 out in the world is irrelevant to what people talk about in here.

    I saw a I30 rear-ended by a Jeep Cherokee a few weeks ago. But who cares? I don't.
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    Why are you always so damn argumentative? It's like you feel you must respond to everything I write, regardless of the topic. And you usually have a snide remark to go along with your posts. Do me a favor and ignore anything I post. You can bet it won't be addressed to you, anyway. I'll do the same for you.
  • We are all here because we are interested in the IS300 - one way or another, and like cars. Few here will NOT share the empathy felt by mmcbride1 for the guy who crashed a brand new one of the rare cars we are interested in - right? Besides - we have plenty of space here, as much as we need! We don't always have to discuss features and numbers to be on topic.
  • enigmaoneenigmaone Posts: 128
    yeah. Basically I love arguments! Its the spice of life!
  • enigmaoneenigmaone Posts: 128
    You know you would be bored without me to keep things entertaining!!
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Edmund's road test of the 2001 IS 300 is now available. It's currently being featured on Edmund's home page. Here's the direct link:
    2001 Lexus IS 300, by Brent Romans. .

    Happy motoring. ;-)

    Town Hall Roving Host
  • my car landed in port newark yesterday. 5-8 days until it's at the dealer!!!!
  • So, let us know how it is! That's exactly the same one (color and all) I would love to own. I'll check for your message when I return from Europe on September 25th.
  • drzuldrzul Posts: 8
    The dashboard gets hot (inluding engine heat in the footwell)?? this was mentioned by somebody. Any comments? We dont have IS300 here so my IS200 will be delivered next month, but being in a country with a hot climate, a cool interior would be nice

  • I have no problems with the footwell area heating up. I have my car parked in the sun ALL DAY at work (silver w/black interior), I just start up the car, the AC is set at 75, and I'm perfectly fine. I also have the vent control set to dash vents only.
  • drzuldrzul Posts: 8
    Thanks. BTW that's what I'm gonna get as well.. silver with black interior
  • cole01cole01 Posts: 29
    Has anyone seen a white one yet?? Local dealer hasn't got one in yet and it was between that and the blue. How does white with black interior look??? Thanks....
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    We've had a few white ones in so far. Generally, most of them have been white/ivory but we got our first 2 with the black interiors in.

    One was pre-sold, and the other lasted 36 hours! Amazingly, the Black interior has been doing very well for us (Im in Orlando, FL)

    It really looks nice. The Pearl effect on the White paint really looks sharp on that car. However, like they say, you really ought to see one first yourself!

  • I went back to the dealership this weekend...took a test drive...and ended up with an IS300. Turned out that the dealer had ordered all of them with sunroofs...and the factory made a mistake and sent 6 without. In only four days 4 of them were sold. I had my choice between the blue/black or silver/black interior and took the blue one at a decent discount off the sticker, since the owner had told the sales guys to get rid of the odd balls. I'll pick it up when I return from Europe the last week of September.
  • I am considering the Auburn with Black interior and love the feel of the car. Two quick questions for anyone that will comment:

    1) I live in Denver. If I add snow tires to the car will I have a problem driving this car in the snow. I have never driven a rear wheel drive auto.

    2) Since the car is so new, are they willing to take anything off MSRP? For most cars (even the 2001s) you can easily get 1/2 way between invoice and sticker?

  • mike_542mike_542 Posts: 128
    Recently, I test drove the Lexus IS300. It is an interesting car, but I was dissapointed of some disadvantages. I am an owner of the Lexus LS400, and ES300, and I expect luxury from every Lexus. But the IS300's back seat is simply cramped and poorly shaped, while the ergonomics of the dashboard is terrible. Everything is too busy, and the buttons are hard to understand. The sun shines in the way of all the controls.

    Anyways, the ride was extremely harsh. This usually means that it has firm chassis for good handling. But I was even more dissapointed that the IS300 didn't handle as good as the smoother 330i with the sport package. The car doesn't understeer a lot, but it is hard to position it. The steering is not accurate enough. This and other complaints contribute to marginal handling.

    But of course this car is more affordable than the 3 series, but is still a poor value. Overall, I would prefer the 330i over the IS300 because of the more refined comfort, better performance, and much better ergonomics.
  • lxownrlxownr Posts: 16
    I too have owned Lexus's and I love them; However, I totally agree with your statement.
    I wanted a IS300 for months and when they came to the dealership, I was excited for my first test drive..what a disappointment! No lumbar support at all, very little luxury, and was not that impressed with the handling. My wife also liked the BMW better, so we bought the 323I. I still think Lexus makes fantastic automobiles,however I do not believe the IS300 is the BMW killer as the media said it to be.....
  • I've never owned a front-wheel drive! (It's true!) ...Well, we don't have a lot of snow in Seattle, but what I have done in the past and will do with my IS 300 is fill up the gas tank and add about a 100 lb. bag of sand to the trunk. This puts more weight over the drive wheels. If I lived in Denver, I'd put the snow tires/studded tires on too. It's not really worth it here unless one wants to go skiing up in the Cascades. If it snows, it's usually over in a day or two down here at sea level. Ice is a worse issue and I don't think it matters what you drive in that's better to get the bus.
  • cole01cole01 Posts: 29
    I know you!!! You are the BMW salesman I spoke with a few weeks ago!!!!!Shame on you.........
  • bitkahunabitkahuna Posts: 206
    I agree with most of your post. If I had to choose between an IS300 and a 330i, it would be no contest for me, I'd take the 330i. But I'm not the target buyer of either really, since I like something roomier.

    I don't think the IS300 ride is as bad as you say though. I think the ride fits the target. The car is a quick, light, and aggressive car with good handling and fabulous brakes. It's what young people would like the Integra R to be.

    I don't care for the 'funky' interior, either. The 3 series is definitely more refined and 'softer' in many ways, but it's obviously quite a bit more expensive too.

    The IS is a lot of fun to drive though!

    Once again, something for everyone.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    If you live in the snowbelt, it's important to order the limited slip. Combine that with the standard traction control and you'll do ok


    OK, so maybe you live where snow is quite infrequent and when it happens, light (Say, Kentucky or TN)

    But if you live in Colorado, get a set of snows. If I recall, Michelin and/or Pirelli makes H-Rated snow tires in the IS's size. I have used them before on my '95 Jaguar (Pirelli Winter 210Ps.. but the have been supercedes) when I still lived in NJ and they work very well. Unlike a lot of the low-rated snows, such as Blizzaks, they are also decent in the dry. The Blizzaks made my Jag handle worse than a Town Car!

    Glad I'm in Orlando now... :)
  • 90maxima90maxima Posts: 14
    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    I agree with a lot of the issues discussed in ths forum and would like to add my two cents to the running commentary.

    I attened the Lexus Peformance test drive event in L.A. and was really impressed with the handling and braking abilities of the IS. I was less impressed with its acceleration and felt that it was no where near the advertised 7.1 sec 0-60 time. My observation was confirmed by both MT and R&T, where the 0-60 time were listed as 7.5 sec. Nevertheless, because I really like the style of the IS, I placed my order and waited for the car to arrive.

    While I waited for the car, I also test drive the Acura CL Type S. I was impressed with its power, and all the luxury offered by the car.

    I finally decided to stop the wait and went to my local Lexus dealer yesterday and offered them to split the difference between MSRP and invoice. As they are willing to offer me a mere $500 off MSRP, they stand to profit over $4000 on the purchase (the selling price was over $34000 with leather and sunroof as the only options). Failing to understanding the logic of giving up $2000 on the sale, and the additional profit from servicing the car after the sale, I asked for my deposit back and will purchase the Acura CL Type S this comming weekend.

    The L.A. dealers are selling the CL-S with navigation system at about $31500. I'll enjoy the big screen home entertainment theater with the money saved from buying the Acura. Thanks Lexus!
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    Really pricing is determined by market truthfully.
    I always suggest that you buy the car that you really like.

    At my store, we sell IS300s as fast, if not faster, than we can get them. We have at least 40% of our incoming units sold. So there's no need to discount. It's not a matter of a dealer being greedy, it's a business decision. If you can sell your product for $X, Why then sell it for $X - $2,000?

  • what is the average age of Is300 buyers for your store? Any Idea?

    Are folks buying them for their kids? are there many young folks buying them? Any older folks? are the mostly males? females? etc.

    I would appreciate knowing. there is a theory (mine) that IS300 buyers are younger in general than BMW3 buyers.

    Thanks Bill!

  • enigmaoneenigmaone Posts: 128

    of course IS300 buyers are going to be younger than 3-series buyers. But the average age isn't going to in the 25 year old range as you would like everyone to believe.
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